One Life to Live Update Friday 6/9/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 6/9/00  

By Amanda

Buchanan Living Room

Blair and Max talk about Ben being the sole owner of B&B united. The look is written all over Max’s face when Blair tries to get Max to forgive him. Max won’t go for it, when Blair tries to get him upstairs “to let him make it up to her” and Max looks over Blair’s shoulder and says “Ever been to Cincinnati?” to Skye and he tells Skye to get ready, and Blair is mystified when Max leaves to go tell Ben off. Skye threatens Blair one more time and tells her that she holds the trump cards, that she’ll be watching Blair when Blair picks up the phone to call Ben to warn him that Max is on his way. Blair hesitates when Skye tells her that she’ll tell Max everything that happens that he’s not aware of. Renee comes in and wants Blair’s help getting Skye out of the house. Skye doesn’t flinch, she tells Renee that she knows that Max isn’t Asa’s son, and that Skye threatens Renee with it knowing full well Skye could tell Asa the truth Skye backs off, Renee warns her that she’ll get her out of that house. Skye not worried, Asa wants her there, and (looks at Blair) and Max wants her in his bed. Renee says those two would never last at her brothel and then Skye leaves to get ready for the trip. Blair has a look of revenge on her face; and rushes past Renee and right upstairs.


Ben is talking with the guy he knows from his mob days, and his friend is telling him where’s the kid? He can have him safely out of the country. Ben tells him that he was able to find Viki’s daughter, but not able to get to will. They were gone by the time that he got back with interference from the state trooper who thought that Jessica was the person on the wanted poster. Ben tells his friend that he wants to find them and his friend leaves as Max arrives and tells Ben he knows where to reach him when he needs him and he leaves. Max wants to know if B&B united is Ben’s company, and without flinching tells Max that it is, and that it stands for Ben and Blondie, that it’s his one step towards revenge against Asa  and doesn’t tell him that Blair is involved. He tells her that it’s in Viki’s honor. Ben then threatens Max that unless Asa allows Will to return safely, then he could always tell Asa the truth that he is Asa’s real son. He wants the charges dropped against Will, and Ben will have no problem keeping the secret that he is Asa’s son.

Police Station

Once Sofia had handcuffed herself to Antonio – Bo warns them that this kind of thing could get them kicked out of the academy. Lisa then tells the others to go to the courthouse, and Sofia tells her that they can’t go looking like this (in handcuffs) Lisa then tells her that they are still looking for the master key. Meanwhile the other officers are seen giggling to themselves behind Antonio and Sofia. Then in Bo’s office, Lindsay is terrified that Bo will see the flyer with information on it about Nora being alive, and then tells Bo a fake story about Will being on the news and could possibly be arrested. Bo has it checked out and leaves his office and he talks with Lisa about it, and that they would be one of the first to hear anything about Will. Bo comes back and sees Lindsay ruffling through his papers, and she tells him that it upsets her to see those wanted posters of Will, when it’s really the one of Nora that she crumples up. Bo leaves, then Lindsay quickly hides it in her purse not before she quickly searches the desk for a file on Nora. Bo comes back to comfort Lindsay saying that there was no news on will, and he takes her back to the gallery where Lindsay suggests that they could have a baby of their own so that would make Bo happy.

Colin MacGyver’s Home

Colin is out at Sam’s possibly telling him the truth about Nora when Nora is desperate for someone to find her. She takes the pad of paper and writes “HELP!” on the pad, and tapes it to the clock and throws it out the window. She uses a piece of tape that she rips of her bandages. She says to herself, “She shoots, she scores” when the piece of paper taped to the clock goes right out the window. Later Colin arrives home and takes the clock out of his pocket and is upset that Nora felt that she had to do this. Will he tell Nora why she’s there? Nora asks him.

Sam Rappaport’s Home

Colin tries to explain about the woman that he found and he doesn’t get out that it’s Nora, when Lanie comes out and asks if he is talking about the woman that was lying in their bed. (Colin not defending himself when he could have said “It’s Nora! She’s a patient!” ) Colin doesn’t say anything, but then she tells Colin that she has decided to divorce him. She hands him the divorce papers. Sam doesn’t still like Colin, Colin tells him that he came over here to do the right thing but is glad that now he doesn’t have to tell Sam. Sam’s attitude made him change his mind about telling him. Colin leaves Sam’s without telling him that Nora is alive, but leaves with telling Lanie that he will always love her no matter how many divorce papers she wants to draw up.

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