One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/8/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/8/00

By Amanda

Buchanan Living Room

Skye and Max discuss the B&B united and who is the owner. Skye thinks that it could be Blair, and the thought has crossed his mind that the owner could be Blair but where would she get the money he wonders. Skye meanwhile tries to find the information on the computer, and Blair arrives, with a new makeover hairstyle, (short hair) and Skye is stunned she had the makeover, Blair makes the comment that Skye is the one that needs a make over, and Blair is confronted by Max about B&B united. Insisting that Blair knows what she is doing tells Max to give her a minute and finds the information requested on the computer for Max to prove that Benjamin Davidson is the owner of B&B united. Max and Skye are stunned and Blair just smiles to herself.

Sam Rappaport’s Home

Melanie comes downstairs withdrawn over what happened at Colin’s and wants talks with Sam about getting Divorce proceedings going. She wants to divorce Colin. Melanie tells Sam that when she and Bo talked about 2nd chances, she thought she might give Colin another try and see if they couldn’t put their marriage back together. She tells him that there was a woman upstairs in their bed presumably she says, and Sam tells her that he’s not surprised. Later we see Sam and Melanie going over the divorce papers, and Melanie tells Sam she can’t believe that it’s come to this. The doorbell rings, and it’s Colin wanting to see Sam about “Scarlet.” Will he tell Sam about Nora with Melanie Sam’s office area of the house behind closed doors? Stay tuned…

Colin MacIver’s Home

Nora plea’s with Colin to bring Matthew to her, and to find Sam Rappaport he’s her baby’s father, and Colin insists that she’ll be going home soon and he promises this to her as he’s going back downstairs to talk with Lindsay who Nora thought she recognized her voice. Colin told Lindsay to keep it down that he told Nora that it was someone from overseas about a case. Lindsay meanwhile sees Colin about his money and gives him the check for Roseanne. He refuses at first, but then Lindsay tells him once he has what he wants, he can do what he wants with the money just keep his end of the bargain. Colin doesn’t say anything, takes the check and Lindsay leaves.

Police Station

Lisa enters Bo’s office to tell him that they are ready for him out there. Bo comes out of his office, and directs the cadet's on the speech of what they are to do and how they’ll make enemies, and that the police station will be like a 2nd home, a 2nd family so they better get used to it, when Asa walks in with a copy of the day’s banner with the story that Antonio had given the banner. Asa accusing Bo of lecturing his cops on family, when he doesn’t know any better himself or so Asa says, Antonio steps in and says that it’s not Bo’s fault that the story is in the paper it’s his. He gave them the story – to blame him and not Bo. Bo lecture’s Antonio about the fact not to get to out of line, and to go back to his class. Antonio does as asked and leaves. In Bo’s office, Asa talks to him about kids and he needs another one of his own to know the importance of family. Meanwhile the class comes in for instruction of Handcuffs by Lisa, and then Sofia takes her own handcuffs and puts them on Antonio. Lisa ask Sofia if she has the keys, and Sofia looks in her desk, and she notices that the desk has been cleared out. Lisa said that she should have done that herself, and then Bo comes out and sees them with handcuff’s on and goes to look for the keys finding out they weren’t in Sofia’s desk. Later, while looking for the keys, he throws a file on his desk and accidentally it drops to the floor as Lindsay walks in and sees the wanted poster with Nora’s face on the poster. Terrified, looking at the poster while Bo is looking for the keys, thinking of a way to get the poster without Bo knowing.

On The Run

Jessica not looking at Ben, Ben tells her that he’s looking for someone and Jessica disguises her voice, and that Ben knows it’s her tries to convince her to come home. Jessica turns around, and Jessica asks about her mother. Does he know? Ben tell her that he knows that she has cancer and he’ll be there to do everything he can for her. He continues to talk to her about Will how that there is a way that she can come back to Llanview, and not be on the run, and he’ll get Will safely out of the country. Then suddenly a state trooper comes in and says that Jessica will be under arrest, with the wanted poster and he wants to see some ID. Being persistent, Ben shows him his ID, and then his daughter “sandy’s” After telling Jessica that she left her ID at home. Ben tries to convince Sandy to go home with him, and not go with this rock band, but he wants tell her to stay there. “Sandy” tells Ben that to tell her mother she’s fine, that she wants to stay. Ben tells her to just stay until he can get back, and he goes with the state trooper to tell him where he supposedly saw the threesome. Meanwhile once gone, Cristian and Will come back and tell her that the truck is loaded ready to go – and Jessica tells Will and Cristian that Ben was just there, that what would they want to do? Will is told that Ben will get him safely out of the country, but Will says will Jessica be able to come with him? Jessica says she can’t because of other reason’s and not because of Cristian when Will asks her. When the guys from the band come back, they say they are ready to go, and Jessica asks what do they want to do? Meanwhile later, Ben comes back to the warehouse, and comes back to it locked, and Jessica – Will – Cristian are no longer there.

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