One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/7/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/7/00

By Amanda

Buchananís Home

Renee walks in to find Max passed out on the couch. Not knowing what has happened with Max, Renee tries to wake up Max. Startled, Max wakes up and Renee quizzes him what happened last night. He tells her that he remembers being with Blair, and the party that Renee had left for him and Blair when Asa comes in talking about the papers and usual business, and Skye comes in and is quizzed about what happened and why Max slept on the sofa. Renee and Asa find it hard to believe that Max would sleep on the sofa for no reason, Skye tells them that she has no idea. Meanwhile, Nigel enters Blairís room, and then wakes her up then is stunned at the mess her hair is in which Skye had cut the previous night. Then they show Max, Skye, Renee, and Asa hearing this scream echo the house. Itís blair, and Skye doesnít know what could be wrong but tries hard not to laugh. Blair, comes downstairs like a mad hornet, and demands to know who did this to her and attacks skye! They almost get into a catfight, but is broken up by Max, and while restraining Blair from coming after Skye, Skye claims that she didnít do itÖthen waves the confession that Ben is really Asaís son and Blair is responsible for everything in Maxís face saying she has the trump card. Afterward, Blair is furious and leaves without changing and storms out of the house. She demanded Skye out of the house, but is not asked to leave.

Rae Cummingís Apartment

John Skyes arrives at Raeís apartment, and Rae is very upset. After calming down John gets out of her that Daniel was there and she knows it. When she came back from getting something downstairs, she tells John that she found a note under her door reading, ďDid you find her?Ē Rae, upset because Daniel knows her to well, John phones the hotel manager requesting to question everyone on staff within the last 8 hours that has been on Rae Cummingís floor that could have had access to her suite. Meanwhile, they hear something ruffling at the door, and John prepares to take action at the door in case itís the person returning, and itís Sofia wanting to show off her new uniform. Sofia coming in feeling like she was interrupting something, Rae asks her to knock next time. Sofia apologizes and leaves. John before leaving to question the staff in the hotel, kisses Rae.


Men from Benís past are investigating where Jessica and the boys are. Ben arrives, and Viki tells him this. Ben and Viki learn from these men that they know where they are, and are told about the watch incident, the date on the watch that they know itís willís, and then learn about Joeís Hardware. Afterward, one of the men are paged with another situation they have to deal with apologize to Viki and Ben, and Ben tells Viki that he will find them. He wants to know when Vikiís next chemotherapy appointment is, and Viki says it doesnít matter sheíll be alright she just wants to know that Jessica and the boys are alright. Ben  kisses Viki and leaves to go find the group.

Sam Rappaportís Home

After Blair arrives at Samís rings the doorbell, storms in furious as hell Ė and she deamands to know where Ben is that they are working together on business. Blair fills Sam in on her plan of revenge to bring Asa down. Sam gives Blair a blank check for the company that sheís using as the revenge, and Blair tells Sam that sheíll ask Sam for help from now on with Asa after telling him that she knows what Asa is going to do before he does it. She has access to his secret files. Sam and Blair are partnering up against Asa to bring him down. Ashamed of her hair, Sam tells Blair a same situation with Nora, and Blair realizes that itís not so bad after all, and leaves Asaís had that she grabbed leaving the mansion, on Samís head.

On The Run

Once Cristian realizes his arm is over Will thinking itís Jess, he gets up fast enough and so does will. Then Will confronts Cristian on the night before where he walked in Jessica and Cristian, and he tells Cristian he hopes that Cristian isnít trying to make moves on Jessica each time his back is turned. Both men agree once they get back to Llanview however, all bets are off where Jessica is concerned. Jessica comes upset over the audition, and the guys think it will be ok and Jessica isnít nervous of being the back up singer. They decide to go for breakfast when the guys from the band come in and tell them that theyíve got a gig in Ohio and they leave tonight and theyíll have to pack up their stuff and leave. Heather the lead singer of the band comes in and gives Jessica attitude not wanting a back up singer goes to one guy named Justin and tells him that she doesnít want the back up but Justin thinks that they do and Jessica does make them look better. Heather doesnít like it and leaves brushes past Jessica, when a Photographer comes in and tells him that heís there to take publicity photos for the band. Jessica doesnít like this idea she tells them that they would be better with Cristian doing Art work for the band, instead of using the boring photos. After convincing them that he had a scholarship. When asked how good he is. Then the band likes the drawing Idea, and the photographer is told that heís not needed. Photographer leaves, then while the band packs up and gets ready to leave, Jessica gathers her things, and tells Cristian that she will be there in few minutes. Behind her Ben says, ďExcuse me miss, Iím looking for a girl and her two friendsĒ

Buchananís Living Room

Max and Skye are talking about the confession, Max wants the piece of paper and Skye wonít give it to him. Max after talking with Asa about the same business Blair owns, but they donít know it yet, once Asa is gone, Skye tells him what if one of the Bís in B&B equaled B-L-A-I-R?

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