One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/6/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/6/00

By Amanda

On The Run

Jessica and Cristian are kissing when they break; they talk about how they haven’t been close like that for a while. Will comes in sees them in a compromising position – Cristian leaning over Jess, and Will is quiet for a second, not knowing what is happening and Will tells Jessica and Cristian things are set for tonight and the guy from the band comes in and tells them that they are set up for the night but they have to sleep on one mattress which the guy from the band brings in. After Jessica tells him that they are just friends and they have no problem all 3 on the mattress tonight. Once gone, they talk about getting through that night after discussing the sun which Will had brought in, and showed them with the sun trying to bring down Asa. Jessica loves it thinks it’s great that means will, will be going home soon.

MacGyver’s Home

Melanie just about to go upstairs, and Colin freaks and says he is surprised. What a pleasure that it is that she’s there. Colin tells her that she doesn’t want to go upstairs…and when just about to go into detail about Nora, Melanie says she doesn’t know why she’s there that she just used the excuse to get some of her clothes. Colin says he knows why she’s there that that place is her home, and that she belongs there. He tries to make the moves on his wife to get her coming back to him and tries to see if she’ll go to the Inn with him. Melanie makes a fuss, says that that place is my own, where I can go to be myself. Colin tells her that maybe he can help her create new memories there. Then he tries to kiss his wife, Melanie won’t go for it. Then later she falls for it, and says why to they have to go anywhere? Why not stay right there? Then when about to kiss – a crash is heard from upstairs. Not knowing that it’s Nora crying out for help, Melanie thinks that it’s another woman in her bed – just another one of Colin’s affairs. Melanie furious, says no more tears, no more worries over Colin she walks out on him for good.

Colin goes upstairs to Nora, and comforts her telling her to not stress herself the faster she heals, the faster she goes home, and tells her to go to bed, doctor’s orders. Nora does as asked. Colin turns out the light and stands by the door.

The Sun – Kelly’s Office

Kevin and Kelly talk about how to get Asa back and they talk about seeing if Blair would want to be involved or Alex; one of Asa’s many ex-wives and Kelly tells Kevin to count Blair out that she’s got her own agenda. Kevin, then says they should eat has a package of ketchup on his shirt, and Kelly offers to get it off with a Kleenex. Then Antonio walks in offering his own story, and gives an already typed out story on his account of his own murder trial years ago, which included Asa’s perjury conviction. Then Antonio tells Kevin and Kelly that he is always there to help them if they need him, and they tell him that they will keep that in mind. Once gone, Kevin and Kelly dance in her office like a silly dance, and do a chant “We’ve got Asa Nailed” and Joey walks in and sees Kelly in Kevin’s arms. Kevin goes back to the banner. Joey not happy – says now he was worried about her working late. Kelly tells him that there was a break in the Asa story. Joey leaves with telling his wife not to be late. She promises. Joey leaves.

The Gallery

Lindsay and Bo talk about Lindsay being grateful that Bo can talk to her as a friend. They share a couple of drinks then Hank calls Bo on his cellular phone, and tells him there’s been a break in the Barnes case. Bo tells Lindsay and then he leaves to go back to the station.

Roseanne goes to see Lindsay and tells her that she knows that she’s not fond of her. Lindsay tells her that is putting it mildly. Then Roseanne tells her that she would like to help perhaps with the legal fees for will and maybe that will bring Cristian home. Cristian doesn’t deserve to be out there on the run, and then she almost leaves but then Lindsay doesn’t let her. Lindsay needs money to help pay off Colin to keep hiding Nora, (doesn’t tell Roseanne this) just says she needs money for Jessica, Will and Cristian as they can’t find a job being on the run. Roseanne agrees to give the money to Lindsay.

The Police Station

RJ at the police station tries to make amends with Hank. Hank doesn’t buy it after RJ tells Hank he wants his story out the window. Later, Barnes’s lawyer comes in demanding his client released of all charges, because there isn’t any need. Then RJ tells hank that he has a witness. RJ. RJ lies for Barnes to get him off the hook off of all charges. Barnes is free to go Bo says. As Barnes is leaving the station, he thanks RJ for the lawyer but what’s in it for him? RJ wants to know what the commissioner is hassling him for?

While song is played

They show Will, Jessica & Cristian sharing the mattress, Joey in bed waking up realizing his wife isn’t there, Kelly still at the sun, deciding to call it a night but tormented on her feelings for Kevin decides to pull an all nighter at the Sun and turns the computer back on. Then they show Kevin at the banner trying to focus on his work. Lindsay is next being given a check from Roseanne to pay off Colin – Roseanne leaves, and Lindsay smiles while looking at the check, Then Colin pulls the covers up for Nora, and turns the light out and looks at her from the doorway.

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