One Life to Live Update Monday 6/5/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 6/5/00

By Amanda

Sam Rappaport’s Home

Bo goes to see Sam about RJ's accusations and something else but meanwhile they are discussing Matthew and dealing with Nora’s death. Sam takes Matthew upstairs to bed, read’s a book to him and then while doing that, Melanie and Bo talk about Nora, how Bo and Nora came to be, then how he met Lindsay, and how Melanie and Bo met at the Inn, and they completely trust each other. Bo tells Melanie that Colin came looking for her at the station, and Melanie tells him that he found her, and she tells Bo that Colin wants her back and says and does the right things. Bo asks her does she love him? Melanie says yes, but it’s difficult. Melanie doesn’t realize the time after looking at her watch and says she has to be somewhere. Bo says goodnight and Melanie leaves. Sam comes downstairs after Melanie leaves with boxes in preparation to pack Nora’s things. Bo offers to help and Sam doesn’t think so he thinks it’s a one-man job. Sam asks what he wants to see him about – and Bo says it’s not important for another time. Bo says goodnight and leaves showing him out.

Lindsay’s Gallery

Colin and Lindsay are talking about Bo, and Lindsay’s love for him, making Bo seem to be the perfect man, and honest man, and Colin chuckles, knowing the truth (Melanie and Bo slept together) and Colin advises Lindsay to have a little heart to heart with her sister. After saying that Colin knows 3 women that have fallen for the same man. Colin leaves with telling her that he’s not helping her steal Nora’s baby, that she better be prepared because Nora is coming back from the dead.

On The Run

Will, Jessica & Cristian meet the lead singer of the rock band “Heather” and then finding out she’s a piece of work…heather starts singing. Jessica gets over to back up fast and jumps in on the song; she’s not sure about. Afterward, she tells Cristian and Will that they can stay; Jessica out. She doesn’t like Jessica and doesn’t give her a chance at the audition. Later, the band leaves, and Jessica is upset and apologizes to Will for having such a disastrous audition. He tells her that it doesn’t matter she was great, kisses her on the forehead and leaves. Meanwhile left alone with the microphone – Jessica sings a song at the end of today’s show in which they show scenes of Sam packing Nora’s things, and Melanie arriving at her place and going upstairs to get more of her things and find Nora, also Bo arriving at the gallery to see Lindsay. At the end when Jessica is finished, she opens her eyes and Cristian comes in smiling, and kisses her.

Police Station

Confrontations with Sofia and Antonio that they can smell and ex-con a mile away insisting she can, Antonio sniffs around Sofia’s face, and he tells her that he’s an ex-con and she couldn’t tell the truth about him. Later, Roseanne comes in to see John Sykes about not having told the truth that she made it up that she wants Cristian off the wanted poster. John says that their cops knew the 3 of them were there, and she’s not lucky he doesn’t lock her up for not telling the truth. Later, John asks Antonio if he’s met Sofia, and he has he says while filling out paper work. John shows Sofia and Antonio the academy assignments, and Sofia and Antonio find out they are partnered together and they both aren’t pleased.

Colin MacGyver’s House

Nora is shown while Colin is out at Lindsay’s gallery and Nora cries out for someone to help her. She calls out for the doctor, and then says “somebody” “I want to go home” then later Colin is with her and Nora asks to go home, and Colin tells her not quite yet.

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