One Life to Live Update Friday 6/2/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 6/02/00

By Amanda


Blair having returned finally from the ladies room, is quizzed about where Skye is and Blair tells them she’s probably left. Max wants to know what she’s done with Skye, and says nothing because she’s done nothing with her. Meanwhile Lindsay and Melanie walk in and Asa notices (once Blair and Max leave) Asa says about Lindsay, “Good lord, she’s multiplying” Asa goes up to Lindsay’s table and makes rude remarks to Lindsay and Melanie, and Asa almost makes a scene and tells Lindsay that she better not be lying to him. Lindsay tells Asa off, then she returns to her table. After telling him that she will have Matthew and Bo and Asa will have nothing. She returns to the table with Melanie and they talk more about Colin and Lindsay trying to encourage Melanie to go back to him. She says that they can’t tell their spouse everything…even you and Bo don’t tell each other everything, then she changes the subject. They leave and go to the Gallery.

Buchanan Foyer

Skye just arriving back at the mansion, drenched, and Renee walks in and in so many words, Skye tells Renee that Blair pushed Skye in the toilet! Renee bursts out laughing and then as Renee walks to another room, still laughing – Skye yells at her and says, “We’ll see who laugh’s last, laugh’s best” and goes upstairs to change and clean up.

Sam Rappaport’s Home

Sam being with Matthew alone, the doorbell rings and it’s Ben. After telling Sam that he’d given Renee the file about her son that he thinks that there’s more to the story if truth be told, Ben gets defensive, and he wants to know why. Ben tells Asa that he thinks it should be left alone.

The Police Station

Bo & Colin confront each other over Melanie, and that Colin decides not to report the missing woman was Nora. He tells Bo that the missing woman is his wife and he leaves. Then RJ comes like a mad man with old threats about Bo, and asks him what he’s up to with his cops giving him so many tickets in a short period of time. Bo, tells RJ to pay his tickets and leave…but then an officer comes in and tells Bo that Barnes is ready to confess to Bo, but then when Bo realizes that Barnes is just wasting his time, and won’t confess, once Barnes is in his office, Barnes leaves with the officer who had brought him after Barnes tells him he likes the power he has that he knows the truth and no one else does. RJ follows the officer and Barnes back to the cell, he wants to get back at Bo and talk with Barnes about the test. As RJ told Bo that Dorian filled him in on the DNA test that Lindsay had told him.

The Gallery

Lindsay back at the gallery is startled when Colin is in her room and walks out to greet her, almost starts talking about Nora when Melanie walks in and says, “Yes, Colin what are you doing here?” then Colin tells Melanie that he loves her and only her, and kisses her. Melanie pulls away, once Lindsay offers to leave, and Melanie says Colin wants her back after so many Nurses and waitresses? She walks out on him. Once gone, Lindsay wants to know what the hell Colin was doing. Melanie could have heard him talking about Nora, and Colin tells her all deals are off that she lied to him that Colin tells her that Nora is going home to her son!

Buchanan Living Room

Once home, Blair and Max notice the strawberries and whipped cream left for them. Blair says don’t touch them Skye could have poisoned them. Little does Blair know that Skye is outside and hears that very comment! Skye rushes upstairs, “Saying not a bad idea” Meanwhile, Renee walks in and asks if they like her surprise? Renee leaves with whispering to Blair, “Nice move in the ladies room” Blair is stunned once Renee is gone, and Blair is just so touched that Renee would do something like that for them. Once Blair and Max are talking, Skye makes her entrance and threatens to tell Max what Blair did at the restaurant leaning over the whipped cream bowl, and putting poison in the whipped cream. Meanwhile Skye just says it was nothing and leaves. Once Skye is gone, Blair puts strawberries on the plate and tries to seduce her husband. Max not feeling so good, Skye walks in and wants to talk to him about what Blair did. Max says, “not tonight Skye” then, “Oh…not again” and Max passes out on the couch. She leaves to go upstairs and they show Blair tipsy on the stairs, and Once in her room, Blair is dizzy, then passes out on her bed! Then Skye comes in with scissors and cuts her hair!!

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