One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/1/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/01/00

By Amanda

The Restaurant (Not the palace – place not mentioned)

Asa, Renee, and Blair walk in for a peaceful family dinner because Asa wants to show the everyone in the public eye that the Buchanan’s are back. Then Blair notices the empty seat and Blair asks who’s it for – when Skye walks in, and Blair doesn’t like this idea one bit, she tells Renee that she wants Skye to leave or she will. Renee tries unsuccessfully to get Skye to leave as Asa steps in and says that she’s his guest. Asa had asked Kelly and Kevin sitting at a table near by when they bring recent copies of the banner and the sun to his table, and show them to him, and it’s with him and the governor on the front of one, and they discuss the papers and Asa is furious. Renee comments that she thinks it’s good reporting to Kevin, but then Asa can’t believe what he’s hearing from his wife. A waiter comes up to the table, and asks Asa to either lower your voice or he’ll have to be asked to leave. Asa not having a good dinner, then he says something about his 2% at the sun, and he thinks Blair should fire Kelly at the sun, because she has some shares in the sun as well. Blair, makes a scene and tells Asa that she sold her shares to Kelly after he said that he wants to buy them off the person. Blair then gets up and goes to the ladies room. Kelly stunned confronts Blair in the ladies room, and says she didn’t sell her any shares. Blair tells her that she is married one day but then she couldn’t be the next. She wants to bring Asa and Max down, and she tells Kelly that her campaign in the paper is helping her plan…they were about to talk about their plan when Skye walks in and says “conspiring against your husband are we?” Blair, puts on an act that she was stunned that Kelly would think such a thing, and the two girls make it seem like they want the best for Asa and Max. Blair and Kelly leave the ladies room, back to their tables, then Skye in the ladies room still puts more makeup on, as Rae comes in to do just that with a friendly reminder to keep away from John. Skye makes a comment that Rae has feelings for John? Rae says she’s his friend and wants to look out for his best interests. Blair comes in and then she takes Skye and pushes her in the toilet!!! Meanwhile they show Sophia, Rae, and John celebrating Sophia becoming a cadets. As well as starting the police academy. Back in the restaurant, Blair makes yet another scene as Kelly walks back in with Blair, and the two bicker about the Sun. Blair is sticking up for Asa meanwhile Blair says that she wants Kelly to write a check and make it look good. The two make it look good enough that Asa is thanking Blair for sticking up for him. Renee leaves to have dinner somewhere else other than with her family; she offers to take Blair with her, but Blair won’t go not just yet.

Jessica, Cristian and Will with two guys –

On the run, Jessica is “meg” and she explains to Hosea and Bill (Will and Cristian) that the two guys tell them they need them to go with them traveling all over the world. Jessica tells the guys she needs to talk to them, and they go for beer, when Jessica tells them (Will and Cristian) that Hosea and Bill were the first names she could think of. She says that if they go along with this plan, being that they will be touring with this rock band, and Will and Cristian will be moving their equipment for them, and Jessica will be a back up singer. Two guys are back, and the one guy asks are they in? And Cristian says, “Let’s rock and roll”

Colin MacGyver's Home

Nora seems agitated, and tries to convince Colin that she wants to go home, that she has a son, Matthew. Colin surprised by this news, he tells her he promises she’ll be going home. Colin phones Lindsay, who’s at the police station questioning Jeff Barnes, and she says she won’t hear of it that his patient must be delusional that Matthew is her son heir's and Bo’s and hangs up the phone. Later, Colin goes to the Llanview P.D. and wants to report a missing woman, and Bo walks up to Colin, and taps him on the shoulder, and says, “we meet again”

Police Station

Bo and Melanie are formally introduced and  Lindsay tells Bo this is her sister that she never told him about Lanie because the two were estranged for so long. Bo asks to speak with Lindsay in private, and Melanie steps outside, and talks with Bo and Bo tells her that Jeff Barnes is in Lock up would she question him? Which she does but not before she asks him to watch Lanie, and keep her company get to know each other better. Lindsay questions Jeff Barnes, and goes with an police escort, and she fails to get the truth out of Barnes, when she confronts him. Meanwhile, Melanie and Bo talk about the night he made love to Lindsay’s sister, and do they tell her, or not. Bo says she thought it was a coincidence that Sam and he were both involved with Nora, this is worse. Melanie agrees they can’t tell Lindsay that it was even an accident that it happened. After Bo tells her that Lindsay was the woman that she was involved with and that she was the woman that he was going to marry; still is involved with. Melanie understands more clearly, then Lindsay comes in and tells him she’s sorry she couldn’t get anywhere, that she doesn’t like disappointing him, but he wants to talk about this at a later time with Lindsay. Lindsay, offers to take Bo out to dinner, asks him what his plans are, and he tells her that he’s going to be working late, and Moo goo gai pan will be on his desk for dinner. Lindsay then turns to Melanie and says that she’ll go out and treat her sister instead. The two girls leave.

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