One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/31/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/31/00

By Amanda

Sam Rappaport’s Home

Lindsay is with Melanie trying to convince Melanie to go back to Colin, and Melanie thinks something is in it for her what is it? She just says she wants to make amends for the lost time they’ve had and Lanie is suspicious. Then Lindsay gets a call from Bo on her cell phone, and Bo requests to see Lindsay, and Lindsay tells Melanie that she’s going to meet her fella!

The police station

Bo is with Jeff Barnes, questioning him about the paternity test that he falsified, but Barnes won’t give in. Without hesitation – Bo locks him up in lock up, until he tells him the truth. Later, John Sykes tells Bo that he has a friend looking for their daughter and this daughter might not even know that she was adopted. They go on talking about how John is adopted wishing that he would be able to tell his real parents that he turned out ok, that they made the right decision. However, the medical records were burned in a fire. Later, Lindsay takes Melanie to meet Bo, outside the door Melanie is told from Lindsay that Bo is the man she loves, and they enter Bo’s office, and Lindsay enters with Melanie, and Lindsay says, “Meet my sister”

Colin MacGyver's Home

Nora, who’s talking somewhat, wants Colin to phone Bo – but Nora doesn’t give Colin Bo’s last name before she falls asleep and lets the medication take affect. Colin – moves the phone over by the dresser and moves his picture with Melanie, so that Nora can’t see it. He says, “He can’t have her calling this Bo person at least not yet.”

Will & Cristian in a Restaurant:

Discussing how they are getting Jessica back, Will tells Cris that Jessica told him that she loves both of them, that not to get Cris’s hopes up because it’s her decision to make. Then when a regular from the restaurant appears, that knows where the guys took the vehicle marked Joe’s. Cris tells Will to give him his watch when he sees the regular, and goes up to him saying that he may have left his watch, that it looks very expensive. Meanwhile a state trooper is posting the wanted flyers in the restaurant they are in and they are worried the regular may just give up their cover, pretending to be on the phone – will tries to hide themselves, and the regular leaves, and Cris and Will aren’t noticed. Will on the phone – phones 411 for assistance, and asks for Joe’s Hardware, and has them search the entire county. Later we see Cristian and Will at the Joe’s hardware, and they hope that they’ll once be a threesome again. They enter, and a woman working disguised, they ask, “miss? We want to know if you can help us?” and Jess takes off the glasses, and she says she wonders when they were going to get there.

The Banner

Kevin talks with Zack, and tells him to run a picture of Asa and the governor on the FrontPage, and maybe from that they’ll get the publicity, and they’ll find Jessica. Meanwhile, Rae walks in and wants to know if the banner can help her friend locate her daughter, and Kevin comments and tells Rae that she can have her job back. Rae, stunned the position hasn’t been filled, Kevin asks Zack to get the sack of mail for Rae in the back once back with it, Rae is again speechless. Kevin tells her there is more where that came from. Rae accepts her old job back today at the banner, and John Sykes comes to see Rae at the banner, and she tells him she got her old job back, that John tells Rae that Sofia was accepted into the police academy, and that he wants Rae to be there. She’ll be there she says. Sofia comes in and sees Rae. Leaves after getting a hug and congrats from Rae.

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