One Life to Live Update Monday 5/29/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 5/29/00

By Amanda

Viki’s Cabin

When the cops arrive at Viki’s cabin they don’t find Jessica, will or Cristian. John Sykes arrives, and tries to convince Antonio if he knows where his brother is. John advises that if he hears from Cristian that he should convince him and Jessica and will to come in voluntarily. It would look a lot better on them. Antonio munching on popcorn tells him he got to the cabin and no one was here. Then Roseanne arrives wanting to talk to Cristian. Antonio tells John and Roseanne he doesn’t know where his brother is again, and the cops leave to check the grounds. Antonio tells Roseanne she can take the diner; we’ll survive without you. From now on she doesn’t exist he tells her.

Will, Jessica, & Cristian on the run:

Cristian agrees to go get them food, when they hear a detective giving descriptions on a cop’s speaker. Cristian comes back with the food and finds out about the cops, and knowing they know their descriptions, Will thinks it’s best they split up. They want to find a car, but Cristian says he can’t hot wire a car with so many people walking around. Then Jessica spots a Van, and notices it’s open and jumps in wanting the other two to follow. Jessica, doesn’t know they didn’t come in…the guys that own the vehicle arrive back at the scene, and Will & Cristian act like they want to make a deal with them to purchase the vehicle. Knowing Jessica is inside, trapped, they try to get her out once the guys are in their vehicle in the front, and Jessica inside looks out, freaks, tries to open the door, when the guy comes from the front seat to lock the door. Jessica is out of sight before he does this. Then they are ready to pull away with Jessica in their vehicle without them knowing.

Cherryvale Clinic

Ben arrives at the clinic and meets Dr. MacGyver in “scarlet’s” room, not knowing that Nora is the patient behind the curtain, Nora who is sleeping (heavily sedated), doesn’t move, and Ben tries to ask Colin about the Nora Buchanan, gives a description, and Colin lies to Ben saying he’s never seen her. Lindsay once Ben has gone, tells Colin that she’ll help with his debts that to be a debt free life. And have Lanie back in his life. All he has to do is say Nora doesn’t exist. Then later Ben is seen talking with another doctor he knows at the clinic, and he is told about the person he’s seen that looks like Dr. MacGyver's patient, and is a Jane Doe from the Train accident. He calls her scarlet he says, after seeing her photo. Ben asks for the room number, and Lindsay walks up and says that if Colin says that he’s either lying or hiding something Ben wants to know. Ben heads to room 1183, and finds another woman in ‘scarlet’s’ room. Meanwhile we see Nora in the morgue covered over, and when she tries to wake up she pulls the sheet down from her face, and we see that it’s her.

Sam Rappaport's Home

Bo talks with Lanie about Nora, and about Drew…then Sam arrives home having said that he went to the scene of the accident that he had to say goodbye to Nora. Bo tells Sam he knows that Nora was working on his case when RJ was suing him and he tells Sam that RJ is suing him and the station that he would like his file, but then Sam says he would love to be Bo’s lawyer to win this case for Nora’s memory as Nora would have won the case. He wants to do it for her. Matthew wakes up, and Melanie goes up to get him, and comes down and says she doesn’t want them jealous but she’s fallen in love with Matthew. That is where Lanie asks if Bo had kids of his own. Then Bo says he should be getting back to the station, and then once gone – John just arrives at Sam’s when Bo’s leaving and says they have to find the 3 of them.

Asa’s Study

Blair tries to seduce her husband while working on the computer, and distracts him, by turning off the computer in the middle of working on it, when Blair confronts him and asks how he could have given her the confession about her being responsible for knowing that Ben is Asa’s son, and started the whole thing. Max tells her that he doesn’t know how Skye got the confession, but then Skye walks in, in nothing but a negligee as well just like Blair, and they are side by side on Max, but Skye has the trump card being the confession and uses it to blackmail him. Blair leaves, says he knows where to find her while she’s listening outside the door, she wants to get to Skye first. Skye inside tries to convince Max to go to her room, the one that’s never locked. When leaving, Blair isn’t to be found, and Max and Skye go to her room. Blair pissed, she goes back in the study, turns on the computer to read what Max was typing up on Asa’s computer.

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