One Life to Live Update Friday 5/26/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 5/26/00

By Amanda

Vikiís Attic

Ben and Viki are talking about happier times, as well of the possibility that they could be married where it all began in the attic. Viki comments about the two of them and their guest list being small because of the space, Ben doesn't care as long as she's happy, they then talk about missing Nora, and Ben tells Viki that Sam doesnít believe Nora is dead. Viki tells Ben about the patient that was in the bed next to her, bruised and battered but she didnít know if it was Nora, she was so heavily medicated Viki says. Ben asks what if she wasnít dreaming? What if it was Nora? Viki tells Ben the name of the doctor that she knows at Cherryvale, and Ben goes to check out the possible lead. After Ben moves to tell her heís going to make her something to eat in the kitchen when he opens the door and finds a tray with fruit, and orange juice, and a note. From Kevin & Joey telling them that itís about time the two of them came to their senses, that Ben is to make sure she eats what is left for them.

Cherryvale Clinic

Lindsay is stunned while she stares at a sleeping Nora, and meanwhile Colin is phoning the Llanview police department. Lindsay doesnít know what to do, then she remembers Bo saying that he and Nora still had unfinished business, he never got the chance to forgive Nora, and then herself telling Asa that sheíll be the Mother of Boís children and Matthew.

While Colin is waiting to be connected to the commissioners cell phone, Lindsay freaks and hangs up the phone on Colin just as he was to talk with Bo. Colin demands to know what is going on and Lindsay tells him that Nora has taken everything from her, that sheís responsible for breaking her marriage up with Sam, and sheís responsible for loosing her baby. While crying she pleas with Colin to let Nora stay ďdeadĒ a little while longer as nobody knows that Nora is alive. Colin says why? What would you have that I would want? Lindsay tells Colin that Melanie used to Idolize her that she can make that happen again and she could make it happen that Colin and Melanie are back together. Colin wonít hear of it. Itís over he tells her. Colin tells Lindsay that Nora has been identified and is going home! Ben at the end of todayís show arrives at the clinic, and asks for Colin MacGyver, and the Nurse tells him heís with a  patient that heís in the room behind them.

Sam Rappaportís Home

Melanie just having been left alone, the doorbell rings at Samís she answers and itís Bo, and Bo tells her he knows his name that he bribed the manager at the inn they stayed at to tell him her name, and he introduces himself to her and tells her heís the commissioner. Melanie tells Bo that sheís married but not for long, and that he helped indirectly and explains the story, that he was her knight and shining armor in a way.

Then Melanie tells Bo that she knows Sam and has for many years, and was about to tell him how they are connected when the phone rings and itís Colin on the other end, but Lindsay hands up the phone!

The Police Station

Roseanne is almost arrested when she tells Hank and the officers where they can find will Rappaport! Later, Roseanne talks to Sofia about being hurt by the ones they love. RJ brings Rachel in to speak with her father and they talk before she leaves town and Rachel tells her father she wonít loose touch, heís family sheíll be back for visits after she tells her father goodbye, and tells Jarred thank you and Jarred kisses Rachel goodbye. Meanwhile, Later, Sofia receives a letter that sheís officially an officer or in the academy, we donít know this, as no one is around that she can share her news with.

Vikiís Cabin

Will wants to know who Jessica loves and wants to be with and she wonít say when Cris walks in and tells him that it was all a set up that Asa was up to the entire thing, and itís still the governors first priority to hunt Will down. Meanwhile, having been at the police station when he tried to convince Roseanne not to tell them where Cristian is, Antonio shows up at the Cabin, and tells them that Roseanne snitched on them that the cops know where they are and if they donít leave theyíll all be arrested, not sure what to do all 3 run off together once you see the cabin again, Antonio is sitting there eating Popcorn, and Jessica, Cristian and Will are no where to be found. Stay Tuned!

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