One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/25/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/25/00

By Amanda

Asa’s Study

Furious at Asa for double crossing her Lindsay threatens to kill him, and vows to not let Bo ever like his father again. Bo hates his guts, and she’ll make sure it stays that way. Asa then goes on and says once Bo has Nora’s son that will be all that matters. Lindsay then says she’ll always be with Bo, she’ll marry Bo and Matthew will be hers, as will Bo’s children. Max comes in, and takes the letter opener away from Lindsay from behind her. Colin phones Lindsay demanding to know where Lindsay is to Identify his patient, and Lindsay tells him on her cell phone he better not be wasting her time.

Lindsay leaves for Cherryvale Clinic, and Asa tells Max what the ‘deal’ was with Lindsay, and that Matthew really could be Bo’s son, and really a Buchanan. Max says he’s got the mother of trump cards in his hands.

MacGyver's Home

Melanie and Colin are talking of Melanie’s affair with her anonymous stranger, and then Colin makes some rude remarks about Lane's indiscretions and she slaps Colin. She tells Colin no matter how much she may love her in her own way, she’s leaving Colin. Melanie leaves, Colin goes back to the clinic.

Viki’s Cabin

Once out of the shower, and changed, Roseanne sees will from outside the cabin, without them knowing and once Cristian leaves for the police station to find out what’s going on with the progress of Will’s sentence being thrown out, Roseanne follows Cris to the Police Station. Meanwhile at the Cabin, Jessica tells Will she hopes that she hasn’t lead them on that she tells him she loves them both and she knows it’s selfish of her.

The Police Station

Antonio and Bo are talking about RJ, and then prudery  is brought up with regards to saying the right thing, and Bo tells Antonio to get a good lawyer. As he is. Then he suggests to Antonio to think about becoming a cop. Antonio tells Bo he’ll think about it when Cristian walks in and wants to speak with Bo, and Antonio tells Cris he is there to talk with Bo about something. Cris in talks to Bo about the status of Will’s sentence being thrown out and Bo asks if he’s talked to Lindsay? Cris tells him no, he’s not. Bo tells him that Asa is behind it that it’s not true and that the governor’s top priority is to find will. Cristian tells Bo that if Will isn’t dead he doesn’t know where he is. Bo tells him if he knows, to tell them because he’s prudery himself. Once Cris leaves Antonio says there goes a good example why I couldn’t be a cop. He couldn’t arrest his own brother. Bo why you know where Will is? Antonio tells him no. Bo tells him they would get someone else to arrest Cris if that is what happened. Antonio tells Bo he’ll think about it. Leaves. Cris outside talks with Roseanne (who’d followed Cris from the cabin) and Once Cris doesn’t go home with Roseanne to give her one night and tells her that it’s over, she tells him that she’s not done anything with the diner, Cris tells her that he doesn’t care that his mother works to much anyways. Meanwhile, Roseanne tells Antonio and Jarred she knows where Will Rappaport is.

Sam Rappaport’s Home

Rachel and Jarred go to see Sam because Rachel is leaving town, back to Chicago. She says her grandparents shouldn’t have to deal with loosing Nora on their own. Jarred wants to talk Rachel out of it, but Rachel won’t listen. Rachel goes to see Matthew comes down to tell him that he was fussy, but Rachel got him to sleep all right. Sam says wait he’s got something for Rachel. He gives Rachel the engagement ring that was for Nora that Sam gave her. Rachel teary eyed, thanks Sam and puts the ring on her finger. Jarred and Rachel leave for the airport. Later, Melanie comes to Sam’s Saying that she has Left Colin, and could she stay at Sam’s? Sam doesn’t mind, he offered. It couldn’t have come at a better time, because he wants to go out somewhere, and asks Melanie to stay with Matthew, and Lanie says she will. Meanwhile the doorbell rings, and it’s Melanie’s anonymous stranger. (It’s Bo)

At Crash Area Where The Train Accident Was

Sam says a heartfelt goodbye to Nora, finally having accepted she’s gone.

Cherryvale Clinic

A Nurse has some towels and has them in her hands, when Nora thinks she’s holding a baby (Matthew) and she’s trying to say the his name to the nurse to tell her who she is, when the nurse says Dr. MacGyver will be there soon, she can’t increase the dosage without Dr’s orders, and Nora keeps saying Matthew’s name. Once at the clinic, Lindsay sees Colin – and Colin tells Lindsay that there is a patient of his that used all her strength to mutter Lindsay’s name, and at the end of today’s show Lindsay see’s Nora! Does she identify her tomorrow? Stay tuned!

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