One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/24/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/24/00

By Amanda

Viki’s Cabin

Jessica tells Will that she has talked to his mother and that apparently she knows that Jessica and Cristian have been hiding Will. That his mother has talked with the governor and he’s calling off the search that Will is free, but not yet, not officially. Will, speechless, is given the money that his mother gave to Jessica to give to will. Will hollers out he’s free! He’s happy!  Cristian tells him not to jump the gun, because it’s not official when will wants to go out and celebrate. Claiming that he can wear a disguise, Jessica doesn’t think it’s wise. She wouldn’t have fun knowing that Will could get caught and neither would Cristian. Jessica then goes outside and brings in a stereo, and food, and they start dancing, partying while making their meal. During their fun, Jessica finds two bottles of Apple cider in the cupboard, and then she opens a bottle and it sprays everywhere towards Will. Then Will takes a stab at Cris, and Cris and Will take a dive for Jessica and spray two bottles of cider at her. They have a playful cider fight. Later, Cris tells her she looks even more beautiful. Jessica comments it’s because Cristian loves her, and he says yes. Meanwhile without knowing outside the cabin, Roseanne looks in and sees Jessica and Cristian. Having been told by Sofia at the station where her husband is. When they were discussing reports, but Sofia never gave information away, she did in a round about way. That she would have to type up certain things, and then tells her the location of Viki’s Cabin.

The Police Station

Bo & Hank are talking about the pressure being put on will more with the man hunt looking for him and every police station having the notice that is being put out on the net throughout police stations. Every station will be looking for will. RJ steps in and says, that he’s suing the police station for $20, 000, 000 after Bo & Hank are served by the process server at the station. Roseanne is with RJ to tell them that she’ll testify to the opposite that Bo started that whole fight. Antonio comes in saying she’s full of it, and so is RJ. Roseanne is also at the station to file a missing police report, and the officer tells Roseanne that he’s only been missing 24 hours to come back tomorrow. Roseanne, speechless, looks at the officer while leaving when Sofia who’d been listening the whole time, tells her it seems odd how the rich always get what they want, and what boyfriends they want. She fills her in on certain reports that the cops do, and that one of them was about Cristian and Jessica being at Viki’s Cabin, and tells her the location. A new employee at the station asks Sofia where to put a piece of paper that had fallen on the floor (the request for Id on Jane Doe the Colin had sent out to every police station) and takes it and puts it on the Commissioner’s Desk. Along with a file that Sofia gives him. Once Hank is in the office, Hank and Bo almost talk about what he’s just found out about Matthew possibly being his. But then Lindsay interrupts, and talks to Bo making sure he’s ok. He tells her he wants to find out what the results of the tests were and tells Lindsay that he wants to find Jeff Barnes. Lindsay is tells Bo that she found out the search for Will is being called off, by a reliable source, and Bo says that couldn’t be further from the truth, when an officer comes in and gives Bo the flyer looking for will. He covers it up, and then Lindsay says it’s just a shock to see that. Bo tells her it’s the governor’s top priority to find Will. Lindsay furious can’t believe that she’s been used by Asa, grabs the Flyer, and goes straight to Asa’s after she tells Bo that is her source and the governor that came to her gallery out of the blue. Bo says he’s just a phone call away if she needs him. Lindsay thanks Bo and leaves for Asa’s.

Cherryvale Clinic

Colin phones Lindsay, and plea’s with her to come to Cherryvale right away, that it’s a matter of life and death. It’s nothing to do with Lanie he says, he swears it. Lindsay tells him that she’ll be there when she can – she’s used to Colin’s ways. Once Scarlet is in her room, (Nora) Colin tells the Nurse if Lindsay Rappaport comes to call him at his house, he’ll be there. He wants to know when she shows up.

Meanwhile, before a nurse leaves Nora’s room, Nora sees a woman standing outside her room with a baby, and has flashback’s with Matthew.

MacGyver's Home

Colin arrives home to see Lanie coming downstairs with luggage in tack. She tells Colin that she is leaving, and he’s not stopping her. Colin says that the only two best things he did in life was Medical school, and fall in love with Lanie. Then they talk about the affairs before and after they were married and how Colin actually slept with Lanie's own sister! Lanie leaves and takes her things with her.

Asa’s Study

Lindsay comes storming in his study furious with Asa for what he’s done, and Asa grinning tells her that she is just a pawn, that she can be so easily used. Lindsay is furious with him and takes a letter opener and Aims it right towards Asa!

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