One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/23/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/23/00

By Amanda

Viki’s Cabin

Will is packing up his clothes that Cristian had bought him, and Cristian walks in and asks, “What’s up?” Will tells him what does it look like? He’s leaving. It’s time he was on his own, and Cris doesn’t think so. Cris tells him, he’s got no money, he doesn’t have a car, and that his picture is probably in every post office in PA by then. Cris asks what about Jessica? Will says that’s why he has to go now. If she comes back, he won’t be able to do it. Cristian hears a noise at the door, and is stunned when it’s only chipmunks and he makes a comment about them coming right up to the door. When he goes back in the cabin, Will is nowhere to be found. Later, Cris is shown having stopped will from taking off. Jessica has seen Lindsay, comes back to the cabin and tells Will he’s soon to be a free man, and it will be legal.

Viki house (veranda)

Kevin makes a call to the banner and is talking with them about which story to use, Jessica comes in with lemonade, Jessica asks about Viki and Kevin says he doesn’t know and Jess comments that she was hoping that they would go off together, and have a wonderful time. Kevin, “Like the incurable romantic like you are” Jessica, “Well it takes one to know one” Kevin, “Me? I’m not romantic anymore. You know why? It’s to dangerous” Jessica, “I sense a major brotherly lecture coming my way” Kevin, “Naw not to major. It’s just that I didn’t get a chance to speak to you after the train accident. You know how worried I was, I almost took off looking for you myself. But I couldn’t. Or at least I chose not to. You know why?” Jessica, “Why?” Kevin, “Because I ran into Antonio and you know what he said to me? (pauses looks at Jessica) I shouldn’t be sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong. Shouldn’t be asking so many questions. You have any Idea why he might say that?” Jessica, “You know for a reporter, it sure does take you awhile getting to the point” Kevin, “I’ll get to the point then right now” Kevin, “You really better think hard about what your doing. Because it’s dangerous Jess. He’s got a lot of guys hunting him down. You can land your you know what in jail. That’s the last thing mom needs right now” Jessica, “Don’t use mom to lecture me. She understands me, probably a whole lot better than you do” Kevin, “Mom knows that your hiding will and she’s perfectly ok with that?” Jessica, “I didn’t say that” Kevin, “Look, your not dancing in some kind of romance novel this is real. Your breaking the law. Not only that if you think your doing it for love, I’m here to tell you your not doing it for love….” Kelly walks in and says, “hey, hey, hey – ease up on your sis. I think if you really love someone you’d go the distance for them. (Looks at Kevin) No matter what it costs you”

Viki’s Attic Ben & Blondie

Ben talks to her about the same room same bed where Viki nursed him back to health, and loved him throughout it all he wants to be there with her, and he proposes and she accepts after a slight hesitation. She says what about the cancer, what if..

Ben says they can work through it together. She happily accepts.

Cherryvale Clinic

Melanie tells Collin that there is no other man, and then he confronts her and tells her he has a friend at the inn where she stayed and tells him that his friend filled her in on the man, and that she danced the night away. Collin then tells her that he met him that someone came in looking for her, and he wouldn’t give his name. Melanie said it was impossible because he doesn’t know her name they didn’t exchange names. Collin tells her that she won’t be able to leave and says all the right things to make her want to stay, and tells her she’ll be out of their house by the time he gets home. They are fighting outside in the hall, and nurses are watching them, and Melanie says that she can’t forgive all the mistakes and meaningless encounters. When she leaves the hospital she tells a nurse for anyone looking for her and she tries to describe Bo to the nurse, and that have him call her cell phone. While they are talking, “scarlet” aka Nora, is out in the hall on her bed, being transferred to another room? And then When she sees the blonde because her vision is still blurry she thinks Melanie is Lindsay. She forces her voice to come back and finally screams to Colin as Melanie leaves, “Lindsay Rappaport help me!”

Lindsay’s Gallery

Bo, “Jeff Barnes knows. Either he changed the test or he didn’t” Lindsay, “But he’s gone. Bo don’t you want to know if your Matthew’s father?” Bo, “Sam, just lost Nora, he doesn’t even know when he’s going to see will again. I can’t tell him that Matthew might be taken away from him” Lindsay, “I understand that (Pauses) but what if he isn’t Matthew’s real father? How will you ever be able to look at Matthew and not wonder if he’s yours?” Bo, “I’ve been down this road before, I know what It would mean Lindsay if I were Matthew’s father” Lindsay, “Did I do the wrong thing? So many times I’ve thought this is how Nora felt before she broke up our wedding” Bo, “Nora put the ball in my court, now you’ve done the same thing but it’s my decision to make. There’s a little boy out there and he’s learning to walk, talk, and say the word “daddy”, you know Sam is the only father that he’s ever known, and I don’t think that anyone should mess with that without doing a lot of soul searching” Lindsay, “What would Nora do? She would have a strong opinion. She always did” Bo, “Nora would do what’s best for her son” Lindsay, “You think what’s best for Matthew is to stay with Sam? Oh I’m sorry, sorry, when you told me how Nora died and that she wanted the truth out on the table I felt like I owed this to her” Bo, “Well you’re right. And Nora was right, I think it’s best that everything is out in the open. That sure doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Look, I got to get to the station. Are you going to be ok?” Lindsay, “Yes, if you are” Bo, “Oh yeah, I just have a whole lot of thinking to do” Bo leaves. Lindsay after Bo leaves (talks to herself) “Well there were a few tricky moments but all in all I think that went pretty well” Nora’s “ghost” appears to Lindsay, and Nora say, “You felt you owed it to me? You felt you owed it to me?” Lindsay, “Don’t even try to make me feel guilty because I don’t feel guilty at all ” Nora, “Yes you do. Or I wouldn’t be here.”

Police Station

Bo is walks back into the police station first time since having his badge back officially, and the staff gives the Bo applause and welcome him back and he walks into his office and finds Asa there who gives him a speech about needing a father, and when he finally decides Bo needs one again Asa will be there. Rachel walks in with Matthew just then and Rachel was looking for her father but Jarred comes in and says her dad is held up in court all day. Rachel was hoping he’d go to the park with her and Matthew. Rachel notices Matthew getting restless, and Rachel says, “Oh, what’s that Matthew? You want your uncle Bo to hold you?” Bo holds Matthew, and looks at him and wonders if Lindsay said is true. Asa, then makes odd comments about Nora’s son, and what if he was Bo’s? Once Asa leaves, Bo wants to run a check and find out where exactly Jeff Barnes happens to be to find out the results of the test.

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