One Life to Live Update Monday 5/22/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 5/22/00

By Amanda

Asa’s Study

Renee shows Max the “baby boy divine” Baby bracelet and asks him if he recognizes it. Max says “You know I do” and Renee, “I don’t have to explain to you how excited I was when I saw it again” Max, “No, but your going to anyway” Renee, “It was a link Max. It was a link to that baby boy that I held all those years ago, that I held so briefly before Nurse Hoffman took him away” Max, “What do you want me to say Renee? How many different ways can I apologize?” Renee, “None that Count. (Pauses to look at max) When I look at the hospital bracelet, I think of the son that I gave up. My REAL son. (Laughs) I don’t think that you understand how much this has cost me emotionally. You came waltzing in here, claiming to be my real son. I thought ah, maybe I can make it up to him all those years. What am I supposed to do now Max?”
Max, “Nothing? (Pauses) You shouldn’t be troubling yourself with this anyway” Renee, “Really? (Pauses) were talking about my son. How am I supposed to live with myself knowing that Asa is going to re-write his will knowing he’s going to give everything to you? Knowing somewhere out there I have a son that I should give everything to? 

Who deserves everything that I can give him. A son that I intend to find”

Max tells Renee to find her real son to go ahead but what about her marriage when Asa finds out that she’s been keeping this from him all along? Renee tells him to leave that matter up to her.

Later – Asa is in his study working and Max convinces him not to change his will that he’ll feel better about it and Asa goes for it that also max tells him that maybe he would stand a better chance getting his son’s back if he disappeared. Asa won’t hear of it. Asa tells him to stick around, and makes max promise that he won’t leave town.

Viki’s House (living room then back veranda)
Ben is telling Viki that he is Asa Buchanan’s son, that he’s known for 3 months, and would that change anything between them? He then goes on to tell her about how he finds out when she asks, and then is told when Asa had his heart attack, he would have left him there to die. Viki says she doesn’t believe it. Plus Ben asks would it make a difference knowing who he really is. Viki tells him it doesn’t matter, she loved him then and she’ll love him now. He still wants it kept private that Viki is not to tell anyone – and if she can’t live with him knowing who he is then to forget about them as a couple. Viki tells him she doesn’t care; she’ll always love him. Viki tells him then about her Cancer, was starting to then Ben tells her he knows. He tells her that he was following Jessica yesterday in the hopes that she may lead him to Will, and then without even finishing the sentence; Viki said it led him to her. He tells her that he saw her receiving the Chemotherapy. That he wants to be there for her throughout the whole thing. Viki asks does he do this out of obligation? Did he just tell her the truth so that he could be with her out of obligation because she is sick? Ben says yes he’s obligated – he loves her, and then Ben comforts her saying when she confides that she’ll loose her hair, and that Ben says she’ll always be Blondie to him. They hug, and they are back together.

Sam Rappaport’s house / Cherryvale Clinic

Sam is on the phone trying to figure out the silence on the other end, when someone is trying to tell him that they are there. At first Sam thinks it’s will, then tells him he loves him and tries to get him to talk. Then he realizes, “oh my god…Nora?”

Sam hangs up and tells Melanie that he thinks he was just talking to Nora, but they didn’t say anything and Melanie tries to convince him maybe it was a prank call and they talk about Matthew needing Sam 200% now cause of Nora being gone. Sam opens the door for Melanie and tells her she’s welcome to stay at his home whenever she needs to, and he’ll be there to see her through whatever she decides with Collin.

Melanie tells Sam that she should be getting back to Cherryvale, and Sam recognizes the name as the one from the accident, and shows Melanie a picture of Nora in the hopes that Melanie can get into places there that he couldn’t when he was there. Melanie will try, but not to keep his hopes up. When she is gone, Sam picks up Matthew and tells his son he’s starting to believe Nora’s gone.

Later, Renee goes to see Sam, with a photo of Nora and her when they were in Vegas, and Sam says is this more than a condolence call? Renee says she wants to know if Nora and Sam found anything more out about her son before Asa fired them. Sam asks her to wait, and he gets the file and everything he has in the file on Renee’s son. Renee thanks Sam and leaves.

Meanwhile Nora is shown at Cherryvale making the call – rubbing her hand against the mouthpiece trying to get him to help her. But then a nurse comes in and see’s Nora has drooped the phone. Nurse hangs up the phone as Dr. MacGyver walks in, and Melanie back at the hospital walks up to her husband, as the nurse leaves the room and flirts with Dr. MacGyver in front of Melanie. Melanie, not impressed takes Collin into the other room, and tells her husband she thinks it is time the two separate. This is only after Collin suggests that they try to start having a family of their own. Melanie doesn’t give in – she wants the two to separate. Collin asks is this because of the other man?

Lindsay’s Art Gallery

Lindsay tells Bo the truth that Matthew could be his son. That a new DNA test must be taken. Bo won’t go for it. Bo says, “Matthew might be mine. How? I thought you called off that DNA technician, you said those test results were real” Lindsay, “I did pay Jeff Barnes to make sure the DNA test proved that Matthew was Sam's” Bo, “And you said you changed your mind.” Lindsay, “I did, I fell in love with you and I thought if Matthew was yours you’d have a right to know” Bo, “You said you told Barnes” Lindsay, “I tried, I left him so many messages what I didn’t tell you is that I don’t know if he got any of them” Bo, “ah, so you don’t know if he changed the results or not right?” Lindsay, “No I don’t. I don’t know because he took my money and he disappeared. And I have no idea where he is. So I don’t know anything. The only way to be sure is to take another DNA test. I know that this is difficult” Bo “Difficult? You gave me a whole song and dance about telling the truth. You said Bo I’m going to tell you exactly where I was. When Jessica was hit by Dorian’s car. It was all a big lie. And you want me to believe you? Give me one good reason Lindsay why I would believe you?” Lindsay, “I don’t know, (crying) I’m sorry, I’m sorry is there anyway you could forgive me one more time?” Lindsay, “I wanted Matthew to live with his real father. I need you to believe that. When the DNA test said that Sam was his father I thought I could live with that. Even with the uncertainty I couldn’t live with it, I probably could have. But then I saw you grieving over Nora, and I realized that I could keep you connected to her. And maybe so are you” Lindsay, “I couldn’t go on knowing that you could already be the father that I wanted to make you. Forgive me Bo? Can we at least try to take the lessons that Nora tried to teach us, and face this together?” Bo, “Lindsay I know how difficult it’s all been. I should have been right there with you. So of course. I don’t want you to suffer anymore pain, over the baby that we lost or the baby that might be mine” Lindsay, “I’m gonna be with you. I’m going to support you every step of the way I swear. But I have to talk to Sam, I have to go to Sam, and confess to him what I have done so that I can make him understand. It’s not going to be easy. But I have to talk to Sam. Because there needs to be another paternity test” Bo, “No there’s no way in hell”

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