One Life to Live Update Friday 5/19/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 5/19/00

By Amanda

Lindsay’s Bedroom

Lindsay is shown tossing and turning while sleeping in the privacy in her own bedroom when she wakes up and sees Asa sitting there waiting for her to wake up. Lindsay screams and Asa comments saying what an impressive set of lungs. Lindsay says you get out of here right now or I’m calling the police. After he tells her the landlord let him in after slipping him some cash. Asa says “Ok fine, if you want your son to keep running, like some hocked up fugitive…” Lindsay wants to know what he’s talking about and Asa tells her it’s about letting her boy come home. Lindsay asks if he’s decided to take her up on her offer, and Asa says, “if he has a grandson out there he wants to know who he is and where he can find him.” Lindsay says, “you’ve got a grandson, no if’s about it.” Asa “I’m warning you if this is a scam you’re going to curse the day that it slipped through your lying lips.” Lindsay tells him that he’s got a grandson out there that she’s the only one who can produce him. Asa says “I thought you weren’t pregnant.” Lindsay says “I’m not.” Asa, “Oh, which is why I think I already know who my grandson is.” Lindsay, “Do you?” Asa “It’s Nora’s baby isn’t it? It’s really Bo’s isn’t he?” Lindsay “Sam is Matthew’s father, the DNA test proved that remember?” Asa, “I also remember a test that Bo took that ended up in your hot little hands, the kind that made it out that he could never have kids. Why should I believe that you didn’t mess around with Matthew’s test and make Sammy the lucky winner instead of Bo?” Lindsay, “The credit you give me Asa, I’m impressed.” Asa, “It sure would explain why you think you can produce my grandson.” Lindsay, “Even if I could do all that why would I ever admit it?” Asa, “You see that would put you on the wrong side of the law, along with your son.” Lindsay, “You SOB.” Asa, “Ooooh nobody ever said that to me. Let’s get on with it Lindsay, Are you going to show me the proof that Sammy’s boy is really a Buchanan?” Lindsay, “I never said that.” Asa, “No you didn’t, but if you can give me proof that Matthew is Bo’s, it would be worth an awful lot to me.” Lindsay, “Enough to keep my son out of Statesville?” Asa, “It would probably give me another coronary to keep that sniffling little thief off the hook but yes it would be worth it to my grandson out of that slime ball’s house. So are you going to give me the proof that he’s my grandson?” Lindsay, “How do I know I can trust you?” Asa, “You don’t.” Lindsay, “We’ll we’ve got a problem then don’t we?” Asa, “Don’t you worry, I brought some insurance.” Asa calls for max and he brings in governor Curtis. Lindsay, “Get out of my bedroom.” Asa, “Is that the way to talk to the governor of Pennsylvania?” Lindsay, stunned says – “Governor Curtis?” Asa, “That’s right, And he can guarantee the safety of your son right here right now.” Lindsay is shown the court order from the governor that is the orders rescinding the order against will Rappaport.

Further it is read and that Lindsay asks if this is for real? Max says it is, and Lindsay says she wants to hear it from the Governor, he says it is exactly what it appears to be. That it’s about Will not having to go to Statesville. Now he did confess to taking the funds. This reinstates the plea bargain. That requires him to do 6 months in a minimum-security facility followed by community service. There is no additional penalty imposed for his escape from the train. Lindsay says no deal. It’s either no time or nothing. Asa gives in, and agrees. He won’t listen to Max when Max tries to stop him.  Asa says no Jail time to Lindsay, Lindsay, “You’ll call off the man hunt?” The governor tells her that he’ll sign it, and Lindsay hugs the man and brags about Will saying how much she appreciates it. Max, “Governor I better show you out.” Once gone, Lindsay tells Asa he hides it well that it must cause him great agony to let her son go free. Asa, “It was worth it to him because he also set a Buchanan free. I’m bringing my grandson into my family where he belongs.” Lindsay says it has to be her way or nothing. Asa and Bo aren’t on the greatest of terms that Lindsay must tell Bo today or Asa won’t go for the deal. Lindsay hears Nora’s voice, and then sees a ‘ghost’ of Nora, telling her she’s only trying to steal Matthew from Sam.

Hotel Manager & Bo (at hotel where Bo and mystery lady stayed)

Bo goes back to the hotel that he and Melanie stayed in together. He tells the Manager that he’s looking for a woman, and the manager jokes and says, “Aren’t we all?” Bo “We both stayed here a couple weeks back. As it turned out our rooms were right next to one another”
Manager, “What’s her name?” Bo “Well see, that’s what I’m trying to find out.” Manager, “But she was in the room right beside you.” Bo “yeah that’s right.” Manager, “Bet you can describe her pretty well then.” Bo, “Yeah, she had blonde hair, bangs, early 30’s, very attractive.” Manager, “I remember.” Bo “You do?” Manager, “No I remember you. The cops came in looking for you, they had a picture. Hey I didn’t give you up I swear.” Bo “That’s ok, Look I’m a cop (shows the manager his badge/id) I just really need to find this woman. Can you just tell me? Do you know anything about her?” Manager, “Can you describe her again?” Bo “Yeah no problem. Blonde hair, beautiful eyes, early 30’s, 5’7, very attractive, great smile…Do you know this woman or not?” The Manager says, “I watch NYPD Blue you know?” Bo, “Yeah, so do I.” Manager says, “They have what do they call them? Informants.” Bo, “I know about their informants…” Manager says, “If It’s a pretty important case they have a very nice remuneration.” Bo, “Remuneration huh? There’s a big old word.” Manager, “So is Patronization. I know that word to. So what do you think? Is this worth anything or not?” Bo tell him he doesn’t like to be held up. Manager tells him he does a little day trading in the stock technology, that he’s been taking a pretty bad bath lately….Bo takes out his wallet and gives money to the manager, and asks if that would help the day trading…ease the pain. Manager laughs and says Bill gates should step aside for something like this, and Bo starts to put it away, and the manager takes it this is when he looks up the woman in question and gives Bo her name at last. Dr. Melanie MacGyver, and she works at the Cherryvale Clinic. Bo heads there immediately.

Sam Rappaport's House

While Bo is saying the description Lanie walks downstairs, at Sam’s and Sam then says “Good Morning.” Melanie, “Good Morning.” Sam, “How did you sleep?” Melanie “Oh great.” Sam, “Want some coffee?” Melanie “Oh yeah sure, great.” Melanie thanks Sam for letting her stay the night, Sam tells her he didn’t want her on the road late at night, that he just can’t take chances these days you know? That you never know what is going to happen that you’ve got to be safe. Melanie says she’s really sorry about Matthew’s mother. She knows how much she meant to Sam. Sam thanks Melanie for taking care of Will. Melanie says it’s no problem. He is her nephew. Will is a great kid, and Sam comments with not everyone in town feels that way. They talk about Asa “some big shot” that went after will to get back at Sam. That’s how it started but now every trooper in the state is hunting Will. Melanie asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want her to tell him where his son is? Sam says he is sure.

Ben knocks on the door, and is introduced to Melanie, and the other is surprised to learn that Sam has a brother, and that Ben is surprised that Lindsay has a sister. Melanie explains that they aren’t very close Lindsay and herself. Ben turns to Sam and tells him he didn’t mean to barge in on anything he just really needs to talk to Sam. Sam says no, that’s ok. Sam says if it’s about finding will he doesn’t want to know cause he thinks will is better off with Sam not knowing where he is, he then wouldn’t have to worry about turning him in. Ben tells him it’s not to do with Will and Melanie excuses herself to go upstairs and go to get changed for work. Sam asks what is up? Ben says, “You were right Sam, you said we had to fix things between Viki and I and that is exactly what I’m going to do, before it’s to late.” Sam, “I didn’t think you heard a word I said last night.” Ben, “Oh I heard you, I just didn’t think Viki and I could get through all our problems.” Sam, “Well, what changed your mind?” Ben, “She’s going through something big Sam.” Sam, “Can I help? I mean…Ben what is it?” Ben “I can’t tell you.” Sam, “Yeah, you can. You can tell me anything; I’m your brother. You can tell me anything at all and we’ll deal with it.” Ben, “Do you have any idea what it means to me to have you around?” Sam, “That goes both ways.” Ben, “I hated the fact that we didn’t talk to each other for years.” Sam, “Well we’re talking now. Just tell me what it is we’re talking about.” Ben, “And for a few months we had Grace back, all together again, I’ll never forget that. And we lost her again.” Sam, “Well we have each other.” Ben, “Yeah, we’re brothers again.” Sam, “We always were Ben.” Sam, “And we always will be no matter what.” Sam, “WHAT? Will you tell me what the hell is going on please?” Ben, “Sammy, nothing can change who we are and what we mean to each other. I gotta go.” Sam looking puzzled with what just happens sees Ben to the door. On his way out, Ben hugs his brother, and says, “I love you Sammy” Sam, “Are you sure you don’t want to talk to me?” Ben, “Just remember everything I said ok?” Ben leaves and Melanie comes down changed, and ready for work. Asks if everything is ok, and Sam says he’s not sure. Melanie, “Well, guess the hospital is surviving without me.” Sam “Do you think will is?” Melanie tells him she left the pager number beside the bed, and no one has called it, so he must be ok. Sam tells her he owes her that she took a big chance helping will. She tells him Will is her nephew, and most importantly a good kid. That she would take her chance on him any day. Sam, asks if he was in ok shape? Melanie, “for the 10th time, don’t worry.”
Sam “He was so lucky to find you.” Melanie, “do you think Lindsay agrees?” Sam, “You two may have your issues, but she’d definitely agree.” Melanie agrees that Lindsay would do anything for her children. They joke about Sam not liking Collin, and Sam says why should he? He’s never given her nothing but hurt her. Melanie says he’s her husband. She told Sam she has tried to leave Collin but he always knows which buttons to push to bring her right back to him. Sam tells her if she ever wants a divorce, he’ll make it happen.

Cherryvale Clinic

A very groggy Viki is just waking up and Nora’s bed is beside heir’s. Viki thinks she’s seeing Nora, which she is but she is still half asleep. Viki calls out to her and keeps saying “Nora, Nora” but Nora is sleeping soundly. Viki asks groggily, “Nora? Nora? Why are you here Nora?” Later, Joey, Kevin and Jessica arrive and Jess asks how she’s feeling? First thing Viki says is Nora? The kids remind her of the accident, and Viki tells her that there was a bed in her room and Nora was in it. Jessica looks at her strange, and tells her mother there is no bed in here now.

Meanwhile outside 1183, Dr. MacGyver, looks for his patient ‘scarlet’ which the nurses flirt with Dr. MacGyver, and one of the nurses wants to know why his wife stays with him. They tell him that he loves his wife, and that it doesn’t hurt when he strays occasionally.

Dr. MacGyver helps “scarlet” gets settled back in her room, and says the orderly never should have put you in the room with a patient having chemo. Nora tries to tell him who she is, and the doctor says to take her time her voice will return. Bo stops the doctor at the clinic, and he says lets take it outside, Nora tries to call for Bo, but her voice won’t let her. Outside, Bo asks about Melanie, and he doesn’t tell Dr. MacGyver his name, or a message. Bo’s cell phone rings and it’s Lindsay wanting to see him right away. Bo says he’s on his way. Nora tries Bo’s cell phone first, then tries Sam’s apartment and she is trying to get Sam's attention by rubbing the mouth piece with her finger.

Viki Carpenter’s Home

Joey, Kevin, and Jessica bring their mother home and her teasing her kids she could get used to it being a regular thing. They walk into their living room, and Viki sees Ben, and the kids ask if she’s alright, and Ben tells her he needs to talk to her. Ben tells Viki that he’s really Asa’s son!! Meanwhile outside the kids are hoping that Ben and Viki will reconcile, and that it would be very good for their mother.

Asa’s Study

Asa tells Max, “This old cowboy still has some rounds left in his six shooter. At Sammy’s expense. Buchanan’s stomping on the Rappadavidson’s one more time. Poor Sammy he’s never going to get over this one.”

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