One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/18/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/18/00

By Amanda

At The Buchanan Mansion (Asa’s Study)

Blair and Max are talking about Blair having to prove herself more to her husband, that she made dinner reservations for them for that night. Then in walks Skye, and she says that the cook has prepared dinner for them that they could go have their dinner in the garden….Skye asks what does Max say? Blair says “Yeah Max, what do you say?” Blair tells Skye that it’s Blair’s mission in life to find out what she’s up to, so she’ll not be able to breath without Blair knowing. Skye then flashes the document to Blair that Blair had signed to Max in her privacy, when wanting a 2nd chance with her husband.

Buchanan Living Room

Asa walks in to see Renee waiting for him and Asa fills her in on the hearing. He tells her that he wants a copy of his will that he doesn’t want his children, or grandchildren in his will anymore that he wants to leave everything to Max. As if on cue, Max walks in and Renee says that his father wants to disinherit his children and grandchildren that he’d better advise against it or she will. Max tells Asa not to do that, that they’ll come around just to give them time is all they need. Once Asa is gone, Renee tells Max that she’s changing her will first thing in the morning, and Max tries to apologize but Renee won’t listen. Max leaves, and once gone, Renee pulls out the baby bracelet that says “Baby boy Devine” and Renee says to herself “Where are you? Who are you?”


Bo and Hank talk of Bo’s Mystery woman that he speaks of so highly cause she says and does the right things and shows up just when it seems he needs her the most, and he tells Hank that he doesn’t know her name because he didn’t think it was necessary. Hank tells his friend next time the two meets to get her name and phone number and Hank welcomes Bo back as Police Commissioner personally and officially and gives Bo his badge back. Once Hank leaves Ben returns to the courthouse and talks to Bo about being Asa’s son only in general that he doesn’t know how he does it and Bo tells him that he’s not his father’s son, he’s his own man.

Sam Rappaport’s House

Lanie (Melanie) goes to see Sam about Will, that she’s seen Will that he’s suffered a head injury but that he’s fine, but Sam should go to his son. Sam doesn’t think so in this case he doesn’t want to know where will is, and stops Lanie before she tells him will’s location. Melanie also tells Sam that Jessica and Cristian are taking care of Will. Sam says he usually believes in the system and right always comes before wrong but this time today in court someone lied, and that lie makes it worse. Sam tells Melanie to tell Lindsay where her son is, and Melanie says she’ll have to go with Sam on this one.

She won’t tell Lindsay where her son is, and Lindsay says – “oh I see, you’re going to take Sam’s side against your own sister? Fine” Lindsay leaves.

Cherryvale Clinic

Dr. MacGyver sees “Scarlet” who is Nora and Nora is acting like she’s in pain but she’s really trying to say “Nora Buchanan” to the doctor and he won’t listen. Instead he thinks she should be sedated that once she wakes up she’ll maybe be able to tell him who she is.

Meanwhile in Viki’s room the doctor has started her on the chemotherapy medication and Viki is not reacting to it well feeling nauseated and uncomfortable, Kevin sees this and tells the Nurse that there has to be something to make her more comfortable. The nurse goes to get dr. MacGyver.

Joey tries to help by putting some relaxing music on the CD player, and tells his mom to think of her happiest moment and stay in that moment. She gets even more restless, and turns off the CD player just as the doctor walks in – the kids tell him she’s not reacting to the medication well is there something he could do to make it more comfortable. Dr. MacGyver says he’ll adjust the dosage that every patient adjusts to chemotherapy differently which should help her be more comfortable. Dr. MacGyver also tells him that Viki is also to tell him if she is suffering or anything because he doesn’t allow suffering even the silent kind…and once gone the kids think there is something funny about him he seems to perfect, and then they joke around trying to get Viki to get her mind of it and she smiles as she watches her children.

While outside of her hospital room, Ben looks at her chart and sees that she is in for chemotherapy for breast cancer, and says “Oh Blondie, whatever it takes, whatever he can do he’ll be there for you”

In Nora’s room the power goes off and the Nurse comes in and checks on her. Tells her the outage only seems to be in Nora’s room, that they’ll fix it ASAP.

The nurse goes to Dr. MacGyver's room and tells him there is a problem in room 1183…and the doctor asks “scarlet’s room?” the nurse nods, and he tells her that he’ll be right there.

Viki goes to sleep then, and the kids leave her to rest. Meanwhile, Nora is being wheeled out of her room and into Viki’s, and they are in the same room.

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