One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/17/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/17/00

By Amanda

Viki’s Cabin

Will and Lanie talk about the old days how Will's father would do anything for his kids, and Lanie says she needs to get back to the hospital before she is missed if they aren’t looking for her already. Will tells Lanie (Melanie) that he’ll be fine once Jessica gets back, and Melanie leaves will alone. Cristian back at the cabin, Will asks about Jess, Cris tells him she went to take care of something she will be back soon. Cris asks where Melanie is and he tells her that she had to go check in at work. Cris tells will that his dad tried to get his conviction thrown out because of what Asa said on that tape, and Cris says he is sorry but the judge didn’t go for it.

Cherryvale Clinic

Viki is just about to go into Nora’s room, and discover Nora, when the nurse stops her and tells Viki that her room is down the hall. Viki leaves with the nurse. Once in her room, she starts typing up her journal. Viki and Dr. MacGyver talk about what is to happen with her chemotherapy, and Viki asks if she’ll loose her hair. The doctor says yes she will, it’s part of the treatment.

They also discuss the accident that the doctor mentions some patients that he is working with and Viki describes to him about Nora about a kind caring, and unique woman. The Doctor tells her that reminds him of his patient, and that Viki suggests maybe that she could sit with her and just be there for her maybe it would help Viki as much as it would the patient. The doctor says she could, but she’s heavily sedated right now, that she should wait. He leaves. This was after the nurse comes in and asks the doctor about some medication for a certain patient. The doctor tells her that he put notices out to the police stations looking for an id on her.

Joey and Kevin are with Viki, and ask their own questions about the treatment. A lady comes in offering Viki a brochure of choices to purchase wigs for when she will need them. Joey says she won’t be able to need her, cause his mother won’t need a wig. Viki says because of Nora dying if she only has to wear a wig, then so be it she’ll be proud of it. She’ll still be alive.

The woman offering her service of wigs, leaves the brochure with Viki to look at her leisure, and leaves. Jessica arrives; not knowing in the hallway Ben has found out that Viki is a patient at Cherryvale clinic. As a stunned Ben sees Viki in her bed without seeing Ben, Ben leaves the clinic.

At the courthouse

Before going in the courtroom, Cristian asks Bo if the police would still go after the people who helped Will escape. Bo tells him he knows that it was them that helped but he didn’t say anything. He tells Cristian that he knows Will had help that he didn’t do it alone.

Bo testifies to what’s on the tape the day that Jessica had taped her grandfather lying about will taking the money. Then Asa walks in just as Sam just asked who was on the tape, and he confirms that it was Asa Buchanan.

Everyone notices Asa walk in and Jess is surprised. Asa wants to take the stand after Jessica and Cristian have testified, for will, and Asa says under oath that Will is guilty. He testifies that he was heavily medicated, that he just came out of surgery, and was recovering.

Jessica confronts her grandfather that she he’s ruined will’s life and for that she won’t forgive him. She tells him she hate’s him for lying to her. She doesn’t consider him her grandfather anymore.

Once the judge is back with the decision she says was to leave it so that because the tape is still in question, as the scene of the accident is still being searched the tape could very well still be found. The Judge says the tape has not been lost or destroyed in the rules of the law. She wants to uphold the conviction of Will Rappaport, until the decision of the tape has been made.

After the decision, Bo tells Asa he’s ashamed to be his son.

Sam’s Rappaport’s house

Rachel and Jarred take care of Matthew, and Jarred tells Rachel he hopes that she’ll stay in Llanview, she tells him she’s going back after awhile, she’s just starting to accept that her mother is gone.

Meanwhile at the clinic Nora has a dream that she’s home with Rachel and Matthew, and Rachel welcomes Nora home. But then they don’t talk to her, Nora doesn’t realize that she’s a ghost, and she keeps saying “I’m not dead, I’m not dead”

Rosanne’s Apartment

RJ and Rosanne are talking when the doorbell rings, and it’s Antonio accusing Rosanne of the divorce papers that Antonio is holding in his hands.

Antonio plea’s with Rosanne to get out of Cristian’s life.

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