One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/16/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/16/00

By Amanda

Viki’s Cabin

Will wakes up out of a deep sleep and he thinks he’s seeing his mother when in fact it’s Melanie MacGyver his friend and doctor. “Lanie” as Will calls her, asks about Will's sister, Jennifer, and his father. Will then asks later why Lanie didn’t ask about his mother?

Cherryvale Clinic

Nora is watching her memorial service, RJ is causing the commotion saying that Bo didn’t try to save Nora he’s nothing but a hypocrite Nora is anxious to try to let Dr. MacGyver (Colin) know who she is and tries to say “Me” or “Matthew” when she looks at the memorial. MacGyver sees the funeral on TV, and says “The last thing you need right now is to watch a funeral” and tells her to rest. Meanwhile outside Nora’s room, Viki meets Dr. Collin MacGyver, and Viki asks if he’s related to Melanie MacGyver, and Dr MacGyver says I guess you can say that she’s my wife. Viki says it’s nice to meet him, and he tells her that he’ll be assisting her with her chemotherapy. Viki meets the nurse that will also be assisting. Joey and Kevin want to ask the doctor about some questions about the therapy, and they go to the waiting room. Behind her she sees a room and notices 1183 the same room Nora is in. She calls after the doctor wanting to know if this was her room, and assuming it is, she is just about to go in Nora’s room at the end of today’s episode.

Memorial Service In The Park

The Memorial service is brought to an abrupt end with RJ’s accusations. Viki tries to reassure Sam that Nora would be ok with this, that she would understand what happened. A reporter confronts Bo, and Bo says Mr. Gannon never covers up a thing in his life, and when questioned why is Mr. Gannon accusing you of the death of his ex-wife? Bo says “No Comment” walks away.

Hank confronts RJ and asks what’s the matter with him? RJ says “this is a farce”, that Hank says “thanks to you”.  RJ goes on to say Hank is always so quick to judge RJ but never Bo it’s never anyone else’s fault but RJ’s.

Hank says, “Bo wasn’t the one who shot off his mouth in front of all these people – he didn’t knock Nora’s picture down to the ground it took you to do that.” Hank says it’s no excuse, why can’t RJ show some respect? RJ excuse? What about when Bo left Nora on the train to die? Why does he always get a free pass?

Rosanne, Antonio, Jessica and Cristian talk after the service, Rosanne comments and says she’s tired of this whole town being against RJ. Cris and Jess talk of the fact that he’s the one that should have been on that train to Statesville. Jess just says we’re just saying he’s done a lot of bad things.

Rosanne is sticking up for RJ, and Jess says is sticking up for Will. She thinks it’s not right that Will is going to prison for this when he’s never done things RJ has. Will wouldn’t dream of doing some of the things that RJ has done.

Rosanne leaves and gets RJ, and hank says that she doesn’t have to be his friend. Rosanne says not to tell her who her friends are, and Hank agrees to get him out of his sight. Rosanne leaves with RJ.

Hank and Bo talk about the charges that Bo says he dropped the charges cause those two are friends, and Hank tells him he did it because it wouldn’t hold up in a court room. Bo tells him he doesn’t want special favors, and Hank tells him that he went by the book on this one that if RJ doesn’t believe him it’s his problem. Bo thanks hank for his help and asks if he’s ok. Hank says no he’s not that he wants her back, he wants Nora back. Bo agrees so does he.

Bo tells Hank he’s got to leave – Hank says “yeah sure” and they say goodbye.

Sam tells Ben that he can’t leave it like this and Ben gets back up in front of everyone and says “Excuse me everybody. We want Thank you all for coming here today. It means a lot to my brother and to everyone who loved Nora. Obviously loosing someone you love brings out a lot of emotions. But we can still celebrate Nora’s life. You’re all invited back to her house for some food and hopefully some happier memories – Thank you.” Ben looks at Viki and leaves with Sam. Rae says to John Maybe they should go home, and they leave.
Max tells Blair he needs to talk to Antonio that he’ll see her back at the Mansion. Blair kisses Max and she leaves.

Max tells Antonio that Andy asked him to give Antonio a message that Andy wants a second chance at their marriage, but Antonio says he wasn’t the one who broke their marriage vows, she did. Max says if that is the way he feels Andy also sent this for you to sign, and you sign it your marriage to Andy is over. Max pulls out the divorce papers that Andy had filed and Max confronts Antonio with them.

John Sykes Apartment

Once Rae and John are back at the apartment he tells her it’s nice to be home, and John sits down on the couch uncomfortably, then Rae offers assistance in helping him get his sling off and then what he would really like is a shower, and Rae offers to help him in the shower, and John jumps in and says that he could use help washing his back (while he’s grinning without Rae knowing it)

And Rae says she could do that then once John is in the shower, Sofia rings the doorbell and is there to check on John. Rae asks Sofia would John like Chinese or Pizza? Sofia says you have the biggest crush on him and you don’t know what the man would like to eat? Come on Rae. Rae insists to Sofia that they are JUST friends, that there is nothing more going on between them.

Sofia doesn’t buy into it, and then Rae goes to order the food in another room. John comes out showered and changed, and he asks Sofia where Rae went. Sofia teases him and says she left. Rae left without saying goodbye?
Sofia loves it cause she says you should have seen the look on your face!
John insists those two are “JUST FRIENDS” to Sofia, and Sofia still doesn’t buy into it and that when the 3 of them are sitting there eating Chinese food on the couch – Sofia lays into them and says sitting here with to people who are just friends it’s nice!

Rosanne’s Apartment

RJ takes his frustration out on Rosanne’s place and throws and expensive vase against the wall, and Rosanne says that will be $500 bucks! Then she sees the state that RJ is in that everyone that believed in him to be something worthwhile instead of nothing like everyone else is gone. Tea, Dorian and now Nora were gone to him forever. Rosanne says forget about the vase, she didn’t like it anyways. Someone rings Rosanne’s doorbell, and it’s Bo, RJ says it’s ok and then Rosanne says she has to make a phone call when it’s obvious Bo wants to talk to RJ alone. Bo says can’t they come to some kind of understanding? For Nora? Bo says having hank as his brother hasn’t hurt to much either has it? Hank has never given him a walk on anything RJ says. Bo says he’s cut RJ some slack more ways than he can even count. Bo says he isn’t there to talk about Hank that he just doesn’t want RJ blaming him.

No, RJ doesn’t blame his brother, he blames Bo, for letting the station cover up his ugly business under oath. Bo says he was wrong he was angry.

He says that RJ said a couple things that made him angry but what he did he was totally out of line. And he’s sorry. RJ says “oh sure now that you’ve got your free walk.” Bo “RJ, whatever it takes to set things straight I’ll do it.”

RJ “Is this the part that I fall to my knees with gratitude?” They talk about How they have a couple of things in common that his brother is his best friend and they both loved Nora. Bo “Can’t we stand on those two bridges and at least start talking to one another?” Bo wants to call a truce with RJ, and he remembers what happened when RJ let things go to far. With wrecking his club, people almost died. Bo says don’t throw his life away he needs to find someone to blame for Tea leaving you. RJ thinks it’s him, and he doesn’t want the truce. Bo didn’t try to stop them or look for them after Tea left Llanview.

Bo tells him that not to come crying to him for help when he locks him up the next time and say that it’s something he did for Nora. He’ll know it’s not true, because RJ threw everything to the wind that Nora held dear. The Law, and the truth.

Sam’s Rappaport's Home after memorial Service in the park

Hank talks to Rachel about what RJ caused with the commotion, and Rachel says like Sam's brother said, people grieve in their own way, you should know that. Hank tells her she is just like her mother, she’s got such a big heart.

Hank excuses himself to talk to Sam and Sam makes a smart remark saying that what does he want to check his phones make sure they are tapped? Make sure Will is upstairs? Hank disregards the remarks, and says he pulled some strings and says Will's trial starts in one hour at the courthouse. Sam says thank you and Sam tells Jessica and Cristian and that Jessica and Cristian will be there to testify for Will on the account of the evidence on the tape. It will help Will's case. 

Viki arrives at Sam’s and Sam tells Viki that he can’t believe everyone is so willing to give up hope that she’s still alive that when he goes to hold Matthew and tell him his mother isn’t coming home he just can’t do it.

Viki reassures Sam and says of course you can’t it’s his last hope to Nora.

Rachel and Kevin are talking and Kevin tells her that it’s good to have her back in Llanview that she’s heard good things about what he’s doing at the banner. That she asks if there is someone in his life, and he says not really. Rachel. “That’s worth pursuing” and Kevin gets uncomfortable and goes to Viki telling her it’s time to leave. Jarred brings food and interrupts Kevin and Rachel’s discussion. Rachel says to Jarred that it was hard to watch her uncle and Bo go at it like that. RJ a hothead was Jared's comment, and Rachel knows that he loved Nora very much in his own way then she apologizes.

Kevin tells her that if they are to make it to Cherryvale on time they should get on the road, and Viki agrees. She says goodbye to Sam, Rachel and Ben.

She talks to Jess, and tells her to stay to come tomorrow she’ll be staying overnight. Ben watches as Viki leaves and Sam plea’s with him to go after her, before it’s to late.

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