One Life to Live Update Monday 5/15/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 5/15/00

By Amanda

Buchanan Mansion

At The Buchanan Mansion, Skye has returned – knocks on Max’s bedroom door and says, “Oh Max, Guess who’s back?” She sees what she thinks is Max under the sheets, and continues talking to “MAX” and says, “I see what kind of game your playing and luckily I like it, (then continues and says) Maybe we should tell Nigel we don’t want to be disturbed for at least a week .” She pulls the blankets back and is surprised to see Blair in Max’s bed, but no Max – in nothing but a black Teddy. “Blair!?” Blair emphasizes and says “Do you mind? My husband and I would like a little privacy – for at least a week” Skye is stunned, and says, “He couldn’t, he wouldn’t….” Blair, “He did” Max walks in, in his robe, and tells Blair she must get dressed for Nora’s memorial service. He returns with a  package from Andy Antonio’s wife. Max tells Blair to get dressed and Skye in the hall now, he tells her that he made love to Blair to see what she’s up to. Max wants to know where Skye took off and she told him that she was up some chandler family business. She says it was bad, he says her father makes Asa look like a teddy bear. Skye tells Max she will be around that she grew up around Blair Kramer's. Max goes back to Blair saying she’s ready from the bedroom, and Max tells her Skye is staying – he wants to keep his insurance policy.

Sam Rappaport’s Home

Bo and Sam talk of Nora before her memorial service. Bo tells Sam that Nora’s last words to him were, “Forgive Lindsay, forgive yourself” They talk about Bo forgiving Lindsay and that now it’s all out in the open, that Bo knows about the baby Lindsay lost, and that he forgave Lindsay for the baby, for everything. Sam says Lindsay must have been very grateful. Sam asks does this change anything? Does this mean that there will be another chance for you two? Sam tells Bo that Lindsay never stopped loving him, that she never stopped wanting Bo back. Bo tells Sam he forgave her but beyond that he just doesn’t know right now. Sam tells Nora Lindsay could never forgive Nora for having being loved by Bo. They talk about the Nora, how that Nora had told Sam she needed to figure things out before she got on the train, and that some of them had to do with Bo. Sam asks if they worked them out and Bo says no, and wishes he did. Sam insists that Nora is still alive that Nora is still out there and Bo tells Sam that’s not possible. Sam says Nora doesn’t break her promises. Sam tells Bo that he’ll go to the service but he will not mourn, but he’ll hope.

Buchanan Mansion  Asa’s Study

Lindsay goes to Asa to try to make a deal with him to get Will freed. She will give Asa another grandchild in exchange for Will's freedom. Asa won’t go for it. He doesn’t make the call Lindsay wants Asa to make. Asa tells Lindsay he hates everything about her, and she said but you loved Nora. Asa – what does she have to do with any of this? Nora was the one you wanted to have Bo's baby right? Lindsay asks. Asa said she would have to if it wasn’t for that lousy ex husband of yours who got in the way. They talk about Nora’s being gone and Asa still wants that grandchild from Bo doesn’t he? Seeing how many wounds have been healed by the love of a baby. Asa says “Your asking me to love some whelp you brought into this world?” Lindsay, “Here’s the deal. You make it safe for Will to come home, and I’ll deliver a much bigger Rappaport game than Will” Lindsay says “you free my son, you get a grandson do we have a deal?” Asa tells her she is starting to bore him and she should leave. Lindsay knows he’ll think about it.

Renee walks in and tells Asa that he should get dressed for Nora’s memorial service. He says that he’s not going. He’ll say goodbye to Nora in his own way. Renee says that is probably best, and goes on her own.

Skye comes in and asks if anything is wrong? Asa and Skye talk re: dealing with loosing a loved one when your not welcome at a funeral. Asa says he’ll drink to that.

Memorial service in the park

(for Nora Buchanan, and the others lost in Cherryvale Train accident)

Viki remembers Nora, and tells her that had a tree planted for Nora that it was a red maple and hopes she appreciates the symbolism. Viki mentions a few words, and Nora is remembered by Viki, and tells her she will miss her and she already does. She turns around to see Ben and notices how distant their relationship has become. She asks Ben how is it possible that Nora is gone? She tells Ben when she was at Asa’s that Skye said she could tell Viki who Ben really was. Ben doesn’t say anything and that Viki doesn’t want to go there. Ben just tells her that well you know Skye….Viki fills in and says never mind I don’t want to go there…and Renee goes up to Viki and hugs her. Renee tells Ben if Sam ever needs anything to let her know. Him or his family.  The Buchanan kids arrive, Joey and Kevin, then Jessica and Cristian. Joey tells Viki that Kelly is home with the flu, and tells Kevin when Viki is out of ear shot, that Kelly is doing much better, but didn’t want Viki to get exposed to the flu bug. Just in case cause of her cancer. Max says hello to his brother n’ law, Antonio, and tells him he’s heard from Andy, that they’ll catch up later…. Nora’s Memorial service begins, and the Rabbi says a Kaddish prayer with the whole group on their feet. Everyone seated after, Rachel speaks of her mother, then it’s Bo’s turn, and RJ has an outburst so much that he almost attacks Bo at the service! His outrage is not required at the service and is asked to leave but RJ won’t hear of it, RJ keeps yelling “hypocrite!”

Cherryvale Clinic

Nora, is in the clinic and she hears John Sykes voice with Rae Cummings. She’s covered by a curtain in her room – and John realizes he may have forgotten something and Rae tells him that she has everything in his envelope that they took his stuff when he was brought in from the wreckage. Meanwhile Nora is trying to get at the water container on the table beside her to make some noise to tell John and Rae she’s there when John mentions her memorial service, and she makes something fall when John and Rae hear it, and Rae asks “Are you alright?” Dr. MacGyver comes in and takes care of her with a nurse, and tells the nurse to get some Ice chips while he puts cream on her lips.

The Nurse takes over – takes the cup of Ice chips from the doctor, and tells Nora to take it easy, and the nurse puts the TV on to a concert so that Nora can relax. The program is interrupted by her own memorial service, and Nora is in bed unable to talk, as she watches her own memorial service.

Dr. MacGyver is shown later and looks through the belongings of Nora Buchanan, whom he calls Scarlet. MacGyver has sent notices to police stations all over the states that he tells Nora looking for her, and while he looks through her stuff back in his office, he listens to the tape that wasn’t ruined that Jessica had gotten Asa to admit the truth on tape, to Jessica about Will. Dr. MacGyver says who is family scarlet? He says to himself. He puts the tape back in the envelope with the rest of her jewelry.

Police Station

Sofia is shown going through a bunch of faxes that just came in and the notice of ID with Nora's picture is on the floor. Sofia doesn’t notice it and ignores the fax.

Antonio and Rosanne see Jarred for the papers to sign for the case against Bo with RJ. Hank tells Rosanne there is nothing to sign there is no case, as it’s their word and RJ's against a whole police station that say the different story. RJ is livid, and Rachel won’t accept this outburst from RJ not today. Rachel and Hank leave for the service, and Rachel is afraid RJ will miss the service.

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