One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/30/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/30/00

By Amanda

Asa’s Study

Asa is with Renee at first and Max and tells Renee that Max is such a selfless son that she wouldn’t believe what Max has done now, and Renee says to try her on it, and Asa tells Renee that Max has told Asa he doesn’t want his son’s or grandkids cut out of his will. Renee is pleased, and leaves. Asa is in a good mood at first however, Max talks with a company the Buchanan’s were working on a deal with and their deal went astray; they didn’t get the company. Asa tells Max that he is to find out who owns the business that bought the company Asa had wanted right out from under his nose and put them out of business. Meanwhile outside the study, Blair tells Max she wants to help, but Max won’t give in and he says he can’t trust her. He leaves to find out what Asa asked him to do. Later, Sam goes to Will and shows Asa the wanted picture with Will, Jessica, & Cristian. Asa throws all kinds of threats towards “Sammy” and Sam tells him he can’t take away anything he hasn’t already. Nora’s gone, his sister is gone and now will is gone. Asa said to be prepared when Sam least expects it he may just take something else away from him. Sam leaves with telling Asa to go to hell.

The Police Station

At the Police station, Bo says “listen up” and all the cops gather around him. He tells them to hand out the flyers, and that their top priority is to find the 3 fugitives. One cop says but one of them is your niece, and Bo tells them that he wants all 3 brought in unharmed. They are not armed. Bo dismisses his cops, and they go to work knowing that they aren’t to sleep until they are to be found. Meanwhile, John Sykes goes to Bo and asks him about Jeff Barnes and sees if he wants to find out where Barnes is still. Sykes is told to still bring him in after Sykes asks about what charges that Barnes will be brought in on. Bo tells him that him and Lindsay have some unfinished business with the man about some DNA test results that were falsified and Barnes is later brought in for questioning by Bo. Later, Antonio brings his application to the police academy and Bo tells him all sorts of reasons that Antonio couldn’t be a good cop, and knowing that Antonio probably won’t be working on the case on his brother, will and Jessica as it maybe finished by the time he finishes his training and Antonio is the commissioner's recommendation, and he wants Antonio to prove him good on his word. Bo at first hands him back his application, then hesitating, because of Cristian but gives his application back to Bo, and Bo welcomes Antonio to the Llanview Police Department.

Cherryvale Clinic

At the clinic Lindsay tells Colin she didn’t have the best night worrying what he did with Nora while they are standing in the morgue. She tells Colin she wants to know why he brought her here, to this place. He takes her in, and Colin shows her Nora under the sheet. Lindsay asks, “Is she ..?” Colin tells her no she’s not dead, but he can’t keep her there much longer. He won’t have her hurt. Lindsay tries to tempt him with a check  that would be his freedom to a debt free life, and once Colin finds out that Nora is in love with Sam Rappaport, Colin re thinks about conspiring with Lindsay. He tells Lindsay that it will only be for what she says and that it will only be for 2 weeks tops, then Nora starts to wake up and thinks she sees Lindsay. Lindsay stands back, and shows Colin just how terrified she is of Nora. She just wants enough time to seal the bond with the man she loves, and that it will be enough time then he can tell the world that Nora is alive. Next we see Nora at Colin’s home, and Lindsay is given the envelope of what Nora had on her the time of the accident. Then Bo phones her and tells her that she should know will is on the run, and Jessica and Cristian are with them. Worried about will, Lindsay tosses Nora’s stuff on the dresser, and the tape almost falls out. Lindsay doesn’t see it. She tells Colin that she will go and see what’s up with Will.

Sam Rappaport’s House

At Sam’s Melanie is taking care of Matthew, and gets him ready to go to the park. Sam thanks Melanie, and then Ben arrives wanting to know what’s wrong when he phoned. Sam tells Ben that Will and Jessica are on the run with Cristian and he tells him that he wants them found but when they are, he wants them safely out of the country. Ben tells him that he wants to do this on his own to find will, he’s family. Sam makes it clear that he wants will out of the country. Back from the park, Melanie is alone with Matthew, and the doorbell rings, it’s Lindsay, and she says, “What are you doing holding my baby?”

Viki’s Attic

Viki remembers happier times, and she gets the jewelry box that was left from when Ben proposed, and she is showing signs of being tired, when Ben comes up to the attic, and he sees Viki and tells her that Jessica is on the run with Will and Cristian. She realizes that she’ll be brought up on charges and she thought she wouldn’t have to hear herself say that, then Ben tells her that Sam wants them safely out of the country. Viki says what if Jessica goes with Will? Ben tells her that that won’t happen; Asa will confess or he’ll use his trump card being Asa’s biological son to get the confession out of Asa. Either way he’ll bring Jessica home to Viki safely. Ben kisses Viki and leaves.

The Banner

Kevin and Joey are working on locating their sister, and Kevin suggests that the banner and the sun work together two papers together should bring home their sister and Kelly thinks about this. She then later tells Kevin that she is family, that Jessica is like a sister and she’ll help in everyway she can, then they pick up a lead towards the dean of the school that Cristian was to go to art school, they both touch the phone at the same time wanting to phone the dean, and they both agree they can do this to help Jessica.

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