GH Update Friday 11/1/19

General Hospital Update Friday 11/1/19


Written by Anthony

Ava confronts the man that has been watching over her lately. She demands they talk off the mask. He does so and it is Nikolas. Ava thinks it is impossible. She watched him die. Ava faints in his arms. He thought she would be happy to see him.

Jax thinks that there would be a record of a transaction with Ava. Elizabeth tells Jax that she is glad that Joss and Cam both decided to go to the dance.

Trina is offended that Lulu would ask if Joss has been drinking. She asks where she would get something to drink. Dev walks outside with Cam and he passes out. Dustin finds the bottle and asks if Cam is looking for his dignity.

Sonny thanks Lucas and Brad for taking Avery trick or treating. Carly is so happy that the children get to grow up in such a big family. Brad needs to tell them all something. Brad explains that Nelle invited him to attend her parole hearing last week.

Julian knows that the bartender at the Metro Court is an actor and he needs him for a role.

Nina thinks that Sasha used her for an entire year. Nina asks how he would like it if someone lied to her. Nina knows that Sasha admitted to this lie. Nina actually likes Michael but standing by a woman like that doesnít help with her integrity. Sasha begs her to stop.

Laura thinks that Valentinís time at the head of the Cassadine table is coming to an end. Valentin will handle Spencer like a threat if he must.

Ava wakes up and calls for Nikolas. She asks where he is.

Hayden thinks that the portrait is worth a lot of money. Jax assumes it be at her gallery. Jax calls Laura and says that Helenaís portrait might be at Avaís gallery. Laura will let him know what she finds.

Willow thinks that everyone feels bad for the pain she is in. Shiloh never would have known about her son if it wasnít for him. Michael suggests that Valentin discuss this with Nina before things go too far.

Sasha tells Michael to stop it.

Carly asks why he would go to Nelleís hearing. Brad says that he knows what it is like to be the town pariah so he felt compassion for her. Carly cannot believe that he has compassion for Nelle. Carly gets a call from Lulu. Brad explains that he knows where his loyalties lie. Carly says that Sonny will be leaving right now. Carly needs Sonny to go to the haunted Star.

Dustin asks if Dev has been drinking. Dev has not. Sonny shows up. Dev tells no one to talk until they get home. Sonny says hi to Elizabeth. Elizabeth thanks Dustin. She guesses they will have a long talk. Cam thinks that sounds nice. Elizabeth thinks the last place they are going is home.

Carly asks where Lucas is. Brad wanted to talk with her alone. He wanted to say sorry about visiting Nelle. Carly hates the fact that he visited Nelle. Brad knows it is bad. Carly thinks that woman is dangerous for her family. Brad knows that Lucas is not a fan either. Brad does everything out of love for Lucas and their son.

Willow apparently has an untapped rage towards Nina. Willow wants to put maple syrup in Ninaís gas tank.

Michael will take down Valentin if he goes after her.

Valentin promises that Sasha is a con artist and she got on easy score. They allowed themselves to be easy marks. He is exhausted by this. They need to move on. Valentin wants to drop all of this and move on with the family they deserve.

Ava needs to call the mayor. Laura shows up. Ava tells Laura that Nikolas was just here.

Carly assumes that Joss should have consequences. Jax agrees. Sonny tells Dev to go upstairs. Joss tells Carly she was stupid. Joss says it was Cam. It wasnít his fault. She thought it would make things easier. Joss runs upstairs to throw up.

Ava thought she was being watched. It turns out she was right. She knows it is late but was followed. She held the man at gun point. It was Nikolas. Laura wishes that was true. Ava knows it is impossible. She watched Valentin shoot him but it is true. He has come back to them. Laura wishes that this was true. Ava saw him standing right where she is standing right now and it was real.

Michael thinks that this is not her fault. Sasha was supposed to come here and not get involved. It was her choice to get in deeper. She will not allow Nina to get even more hurt.

Nina cannot just walk away. Charlotte is crushed. Valentin asks if they really want to go through a trial.

Sonny tells Jax that Dev was sober. He can ask if he had anything to do with this but he doesnít think he knew anything about it. Jax thinks it is a little out of character for something. Jax explains that he didnít wait that long to drink. Sonny didnít either.

Hayden tells Cam that the morning will not be kind to him. Hayden asks why Cam is here. Elizabeth thinks that he will have to stay here until she is done with her shift.

Chase is shocked that Julian is here. Willow shows Julian a picture. Julian is happy that Brad and Lucas are getting family time. Julian is celebrating Wiley.

Brad agrees with Lucas that it is better to be honest. Brad does love Lucas a lot. Lucas loves him. Brad is going to put on a cup of coffee. Lucas tells Brad he got a text.

Ava thinks he has to be on the security footage. Ava is going to get the memory card from the security footage. Laura gets on her phone. She smells her drink. Laura says she is at the gallery. She is acting irrationally. She thinks that Nikolas is alive and thinks that he came to visit her. She just wanted him to know the situation. Ava walks back over. Ava assumes that she thinks he is crazy.

Lucas says that Brad got a text. He asks who is sending him nude pictures.

The bartender sent the picture. Julian pays him.

Joss doesnít want Cam to be in trouble. Carly asks if she is feeling ok. Carly asks what happened. She should have come to her. Joss is the one who lost the watch and lost the last thing that Oscar gave her. Carly thinks that Joss will feel better. It will be better soon. Carly thinks she got drunk at a school function. She is not going to fight things.

Sonny asks what happened tonight. Dev didnít go along with this.

Elizabeth thought that he knew that he couldnít get into anymore trouble. Cam thought that last time he was in court Franco was on his side. He cannot even go to a normal party like a normal kid. He has nothing to talk about anymore. Cam wanted to forget about things for a while. Everyone has been pushing them to get back to their lives. Cam is sorry. Elizabeth is thinking that there are a billion ways this could have gone bad. Elizabeth thinks he will get through this together.

Ava thinks that Nikolas was here. Laura knows she has been trying to reach Kiki for months. Laura thinks that is not normal to think that people are coming back from the dead. This is wishful thinking. Laura asks why he wouldnít come to talk with her. Ava knows what she saw. Laura doesnít think she can go on like this much longer. She needs to get help. Laura will help her.

Brad has no idea who would send him that. Brad hasnít been sexting with anyone. Lucas would love to trust him. Brad has no one else in his life.

Julian goes to check on Ava. Chase asks if Julian is ok. Willow isnít sure.

Elizabeth tells Hayden that her and Violet can live with them. Cam asks if he has a cousin. Hayden will tell him later. Hayden needs to get to a meeting. She is coming back. Cam asks if she knew that he had a cousin. Elizabeth says when she gets back they are going home.

Sasha will not be the one to destroy the love that Nina and Charlotte have for Valentin. Nina tells Sasha that she is dropping the charges against her.

Elizabeth tells Cam it is time to go home. Cam should stay here and they can move him in the morning. Cam wants to stay here and sit and talk about the consequences. Elizabeth wants to go home. Elizabeth is glad that he is ok. They can go home.

Chase thinks that if something is off with Brad. Willow thinks things are getting worse. Brad is trying to prove himself. Lucas begs Brad to stop lying and tell him he having an affair.

Nina wants to scrape her off. Valentin wants to leave. Michael asks if Sasha is sure she wants Valentin to walk away. Sasha thinks she is sure.

Julian and Laura check Ava into rehab. Julian and Laura hug her goodbye. The nurse takes her to a room.

Hayden asks Jax what change of plans happened. Jax says that there was an unexpected complication. Nikolas walks out.

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