GH Update Thursday 10/31/19

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/31/19


Written by Anthony

A man takes a shower with a Cassadine ring.

Joss thanks Dustin for chaperoning the dance. Lulu walks over dressed as Mary Poppins.

Finn asks if he can get Alexis anything. Finn will get her blood work. Alexis promises to text them as soon as she can. Neil walks in.

Curtis reminds Jordan that TJ and Molly are committed and faithful. Jordan thinks they are way too young.

Valentin thinks it is odd that the painting is important to Laura.

Laura thinks that it would be just like Helena to do this. Laura thinks that Spencer wonít be able to stop things. She has to bring Valentin down. She cannot bare to think about losing Spencer the same way.

The man takes the ring and puts his mask on.

Sam sits in her cell. She meets her cellmate.

Dev is shocked that they all beg for candy and what have you. Cam thinks that her cousin is weird. Joss wishes she was somewhere else right now. Joss wishes it was two years ago. Cam takes out the bottle of liquor.

Chase and Willow walk into the Metro Court dressed as Buzz and Jessie.

Curtis asks if TJ is old enough to commit to med school but not old enough to commit to Molly. Jordan wants them to explore the other paths that life has to offer.

Nina thinks that Helenaís portrait is Lauraís newest way to bug him. Ava asks herself if there is more to the painting than she thought. The man in the mask shows up.

Jax calls Hayden with a theory. Hayden says she is in the middle of something. Hayden tells Finn that the medication that Violet has knocked her out. Finn thinks she needs to get rest.

Cassandra asks if Sam took her bunk. Sam just misses her family. Cassandra doesnít think that she is a part of their lives anymore. Her family will speak with her less and less.

Valentin has an art question. Valentin parted with a portrait of Helena. Ava says that the painting used to have clues and signatures. She asks if there would be a hidden message that could have been concealed.

Laura bumps into the masked man. She says she is sorry.

Joss tells Cam to put that away. She asks what he is doing with that. Joss thanks him but she is not sure that drinking is the best way to go. Cam thinks she doesnít need to have any if she doesnít want any.

Trina gets a call from Ava. Ava asks if Dev has a receipt from the purchase of the painting. Trina explains that it was found in the trash. Ava thanks her.

Laura tells the man she wasnít watching where she was going at all.

Curtis asks if TJ would find someone better than Molly. Jordan thinks that life can take turns that you never expected.

Molly says hi to Kendra. She explains that her mom is loving working out with her. TJ knows that Alexis swears by the supplement that she was given.

Hayden knows it was her fault for not telling her about Violet.

Finn thinks that she is acting like an adorable memory. Finn realizes he has a little girl. He wonders what this even means. Hayden wants to take her home to Elizabethís so she can be close to her father.

Cassandra hasnít heard a laugh since breakfast. Cassandra thinks she will no doubt prove her confidence. Sam asks who she is. Cassandra introduces herself but tells her she can call her boss.

Finn thinks that this would mean engagement and involvement. He asks what part he gets to play in Violetís life.

Ava thinks that this portrait is creepy. Ava does wonder why so many people are interested in this picture.

Nina asks why Jax is leaving. Jax is going to check on a friend. Sasha tells Nina she looks great tonight. Nina lost her daughter. She thanks her for reminding her of this. She thinks that looking at her bothers her unless Michael buys her freedom. Sasha tells Nina that is enough.

Jordan thinks that Molly and TJ are more mature than she was with Thomas but that doesnít mean they are ready. They are still just kids.

Lulu thinks she would have gotten in so much trouble at a dance like this. Dustin thinks he had a regular upbringing. Lulu says that her parents settled down by the time that she came along. Lulu is just happy to have her home and career and family. She asks if he always wanted to be a teacher. He seems good at it. Dustin had other ideas.

Joss doesnít think that Trina would risk this at a dance. Cam takes a swig and coughs. Joss and Cam go somewhere else.

Trina thinks that Dev could take her to an art exhibit. She kisses Dev. She asks if it is hot in here. Trina asks if he wants to go somewhere private. Dev needs to look after Joss. If he is not into her then he can say so. Dev does like her just not that way. Trina asks if he is into someone else.

Joss takes a swig on the deck. She asks what Oscar would have gone as this year. Cam wonders what Franco would have gone as. Cam thinks that Joss is drunk. Joss is right like when you are on a plane. Joss has a journal for her thoughts and secrets. Cam asks what she will write about tonight.

Jordan doesnít think that Molly and TJ are prepared to have children. She wants them to see other people. Then they can talk about marriage and kids. Curtis wonders what happens if TJ dated a girl that she didnít like. Curtis thinks that when Stella hears about this she will have her cents.

TJ thinks it is nice to meet Kendra. Molly explains that Alexis is in the hospital right now. It could be a flu or stomach bug.

Neil has a confession. There is a tiny part that was the least bit relieved to find out that she was actually sick. It means she wasnít faking to get him out of her house.

Hayden thinks that he can be Violetís friend or nothing or her father. She is open. When he is done figuring that out, he can tell her what he wants. Jax walks over. Jax wonders what is going on. Hayden told Finn about Violet. She asks what he wants to tell her about the project.

Ava tells someone on the phone that the portrait could be worth a lot of money. She needs to safeguard her investment. Ava wonders if things are turning around.

Lulu needs to know what behavior is not ok here. Dustin will see if a kiss is alright.

Trina thinks that Dev is into Joss. Dev is too busy for romance.

Joss thinks that one thing that is going into her journal is about him. She never would have made it this far without him. He is the best friend she has.

Alexis wouldnít make up an illness to get rid of him. Neil didnít want to upset her. Alexis likes him showing up. They should try again sometime and maybe they will actually get to eat. Alexis feels a pain.

Sam guesses that she is the one who messed with Michaelís girlfriend. She is shocked she lived as long as she has. Cassandra is shocked that she is still around herself. Sam thinks she will made her sorry if she tries to mess with her.

Michael is running out of patience with Valentin. Valentin doesnít think that Michael wants him as an enemy. Laura doesnít think that tonight is good for Valentin.

Willow tells Nina to not judge Sasha. Nina asks what would happen if someone told her that Wiley was never her child.

Ava tells herself she has everything under control. She turns off the light in her gallery. The man walks in. He turns the light back on.

Joss and Cam walk back in. Trina needs to talk with Joss alone. Trina asks what is wrong. Trina wonders why she is drinking. Trina needs to talk. She needs to get out of here. Dev asks Cam where he was. Dev asks if he is drunk.

Joss throws up overboard. Trina thinks they need to get out of here. Lulu asks if she has been drinking.

TJ needs to know if Jordan is ok with this. Jordan knows he is his own man. She could not be happier or prouder of TJ.

Kendra toasts to Alexisí good health. Molly is not worried. They will find out what is wrong.

Alexis has a prickling sensation on her palms. Finn thinks whatever she has, has nothing to do with the flu.

Michael will not let Nina attack Sasha. Nina was lied to. She was taken advantage of. She asks what happens if someone showed up about the child that he lost. Michael asks why she is so convinced that Sasha came up with this herself.

Hayden wonders what they do about Obrecht. Jax thinks that the painting might be with Ava.

Laura wonders what is next for Valentin.

Cassandra thinks that the Cassadines are refined.

Ava asks if the man ever gets the feeling he is being washed.

Laura thinks that his time at the Cassadine table is almost up.

Ava knows he is the man who has been stocking her. She is going to find out who he is. It is Nikolas.


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