GH Update Friday 10/25/19

General Hospital Update Friday 10/25/19


Written by Anthony

Valentin says hello to Nina and asks if she wants to go shopping. Nina asks what kind of shopping. Valentin thought that they talked for months about changing the artwork of the town. Nina would love too but she is swamped here. Nina thinks that he has great taste. Valentin guesses that anything is better than that awful Helena portrait. Nina opens a gift from someone. Nina looks inside and it is a very expensive bottle of champagne. Itís from Spencer congratulating her on kicking Valentin to the curb.

Laura was. Talking with a doctor who is a professor of history. He passed away a few years ago. Kevin asks. If there is still a clue to the will. Laura needs to find it before it is too late.

Ava explains that the back room is really only for paintings that they plan to rotate out. Trina asks if they keep handwritten records. Ava explains that they do. Ava thinks that this lady could. Be bad for business. They will take her in the back.

Lulu shows up at Dustinís classroom. Lulu felt bad that he didnít get a break so she brought their date to him. She knows it is tradition to bring the hardworking teacher and apple. She asks if cider works instead.

Jason says hi to Sam in the visitor long. Sam misses the kids and him. She guesses it could be worse. Her cellmate is in solitary. Sam asks if she can get out before she gets back. Diane thinks that they lack evidence that Sam is the one who hired him to get Shiloh out.

Maxie asks if Valentin is telling the truth. Peter looks at his phone. Maxie appreciates that he made time to see her but she is worried.

Scott asks Kim how far she would go to lessen her grief for Oscar. Scott will get to the point. He thinks that she drugged the original Drew to conceive a child against his will. Kim says yes.

Valentin thinks that this was a mean jab. Nina will just send it back. She tells him to do some art selections as she finishes up here. Nina looks at the box.

Sam asks what are the chances she gets convicted. Diane explains that the only real piece of evidence they have is the nurse. Diane thinks she has one option.

Peter thinks that Drew knowing the knowledge. Peter has to get this historic ruling published. Maxie asks if his paper can run good news. Lucy walks over. She is about to make his dreams come true.

Kim admits she drugged Drew but she didn't go through with it and she said sorry. Scott asks if she had a change of heart or if someone stopped her. Kim says that someone stopped her. Kim knows what she did was bad. She was just confused. Scott asks if she is so confused that she wants Franco to keep the memories and have another child with a dead man. Martin thinks that she is being badgered. Franco tells him to stop it. Martin has Franco sit back down. Franco thinks that there will be no redirect. Kim goes to sit back down. Scott tells Elizabeth he did what needed to be done.

Lulu hasnít seen Dustin since she ruined the wedding. Lulu has no one to talk with about this. Dustin knows that Charlotte thinks the world of Nina. Lulu says that Nina took Valentin back.

Ava thinks about Laura and her having lunch and thinking someone was watching her. Valentin walks in. Valentin is looking to replace some artwork at Wyndemere. He would like to commission some artwork. Valentin wanted a family portrait with Charlotte and Nina. Valentin explains that Nina took him back.

Nina tells her assistant that she is going to keep the bottle. She smiles.

Laura asks how it went with Ava. Kevin explains that he is not her patient officially. Kevin is actually Scottís last witness. Elizabeth thinks that this would be hard for her. Kevin thinks that Elizabeth could use all the support she could get. Martin asks where Franco was stationed. Franco was officially recognized in 2014. He was all over the world. Martin asks if he recalls what was just admitted to him. Franco does. Franco says that it was the other Drew who did that. She never did anything unkind. Martin thinks that he can process time and space. The fact that this has gone beyond that is outrageous. Elizabeth remembers something about July 2010.

Ava knows that Valentin gets away with everything but not this time. Trina walks back in and calls out for her.

Diane says that she can get a bench trial. Diane explains that it gets them on the docket much quicker The judge is given a despoilment of facts. Diane knows. Sam thinks they have a lot to think about. Diane will be right outside. Jason is just not sure if he is comfortable putting her in one persons hands.

Lucy has the beautiful condo ready for Peter. They are willing to give Peter first look. He has to act fast. Peter is not ready to pull the trigger just yet.

Scott asks if he was in Turkey on July 23rd. Scott has an article from that date. Murder at the Mocha. A person was murdered and it is believed the artist did it. There is a picture of Franco.

Maxie asks if he wanted this place. Ava asks in and into Ninaís office. Ava wants her scotch back. She thought they understood each other. She cannot believe she would take back Valentin.

Valentin asks if he can have a word with Laura. Kevin will see her in there. Valentin asks if she knows about what Spencer is trying to raise.

Scott is going to read the caption. The picture is of Franco. Franco wasnít there. Scott thinks clearly he was there. Scott says he was in LA. Franco says they questioned the body. Scott has no more questions.

Lulu guesses that Valentin had nothing to do with it. That is how he is spinning it. Dustin thinks there is no wonder that this is her being a reporter. Lulu explains that both her parents like to be the hero. Dustin likes that she thinks he will be around long enough to get used to her.

Lucy wonders what they are doing in there. Lucy assumes it is because of Avaís article. Lucy thinks that someone is going to want that condo. Peter is just not sure. Maxie needs a few minutes to discuss this. Lucy thinks that is fine. Maxie says that he will call her. Lucy needs them to bare in mind that they cannot take that long. She leaves them alone. Maxie thought that he wanted a place big enough. Peter is just worried something will get in the way of their happiness.

Jason reminds Sam that it scares him to give one person all the power. Jason needs a way to tie Peter to this. Sam doesn't think that they could ever get him. Especially if Franco loses. Martin explains that his medical witness is late. Scott says that Kevin has arrived. Kevin takes the stand. He asks him to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Scott thinks this is their closer. Scott asks if he just had a session with him. Scott asks if the man in question is under complete control. Kevin says yes.

Jason doesn't like the idea of a bench trial but he will support her. Sam needs to get this over a lot faster. She hates being away from Danny and Scout. She doesnít want to be a away from them any longer. Kevin explains that he believes that Franco meets the standards of competency. He believes to be Andrew but that doesnít mean he is unaware of his choices. Scott wants to treat the witness as hostile. Martin asks if he supports Kevin supports Elizabeth continuing. Kevin says no because the man he examined is fully aware of his choices and can choose his own medical care. Martin thanks him and has no further questions. Martin thinks that they concur with Scottís findings. No other witnesses needed. Cam thinks that this is bad.

Nina tells Ava to leave. Ava thinks she needs to take up. Sasha didnít come up with this on her own. Valentin could not be tricked by Sasha. Ava thinks that Valentin is obsessed with her. He will tell any lie to keep her by her side. Nina thinks she is reflecting what happened to her.

Valentin tells Laura that Spencer sent a bottle of champagne to taunt them. Laura will speak with him about that. Valentin will deal with him the way he deals with threats. Valentin knows things that could make life difficult for Spencer. He needs to tighten the leash. That is all he has to say.

Ava thinks that throwing Ryan in her face is a low blow. Ava thinks that Valentin is a killer. Nina is sorry but she is not going to enable her. She might have been a fool for Ryan but she is nobodies fool. Ava guesses they will see about that. Ava leaves. Nina goes over to the bottle of champagne. She grabs the bottle and smiles.

Lulu would love to get a real date on the boards. Lulu forgot that the Haunted Star is hosting things. She thinks that they could get together next week. Dustin thinks she could go to the dance.

Diane explains they can get the judge to see her in a few days. Diane thinks she will be fair but it is up to Sam. Sam wants to do the trial. Maxie needs to talk about them. Peter gets a text message. Peter says that Franco is going to have the verdict.

Kim is sorry that he heard about Drew. The judge returns and asks them to be seated. She has made a choice on the competency.

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