GH Update Thursday 10/24/19

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/24/19


Written by Anthony

Martin reminds Elizabeth that she withheld information about Drew in order to marry her. He thinks that she kept his identity secret so she could have what she wants. Elizabeth thinks that man is not Drew.

Jason has to be questioned at Francoís hearing.

Ava shows up at the gallery and someone walks in. She asks who is there. She runs to her purse and gets out a gun. It is Trina though. She is looking to apply as an intern.

Jax asks Laura and Curtis if they have anymore information. Laura thinks that Kevin found a constellation in the neck of her garden. It points in the location of the true will. Hayden has gone radio silent. She never showed up for breakfast.

Hayden walks over to Finn and explains that she is sleeping. Hayden guesses that now is a good time to talk. Finn knows that this would be nice since she ran out on him the morning of their wedding. Finn thinks that it is hard to get angry. He wants to know why she didnít tell him about their daughter.

Scott asks if Elizabeth is claiming something. She was trying to keep a man who she thought was Jason from finding out he was Jason. Kim is trying to keep a man from his life. Kim lost her son and his father. Scott asks if it was a terrible mistake to not tell the true identity. Elizabeth wants Franco to be Franco.

Finn wants to know why she told him that the baby was dead. Her ex was blackmailing her. She never paid for this. She was happy with him. All she could think about was the girl she hit. It turns out once you steal money from your place of work doesnít change anything. She loves his eyes except when they are disappointed. She knew he must have hated her Finn still loved her. He wanted to start a life with her. She was gone though and all that was left was a stupid ring. He will never understand why she would say that the baby was lost to them.

Jax thinks they are going two steps forward and two steps back. Jax has personal business to take care of. He will be in touch. Laura asks if Curtis really has a plan. Curtis does.

Trina saw the notice online. Ava assumes her assistance must have posted it. Trina read that she is looking for someone once a week. She is motivated. She runs relay. She gives her a resume. Ava appreciates her enthusiasm but she is looking for someone with more experience. Dev shows up. Ava asks who Dev is and why he is here. Dev has a rare piece of art for sale.

The judge tells Martin that she runs the court not him. Scott explains that he has nothing to add to all of this.

Monica didnít expect to see Jason here. Jason is not sure what he could do with this case.

Scott tells Elizabeth that this has nothing to do with what is going on. He still has another thing he can go far.

Martin never thought that Elizabeth would twist things around like that. Kim knows how terrible Elizabeth felt about things. Elizabeth doesnít think that it seems fair. Martin asks if Kim wants Franco to be a vegetable. There is no place for fair.

Joss didn't know that Jax was coming over. Joss explains that Donna is upstairs. Sonny asks if Jax wants a drink or a snack or something. Jax asks if Joss wants to open the gift herself. Joss hugs Jax.

Ava asks if he has a painting in a garbage bag and he brought it here. Dev thought she would be interested. Ava tells him that this is a painting of Helena Cassadine. Ava asks where he got this. Dev saw it a flea market. Ava knows the man who owns this painting. Valentin would not have given it up.

Laura asks who throws out a painting. Curtis thinks that she was a bad person. He asks what was special about the artist. Laura has a picture of it on her tablet. Curtis bets that the answer is in the artist.

Finn thinks it hurt like hell with what she did. Hayden couldnít risk having her child born in prison. Hayden couldnít let her make things worse. Finn guesses that this was all one big selfless gesture on their part. Hayden thinks yes but no. Finn asks if this was to protect her or them. Finn guesses that disappearing and lying was a better option. Finn asks why he would say the baby was gone.

Ava is not interested. Trina thinks this is Helena Cassadine. Everything is creepy and off-putting. Ava will give him a hundred bucks. Trina asks where he found this. Dev explains it was in the trash. Dev has to get going. Ava asks if Trina could stay.

The judge wants to hear from both sides first. Martin calls Monica. She asks who he is. Monica says that he has the memories of Drew. Scott asks if she gave birth to Drew. Monica says no. She raised Jason which was Alanís son with Susan. She welcomed him into the family. Scott asks if Alan ever met Drew. Scott thinks that she never had any connection. The so called Drew has Francoís DNA. Monica doesn't think that defines a person. She knows that DNA makes them human beings. The man with Francoís DNAís has Drewís neurology. Martin calls Jason to the stand.

Hayden did this for his sake. Finn begs her not to do that again. Hayden never thought she would see him again. She raised her overseas. She was born in Finland. Their daughter came into this world fast and smiling. She was such a joy. She remembered that he liked violets. Every smile and expression reminded her of him. Hayden asked him to come to Rome but he didnít show up. Hayden thought that they would fall back into each otherís arms. Hayden thinks it was too late.

Joss thinks it is just like the one that Lady Jane got her as a baby. Joss knows that it will be special. She thanks him so much. Dev walks in with boxes. He didn't expect them all to be here. Sonny asks what is there.

Jason visited the man. Martin asks if he was there to talk with Franco or Drew. Jason thinks that Franco can tell them who he is. Scott thinks that Jason doesnít care who Franco is.

Laura finds the artist. He hides Easter eggs in his paintings. Laura thinks that this is so much like Helena.

Ava thinks that Trina did her a big favor. It is a Jay Garen. Trina asks who that is. Ava explains it is like a puzzle. He hides a signature. Ava thinks part of the fun is trying to figure out what is going on. Ava loves looking for the clues and her daughter KikiÖ She enjoyed trying to figure it out as well. Trina heard everything that happened from her. Trina was worried when she stopped seeing her here. Ava is shocked that she was worried about her. Trina is glad she decided to come back to the gallery.

Scott asks if Jason values Drewís life over Francoís. Scott thinks that he had a car accident that turned him into a med student over what he is now. The town would prefer the old Jason. Martin asks when this became about Jason.

Cam finds Jason in the other room. He asks why he did that. He asks why he couldnít just be Franco. His mom loves him and Jake and Aiden do. Jake is his son. He needs his step-dad back. Jason answered the question honestly. Cam thinks of all the people he should understand. Monica walks over. She thanks him for coming and saying what he did. He should be able to speak for who he is and what he did. Finn would have been on the next plane out. Hayden wanted him to come because of her. When she found out that he was engaged she was happy for him. She didnít want to wreck things for him. Hayden thinks that he is delusional. Hayden thinks that having children is different than things. Finn would have stood by the child until the end of time. She would have not had custody. Hayden just wanted what she imagined having in Rome.

Dev bough candy bars at school and sell them upward. Dev saw a demand. Sonny guesses that there is a market. Dev thinks that people in town sell some really cool things. He saw a painting in the trash. People leave things on the ground all the time. Joss guesses it is legal to sell small things for a profit. Joss guesses she will help with those. Sonny thinks the kid is creative when it comes to generating income. Sonny thinks that there is no difference than what he does and he does as well.

Kim thinks he remembered so much of their details that they had together. Things that she had tried to remind the other Drew of but he couldnít. She knows that the actual physical man is gone but all of a sudden her Drew is here again. Martin thanks her. Kim is sorry that Francoís life is gone some how but Franco made the choice. She has to accept this. Scott asks what if Camís memories would have been taken. Kim has no idea what she would have done. Scott thinks that they know that Franco is his son. Scott asks why Camís life is worth fighting for but Francoís is not.

Hayden thinks that this is the downside of love. It makes you better and worse at the same time. Ayden thinks that she has never stopped loving him. Finn wants to see Violet. Finn wants to sit at her bedside and talk with her. Hayden says the kid has a weird imagination. Finn wants to get to know his daughter. She asks if she goes with him. She doesn't know him. Hayden knows it is her fault. Finn says yes. They can go see their daughter.

Laura suggests that it could be underneath the painting. Curtis thinks they need to get an x-ray of the portrait. Curtis thinks they will need to find the physical portrait.

Ava thinks that Trina is impressive. She must not have much free time. Trina is using that one afternoon to see how an art gallery works. Art makes you feel how you are. It makes you feel a certain way. It was great to talk with her. Ava tells Trina she is hired.

Sonny reminds Jax that he was a survivor in Turkey. He could end up an outright con-artist. Sonny has his eye on him. Sonny knows he will not lie for the kid. Dev thanks Joss for the assist. Sonny needs a minute alone with Dev. Dev explains that Joss can stay. He knows he defended him with Jax but he doesnít like this business. If he were from Bridgeport it could work but it could bring unwanted attention. He needs to rethink this.

Monica didn't know if Jason would have been a doctor. She knows he is not his occupation. He is her son and she loves him. She hugs him.

Scott knows Kim says she was in love with Drew. Scott asks how far she would go to ease the grief over Oscar. He knows she wanted to have another baby. He knows that she drugged Drew and wanted to have a baby with him against his will.

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