GH Update Friday 10/18/19

General Hospital Update Friday 10/18/19


Written by Anthony

Michael tells Carly and Sonny that he thinks he found a screen saver of Donna for Carly. Carly is going to have a welcome home party. Sonny thinks that they can bring Sasha. Carly wonders if they had fun at the wedding. Michael wouldnít call it a wedding.

Jordan asks Curtis what he is doing. Jordan will speak with Chase later. Curtis knows he crossed a line but this mess with Sasha is his fault. Curtis asks how Sasha would have paid to get this scheme done.

Julian thinks that Lucas and Brad are looking good. Lucas explains that Neil has a good reputation. Julian asks if his therapist is Alexisí boyfriend.

Sam is sorry. Alexis accepts her apology. Alexis is a little annoyed to find out that she was arrested from Diane. Sam explains that she was just about to get the case thrown. Alexis knows that they want her to flip on Jason. Jason explains that the feds are going to find out that they have no case. Jason explains that he has information now.

Ryan wipes blood off his hand. He thinks it is neat and tidy. He doesn't think he can really say the same for his roommate. Ryan tells Avaís picture that his new cellmate is a horrible slob. He thinks that he is completely incompatible. Ryan calls for a guard. He thinks that something terrible has happened.

Ava eats an olive from her martini. Laura tells Ava that she is a million miles away. Ava explains just fifteen from downtown. Laura refuses to give Ryan the power he wants. Laura wasnít always this strong. She learned from over coming the obstacles in her life. She thinks that Ava is a strong woman. Ava still has plenty of time to prove her wrong. Ava tried to do things her way. They canít all make it on sparkling water alone. Laura asks if she has someone to talk with. She is concerned she doesnít have enough of a strength. Laura doesn't think it will give her peace. Ava thinks that it would help her know that Ryan is gone. Ryan is still thinking about her. His eyes are always on her. She can feel him watching her. She asks if she can too.

Laura asks who left who at the alter. Sonny thinks Valentin left her for her own good. Michael says that the wedding started on time but then Lulu stood up and announced that Sasha is pretending to be Ninaís daughter. Carly asks if it is true. Michael admits that she is not Ninaís daughter. Sonny assumes. It is hard on him. Carly thinks that he should have left Sasha.

Curtis is confused how Sasha was able to fake three different DNA tests. Jordan has other things on her mind than Sashaís case right no. Jordan thinks that the circumstances bother her but it is low-priority. She does look forward to the outcome of his investigation. Jordan will send someone right away. She needs Chase at Pentonville right away.

Alexis is shocked that the person who stabbed Andre and kidnapped Shiloh is odd. Jason explains that Drew used to work with Shiloh and then he went missing. Sam has no idea what happened.

Brad had no idea that Alexis was seeing anyone. Julian thinks that Alexis set up Wileyís adoption. Certain things might get said. Julian asks what they know about Neil. Lucas doubts that Alexis would be into a therapist who goes against confidentiality. Lucas has to get to work. Julian asks why he didnít tell him about therapy. Julian tells Brad to fire Neil. Brad says no. Julian tells him that he doesnít tell him no. Brad just did. He asks what he will do about it.

Sam has a few suspicions. Sam can connect Bryce and Shiloh to Peter. Faisonís son. The man who kept Jason hidden for give years. Jason thinks that Peter wanted to use him to kill. His father. It is the same basic set up. Alexis asks if they have any evidence. Jason thinks that Bryce had a big reaction to Peterís name. He is willing to talk though.

A body bag is carried out of Ryanís room. Chase thinks that his serial killer cellmate did it.

Laura has felt that before in her life. Ava thinks that she thinks she sounds crazy. Laura thinks it is understandable but it is a sign that she needs help.

Julian is trying to help him. Brad thinks that help would have been getting rid of Obrecht. Julian wasnít going to kill her. Brad was left with Julian will try to do better. Brad needs what he wants. It is too late now. Lucas is on now. Neil wants him to be with Lucas. Julian asks what he will do when Lucas figures out that he is lying. Brad has faith in himself and so does Lucas. Julian doesnít think for long.

Lucas looks at a pamphlet. Curtis walks over and asks what he is looking at. Curtis doesnít think that therapy works all that well. Curtis has been shot at, blown up, and dove into a trash can of rats. Nothing prepared him for therapy with Jordan. Lucas doesnít think he is helping. Curtis thinks the experience was a healing one. Curtis doesnít think it helped for a few months. Curtis loves staying in touch. His wife wishes he didnít over share. Lucas would settle for anything.

Carly hopes that Michael ditched Sasha. Carly thinks that the woman told a room full of people she was a fraud. Michael thinks that there is more to it. Carly thinks that it doesn't matter. Nothing is a good reason. Michael explains that she already intended to tell Nina. Michael knows because Sasha already told him weeks ago.

Brad walks down the hall at GH. Curtis needs to know about lab procedure. Brad cannot divulge anything without clearance. Lucas thinks that Brad would remember Sasha. Sasha was scamming Nina. He tracked her down. Someone tampered of the sample.

Ava thinks that it is grief that Laura is looking for. Laura thinks it is the type of grief that could drown you if you let it. Laura thinks you can learn to live with it. Laura thinks there is no shame in this. There is a danger in letting it over take you. Laura gets a call from Jordan. She has bad news that she would prefer to deliver in person. It is about Ryan though.

Carly asks if he really knew the truth. Michael was told the night that Nina was released from the hospital. Sasha told the truth and admitted it was all a lie. Michael explains that Sasha had every intention to tell the truth but he told her not to. Carly raised him to be better than them. Michael didnít want to leave Nina in the dark. He didn't want to weaken the case against Sasha. A few more months would hurt Nina but it would help Cassandraís victims.

Laura thanks Jordan for letting her know. Laura tells Jordan to call Julian to get to the Metro Court.

Sam needs to be sure about this. They donít want to put Maxie in danger. Alexis thinks the priority is to get her out of here. Jordan says she is going to await trial in prison.

Laura thinks that Nina could press charges.

Carly cannot imagine that Nina would be ok with this.

Lucas thinks that Sasha would need help. Brad was not the one to do this. Curtis just thought that he was an expert at lab procedures. Curtis doesn't think that Sasha is telling the whole truth. Curtis asks if the accomplice helped.

Jason thinks that they can proof. Jordan is just hearing this now. Jordan thinks that he has no authority here. Jason thinks that Bryce is a contract worker. Jordan explains that Bryce is dead.

Julian shows up at the Metro Court. He is sorry it took him so long to get here. Ava says that Ryan killed again. Laura says that no one heard a thing. Julian thinks it was always for a reason.

Ryan was wondering where something went. Ryan hates to let down his pen pal. Ryan wants his pen back. Chase says that it became evidence. Chase thinks that Bryce would have survived had he called for someone sooner. Ryan thinks he lacked people skills. Ryan is a good judge of character. Probably all the years he spent as a doctor. Any man who disrespects women is not worth the air he breathes. Chase can only bet that there are a lot of men who wouldnít mind disrespecting Ava every night. Curtis needs the original samples used. Curtis thinks that the test could be rerun though. Curtis thinks that something else is going on just as weird.

Carly asks who else was involved. Michael says that she has no idea how to do this. Carly thinks that Valentin hired Sasha. Carly asks why she would protect Valentin. Michael says that Sasha has a way out. Carly gets that Sasha confessed weeks ago but they have been together for months. It is no different than Nelle. Michael says she is nothing like her. She hasnít asked for anything. Carly thinks that Sabrina and Nelle took advantage of that.

Laura is going to leave them alone. Ava thinks that they should know who Ryan is. Ava thinks he will kill his way out of prison. Ava guesses she is too much trouble for him. Julian wants her back. Ava asks what happens if she is gone.

Jordan says that Bryce was called by Ryan. There has been no evidence that anyone knew anything. Alexis tells Sam to be strong. Sam tells Jason to tell the kids she loves them. Jason loves her. Jason will get her out of this. Sam knows.

Sonny doesn't think that Carly wants him to go through this again. Michael is not going to let anything happen too Sasha. Sonny tells him to be careful.

Brad gets intensive when someone calls out the lab. Lucas tells Brad that he is not the same guy he used to be. Brad gets flowers. Lucas says they are not from him.

Julian thanks Laura. Laura thinks that Ava needs help. He cannot leave her alone. Jordan has heard from Chase.

Ava thinks about Ryan claiming to have been happy and healthy with him. Ryan thinks that they needed one another. Ava thinks that he means nothing to her. Julian tells Ava that they need to get home. Julian tells Ava to stop visiting Ryan. Julian explains that Ryan killed his cellmate. He did it for her. Ava starts sobbing.

Ryan thinks that Chase has no right to do this. Chase is taking the cover.

Alexis tells Jason that Diane is going to get in touch with Bryceís lawyer. Jason thinks that Sam could run into anyone in Prison.

Sam is told her last cellmate tried to stab her old roommates eye out.

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