GH Update Friday 9/27/19

General Hospital Update Friday 9/27/19


Written by Anthony

Jordan walks into the investigation room. Sam says they cannot start without her lawyer. Diane walks in with Sonny and Dev. Diane wants them to wait here. It will be Dev’s turn after this. She suggests going after the finer points. Sonny thinks less is more.

Olivia gets off the phone and gets angry.

Carly tells Joss that she didn’t have to make her breakfast. She thinks it looks delicious. Joss thinks it is to say sorry for making assumptions. She should have realized that those were for Dev. She assumes that Dev is staying here with them. Joss admits that the problem is her.

Trina gets a sting of texts from Joss. Joss is losing it. Cam thinks they need to just be there for her. She needs to feel what she needs to. Trina was hoping that school would be ha they needed. Dustin walks over and tells them that they need to get to class to find out what happens next.

Lulu thinks that there is a different motive going on here. Laura wants to get too know her new friend.

Elizabeth asks how Franco is doing. The nurse says that he seems fine. Elizabeth asks in. He thinks that today is the big day. Elizabeth doesn’t think that it has to be like this. He can help her fix it.

Jason caught up to the haunted Star and he find Shiloh bleeding. Diane thinks that he was threatening her client. Jordan asks if he checked Shiloh’s pulse. Jason says no. Jordan thinks that he could have gone for Shiloh’s leg. Diane thinks that he helped a helpless victim. It is not a crime. Jason says that Sam was bleeding and he bandaged her up. Sam is an experienced pilot. Shiloh came on deck and attacked him. He fought back. Diane reminds her that he was attacked. He was in his rights to defend himself. Jason says that he was defenseless. That is when Sam shot Shiloh with the flair gun. She saved his life.

Dev didn’t do anything wrong. Some people are calling him a hero. Sonny thinks that after everything they have been through, he still planned on walking away.

Joss thinks that having Dev around helps. He is not all wrapped up in that time. It is nice. Carly is so sorry. She knows that there are reminders everywhere. Joss looks up to were Oscar used to sit. She doesn’t even realize she is doing it until she looks back. Joss thinks anything can set her off. Carly thinks this is confusing and awful. Carly thinks it will get better. Joss keeps waiting to wake up and feel the weight be lifted so she can breathe. Carly promises it will happen when she is ready.

Julian tells Cam and Trina that Dev eats for free from now on. He protected his grandson.

Dustin asks what is going on. Lulu says a mother daughter breakfast. Dustin has to get to his class. He will see them both. Laura asks how awkward that was. Laura thinks they need to chat.

Elizabeth can only imagine how much he resents her right now. Franco thinks it is clear that she wants her husband. Elizabeth wants Franco to return to his family. Franco thinks that 3/4 ways this could go she loses her family.

Lulu asks if this makes things wrong. Lulu says that he is so good with kids. Rocc needs this right now.

Olivia storms into Charlies. She is taking him to court. He sold her this bar. The deal is done. She asks why he did this. Julian is taking the sale off the table.

Franco wants to go over the outcomes one last time. He will not allow himself to be in a permanent state. Elizabeth is his guardian. Franco doubts that a court would allow this. She has already lost.

Joss feels so alone sometimes. It is just like she doesn’t know what to say or how to talk about how she feels. Carly knows that grief is tricky. She doesn’t want her to feel this way. Joss wishes she could handle this better. Carly thinks she handles this just fine. Carly couldn’t be more proud. Life is going to make sense again. Joss will never stop missing Oscar. Carly thinks it is just going to get more manageable. When she comes across a picture, these things will bring a smile to her face. Carly loves her. Carly wants her to get to school. Carly promises that she has this.

Dev knows he is making trouble for Sonny. Sonny wants him to stay. Sonny needs his trust. If something comes up then he comes to him. They will fix things together.

Sam saw Shiloh and shot him in the back. There was no chance he as pushed. Diane thinks they can all agree that this was self-defense. Jordan thanks them. She needs to attend to some police business. Diane thinks they did very well. Diane gets a call from Kim. Elizabeth cannot be prevented from moving Franco to Shady Brooke but she cannot force him to get the memory procedure. Her plate is a little full right no.

Julian explains that he is the owner. Olivia asks if he is kicking her out. Olivia doesn’t think that this is over.

Laura thinks that she is being swayed right now. Lulu wants her son to be happy. She has been drawn to him since the first time she met him. Olivia hears this and walks over.

Dustin moved the class outside because they are studying this bok. Dustin wants them to consider what they did this for. Trina knows the author was chasing after money. Cam wonders if money and status are all that matter. Joss gets up and runs off.

Dev explains that Sam got Shiloh to let him go. Dev was instructed to go to the hospital. Jordan has one question. She wants to know what he was doing on the Haunted Star.

Sam walks over to a nurse. She asks if she can tell her when Franco is being transferred. The nurse says no. The nurse thinks about overhearing Sam talk about Shiloh.

Elizabeth hates that she has to force this on him. Elizabeth wants to fight her future.

Sam runs into Elizabeth. She heard that he was having Franco transferred. Sam wouldn’t do it.

Jason asks Carly if this an ok time. Carly thinks it is always a good time. Carly thinks that he and Sam did the world a favor. Jason is worried with Dev. Jason asks if Carly is ok. Carly just feels worried about Joss and has felt off all morning. She feels uncomfortable all the time.

Olivia didnt mean to listen in. She heard Rocco’s name. She saw that Rocco was having fun but she thought that her and Dustin were just friends. Lulu cannot deny what she heard. She is a grown woman who is not married. Her divorce is final. Laura tells Olivia that this is enough.

Dustin walks over to Joss. He cannot leave her alone. He is responsible for her well being. Joss is sorry to run off. Dustin assumes this is the Oscar she was writing about. Joss says he is gone. She doesn’t know what to do.

Jordan asks what Dev was doing. Diane explains that Sonny sent Dev to take a look at the boat. Jordan asks why he would send a sixteen year old to check on construction.

Elizabeth thinks that this is none of her business. Sam has been where she is. She accepted Jason’s choice. He changed his mind and decided to have the surgery. She thinks she is missing the point. She would never forgive herself. Elizabeth begs her to leave. Elizabeth is sorry that she is going through this.

Jason thinks the contractions are ten minutes apart. Jason thinks they need to get to the hospital. Jason will make sure that she has everything she needs.

Laura reminds her that Lulu and Dante are divorced. Lulu tries to make to make one thing clear. She would have stood by him. Olivia knows it was his choice but he did love her. Olivia thinks that Dante will get better. Lulu held on to that hope. Olivia tells Lulu that bringing Dustin around would be a bad idea. Laura thinks that Lulu always puts her kids first. Olivia will respect her choices. Lulu thinks that was fun. Lulu thanks her for having her back. Lulu thinks that Dustin and her are not serious. Laura is glad.

Joss thinks it is wrong that Oscar is not here. Joss thinks that Oscar would have loved his class. He loved everything about nature. He didnt get to live very long. Dustin thinks he was a good man. Joss thinks they deserved more time. Joss thinks that she wants to scream. Oscar is not here. No one understands. They think they do but they don’t. Dustin thinks that keeping a journal is a great way to work on emotions. She can clarify her feelings. Joss will think about it.

Sam sits next to call and tells her to calm down. Jason cannot get ahold of Sonny. Jason promises that Carly will be ok. Carly thinks that this is all he does is tell her to breathe. She is scared something will go wrong. Jason promises nothing will go wrong because the baby has her as a mom.

Dev missed first period. Sonny tells him to get to school. Dev thanks Sonny. He meant every word. Sonny asks how Dev’s adoption is going. Diane doesn’t think that he would want this. Sonny reads that Carly is having the baby. Diane tells him to get going. A nurse walks over to Jordan. It is important.

Franco is taken by two men. Franco is sorry but he cannot give her what she wants. Elizabeth will force him.

Lulu asks if she is using Dustin. Laura doesn’t. She thinks that Dustin is a nice guy. She just wants her to be clear where she is. Laura thinks this is a big deal. She is glad she met Dustin but she needs to go slow. Her heart is important to her.

Dustin wants to get them back to class. Trina asks if Joss is ok. Joss says that she is fine. Dustin is actually cool. It felt like he really heard her.

Sam is on the phone. She has to call Michael back. Sam gets a call from Jordan. They need to talk. She needs to see her right now. She has more questions.

Carly thinks she has been here for the birth of all her children. She was hoping Sonny would be here. Sonny walks in. He heard that they got started without him. Sonny sits next to her. She is ready.

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