GH Update Thursday 9/26/19

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/26/19


Written by Anthony

Neil opens his office door to find Alexis. Alexis admits she kissed him and she liked it. She would like to know how he feels about that. Neil thinks the tables have turned. Neil has plans for the night.

Julian tries to get a hold of Lucy. Ava walks in and is glad to see that Julian has not left. Julian explains that him and Kim are done.

Hayden thinks that Cassandra is behind bars because of Curtis. She wonders if he had any luck finding the real will.

Nina cannot believe that they are getting married in a few days. Nina thinks the best part of this is that her daughter made a full recovery. Nina thinks that Cassandra targeted Sasha because of their happiness.

Michael tells Willow that he is glad that Wiley is back home with Brad and Lucas. Willow hopes that Wiley is back home now.

Peter tells Laura that he was just in the right place at the right time. Maxie runs over and is glad that he is here and ok. Laura gets a call from the PCPD. Maxie is glad that he was there to save Wiley buy she wonders why he was there.

Laura asks if Chase has an update for her. Chase thinks that Shiloh is on the boat with Sam.

Jason looks out into the water while Shiloh runs over and tries to beat him with a bar. Shiloh gets the upper hand and ends up knocking him down. Shiloh is so sick of him. Sam shoots Shiloh with a flair gun and he ends up falling overboard. Jason tells Sam that he will take it. Sam doesn’t want his finger prints on it. Sam says she is ok. She looks out into the water. Sam wonders about Shiloh. Jason thinks that he is really gone. Sam and Jason hug.

Peter was looking for an apartment. He took their conversation to heart. He needs a place of his own. He wanted to look at the apartments. Maxie guesses that is why he took the cash out of the bank.

Willow was frantic. She tried to get Chase to let her lure him out. Michael thinks that she did him a lot of good. Sasha walks over. Michael explains that they were just talking about… Willow will see them later. Sasha is glad that Wiley will be ok. Michael admits that he vented to Willow but he didnt say anything about her situation. Sasha wouldn’t blame him if he told her anything. Michael has made plenty of mistakes. Willow wants to tell Nina the truth.

Nina wants their wedding day to be filled with happiness. They might have been too open about things. Valentin promises that Cassandra is to blame. No one will get in the way of their happiness. Ava thought that things were going great between the two of them. Julian explains that it was Kim’s past that got in the way.

Alexis wonders who takes their therapist out to drag bingo on a date. Alexis knows she has an emotional development of a shovel. Neil explains they shouldn’t over analyze things. Alexis guesses that she already broke him. Neil is surprisingly open minded.

Ava guesses that he broke up with Kim then. Julian says not really. Ava actually has an appointment she doesn’t want to miss. She is glad that he is staying put. He is one of the few people in the town who has her back. Nina tries to walk around Ava. Ava thinks that Nina is one of the reasons that her life is such a mess.

Hayden is getting impatient and his billable hours are growing. Hayden wonders why search the Haunted Star. Curtis guesses that Laura thought it would be a good idea.

Chase explains that they are looking for the Haunted Star.

Jason says that Shiloh had a bullet proof vest. Sam thinks it is better this way. The cops are already looking for a chance to charge him. This way it was clearly self-defense. Jason is going to get her to the ER. He will pilot the ship. He thanks her for the save. Sam thinks anytime. The two kiss one another.

Alexis thought that he was still on that website. He didn’t. Realize the profile would still be up after deleting the app from his phone. He decides to delete the profile.

Sasha thinks it is cruel to hurt Nina right now. She doesn’t want to meet up with them and discuss wedding details. Michael can come with her.

Ava explains that people are throwing hate at her. Ava agreed to the interview to get her side of the story out there. Nina thinks it was the truth. Nina suggests that she try not being a horrible person. Valentin asks if she is alright here. Ava thinks that it is really something coming from her of all people judging her character. Ava tells Nina that Valentin didn’t kill Nikolas. Valentin says that the civil suit against him was thrown out of court.

Curtis explains that Laura and him work well together. Curtis doesn’t think that she likes Valentin very much. Hayden thinks that Laura might be a bit too bias. Curtis needs someone who knows Helena well.

Peter wanted to make the down payment in cash. Maxie thinks that there was no reason to do that.

Chase asks Sam and Jason where Shiloh was. Sam admits she killed him. Chase will check the waters to prove or disprove things.

Neil will meet him at the park. Ava walks in. Ava asks if Alexis could stop by Charlies. Ava explains that Julian is in tough shape right now. Alexis explains that Julian is not her concern anymore.

Michael and Sasha walk into Charlies. Sasha is sorry they were late. They got held up at the hospital. Michael explains that Wiley got kidnapped he is ok though.

Laura finds Curtis. She is glad that she ran into him. She won’t be able to work on the case. Hayden walks out. She won’t keep her. Hayden knows that Curtis told her about the will.

Peter has been searching for apartments for weeks. Maxie asks what the big secret is. Peter wanted to find a place big enough for James and Georgie when she comes to visit. He wanted it ton be perfect. Maxie kisses him.

The nurse cleans Sam’s wound. Jason guesses it could have been worse. Sam is just glad that Wiley and them are ok. Jason asks if she is ok. Sam has a clean bill of health. Sam did what she had to be done.

Julian calls Lucas to make sure that things are ok. Alexis walks over. She ran into his sister who wanted her to see him. Alexis asks if he needs to talk about this.

Neil asks if he can call her Ava. Ava hasn’t had the best experience with therapy. Neil wants to talk about her experience with her last therapist. Ava thinks that he would know because the news was everywhere. Ava had this encounter with this woman who manages to get under her skin. It goes back to a long time ago. She really resents her and resents the new life she is creating for herself. She cannot stand the fact that she now shares a bed with the man who took Nikolaas from her.

Nina doesn’t want her overdoing it so much right now. Nina doesn’t want her to do that maid of honor stuff right now. Nina thinks that there is one little thing for her. Nina asks if Sasha knows whaat Maxie has in store for her bachelorette party.

Hayden is shocked that Curtis didnt tell her. Laura asks if this is the document that could bring Valentin down. Hayden explains that she convinced Mikkos to only let the true heirs to the fortune.

Sam thinks that she kept thinking of all the horrible things that he did to Willow and her and Kristina. She never wanted him to do anything again.

Chase walks on to the haunted star.

Alexis is shocked that Kim slept with Franco. Alexis wonders who Kim thinks that she is sleeping with. Franco thinks if it was a one time thing but he cannot live with someone like that.

Ava explains that Nikolas was Alexis’ nephew. She has no idea why she would bring him up. Ava has suffered so much the last few years. Neil asks why she would bring up Nikolas. Ava guesses that he was the first of the losses. The first was Nik, then Morgan, then Kiki. She feels like that was the beginning of this endless pain. They only became close the last few weeks of his life. She had a relationship with Griffin who only saw the good and Ryan who only saw the darkness. Not a real person. Ava thinks that Nikolas saw it all and still wanted her. She knows she is not the first women to think that the world only wanted to see her as an angel or demon. Ava will not deny that she did wicked things. Beyond the headlines labeling her as a victim, she is a real person. Her daughter is gone. Her life has been destroyed. She is in so much pain all the time. Neil asks who does the piling on.

Laura guesses this would leave Spencer as the head of the estate. Hayden thinks that Spencer is a great kid. Laura doesn’t think that Spencer always sees what is best for him. Laura thinks that Spencer might be better off without it. Laura asks if Spencer is the one who put her up to this search.

Maxie runs into Sam. Willow walks over and and thanks Sam, Peter, and Jason. A body bag is wheeled over.

Julian guesses he is not leaving the bar anytime soon. Alexis gets it. She is not the friend he needs but he does want her to be happy.

Ava made the mistake of reading the comments online. Now she cannot stop. It is like… The things that are being written hurt her. It is a little better that the hurt is coming from the outside for once. She needs for this to stop. She feels like she is losing her mind. Neil thinks she needs to ask for help.

Laura doesn’t want Spencer to get involved in this. Curtis thinks that if this exists then it does belong to Spencer not the man who killed her father. Laura thinks that Spencer is off limits. Hayden needs to get going. Laura makes a call to Spencer. She thinks they need to talk.

Nina expects Michael to go to Valentin’s bachelor party. Michael would like that. He would like to give Valentin the send off he deserves.

Chase tells Willow she probably doesn’t want to be here for this. Willow can do it. Chase asks if she is sure. Willow confirms that is him. Maxie wouldn’t wish death on anyone but she will sleep better tonight. Sam cannot believe it is finally over.

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