GH Update Friday 8/30/19

General Hospital Update Friday 8/30/19


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

Julian walks over to the front door at Charlie's and Ava is at the door. Ava got a letter in the mail from Ryan.

Sam is glad to see Kristina for breakfast. Kristina tells Sam that she isnít usually up for breakfast. She thinks that the timing for this is too perfect.

Felicia tells James that it was fun to have him for the entire night. Mac thinks they were two peas in a pod. Mac has good news. Jordan is back. Felicia assumes that he will be back to running the rib back by her side.

Peter thinks about speaking with Shiloh about his involvement in Drewís kidnapping. Maxie wakes up. Maxie thinks it was a good idea for her to stay at his place. Peter thinks in order for them to love each otherís fully they have to tell each other the full truth. Maxie asks if he really thinks that he is as bad as Shiloh. Peter is worse than Shiloh.

Jason finds Franco at Oscarís meadow.

Shiloh wants to talk with Chase about Wiley. Chase tells him that Wiley is with his fatherís and Willow is with him. Alexis walks in. She thought her client had been brought up from his cell. Shiloh is glad that Shiloh is there.

Elizabeth asks if Kim is really leaving PC. Kim thinks that once Charlie's is closed then yes. Elizabeth assumes that she has been busy. She thinks that she is avoiding her because of Franco.

Franco assumes that he doesnít he thinks he is Franco. Franco wants nothing to do with Francoís past or crimes. Jason knows a lot of people who love Franco. He cannot let them get hurt because of him.

Ava tells Julian that this wasnít a social visit with Ryan. Ava went there to get a little piece. She asked him to let her got for Kiki and now she cannot even breathe. Julian tells her to rip the letter up. She doesnít know why she would open it in the first place.

Sam is worried about Shiloh coming after Kristina. Kristina would have him scared before that would happen.

Jason thinks that he is bound to meet Monica soon. Jason explains that she didnít know that Drew existed when he was born. Franco thinks it is better for everyone that he just take off. Franco wants to start his life and go some place where no one thinks he is someone else. Jason points out that everything he has belongs to Franco. Franco looks at Kim and she thinks that he is someone else and that he is ancient history. Franco will be out of here. Jason wonders about Francoís life. He made promises to Elizabeth and her children. He asks if he is ok with breaking those.

Kim is sorry that she didnít return her calls She had no idea what was going on. She asks if she has seen Franco since. Kim explains that Franco thinks that he is Oscarís father. She sees Franco but hears Drew. Elizabeth knows this is confusing for her. Kim is ok though. She knows what is going on. She is just handling it right now.

Maxie thinks that Peter is an innocent victim of his father. Peter needs to get this out and she is only making this harder. Peter is responsible for everything that happened to Drew and Jason.

Felicia is glad that he is free to come back to the rib. Mac explains that he was offered Chief of officers. Felicia tells him to take it.

Maxie thinks that Peter did what he could to help. He kept Jason alive. Peter stashed Jason in that lab to kill his father. He planned everything move by move. Maxie asks what he is saying. Peter wasnít brought in after the procedure. He was there from the beginning. He was in Afghanistan when Shiloh delivered Drew. He is just as guilty as Helena and his father.

Kim knows that Franco isnít the Drew that she met back in the day. Elizabeth is just waiting on the doctor to come help them. Kim is hoping that this gets sorted before she leaves. Kim will be in touch before she leaves town.

Kristina hates that she bought into Shilohís BS. Sam hopes that it never happens again. Kristina promises that she wonít. Kristina thinks he has no power.

Shiloh explains that he doesnít need Alexis as a lawyer. He has had time to reflect on all the people who enriched his life. Sam was an inspiration but Kristina gave him the most satisfying information.

Ava reads the letter to Julian. He shouldnít be allowed to write. Julian asks if she is thinking of Ryan. Ava is thinking of him with loathing and disgust.

Shiloh asks how Kristina is doing. Alexis says she is free of him. Shiloh will never forget Sam and Kristina. They will never forget his echo. Shiloh wants her to pretend that she never heard what he said.

Sam knows that Kristina tried to get her to catch the flowers at the wedding. Jason walks over.

Elizabeth thanks Scott for coming over Elizabeth explains that he showed up here last night. He was upset that they tried to bring back Andre. He is threatening to leave town. Elizabeth thinks that the ankle monitor would only last for a while. Elizabeth needs to stop him from leaving by force.

Kim says goodbye to Oscar. She will miss visiting him here. Every place in PC makes her miss him even more. She is going to try and make a new start in Manhattan no matter where she is. Franco walks over. He asks why she didnít tell him about this place. Kim never had a chance. They put a marker up. They all came here after Oscarís memorial and came here to spread flower seeds. Kim remembers encouraging him to have a relationship with his father.

Maxie loves Peter in her heart. Peter loves her. He has struggled to be the man she wants him to be but he helped destroy Drew and Jasonís life and now Francoís. Peter explains that Shiloh is blackmailing him. Jason walks in and shoots him. Peter wakes up in bed and Maxie asks what is wrong.

Kristina is happy that the two of them are so solid. She cannot remember the last time she was in a real relationship. Right now she is just working on herself. She is going for it right now. Kristina promises that Shiloh is being sent right to Pentonville. Jason asks if she is really ok. Sam thinks that this makes everything they went through worth it.

Scott tried to get Bobbie to keep him at the hospital. Elizabeth assumes she didnít like that. Scott doesnít blame her. It was unethical. He doesnít think they can trap him though. Elizabeth wants him to completely understand. Elizabeth is his wife. She is by law allowed to take him to court and she could have him put into Shady Brooke. This could be the only way.

Kim explains that Oscar wanted his memorial to be a joyful occasion. Franco thinks that Oscar was like Kim. Kim eventually learned to appreciate spontaneous behavior. Kim explains that Franco was there at the memorial with Elizabeth and Cameron. Franco wishes he had gotten to know their son. Kim is in a relationship. Franco asks if it is serious.

Alexis finds Kendra at Charlie's. Kendra explains that Alexis is ready for this approach. Julian walks over. He needs to talk with Alexis for a minute. Ava needs legal advice. She needs Ryan to stop writing to her.

Mac is confused. He thought she wanted him back. Felicia was trying to make it sound less of a let down. Mac asks if she is really ok. Felicia thinks it is fine. She brought in a lot of stuff since he was gone. She had a single barrel whiskey tasting. Felicia thinks it is exciting to have him gone during the day. Felicia thinks he is a hell of a sexy cop.

Maxie wonders what was wrong. Maxie promises she is not going anywhere. She can order them room service before she gets James. Peter has to get to work. Peter is sorry that their time together has to end this way. Maxie knows it is not the end of the world.

Sam guesses they donít have to worry about Kristina. Jason ran into Franco again. He seems determined to leave town.

Scott thinks the need to find Maddox and get this reversed. They will still have to lock him up. Scott was talked some sense. Elizabeth doesnít want to force Franco but it is clear that he is incapable of making choices on his own behalf. Scott thinks he might hate them anyway. Scott thinks that this might not work. Elizabeth knows that when he gave himself up he said that he would be back. He needs them. He needs to help his son.

Kim says they are very serious. They tried to keep it casual but she fell in love with him. Franco wonders about before Julian. Kim was never married. Franco assumes that she must have had other serious relationships. Kim admits that Julian is the first serious man since Drew.

Alexis suggests that Ava just need read them. Kendra wants to get to work on Alexisí personal lifestyle goals.

Shiloh wants to see his son on his phone. Chase tells Shiloh to watch it. He is going to see what is holding the hearing up. Peter shows up. Shiloh asks what is going on. Peter is working on this. Shiloh tells him to work harder or a lot of people are going to find out the truth.

Ava this is wrong. Julian tells her to rip the letter up. Ava never hated anyone more. Julian thinks that she is giving him the power. She needs to turn a blind eye. She needs to rip the letter up.

Alexis realizes that this is a big lifestyle plan. Kendra thinks it means a new relationship with her body. Alexis wonders if she is trying to kill her. Kendra laughs.

Peter tells Shiloh to keep his mouth shut about him. Chase walks in and wonders why he is here. Peter is doing an exclusive on Shiloh. Chase doubts anyone would want to read that.

Maxie thinks that Mac getting the position is fantastic.

Sam guesses that he didnít get Franco to leave PC. Jason tried to get him to stay for Elizabeth.

Scott isnít going to give up on Franco. Scott needs to get to a judge and present the case for him to have guardianship. Elizabeth thanks Scott.

Franco asks if Kim remembers the CD she made. Kim says that Oscar found it a few years ago. Kim says that Drew didnít remember that time. Franco remembers every second. He chose every song to remind her of every moment they had together. Kim thinks this was a bad idea. She tries to leave. Franco tells Kim that he is leaving town.

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