GH Update Friday 5/24/19

General Hospital Update Friday 5/24/19


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

Sonny guesses that Shiloh lost a few true believers. He hopes those followers got out of town. Margaux asks if he threatened them. Sonny doesnít think it matters. Sonny asks where Shiloh is. Margaux has no idea. Sonny says that he is her leader. He wants to know where he would go and try hiding.

Shiloh assumes that Sam wants this as much as he does. Sam asks why he would bring her here. Shiloh said they would see a dawn here together. He thinks that everything is how it should be. He. Kisses Sam.

Laura calls Lulu and asks where the kids are. She needs her to be careful tonight with Ryan back in town. She loves her. Curtis walks over and asks where Chase is. Laura says that he is looking for Ryan. Curtis thinks they need Ryan now. Laura promises that they will not let him get away again. The police have been given instructions on sight. Curtis needs Ryan brought in a live. Jordanís life depends on it.

Chase calls Julian asking if he would know where Ava is. Julian has no clue. He suggests any bar in the city or her new boyfriends place. Lulu asks Chase if he has something.

Ryan asks Ava what he is doing. Ava dreamt of doing this since the moment she found out he killed her daughter. Ryan thinks they belong to one another.

Curtis thinks they need to find a transplant like yesterday. He guesses that Kevin is not eligible to be a donor. Curtis thinks they need to bring in Ryan as a match. He asks if Laura has any idea where Ryan is. Laura thinks with Ava. Laura will tell Chase to bring in Ryan alive. Lucy walks over and asks if Kevin is ok. Laura asks if Lucy heard anything. Lucy says that the cops are trying to find things out over there. Curtis hopes that Ava doesnít do anything stupid for Avaís sake. Lucy is sorry and wishes there was something she could do. Lucy assumes that there is.

Chase promises they will get things done. Lulu suggests tracking Ava with her phone. Chase explains that her phone is off. Lulu guesses this is revenge for Kiki.

Ava tells Ryan that she is not ready for him to die yet. He is going to face her killer in the same way that his people had to face them. Ava lied about Kiki. She never loved him. She wasnít going to run away with him. She has been planning this for months. She has been waiting to get justice for her daughter Ryan thinks thinks their bond is to strong. Ava thinks he will die for what he did to Kiki. Ava promises that he is an excellent shot. He will not die until she is good and ready. Ava wants to know about her daughterís last moments on this earth.

Margaux has no idea where Shiloh is and even if she did she wouldnít tell him. Sonny thinks she is protecting a con man. Margaux doesnít think he is a con man. Sonny wants to know how she got herself in this organization. Margaux says because of him.

Brad shows up at Kimís house. He needs to see him about the baby. Julian asks what is going on here. Brad says he could lose Lucas and Wiley.

Shiloh thinks that Sam is what he needed. They were destined to be together. The belong together. Shiloh takes his shirt off and tries taking his pants off when Jason shows up. He strangles him and pushes him down the stairs. Jason goes to Sam and tells Sam that it will be ok.

Margaux didnít forget how Sonny stole her father and mother away from her. Margaux accepted her motherís part in her fatherís death but she couldnít just shrug it off. She finally found peace that she was looking for. He surrounds himself with thugs and criminals. Shiloh is selfless and a welcoming man. Sonny thinks the only reason that she was welcomed was to have the DA in his back pocket.

Sam tried to stop him. Jason knows she did. Sam doesnít feel good. Jason wants to get her up.

Lucy says that Ava came to her. She wanted to buy a cabin spot in the woods. She didnít care that it was way out there in the woods. Curtis asks where it is. Lucy thinks they need to call the cops. Laura needs to tell the cops. Curtis needs a 20 minute head start. Lucy gives directions. It is way off the road.

Chase says that no road blocks have found Ava. She is probably already at her destination. Lulu thinks that Chase is doing a great job but it is time to reveal to the world what is going on.

Ryan tried to make sure that Kiki felt no pain. He tried to take Griffin out too. She was his though and she loved him. Ava wants to know what Kiki did when she was in his apartment. Ryan says that she was scared and tried to get away. She started crying and cried for Ava. She said mommy over and over again.

Julian asks what happened. Brad thinks this got worse. Wileyís birth father is Shiloh. He took Wiley to classes. He is determined to find his child now.

Sam wakes up in a hospital room. Sam keeps closing her eyes and doesnít know what happened. She asks if they were at the tower and how they got there. Jason heard Shiloh give her the tea. Then the tattoo was finished and he said it was fitting that only her hands touched it. Shiloh lied. There were two guys guarding the door. Shiloh and her were gone by the time they got past them.

Margaux thinks that Shiloh is the most peaceful soul ever. Sonny thinks it is manipulation. He probably asked her to join a pledge and ugly secret she cannot tell anyone. She signs it and he sets up a manipulation and drugs and tattoos them. Then has sex with you. He thinks that sounds like sexual assault.

Chase thinks they need to not cause panic. Laura calls him and tells him to stand down on Ryan. No deadly force. She needs him brought in alive.

Ryan would do anything for Ava. Ava was jealous and hurting. Her daughter died thinking she hated her. Ryan says that Kiki loved her in her final moments. She is gone though. He is here and he loves her. Ava thinks that is too bad. She is going to kill him. He murdered her daughter and she was perfect in every way. It wasnít for her but himself. He is evil. She despises him. She has given this a lot of thought. She wanted to make sure he died but she wants it to be quick and painless. Something agonizing and to cause him pain as he bleads out.

Brad thinks that he should tell Shiloh the truth. Julian thinks he will tell no one especially him.

Jason figured that she would be at the tower. Sam honestly doesnít remember. He put her down on the table and she tired saying no but she couldnít move. He picked her up and tried kissing her. She could hardly breathe. Then he was gone and he was there. She asks what happened after that. Jason threw him down the stairs. Sam asks if he is dead. Jason hopes with any luck.

Margaux thinks that Shiloh would never do those things. Sonny is trying to warn her that Shiloh is a blackmailer and sex predator. He asks if Margaux has something on her. Margaux asks if he really wants to take this away from her. Sonny thinks that her mother and Scully made her a victim. She needs to face the truth.

Lucy thought that Laura promised Curtis a twenty minute head start. Laura didnít promise anything. Lulu runs in. She heard from Chase. She asks how she knew where Ava was. Laura says that Lucy provided the info on Avaís cabin. Lucy was heartbroken that Kevin had fallen for Ava. Laura reminds her that Kevin is her husband.

Ava thinks that Kevin knew exactly how he would act. Ryan is so predictable. Ava is sure that bullets will hurt more. Curtis runs in and begs her not to shoot. Curtis says that Jordan almost died. He needs to give Jordan a kidney.

Lulu thinks this is terrible. She has no idea that Jordanís condition was this serious. She asks why they think that Ryan would help Jordan though. Laura is not sure if the police will be able to bring him in alive. Lulu understands Ava. She would want them to shoot on sight. Lulu wonders if Ava or anyone will get real closure.

Curtis begs Ava to give him the gun. Curtis thinks that death is to merciful. They need to force this guy into a cage. He needs to die slowly. He will rot in a jailcell. That is the best revenge of all. Ava sobs in Curtisí arms. Chase walks in with the police. Chase arrests him.

Jason tells Sonny that Sam will be fine by tomorrow. Sonny pulled the equipment. Jason isnít sure this was worth it.

Sam thinks about Shiloh touching her.

Julian thinks that Brad will lose everything if he goes to Shiloh.

Sonny goes into Shilohís room. He wakes Shiloh up. Family first always. At any cost.

Brad doesnít know what to do. Julian wants to revisit this tomorrow. He needs to go home. He will not let anyone take away Wiley from Lucas.

Sonny thinks it is time he pays the price. The trip down the stairs was just the star. Terrible things will start happening unless he hands him Kristinaís pledge. He needs to think it over. Someone will be here in the morning to discuss details.

Sam continues to think about Shiloh trying to rape her. Jason sits down next to her and promises she is safe. He is not going anywhere. He hugs her.

Laura tells Lulu that Chase is making the arrest as they speak. Lulu wants to believe this time will be different. Laura promises it will be. There is no escape. He is going to prison and he will stay there.

Ryan thinks the only reason Ava couldnít pull the trigger is because he loves her. Ava picks up the knife and stabs Ryan.

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