GH Update Tuesday 7/24/18

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/24/18


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

Drew is looking at an article on Peter being found while he sits in the Metro Court. Margaux walks into hi with coffee. Margaux is sorry. She just has a civil suit today. She promises she is super careful when it comes to hot coffee. Drew is glad.

Nina shows up in Peter’s hospital room. Nina just wanted to make sure that he was ok. Peter thinks that she looks fantastic. Nina runs a fashion magazine. Peter recalls. He asks how she is. Nina is good. They just kept her overnight for a precaution. She is on her way home. Peter thinks it must be nice to have a place to go home too. Nina says that good news is that Obrecht is in custody. Peter cannot be sorry that she will be brought to justice. Nina points out that she helped her. He asks why he didn’t tell the police.

Kiki shows up at Alexis’ house. She shows her an article in the Invader all about how David is a respected doctor. She is exploiting him supposedly. Alexis thinks that Scott knows how to work the press. Kiki knows she is going to say that no one is going to believe it. Alexis thinks that people do read it unfortunately.

Julian runs into Ava and Griffin at the Metro Court. Ava wonders what he is doing here. Julian is doing some construction so he is staying at the hotel. Julian wonders if she has see the Invader. There is an article about Kiki’s lawsuit. Julian wants to talk with her sometimes. Ava says they will. Griffin asks what thoughts she is thinking about.

Chase is jumping rope at the gym. Jason walks over and wants updates on the plan. Chase thinks that Nelle needs to be stopped. Jason feels that it won’t matter if this costs Michael his life.

Michael asks where Nelle wants to go for the honeymoon. Nelle thinks it will depend on how she feels at the time. Nelle would feel better if her husband didn’t sneak off in the middle of the night. Michael has to deal with the Japanese markets. Nelle will tell Michael when she needs something. If he can’t give her something… Michael asks what she will do.

Drew knows that Margaux was staying here. Margaux is staying in the room that Peter was in. She wants to put him behind bars. She is shocked that everyone but the PCPD could find him.

Peter meant what he said. Nina is a kind and decent woman. The only reason that she went along with Obrecht is she wanted justice for her brother. Nina asks if he wasn’t just saying those things so that she would cut him loose. Peter knows that he is alive because of her. She saved his life. Valentin walks in. He thinks that if you save someone’s life then it is theirs forever.

Griffin asks how Julian could help with the lawsuit. Ava has no clue. They go into the next room and Ava decides they should go to Kelly’s. She spots Nelle and Michael. Griffin asks what is wrong. He wonders if she doesn’t want to be around either of them because Carly blamed her for being involved in her getting put away. Griffin wants to know what it is up.

Alexis promises that her case will be decided in a court room, not here. Kiki asks what her chances of winning are. Alexis thinks that the chances are very good. Kiki needs her to promise that she will be preventing David from going after anyone else. Alexis would be lying if she said the good guys always win.

Chase feels that Michael went into this knowing that there was risk. This is the best way to expose Janelle, secure the babies future, and get Carly out of Ferncliff. Jason feels that Nelle is not predictable. They will have no warning and no way to stop her.

Nelle believes that Michael has been distant since the wedding. Nelle just wants to be a good mother to their baby. She asks why he is treating her like an obligation that he has to put up with. Michael admits the marriage thing is new to him. Nelle needs them to be able to talk about these things. Michael is just worried about Carly. She will be in Ferncliff even longer. Nelle thinks that Carly must be the one thing they shouldn’t talk about. Nelle points out that Carly is not even here and she is coming between them. She is always there and he always chooses her. Michael has proven how much he loves her. Nelle keeps thinking about the night of the ELQ benefit. Michael points out that was a while ago. She remembers she showed up in the wrong dress and he wore a loud Hawaiian shirt just to help her out. She wishes that they could be in that place again.

Drew admits that he hired Peter to be the COO of his company. He entrusted the future of his company to this man. Drew says that he knew that Faison was coming after him. Maxie and Nina both were involved with him as employees. Margaux has to get going. She wants to hear the rest soon though.

Nina asks in what universe, her life belongs to Valentin. Valentin was talking about Peter. It looks like he might have repaid the debt that he owed her. Nina asks if he means by covering up with her for the cops. Peter thinks the best way to get away with something is to keep your mouth shut. Peter doesn’t want Nina to think about him for one more minute. She has better things to think about. Nina leaves. Valentin closes the door. He thanks him for covering for her. Peter thinks it is the least he could do after bringing his father in his life and taking her brother. He wonders about Valentin though. The man he thought was his friend, really destroyed his life.

Ava thinks that Griffin has been changing the subject. He shut down completely. Griffin was frustrated about not being able to get ahold of Anna. Ava thinks that he should keep his mouth shut about the papers that he ran. Ava promises that Griffin can tell her anything. Griffin kisses her. He has to go.

Nelle touches her stomach. She is getting a little reminder from the baby about why they need to be better. Nelle wants him to get back to the office. She thinks that her and the baby will be just fine. Michael kisses her and then leaves. Nelle gets out her phone.

Chase thinks that there is always a risk with a sting operation. Chase gets a text from Nelle. Jason wonders if she is going to ask his help to kill Michael. Jason wants to know what she says regardless.

Ava wants to know what Julian’s plan is to help Kiki. Julian says that he has no plan. He needs to withdraw his offer. Julian cannot get involved.

Kiki has read the statistics. Alexis knows that this is difficult but she has to be strong. Kiki doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Valentin doesn’t know how much more he could do. Valentin says that if there is ever anything he can do to help. Peter wishes he had an answer. He promises that one day he will be a free man again. He is sure that he will think of something.

Griffin spots Nina and asks what she is doing. Nina is going back to work. She cannot stay here. Valentin is already here concerned. Griffin needs her to promise not to go straight to work. Nina promises that she will try. Griffin needs someone to stay with her. Valentin walks over and says that it shouldn’t be a problem. Nina looks annoyed.

Michael asks what the punching bag ever did to Jason. Jason is glad that he is safe. He knows that she is setting his wife up to kill him. Jason assumes that game is on. Michael says it is.

Nelle is crying at the docks. Nelle tells Chase that everything that he warned her about turned out to be true.

Ava is shocked that Julian cannot help Kiki defend herself against a predator. Julian actually enjoys running Charlies. People actually like hanging out there. Ava asks if what he has going on is serious. Julian thinks that there is hope for all of them.

Griffin tells Peter once he finishes up his paperwork, they will not be seeing each other. Peter tells Griffin that he knows it was unfair of him to tell him to stay silent when he found out he was Faison’s son. Griffin made his own choices. Peter promises not to tell anyone about the paternity test. Griffin thinks the thing about a lie is that it makes it easy to tell another and another. Margaux would like a minute with Peter. Peter asks if he knows her. Margaux explains she is the district attorney. She wants to promise him that he will not be getting out of prison this time. Drew walks in. He wants to ask Peter a few questions. Margaux tells him he can be her guest because she cannot ask him any questions without a lawyer present. Drew thanks her. Drew knows that when he was in prison he offered to give his life back. He wants to know where the hell it is.

Valentin wants Nina to let him know when she wants Charlotte to come by. Nina thanks him for pulling her out of a burning barn. Valentin doesn’t need her thanks. Nina says that their relationship is broken beyond repair. It is like science, you don’t have to believe it or accept it but it still is. Valentin knows they are still in love and still alive. Valentin will show her everyday in smaller ways that he loves her. Nina doesn’t think it changes anything. Valentin thinks in her heart she wants it to be.

Michael keeps thinking about the baby, knowing that it’s mother is in prison. Michael feels that it is better than the alternative. Jason thinks that the child will feel loved and valued with Michael. They will trust him. Jason says his baby needs a loving mother not someone who will use him as a pawn.

Nelle realizes that Michael used her to secure parental rights, to take her baby away from her The child is being left everything. Nelle is going to be deemed unfit. She signed a prenup. Chase is a man of his word. He will take care of her. Nelle knows that the Quartermaine’s would never hurt her, but the Corinthos want to take her out. They want her gone and she is terrified.

Alexis asks what Kiki is going to do. Kiki will stay off the internet. Kiki thinks it be nice to wipe David’s smug look off his face. Alexis closes the door and looks desperate. She calls someone.

Julian is glad that Griffin keeps her happy. Ava says he does. Julian asks what is going on. Ava gets a call from Alexis. She asks what she can do her for. Alexis needs to see her right away. She will tell her as soon as she gets there. Ava is going to tell Alexis to go to hell in person.

Drew knows he claimed he had a flash drive with his memories on it. He assumes that was a lie. Peter was going to give it to him, but Obrecht dropped him. It was in his hotel room. He put it in an envelope. He wrote it in the dark. Margaux is going to leave them alone. Peter thinks if Obrecht hadn’t drugged him, he would have his memories. Drew knows he never intended to have his flash drive.

Nina thinks it breaks her heart that she will never have this again with him. She has no trust and honesty with him. He took an innocent child away from its mother. She cannot forgive him for that.

Nelle knows that she is the problem with Michael. Chase suggests that he tell Jordan.

Ava asks Alexis what is wrong. Alexis needs her help with something.

Griffin sees Kiki at work. Kiki thinks she is an idiot. She explains that she cannot get over the article that they published about David. This never goes away for her. She walks away.

Valentin will back off. He will give her the time and distance to miss what they have. Nina thinks that Peter needed hope. If he had a time machine he could have given a family who loved him. She asks if he could give that to Peter. He asks if he could give her, her brother back. Nina wants him to leave her alone. Valentin walks out. She holds on the doorknob. Valentin does the same on the other side. He lets go.

Peter begs Drew to listen to him. The flash drive is out there. Drew has his life and it is the only one that matters. Peter wants to make this right. He thinks it is the truth that the flash drive is out there somewhere.

Margaux asks an employee at the Metro Court if they have a lost and found. The person does. She shows the m it and Margaux finds the flash drive she takes it. She smiles.

Michael is not sure if the good he saw in Nelle was ever there. He hopes it wasn’t so that is then end of it. He thinks that if she did then the person is long gone. He is sorry if the person that she was isn’t there. Jason thinks that they need to keep the baby safe.

Nelle feels she is an obstacle that needs to be removed for Sonny. Chase promises that will not happen. Nelle asks how he is going to protect her. Chase can be resourceful. Nelle thinks that the only way for Michael not to become a widower is if she becomes a widow first.

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