GH Update Monday 4/9/18

General Hospital Update Monday 4/9/18


Written by Anthony

Joss is glad that Oscar has recovered. He was going nuts at home. Michael feels that it couldn’t have been that bad for him, with her visiting him every single day. Joss thinks that Michael should take her advice. Michael asks if he needs to go and visit Oscar. Joss wants him to stop being stubborn and get back together with Nelle.

Nelle asks someone on the phone if they want to get something to eat. She has worked up an appetite today.

Carly hears a noise and calls out for Morgan. She walks towards the door and grabs a bat.

Elizabeth thinks that they should be calling for backup and searching for Franco. An officer explains that he already called Jordan. Jordan walks into GH. She wants them all to take a breath. Elizabeth tells her that Jim took Franco.

Elizabeth’s car stops driving, and someone takes out a gun.

Carly closes the door to Morgan’s room and turns off the light. Someone opens the door and she goes to smack them.

Michael would like to know what would stop Joss from trying to fix things with Nelle and him. Joss feels he could try to make an honest effort to fix things with her. Michael thinks it is funny she uses the word honest. Joss reminds him that he is having a baby with Nelle. Michael knows. He thinks things are a lot better for him and Nelle. They are working together for their baby but they are over. Joss thinks he should at least try. They were clearly meant for one another. Michael doesn’t think that he and Nelle are ever getting back together. Nelle walks in.

Jordan wants to see security footage. She wonders if Jim was armed. Elizabeth says he was wearing scrubs and had a gun. Jordan guesses he was desperate. Drew thinks he was trying to get to Betsy. She saw him. Jordan asks how Betsy is now. Drew says she is sleeping. Elizabeth tells her that Jim took her car. She took Jake and ran. Drew explains the car was gone with Franco and Jim. Jordan is canvasing the area. Jim will try to kill Franco again.

Franco walks out of the car and takes Jim out of the trunk. Franco tells him they need to go. He points the gun on him. Jim struggles to stand up as his hands are tied together. Franco tells him to get up. He wants Jim to stand up now if he wants to live.

Joss says hi to Nelle. Nelle thinks it is a nice night out. Joss suggests that Nelle sit. She is going to go order something. Nelle believes that Joss is the most romantic person she has ever met. Nelle wonders if he is still staying at the Metro Court. She picked up a few gifts today, including one for him. She could drop it off tomorrow. Michael doesn’t think that she had to do that. Nelle admits that it is more for the baby. Michael thanks her. It was thoughtful of her. He asks if she wants to join them. Nelle is actually meeting someone here. Brad walks over and Nelle hugs him.

Carly asks Sonny why he is here. Sonny didn’t want her to be alone when the contractor came over. She has been a little jumpy. Carly almost hit him with a bat. Sonny was yelling and shouting. She had to have heard him. Cary was caught up. She shows him the broken picture of Morgan.

Jordan just saw the footage. Jordan says the angles don’t give them much. Jim and Franco don’t show them much. Scott walks over. He asks what is going on. Jordan says that Jim was here and tried to take Elizabeth and Jake hostage but now Franco is being held hostage by Jim. Scott saw the car on his way here. Jordan asks in which direction. Scott remembers the direction. Elizabeth wonders if he caught a glimpse of Franco. Scott thinks in control most definitely. Franco was driving the car and Jim was no where to be seen.

Franco pushes Jim on the floor of his studio. He thinks that Jim remembers his studio. The place that brought them together after all these year. Jim realizes that no one is around here. Franco wants him to check it out. His favorite painting survived without a scratch. Franco likes it here. For some reason, in his life it has been hard to feel safe but he feels safe here. Franco feels that they have a lot of work to do. Jim begs him not to hurt him again. Franco promises that he will not hurt uncle Jim. He used to really like it when he called him uncle Jim. Jim guesses they had some great times. He was a special kid. He really was. Jim guesses they got along a lot better than they do now. Jim doesn’t think any of this should have happened if he had protected him from his guys. He got scared and let his men take Franco and Drew away. Franco tells him that this is enough. He knows that is not what happened. It is not why they are here. They are here to talk about what happened on the stairs when he pushed Drew down a flight of stairs. Franco finally remembers what happened. He pushed him down a flight of stairs because of Jim. They are going to talk about what happened before the stairs. Jim thinks it was ancient history. Franco wants to talk about it. When he is satisfied he will put Jim out of his misery. Franco is going to kill Jim. Franco wants to talk about what really went on in that house. Franco knows he is never at a loss for words. He has heard all his words. Jim knows that he pushed Drew. Franco did push him but he wants to know why. He wants to be told. Jim thinks it is because it is his DNA. He terrorized that child. Franco doesn’t think that is true. He needed to keep Drew away from him. He asks if he remembers what that poor boys body looked like. Franco remembers better than he thinks. Drew is not so sure he does. He wouldn’t be so fired up to recall the past. Jim thinks he was so small in that hospital bed. Franco remembers Betsy staying with Drew at the hospital and Jim taking Franco home for the night. Franco remembers going to bed that night and trying to disappear. He remembers that he couldn’t. Jim walked in the room and has a toy for Franco. He was there so many times. When his mom was at work, when Betsy was sleeping. He would pat the bed sitting next to him. He would pat the bed two times. Always two times. One time it was daylight. He had to be quiet because no one could no. Not Betsy or Andy. Jim doesn’t think it is true. Franco thinks the thing that troubles him the most is that he thought he deserved it. Jim thinks that Franco needed a strong hand. Franco doesn’t think that they would be here if all he did was push Drew down a flight of stairs. He couldn’t let him molest Drew like he did him. Franco thinks that is the truth. Jim thinks that this is some bizarre fantasy. Franco was just a little kid. He used him and fowled him. Now he is going to say it. He came to him. He needed him and was there for him. All he ever did was love him.

Joss thinks that it is cute that Nelle and Brad are friends. Joss doesn’t think that Nelle will cause any trouble for Lucas and Brad.

Nelle got the coolest baby swing for the baby. Brad can change the speed and music from their phones. Nelle thinks the baby will hardly make a fuss. Brad reminds her that she got kicked all night long. Brad thinks that she is lucky to be able to get to hold her baby. He is terrified the birth mother is going to pull out. Nelle thinks that he needs to relax. She never sees Lucas. She wonders if he is avoiding him. Brad claims he is putting in as many hours as possible. Michael walks over when Brad is on the phone. He thinks that if Nelle is looking to make friends then she cannot do much worse than Brad.

Elizabeth tries to make sure that Scott is sure that he saw Franco and not Jim in the car. Scott saw them heading downtown. He wasn’t going to send the police chasing him if he is the hostage taker. Elizabeth wants to know why Franco wouldn’t go and get help. Scott has no idea why Franco does what he does. Scott thinks that he got mad seeing Jake and her getting manhandled by Jim. Scott is going to get Mac on this. He promises they will find him. Elizabeth wants him to hurry

Jim is sorry he hurt him. Franco wants to know how many children he abused. One day he showed up with a gift for Drew. He demands to know how many. Jim doesn’t remember. Franco thinks he remembers everything. He thinks he remembers every little detail. He remembers their favorite cartoon, and cereal was, the paint in their bedroom. Franco thinks he remembers every gift he ever gave them that was so special. He will not leave here alive without a full confession. He gives him paper and a pen.

Carly doesn’t know what caused the lights to go out or the noises. Carly thinks someone broke it. The same someone who left it in this room. She knows that someone did this to them. Carly doesn’t think that this is the first time that she got a message from someone about Morgan.

Sonny checked the circuit box and it was not tampered with. Carly knows the lights were out. She got phone calls, then she had a call with a guy saying he was here. Then she heard an explosion. Jason and she went to the police. Dante traced the calls to a payphone a little under two hundred yards from where Morgan was. A homeless man said that it was used by a young guy a few times. Then a scarf was on her desk that was torn ad dirty and had old blood on it. It looked like the one that Morgan used to wear. Sonny wants to see the scarf. Carly had to leave her office and the scarf was gone. Now this photo is shattered. Sonny asks if she thinks Morgan is alive. Carly doesn’t know but the common thread is their son. He can ask Jason. Sonny wants to know why she told Dante and Jason but not him.

Michael thinks that Brad gives a checkered past a bad name. Nelle thinks that people say much worse about her. He has been nothing but nice. She doesn’t get that a lot. Michael is just giving her all the past. Nelle thinks that Brad has been nothing but cool to her. If Lucas didn’t want him, then he wouldn’t be with him. If he is good enough for Lucas than he is good enough for her.

Elizabeth hasn’t heard a word from the sitter. She knows Franco wouldn’t bring Jim anywhere near the children. She cannot think right now. She doesn’t know why Franco didn’t just go to the police. Elizabeth doesn’t think he can shake the painting. Drew thinks if he is talking about the picture of him as a child then he has only seen a picture of it. Elizabeth guesses it got him to question everything. Drew asks if it is at her house. Elizabeth says he moved it. Drew wonders where

Franco asks if Jim is done. Jim shows him the confession. Franco cannot believe he did this to all these kids. Jim wonders what happens now. Franco thinks he has a spot. Jim assumes he wants him to go to prison. Franco assumes that what he did to him has expired. Franco promised he wouldn’t hurt him. He will kill Jim quickly. Jim thinks this is wrong. He knows he failed him. Jim thinks that his other victims deserve to hear him admit to the other victims what he did. Franco needs to make sure he never hurts anyone else. Jim deserves to be punished but if he is killed he turns into a victim. Franco thinks there is only a solution for Franco. He thinks that Franco will lose everything. Jim knew he didn’t have it in him.

Sonny understands why she tells Jason everything but why not tell him. Carly knows he was dealing with Mike. She thought she would have it handled by now. Sonny promises they will get through this together.

Nelle wonders where the waitress is. She is starving. Brad thanks Nelle for sticking up for him. Lucas’s family was hard to break into. He doesn’t feel like he measures up. Nelle doesn’t really care what people think of him anymore. Brad thinks highly of her and will think even higher when she becomes an awesome mom.

Michael should have just let Nelle be. Michael cares about Nelle, but it is not the same as loving someone. He should have figured that out earlier.

Scott is going to meat Mac at Kelly’s Elizabeth guesses that Drew had some place to be.

Jim and Franco struggle over control of the gun. The gun is dropped and the two fight each other. Franco remembers Betsy saying she is sorry. He sees Elizabeth reach out for him and young Drew give him the rabbits foot. Young Franco tells him to go to sleep. Franco passes out. Jim cannot believe he couldn’t leave this alone. He made him do this. They had a secret. He promised not to tell. Jim is shot in the back. Drew is the shooter.

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