GH Update Friday 3/2/18

General Hospital Update Friday 3/2/18


Written by Anthony

Carly takes photos of Joss and Oscar. Oscar cannot feel his face anymore. Joss asks if they are done. Carly tells Jason to take a picture of them all together. Carly needs to have a little chat with Oscar. Joss begs Jason to stop Carly. Jason wonders if she has ever tried to reason with Carly. Jason thinks she will be at the dance soon.

Drew and Sam are already at the dance. Drew asks if she wants some punch. Sam guesses it depends if it is spiked or not. Drew wants to be a bad kid and sneak off behind the bleachers. Lulu is trying to interview Kim about the dress code. Kim thinks that they wanted to have a dance so they could have a judgement free place to express themselves.

Nelle asks Michael if he is alright. Michael is just thinking about the future. Nelle wonders whose. Michael mans their baby and their own.

Curtis is doing pushups in his holding cell. Jordan guesses that is one way to pass the time while they wait. Curtis says hi to her. Jordan asks what is on her wall. Curtis says that it is a day notch. He didn’t put it there though. He asks when he is going to be released. He needs her to tail end Jim.

Elizabeth is shocked that Franco is not here. Epiphany hasn’t heard from him. Elizabeth has no calls. Epiphany doesn’t need her worrying yet. He is not late yet.

Franco demands that Jim tell him what happened. Jim thinks that Franco really needs to relax. He has himself worked up over nothing. Franco tells him that he and Drew were little kids. Franco is unraveled right now. Jim thinks he is a healthy guy and a woman who is waiting for him at the church. Franco will be the best possible human being he can be. Jim doesn’t think he wants to go digging into his past. That could end up hurting everything he has.

Valentin is on the phone with Nina. He is waiting for her when she is ready. Peter walks over. He needs a minute. He asks if Valentin knew that his father was sick. Valentin thinks that a pigeon could have told him that he was deranged. Peter says he had a brain disease that could have been passed on to him.

Carly asks if Oscar has the battery charged on his phone. She wonders if he is stocked up on the wine coolers. Oscar asks why she would ask that. Carly thinks that is a good answer. If they drink then there will be no her and Oscar.

Joss guesses that she is lucky. Michael would be so much happier if Carly didn’t get involved in his life. Jason thinks that is for him and Carly to figure out. Joss thinks that Michael and Nelle are having a baby together. It would be so much better for everyone if they were together. Nelle knows that Carly hates the idea of Michael and her. Joss knows it is for Michael and Nelle to figure out. Nelle has done some stupid things but it doesn’t make her a bad person. Michael does love her. They could give it another try. Oscar walks over. Their ride is here. Carly wants them to post pictures so she can follow the night. Carly cannot believe how grownup she looks. Jason thinks that she looks nice in the dress. Carly knows she wanted it really badly. When Joss wants something she is relentless. Jason looks at her. Carly knows… That is what scares her.

Michael spent the day with his grandfather and he is not doing good. Nelle tells Michael that she will always be here for him. Michael doesn’t think she can promise that. They need to think about what happens to their child if they die or cannot take care of the baby. They have to choose who will take care of the child if something happens to them. Nelle has no family. Michael guesses that means his family. Nelle really hopes that he is not suggesting handing her baby over to Carly. Michael has someone else in mind.

Epiphany wonders if Elizabeth is ready for this. Epiphany tells her that marriage to a self-sabotaging person is not going to be easy. Elizabeth knows in time he will be able to trust himself. Scott asks what the hold up is. The guests are getting restless out there. Elizabeth cannot start without Franco. Epiphany asks if he has any idea where he might be. Elizabeth will find Franco himself. Scott will find him.

Franco demands to know what happened. Jim was not with Betsy that long. He did care for her though. Franco thinks that there will be trouble here if he doesn’t tell him what happened. Jim will tell him the truth. He was there when Andy took his head down the stairs.

Joss and Oscar show up and are cheered on as they walk in. Lulu asks them a question for the PC press. Lulu thinks they deserve exposure. Oscar wanted them to have fun without anyone burdening them. Joss wanted to have a dance where everyone feels included. A young man says he wouldn’t have been welcome at the dance if it wasn’t for them helping him feel comfortable. It is a big deal for him. Lulu thinks she has her quotes and leaves. A boy walks in looking angry.

Franco thinks he was lying then. Jim chose the lesser of two evils. He should be grateful. If he chose the other evil and he wasn’t so discreate back then. Jim thinks he remembers what happened. Franco doesn’t remember. Jim thinks he feels it in his bones. That is why he is making him reveal these things. Jim says that Franco tried to kill Drew.

Curtis thinks that Jordan knows he is right about Jim. Jordan needs him to let go of the conspiracy theories. Jordan thinks he can speculate all he wants but without legal evidence she cannot prove anything. Curtis knows the guy shows up in PC and buys up most of Charles Street. He throws his support to a mayoral candidate who supports the changes. The street suffers a spike in crimes and plunges in quality of life. Jordan guesses he would drive up the property values and buy it cheap. Curtis thinks that Jim has something else planned. Curtis thinks this is about their community. She needs to do something before it is to late.

Carly thinks that Joss is so fearless. She went after the varsity volley ball team. Jason knows that is a big deal. Carly thinks it is huge. She is playing with girls who already have scholarships. She is giving it all she has. Carly doesn’t want Joss to make the same mistakes she did. She wonders what would have happened to her. She could have turned out like Nelle. Everyone, thinks he is to easy on her. Jason doesn’t care what everyone else thinks. Jason thinks everyone makes mistakes. That is how she is different from Nelle. She learns from her mistakes. Nelle doesn’t. Carly thinks that is what is the nicest thing ever. Jason has to get going. Nina walks over. She saw the post that Joss made on her IG. Carly wonders which account. Nina is confused. Carly says it doesn’t matter. Nina says that the dress is spectacular. They have it in the Crimson closet but it won’t even be ready until the fall. She wonders how she got her hands on it. Carly says that Nelle got it on a runway show that Nina sent her on. Nina never sent Nelle on a runway show. She was an assistant. Carly asks if the dress is still in Crimson’s closet.

Joss is dancing with Oscar and the boy keeps looking at them with anger. He takes out a balloon and calls them freaks. Red paint is all over Joss’s dress. Oscar punches the boy on the ground. Drew tells Oscar to get up. Drew informs him that everyone knows what he did who he is. He should call the cops if he doesn’t get out. Kim asks what he is thinking. Drew tells Oscar not to let the kid win. Kim thanks Drew for stepping in before things got out of hand. Sam and Lulu are trying to clean the dress. The boy walks over and asks if she is ok. He knows that the guy was aiming for him. Joss tells him that they can screw him. A girl cannot believe the idiot ruined the dance. The guy thinks that the dress looks kind of cool. Sam tells Drew that this went down fast. Drew wants to get the dance back on track.

Valentin has heard of Huntington’s disease. Peter knows that you go insane and then you die. They know that Faison went insane. Peter is not sure if he wants to know. Peter thinks that his father also left a will and Drew and Jason have a way to identify him if one of them dies. Faison left the bulk of his estate to his son. Nina walks over and thinks that man was a sick freak.

Nelle wonders if the baby was scared by Nelle. She is glad that Michael didn’t tell them to give her over to Carly. Carly won’t even be fit to raise a chia pet. Carly walks in and thinks she sounds crazy for talking to herself.

Michael didn’t need Jason to rush over. Jason was just talking with Carly. Michael wants to take care of everything for the baby in advance. He knows there is one thing they can set up in advance. Who will take care of their child if something happens to them. They want it to be Jason. There is no one he trusts more than him. Unless, it is asking to much. Jason would be honored.

Epiphany tells Elizabeth they are officially running behind. Scott checked with everyone at GH. No one is there. Elizabeth tells Scott he doesn’t need to check anywhere else. If Franco was running late he would have called or texted. He is not here because he chose not to be here.

Franco knows that is not what happened. Jim says that he was watching them while Betsy was at the market. Franco doesn’t think that is the truth. Jim looked for them and then he saw the basement door open. He was standing at the top of the steps. One second Andy is standing at the top of the stairs and then he was the bottom. He will never remember when he heard Andy hit the floor.

Sam and Drew get cheered on for their dancing. Sam has to go pick up the kids. Sam thinks he should stay here for Oscar. She wants him to bring on his dancing shoes. She loves him.

Nelle warned Carly about calling her crazy. Carly asks if she is going to go whining to Monica. Nelle thinks it is a real pity that Monica cares more about the baby than Carly does. Carly is over her using Joss to get to Michael.

Elizabeth doesn’t want the boys to be there when she makes the announcement the wedding is off. Elizabeth can handle this herself. Elizabeth has to get changed. Scott is really sorry. He hasn’t been right since all this came out about Drew and Jason.

Jordan put a call into a professor over at PCU. She wants a geologist to look at the map he found. She will know what Jim’s plans are.

Jim guesses that Franco knows now. Franco wants to think about this for a minute. Jim thinks that he can take his time. It has been hell holding this in for years. Jim hates breaking his promise. Jim thinks this is their secret now. No one else needs to know about this. Not Drew or his wife.

Michael assumes that Carly took a billion pictures. Michael sees things from a different perspective though. He probably looks at his babies ultrasound so much. Jason promised to take a picture of Michael every single day when Carly went away. He did. Sam walks in. She is here to pick up the kids. Michael has to go. Sam explains that Monica was watching Danny. Sam thinks if he wants to say goodnight to Danny he can.

Kim thinks that Drew still has the moves. She saw that once or twice. It reminds her of a night he served up some serious top gun moves. He was in his navy uniform. Kim thought it was a great night.

Oscar and Joss go into the back room.

Carly thinks that Nelle lies so much. Just like the dress thing. Nelle asks what is so wrong about her doing something nice for Joss. Carly wonders what is nice about theft. Carly knows she stole the dress out of the Crimson closet. She has a four figure bill coming her way. Nelle thinks that Crimson has hundreds of dresses. She took it for Joss. Carly thinks that she is trashy and pathetic.

Scott thinks that none of this would have happened if it were not for Kevin. Elizabeth encouraged him to work with Kevin. Scott thinks he was misguided a little bit. He couldn’t keep a secret. Elizabeth wonders what secret. Scott says a secret feeling he should have kept to himself. Scott can tell everyone the wedding is off. Elizabeth can do it. They are her guests.

Jim will never repeat this about him being here. Franco wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t. Drew will come for him. Elizabeth might learn what he was capable of doing. Franco wouldn’t hurt her children. He has been able to control his violent impulses. Jim suggests the tumor just enhanced what is in this.

Nina asks if Faison left the money to his son. Peter guesses that he did but they don’t know if it is Nathan or Henrik. Nina thinks it should go to Maxie. Peter thinks that Maxie has a strong support system. Nina doesn’t think it will get back a father for Maxie’s child.

Elizabeth looks at the ring. She remembers Franco proposing to her. Elizabeth knows she has to call off the wedding.

Jim wants Franco to realize what this could do to Elizabeth. Jim doesn’t think that he has to lose her. Franco asks what difference this would make to him. Franco thinks that everything he said was untrue. He thinks he is lying to him again.

Jordan will let him know what the professor says tomorrow. Jordan gives him a kiss and wants him to stay warm.

Nelle tells Carly that Nina doesn’t even know how to answer the phone. She thinks that Carly is reaching here. It is kind of desperate and sad. She is scared that this has all come back to bite her.

Sam didn’t have the courage to wake the children. Jason wonders if he should let Danny bring Annabelle the next time he comes to visit. Sam doesn’t think that is fair. Having the dog and him. She will never get him home.

Joss and Oscar go into the freezer. She asks why they are in here. Oscar wanted to be alone. Joss doesn’t feel cold at all. The room starts to shake and they get locked in.

Drew tells the kids to get under the table

Jason pushes Sam away from a window.

Jim falls to the ground.

Oscar and Joss try to get out.

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