GH Update Thursday 3/1/18

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/1/18


Written by Anthony

Julian finds Kim and Oscar. Julian is sorry to disappoint him and his friends but he is not able to have the dance at Charlies. Oscar doesn’t think that they can cancel on them. Three dozen people already confirmed on Myface. Kim explains that it is a plumbing issue and Julian has no control over it. Julian thinks that the only people who will be there tonight are the hazmat team. He wishes there was something he could do. Oscar doesn’t think that there is unless they can find another place in the next two hours.

Anna is on the phone with Andre. The ceremony for her and Finn won’t be long so he can just pack his bag. She thanks him so much for deciding to go with her. She probably should ask for help more often but that isn’t who she is. Anna runs into Finn. He asks if they are supposed to be at the station. Anna is shocked he remembered. Anna thinks before they go to the ceremony, there is something he should know.

Jim tells the police that Curtis is the man who broke into his office. Jordan thinks he is making a lot of accusations here. Jim wonders if this guy is related to her. Jordan says he is her former brother-in-law. Jordan asks what he is accusing Curtis of. Jim explains that this man was pretending to be part of his construction crew. Jim wants to know where he found the maps.

Ava and Griffin walk into the church. Griffin thinks it is incredible that Sonny is letting Ava have Avery tonight. Ava was tempted to bail on the wedding but she promised Franco she would be here. Griffin thinks that it is clear that she is a changed woman.

Elizabeth looks in the mirror and wonders what Epiphany thinks. Epiphany thinks that she is flawless. Someone, knocks on the door. Felix and Kiki are at the door.

Franco runs into Drew in a stairwell. Franco asks him to hold on a minute. He starts to remember his past. When he pushed Drew down a flight of stairs. Franco starts to sob and Drew asks what is wrong. Drew wants him to breathe. Franco is sorry. Franco wonders if this is the jitters. Franco remembers. He walks down the staircase. Drew wonders what he remembers.

Cam walk over to Kevin and asks if he has seen Franco. Kevin has not seen him. Cam explains that his car is not here yet. He is not answering his phone. Kevin is sure that he is just running late. Cam needs to talk to him when he gets here. It is a big deal that he is marrying his mom. She deserves to be happy and Franco needs to know that.

Felix pops open champagne. He thinks they are getting the party started. Elizabeth appreciates the sentiment but she wants to keep things low key. Felix will not let them ignore a toast between friends. Elizabeth thanks all of them for being here. Epiphany hopes that Elizabeth gets all the happiness she deserves.

Kim thinks that they have two hours. They can find a place. Julian tried getting into contact with places around him. They all are having plumbing problems. They will have to find somewhere else. Oscar knows that the Metro Court is booked now. Kim suggests the park. Oscar thinks the kids would just end up at the dance. Everyone, will still have fun except the kids they are doing this for. Oscar has to let Joss know. He thanks Julian.

Scott walks over to Ava and her gigolo. He heard the two are official. He wonders if she is a plus one or if he is going to perform the ceremony. Griffin is going to say a prayer for the bride and groom. Scott guesses he still prays. He wonders if smoke appears when they have sex. Scott asks about the fun. This guy has no personality. Ava thinks he is wonderful. Scott guesses if she is happy then he is happy. He thinks that he could make her an honest woman. Ava hopes.

Jim assumes that he printed out the photos he took when he broke into his office. Curtis doesn’t think he knows what he is talking about. Jordan needs hard evidence. Jim has security footage. He is friends with the mayor. Jim asks if she is going to do her job or demand she be fired.

Kevin says hi to Scott. Scott asks if he is going to congratulate the father of the groom or punch him for sleeping with his wife. Scott reminds him he is sleeping with his wife now. Kevin points out it is his ex-wife now. Scott would like to talk to him about the therapy appointments. Scott thinks that sometimes things should stay buried. Scott feels that Franco had a rough childhood. Scott wonders if he ever thought about why these memories would be blocked.

Franco thinks that they were just little kids. Kim calls and asks if they can talk about tonight. Drew asks if they are ok. Franco thinks they are going to be. Franco starts to think about the night he pushed Drew again. He told him to get downstairs. He remembers trying to help Andy up again. A man walked down the stairs asking what he did.

Jordan wonders if anything was stolen during this break in. Jim wonders if she heard him. It was the maps. Jordan did hear him. She wonders if this is the actual map that was stolen from his trailer. Jim guesses not. Jordan will return his property. If he does press charges, the paperwork and the court time would be a headache for him. Jim thinks that this could be a corporate sabotage. Curtis is not working for anyone. Jordan asks for Curtis’s phone. She wonders if he uploaded them anywhere. Jordan tells him to delete them. Jordan guesses now his company is not at risk. Curtis just deleted the pictures. Jim doesn’t believe those are the only photos. He wants Curtis locked up. Jordan places Curtis under arrest. Jim asks why there are no cuffs. Jordan tells him that there is no reason. She reads him is rights.

Finn thinks it must be serious for her to come all the way down here. Anna claims it is nothing. She didn’t mean it to sound like something. Anna thinks that obviously the ceremony is not open to the public. She has to leave early but Felicia and Mac wanted them to have a ceremony. So, if he wanted to bring a date they wouldn’t mind. Anna thinks that he could bring Alexis. Finn wouldn’t go unless she has a reason why he should. Oscar bumps into Anna and Finn. He is trying to arrange an alternative dance for his school. There is a strict dress code that is not fair to gender fluid kids. The dance is off though because of plumbing problems. Anna thinks she can help him. She gets on her phone. Finn says she is usually two steps ahead of mortals. Anna calls Mac.

Julian might try to get Ava to let him use her gallery. Ava owes him one. She owes him a few. Kim thinks that he has gone above and beyond for these kids. Kim appreciates him owning his baggage but he is not going to do that this time.

Kiki is going to find Franco. Epiphany will go with her. Elizabeth thanks Felix. Felix wishes he could have thrown her a party. Elizabeth knows they all have reservations about her relationship with Franco. She didn’t want to put them all in an awkward position. Felix doesn’t think they always have to see things the same way. He trusts Elizabeth. He knows there is good in Franco because she offered her heart to him. Felix wants her to stop crying.

Jim shows up to his office. He turns the light on and Franco is sitting on the ground. He thinks it is about time he showed up.

Jordan walks into the investigation room. Jordan cannot let him leave. She asks what the hell he was thinking. Curtis is trying to find where Betsy is. Jordan wonders what that has to do with Charles Street. Curtis thinks those maps have nothing to do with new construction. Jordan needs to know what is going on here.

Drew finds Kim and Julian. Kim tells Drew that he is off the hook for tonight. The venue fell through. Julian says that the hazmat team is cleaning up the kitchen right now. Julian will make some calls and maybe something will surprise him. Kim thinks that Drew is being harsh with Julian. He was trying to help. Drew is just in a bit of a bad mood. He had a run in with Franco on the stairs. Drew might just be looking to much into all of this. It turns out that he was raised with Franco as brothers as children. Kim asks if Franco has been able to help him out. Drew says no. Drew ask if he ever talked about his childhood with her. Kim thinks that they lived in the moment. She knew he grew up in a group home but that was it. She thought he was good at talking but just not his childhood.

Kevin cannot confirm or deny that Franco is his patient but he would never push anyone to do something to damage his mental health. Scott will hold whatever he does against him personally. He hopes he is making himself clear. Epiphany asks if either of them have seen the groom.

Jim almost got a heart attack. Franco is here to see him and he is always here. Jim says that Elizabeth was here last night to see if he knew where Betsy was. Franco is not here for that. Jim knows that he doesn’t remember him, but Betsy would kill him if he didn’t get him to the wedding on time. Franco is not going anywhere until he tells him why Betsy sent Drew away.

Drew wonders why his childhood was off limits. Kim knows he was fine talking about high school. How track got him into working out, how he got detention for bringing pizza to chem class. He didn’t want to talk about his family though. She thinks it is understandable. Oscar runs over. He found a new venue.

Finn has to say that the ceremony was surreal. Finn thinks this was a one shot deal for him. Ana thought his contribution was invaluable. Cassandra had to be stopped. She couldn’t have done it without him. Finn thanks her for saving him. Anna knows that he wouldn’t have enjoyed the party that Mac and Felicia were throwing as much as the kids would. Finn hates bullies. Finn thinks they make a good team in the eyes of the WSB. Anna gets a call. Anna says hi to Andrew. She will meet him at seven.

Cam wonders if Elizabeth is nervous. Elizabeth isn’t even a little. Cam wants Elizabeth to know she is the best mom ever. He is glad that she has someone to put her first. Elizabeth asks him to go find Aiden. Elizabeth thinks he is so mature. She doesn’t know where time goes. Elizabeth does wish one person would be here. Sabrina was the one person who didn’t judge her. Sabrina loved weddings. If she wanted to honor her then she has to have a good time tonight. She needs to dance those fancy shoes tonight. Elizabeth thinks about saying I love you to Franco for the first time.

Jim had no idea why Betsy gave Drew away. Franco realizes that Betsy told Jim that Drew was dead. Jim doesn’t know why he was mislead. They used to be at each other’s throats. Franco remembers.

Curtis does know a thing or two about a thing or two. Curtis had a geological survey of the earth beneath the buildings. There is no reason to go that far below with buildings. Jim has other plans for Charles Street. Or more accurately whatever is underneath.

Kiki finds Ava. She thinks she looks good. Griffin walks over. Ava says that Griffin was saying a prayer for Elizabeth and Franco. Griffin asks if she knows that Sonny has allowed her to have a sleepover with Avery. Kiki did know. Griffin goes into the church. Kiki guesses that Griffin doesn’t know that Sonny had to make a deal with the devil. Ava dropped the charges against his father. If he had any decency Sonny would have let her see Avery right away. Kiki thinks she did what she always does.

Anna tells Andre to come to the house and they will go the airport together. Anna needs one second. Finn doesn’t need an explanation. He should go. He is going to find a safe place for this. He wishes Anna a nice trip. Anna is still there.

Oscar says that he Floating Rib is open for them. Kim trusts that he will give the hosts respect tonight. Oscar already sent out a mass text to everyone except the chaperones. Julian will help Oscar get his decorations. Kim guesses that Drew is not off the hook then. Kim is sorry he cannot imagine his past. Drew thinks it is fine.

Elizabeth is glad that Epiphany is back. Epiphany tells her that Franco has not shown up yet.

Franco has been trying to remember why he pushed Drew down the stairs. Jim doesn’t remember anything. He thinks what happened must have been before he was out of the picture. Franco remembers Jim being there. He knows he is lying. He was there.

Jordan asks what the plans are for Charles Street. Curtis thinks the plans got Stella mugged. Jordan is going to call Alexis and get him arraigned in a few hours. Curtis has an idea. Since he is behind bars then Jim might slip up.

Franco has been working so hard to try and remember what happened that night. Now he knows what he knows. Jim didn’t even know what happened to Andy or that he pushed him down the stairs. Franco knows he remembered what happened. No one is leaving here until he hears Jim say it.

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