GH Update Wednesday 2/28/18

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/28/18


Written by Anthony

Sam walks downstairs with Scout. She says that the birthday girl is here. Drew says he wants to hold her. He says happy birthday to her. Danny wishes her a happy birthday as well. Molly and Alexis walk in and they wish Scout a happy birthday. Alexis takes Scout. Drew is really sorry about how the election turned out. Alexis guesses the people have spoken. Monica then shows up. Danny tells Monica that Scout is one. Monica knows and thinks it is a big day. Monica tells Alexis that as pleased as she is for Ned, she feels that Alexis would have made an excellent mayor. Monica gives Drew a present for Scout. It was Lila’s. Drew tells Monica that every time she comes she doesn’t need to bring a family gift. Monica thinks that she does because he is family. Oscar then shows up.

Kim asks Julian where all the customers are. Julian explains that she of all people should know that he closed for the day for a private party. Kim thinks it was generous of him to let Oscar and Joss have their party tonight. It never occurred to her that he would lose an entire day of business. Julian didn’t want to have to kick anyone out when the kids came to decorate. Kim thanks him again for allowing this. Julian thinks the first fifty thanks were enough. Kim thinks he is a good guy.

Sonny shows up at Ava’s gallery. She wonders if she can help him. Sonny thinks that she can help him. Ava asks how his father is. Sonny thinks that he is confused and scared. He is an old man with Alzheimer’s. He is counting on him to get him out. He needs Ava to help him.

Michael shows up at the PCPD to escort Mike to his arraignment. The desk clerk explains that he is in questioning. Michael wonders if his lawyer is here. Jordan walks over. She moved him because was getting a little out of it. She thought he could use the company. Jordan thinks that Alzheimer’s is hard for everyone involved. Michael walks into the other room. Mike tells Michael that he has to go home. Rita will be worried sick.

Carly lets Rita into Sonny’s house. She explains that she is Mike’s daughter-in-law. Rita has heard so much about her. Rita explains that Mike sent her Valentine’s roses but then didn’t call her at all and then Sonny said that Mike will have to stay longer in PC. She thinks it is great that Mike has reconnected with his family but she really wanted to see him. She wonders if he is here.

Kiki asks why Franco is here. He is getting married in a few hours. Franco left something in the art therapy room. Kiki thinks he is having jitters about getting married. Franco is not hesitating. Elizabeth means everything to him. Kiki thinks that the self-doubt and pity are over. He needs to close the chapter in his life and move on. Kiki is going to go get Ava and they will see him at the church. She will be on the grooms side.

Kim had a dog when she was growing up. She used to bark at all the biggest dogs on the street. She assumed it was a warning. Julian doesn’t bark but he does bite. Jim walks in. He wants a dozen cups of coffee to go. Julian assumes he missed the sign. They are closed for a private party. Jim thinks he can make a few cups of coffee. Business is business. Kim will get him a coffee to go just for him on the house. Jim thinks it is a deal. Jim is making great progress. If anyone wanted to sell the offer is on the table. Julian thinks he has an issue on the word no.

Curtis needs Jordan’s opinion on something. Jordan is listening. Curtis shows her the map of Charles Street. Jordan is assuming they are public. Curtis shows her where the white part is. Jordan asks where he got these. Curtis tells her to skip that. They need to focus on what all of this means. It is nothing good.

Mike thinks that his memory is still sharp. Michael remembers him and Morgan serving coffee at Kelly’s. It used to drive Carly crazy. Mike asks what were the white things he used to use to build things with. Michael assumes creamers. Mike thought those were good times.

Ava is not without compassion. Ava thinks the situation is complicated. If she doesn’t press charges then the insurance company will not cover the cost of the statue. Sonny promises to cover the damages. He will do whatever he has to do. He wants to know what it will cost to make this go away.

Franco tells Kevin that he can either tell Elizabeth this life altering secret or he could tell the truth now and lose her right now. Kevin thinks he is convincing himself to keep the secret. Franco needs him to tell him to keep the past in the past.

Oscar read all the labels and the toy he got is perfectly safe for Scout. Drew thinks that Scout appreciates it. Oscar is sorry he cannot stay for long. He has to go work on the dance for tonight. Drew wonders if the parents are ok that the dance is at a bar. Oscar says they are only serving punch and soda. He knows that Kim will chaperone and Carly and Michael will be there. It is just their first dance and he doesn’t feel like dancing in front of his parents. Drew assumes he wants chaperones who are not them. Drew thinks he might be able to help. Drew asks Sam to chaperone Oscar’s dance tonight. Sam never really thought of herself as a chaperone kind of person. Drew thinks it is either them or Carly and Michael watching the first dance. Sam asks Monica if she can drop the kids off tonight. Monica doesn’t mind.

Ava hands Sonny paperwork. Sonny says she will get the cash for Mike’s release. Ava thinks it is sad that Mike will never be able to be a proper grandfather for Avery. She thinks it is best that they are kept apart until Mike’s care situation is taken care of. She thinks it might be a perfect opportunity for her to have a sleepover with Avery. She is dropping charges for his family. He should really be able to do the same for her.

Rita wonders why Mike is not here. Carly thinks he is out with Sonny. She doesn’t know when they will be back. Rita suggests that she just give them a call. Carly says they cannot come back. She should talk with Sonny first about this. Rita is shocked she needs clearance from Sonny to talk about it. Rita has not talked with Mike. She asks if this has to do with what happened in the city. Rita believes that Mike didn’t steal the money. Rita wonders what the hell is going on here. Carly doesn’t think it is her place to say. Rita thinks it is obviously bad. Rita would like some honesty. Carly admits that Mike is ill.

Franco has had a dream where him and Drew are at. The top of the stairs. He was telling Drew to go down but he wouldn’t. He wanted him to go with him. Drew didn’t want to go. Franco told him to get down. He wouldn’t go down the stairs. So, he made hi go down the stairs.

Kim gives Jim his coffee. Another person walks in. Julian says they are closed. Jim informs him that they are with him. Julian tells him that the coffee is to go but that is it. Kim tells Julian to remember that bullies can be dealt with easier. The man tells Jim that the shift is short. He wants to know where the guy that he saw yesterday in his trailer is. Jim asks why.

Curtis shows Jordan that there is only so much that can be done on the land they are using. He asks what he is missing.

Mike knows what Michael is doing. He is trying to check to see what is going on upstairs. Mike is not bothered with how things are going. One day he will not remember. Mike knows that he will though. The diner and everything. He will remember for him. Mike promises that he always will. Mike asks how long they have to wait for Morgan to get here.

Ava asks if this is so terrible. Sonny could easily take what she has away. Kiki shows up. Sonny heard she got into medical school. Kiki did. Sonny congratulates her. Ava wishes the best for his father’s health. Kiki asks what just happened. Ava thinks that they managed to find common ground.

Franco didn’t make this up. He pushed Drew and remembered what it felt like to push him. Kevin thinks that these memories seem real to him. They are clearly disturbing. Franco has to carry this stuff around with him in his head. Franco saw Drew with Harvey. He thinks that Drew is going to remember that he pushed him.

A delivery person drops off a teddy bear and photo for Sam. Sam reads the card and it is from Julian. Molly cannot believe he is sending gifts. Alexis asks if they really need to make a federal case of this. Sam doesn’t want Julian in her daughter’s life.

Julian tells Jim he needs to go. Jim thinks they need to go and check the security cam.

Mike asks where Diane is. He has to say sorry but doesn’t know what. Sonny tells Mike there is no court because it is all handled. Sonny tells him that Ava took care of it. Sonny asks Jordan if she knows about this. Jordan is just filling out paperwork. Jordan thinks that he is free to go. Sonny thinks they are going to go home and he is going to take a shower and he will make the pasta he loves so much. Mike thanks Jordan. Sonny thanks Michael a lot for watching Mike. Michael is shocked that Ava dropped the charges. Sonny admits this is going to cast him.

Rita knew he was a little forgetful. He would be gone for to long and forget what he was gone for. Carly says the hospital ran the tests and it was confirmed. Rita guesses it won’t get better. Carly thinks the days of Mike feeling lost and confused and it will only increase. Rita thought that Mike could charm anyone. He could get free pastries from anyone. Rita doesn’t want Mike to know that she was here. Carly knows that Mike will need a lot of support at home. Rita is sorry. She is out. Carly wonders what she means. Rita is a bartender. She is not a nurse. She had a great run with Mike. She is not his wife. Rita is a recovering gambling addict. She has to be honest with herself and others. She knows what she is capable of and what she is not. She knows that her and Sonny will take way better care of Mike than she ever could. Rita is so sorry.

Julian gets on his phone. He asks how fast they can get a hazmat unit in here.

Franco wonders how this is a good thing. Kevin suggests that him and Drew need to use each other to find the truth.

Alexis has a present for Scout. She asks if Sam wants to open it. Sam opens it and it is “To Kill a Mocking Bird.” Alexis thought about getting a first edition but she wanted her to love the book like she did. She wants people to think that she could actually change the world.

Julian shows up at the PCPD and he wants to file a complaint. Sewage is backing up into his business. Jordan thinks that without proof of a crime he has a coincidence. Julian realizes he is about to disappoint a bunch of kids. Curtis shows Jordan the map. It involves Charlies. He asks why it is still included on the map. Jordan asks if he would really cause a crime just to get what he wants. Curtis thinks the guy is dirty.

Kiki wonders if Ava is going to tell her what is going on or if she has to call Michael. Ava thinks he is not an unbiased source. Ava tells her that Sonny’s father broke a new piece. She didn’t know who he was. Sonny is paying off the statue. Kiki asks what she is not telling her. Ava tells her that Avery is having a sleepover tonight. She hopes she can join them.

Oscar tells Kim that Drew and Sam are going to chaperone instead of Michael and Carly. Kim is sure that he will be great. Kim tells him to be around there at six thirty or seven.

Franco asks why he needs to help figure out his past. Kevin thinks that he needs to help recognize that his memories are only partial. Kevin thinks that he might be back to square one in not knowing about his past. Franco is sorry. He is helpful for him. He will never figure this out before the wedding. He will marry Elizabeth and then figure it out. Kevin knows it is his choice. Franco loves Elizabeth. He is pretty sure she loves him. They are going to get married.

Kim asks if Oscar had a good time at his sister’s birthday. Oscar thinks she was so cute. It was cool to be around all these people who are his family now. Kim thinks it is ok if he thinks his family has expanded. He is just glad his family has expanded. Julian walks over. He is sorry to disappoint them but they cannot hold the dance at Charlie’s tonight.

Curtis thinks they need proof that Jim is responsible for this. They just need to figure out what. Jim shows up wanting to report a break in at his construction site. Jim says that Curtis is the guy. He wants him arrested.

Carly asks how Mike is. Mike had good company. Michael will take Mike upstairs. Carly tells Sonny that Rita was here. She had to tell her about Mike. She was shocked and devastated. She cannot take care of him. Sonny thinks that is rough. Carly wonders what they do.

Kiki cannot believe Ava used that poor man to get Avery. Kiki cannot believe she used Morgan’s illness and now Mike’s. Ava is not a bad person for wanting to see her child. She saw an opportunity and she took it. Ava will maybe be able to spend fifteen hours with her daughter. If she hates her methods then blame Sonny.

Drew runs into Franco. Franco asks him to hold and and touches his back on a staircase.

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