GH Update Tuesday 2/27/18

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/27/18


Written by Anthony

Dante asks Lulu what she brought him. Lulu explains that if he is going to be stuck here all night looking after his grandfather, the least she can do is smuggle in some food for him. Lulu wonders how Mike is doing. Dante says that he is sleeping right now. It is funny, to see him. You would never know. Lulu is not sure who she feels worse for. Mike or Sonny. Lulu realizes there is really nothing that you can do to help them through the suffering. Dante thinks the bright side is that she quit her job and can start mending fences.

Peter walks into Nina’s office where Maxie is passed out. Peter wonders why she is back at work. Maxie thinks that Nina already gave her that lecture. Peter thinks it is way to soon. Peter wonders when the last time she ate was. He wants to order dinner.

Anna finds Felicia at the Floating Rib. Mac told her that she was here. Felicia admits that Maxie went back to work to stop thinking about Nathan. She decided to come to work to stop worrying about her daughter. Anna has to tell her something. She needs Maxie to know but she wanted Felicia to know so that she could have someone to talk about it with, Felicia is scared. She wants to know what Maxie needs to know.

Franco wonders why out of all the things they are not honoring, the not seeing each other the night before their wedding thing still stands. Franco does realize that it gives you time to run away. Franco doesn’t like that. He is actually jealous a little bit. Elizabeth thinks that it means he only has to spend one night with his dad and then they are together forever.

Curtis and Drew meet at the Floating Rib. Curtis wonders what happened to Drew’s hand. Drew explains that he was changing the tire and the whole thing split around his hand. Drew thinks that is messed up. Curtis tells him that there is still a chance for Drew to leave if he wants. Jim walks in and walks over to the bar. He has a pick up for twenty-five cheeseburgers. Curtis is leaving. Drew walks over. Jim thinks it is good to see him. Drew wonders if he has a minute.

Dante thinks that Lulu really went all out. Lulu of course did. He always comes home to her. She is really lucky. Dante knows she is upset about Maxie and losing Nathan. He is not going anywhere though. Lulu will never take that fore granted. She cannot give up a career that means so much to her. Dante assumes that Peter convinced her to do this.

Peter suggests that at least one of them should be eating. Maxie cannot believe he is going to play up the babies health. Maxie will eat for the baby. Peter tells Maxie that she should go home and sleep. Maxie suggests having the hotel send up a cot. Her apartment reminded her way to much of Nathan. She even got rid of everything that reminded her of him. She forgot the entire apartment was. Maxie thinks that Nathan is everywhere but here. Peter thinks that he gets it. All her worst memories are at home. She should be able to deal with anything though. Maxie wonders what awful things that Peter has had to go through.

Anna really doesn’t want Maxie to have to go through one more awful thing. However, Huntington’s Chorea cannot be ignored. Felicia wonders if she thinks that he passed it down to Nathan. Anna guesses there is a fifty percent chance. Anna feels that if Nathan was still with them then he would probably want the baby to be tested. Which means they have to have the baby tested. She needs to know. Felicia will tell her. It has to be her mother who does this. Anna agrees.

Elizabeth asks if Franco is making progress with Kevin. Franco thinks that it is hard to deal with a history as complex as his. It is hard to gauge the progress. Elizabeth thinks that after the I do’s he has to tell her everything. She thinks that keeping secrets and keeping to yourself are two different things. Franco wonders which is which. Elizabeth thinks that if there is something she needs to know and he is hiding it, then she thinks that is hiding. Scott walks over and wonders where the bachelor party is. Franco tells him that since he is the best man, that is his job. Scott will go to his black book and look for strippers. Elizabeth doesn’t think they need that. Scott has a letter for Franco. Elizabeth tells him to open it. Franco does and it is a card. It is congratulating him on his upcoming wedding. It is from his mother.

Drew thinks that he might have gotten off on the wrong foot with Jim. Jim doesn’t want him to think anything of it. Drew didn’t really think of Jim as a hands on kind of guy. Jim is overseeing things. Drew is the same way at Aurora. Jim asks what he is working on that might be of some interest to him. Drew thinks that with all that is going on he should get together with him and Sam. Jim thinks they should meet with him at the end of the week. Jim asks if he can get a rush on the order. The waitress will check. Drew suggests that they might be friends again one day. He knows that all those years ago, he knew him as a child. Jim knows he has a big blank space of where his memories used to be. Drew admits it is a big blur. Jim asks if he thinks that he has answers. Drew doesn’t know. Drew cannot figure out, why a woman who loved him as her own son would give him away. Jim thinks that she did. Betsy loved both of them. Drew asks why she would send him off to an orphanage then. He thought, maybe he would have the answer to that.

Curtis goes into Jim’s office. A man follows him in wondering what he is doing.

Lulu was all set to quit after Nathan. Peter pointed out that if it hadn’t been for what she wrote, her reporting, Faison would still be out there. Nathan was on board with this. He knew the risks. Nathan did what he though he had to, to protect his wife and child. Dante agrees with that. Lulu does have a calling and if she gives up on that then Faison wins. Dante asks if there is a possibility that Peter is using her.

Maxie thinks that Nathan died. He didn’t pass or go anywhere. He died. She asks what happened next with Peter. Peter had to relook at his life. He had to decide what mattered and what didn’t. He realized he might be happier elsewhere. Maxie sees that he is still here. Peter realized he was better off staying. Maxie thanks him for being honest with her. Maxie thinks that men like him are either over compensating or delusional. Peter is definitely category A. Maxie wonders what made him stay. Felicia walks in. Maxie assumes she is here to drag her home. Maxie is fine though. Felicia is crying. Maxie wonders what is wrong.

Curtis claims he is a new higher. The man wants to see his ID. Curtis says he has ID. Curtis says that Jim wanted to check some specs. Curtis has a fake ID. Curtis starts to go through drawers. He looks through a cabinet next and then blue prints. Curtis takes a picture of them.

Jim explains that he and Betsy parted ways, long before she gave him up. Drew assumed that. The waitress brings out Jim’s order. Drew tells Jim that him and Franco don’t really remember being friends together. He wonders if Jim knew of a sign that would be why they gave him up. Jim knows that him and Franco used to bang heads all the time. Nothing crazy. Just kids stuff. Drew assumes it was bad. Jim remembers them going at it.

Franco wants to know how Betsy knows about this wedding. Elizabeth explains it is getting late and she has an important day tomorrow. She will be spending hours getting ready. Elizabeth tells Franco goodnight. Franco will see her tomorrow. He loves her. Elizabeth loves him as well. Scott assumes that Franco hasn’t told her

Anna tells Andre they need to stop meeting like this. Anna explains that this is about the baby. It is a matter of life and death.

Peter will let them have privacy. Felicia tells her that she just spoke with Anna, and they found something in his autopsy. He has Huntington’s disease. Faison had a number of these symptoms. Maxie knows that Nathan is gone so he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. Felicia explains that it could have been passed on to his grandchildren.

Franco didn’t tell Elizabeth. Scott is glad. Franco guesses for the time being things are fine. Scott assumes that the man who said honesty is the best policy clearly was never married. Franco is having other memories of his childhood. Scott feels what happened has happened. He has a life and he needs to live it. Scott doesn’t think that he volunteered to let Kevin use him as a test subject.

Drew tries to call Curtis to warn him. Drew tells him that he stalled him as long as he could. He needs to get out as long as he can.

Elizabeth is in Jim’s office.

Lulu tells Dante that she is keeping her job. Dante guesses he doesn’t get to have an opinion. Lulu wonders what his opinion is. She assumes he thinks that she is a terrible reporter. Dante thinks she brought change to the city. Dante doesn’t think she listens to anyone though. Lulu thinks that her editor wanted her to write for pet shows. Dante knows she didn’t though. She went over her head to go to Peter. Lulu thinks that Peter uses her as a puppet. Lulu makes her own damn choices. Dante reminds her that Nathan is dead and she almost died. Lulu thinks that he does that every time he leaves the house. Dante thinks it is different. He almost lost her and lost Nathan.

Maxie assumes that Nathan was one of the lucky people who didn’t have the disease Felicia explains that it doesn’t occur until you are thirty to forty. Maxie cannot believe that her child might still end up being harmed by Faison.

Curtis walks back into Charlies. Drew asks if Jim caught him. Curtis was long gone by then. Curtis is here. Curtis wonders what happened. Jim feels something weird whenever he is around Jim. Drew guesses that he and Franco used to bop when they were kids. Curtis might have another lead.

Elizabeth congratulates Jim. Jim remembers her being for Alexis. Elizabeth does appose the redevelopment. Elizabeth thinks that he won fair and square. Jim thinks that PC is the real winner. Elizabeth is here because tomorrow is her wedding day. Jim congratulates her. Jim asks if there is anything she needs. Elizabeth needs Betsy.

Andre thinks that is a ticking time bomb. Anna needs to tell her daughter, so she knows and for any future children she might have. Andre asks how she plans on finding her after all this time. Anna doesn’t know. She didn’t even know if it was a boy or a girl. Anna has no idea what her name is or where she even lives. They are strangers. She made such a mess of everything.

Felica thinks they need to find out if the baby has the gene. Maxie wonders why she needs to find out before the baby is born. She wouldn’t get rid of the one thing that she has left of Nathan. Maxie has to get back to work. This issue is not going to finish itself. Felicia wants her to get sleep. Maxie is fine. Everything, is fine. Maxie begs her. Felicia wants Maxie to call her. She doesn’t need a reason.

Elizabeth would love for Betsy to be at the wedding, but they have not been able to find her. She was hoping he would have an idea where to find her. Jim has been out of touch with Betsy for a long time. Jim asks why he might have been in contact with Betsy. Elizabeth explains that she went a card today.

Curtis thinks that when someone makes a fast get away then they leave stuff behind. Betsy didn’t do that. Betsy didn’t have the money to make a clean get away. Drew doesn’t think that Franco is behind Betsy disappearing.

Scott told Franco to stay away from Kevin. If he goes around in his mind he will find something. Franco is helping Kevin with research. Scott thinks that he is about to marry a beautiful girl tomorrow. He should ask himself, what his father would do. He would hope he would do the opposite.

Jim doesn’t think it is every day that a bride to be tracks down the future mother-in-law. Jim thinks that the boy he knew way back then, it blows his mind. He grew up to be a famous artist and is now marrying the girl of his dreams. Jim wishes them both nothing but happiness. Elizabeth thanks him.

Scott tells Franco he is taking an uber. He doesn’t know what will happen with Franco. Franco is ok. He would like to thank Scott for being his dad and standing up for him. Franco thinks he is his favorite relative.

Curtis wonders who greased the wheels for Betsy to go away. Drew thinks it was Jim Harvey. They need to prove it.

Jim gets on the phone. He informs them that what they did was very stupid.

Lulu is going to leave. She wants Dante to get Mike his food. Lulu does love Dante. Dante loves her too. The two kiss.

Anna is just going to treat this like any other missing persons case. She will go to Brussels and find out where the child is. She can be there by morning. Andre will go with her unless she has an objection.

Peter asks Maxie what Faison did. Maxie says nothing. Faison is just as much of a victim. Peter doesn’t think that could be true. Maxie explains that Faison has Huntington’s disease, it has a slew of terrible symptoms. There is a fifty percent chance that Faison passed it on to his children.

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