GH Update Monday 2/26/18

General Hospital Update Monday 2/26/18


Written by Anthony

Chase informs Sonny that his father committed a crime. Sonny tells Chase that his father doesn’t know what he is doing. He was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Chase is sure that this is difficult for him. Sonny doesn’t think that it has to be. Sonny will compensate Ava and this whole thing will be over. He just has to take his father home tonight. He didn’t know where he was going. It was an accident. He wants Chase to put himself in his shoes. Chase explains that Mike was trespassing, and he has a record. He cannot just let him go.

Ava admits that she wanted to tell Griffin that she loves him. So, now he can say whatever it is that he wants to say. Griffin is flattered but he doesn’t know how to respond.

Oscar asks Julian if he is sure that it is ok they store something at the pub. Julian already made room for it in the store room. Joss thinks that is Julian. Always going the extra mile for others. Oscar reminds Joss that he is helping them out. Joss is grateful for that and only that. Julian understands. Brad walks in. Joss is so happy for him and Lucas. Brad is here to tell Julian that he and Lucas are adopting a baby. Oscar wonders how she knows that guy. Joss explains that is her uncle’s husband and they are adopting a baby. Nelle walks over. She asks what the mysterious surprise is she has for her. Nelle thinks that she will love it.

Dante informs Jason that Morgan died two hundred yards from here. The car he was driving blew up. Jason is sorry. Jason assumes that Carly didn’t know the location of the phone until they traced it. Carly has been receiving multiple calls from this number. Jason is going to check on something. Carly doesn’t think she is imagining things. Carly knows the difference between static and a bomb. Carly wants to put the phone under surveillance. Dante doesn’t think there is enough reason to do so. Carly suggests dusting for finger prints. Dante wonders if she knows how many people have used this phone over the years. Carly thinks it is worth a shot to figure out what the hell is going on.

Sonny asks when Chase expects Dante back. Chase has no idea. Sonny doesn’t think that Ava will be an issue. They are associates. He needs his father out of here tonight. Mike tells them that he had to change his name. He assumes that he doesn’t know who he is talking to. Mike asks if he has ever drank Corinthos coffee. Chase wonders if he is Sonny Corinthos. Sonny says it is nice to meet him. Chase knows that he is the most powerful crime boss in New York. He wonders if the two of them have an understanding. Sonny doesn’t that is why he wants to see Dante. He wants to see him because he is his son.

Griffin doesn’t want to hurt Ava. Ava doesn’t think she has been hurt. He is being honest. If he were to say that he loves her then she wouldn’t believe him anyway. If he is truly flattered then hold it around as a gift. If it is a burden then let her down easy and say it right now.

Joss opens a box of shoes and thinks that the shoes are perfect for her dress. Joss thinks that she officially saved the day twice now. Joss thinks that Carly will freak when she sees them. Nelle isn’t so sure that it will be a good thing. Joss wonders what she means. Nelle knows that Carly wasn’t so thrilled about her giving Joss the dress.

Brad explains that Lucas didn’t really want to see Julian, so he volunteered to handle it. Julian asks what he has to handle. Brad needs him to make it clear to whoever asks that he will not be a part of their child’s life.

Dante could try to dust for some prints but a lot of people have used it over the years. Carly needs to figure out what this is. Jason walks over with a man named Cal. He has a camp set up. He says that someone has been coming up here the last months making phone calls. Carly wonders if he can give them a description.

Chase is shocked that Dante is his son. He assumes that Dante often looks the other way when it comes to his dealings. Sonny tells him absolutely not, This has nothing to do with his dealings. Dante would understand that his father is not well and would let him go. Chase might have too, if it weren’t his first week on the job but he has to go by the books on this. He is sorry. It is for a judge to decide what happens. Sonny is going to call his lawyer. Chase thinks it is to late to get the DA out of bed. His father is stuck here until morning.

Griffin loves being with Ava. He just doesn’t know what falling in love means. He couldn’t fall in love before. He thinks about Ava every day. The thought of being able to see her after a long day. It brings a huge smile to his face. Griffin is forced to examine is love and his heart. He wants Ava to know it is because of her that he is changing. Griffin wouldn’t have things any other way. He is terrified.

Dante needs Cal to give them any details that he might have. Carly thinks any details is important. Cal says that they were young with nice clothes and hair. Jason wonders if it was a man or woman.

Nelle assumed that Carly told Joss about this so she can forget it. Joss will not forget it. She asks if Carly was mad at her because of the dress. Nelle guesses she thought she was trying to manipulate her. Joss assumed she was just doing something nice. Nelle thought that giving her the dress would give her and Carly peace. Carly wasn’t having it anymore than when she wanted to name the baby Morgan.

Brad needs Julian to promise that he and Lucas are estranged and he won’t be involved in the child’s life

Joss is in awe of naming the baby Morgan. She thinks that would be… Joss just thinks it is weird to her. In her mind there is one Morgan. Her Morgan. Nelle guesses she hates the idea. Joss doesn’t but can understand why Carly would.

Cal claims it is a guy. Jason wonders why he wouldn’t use a cell phone. Cal thinks that he is after pills. He apparently, needs a refill. Jason guesses he is looking for his dealer. Cal knows the guy isn’t happy about it. Jason wonders if he saw an explosion here tonight. Cal said a big one.

Sonny explains to Mike that Diane said the same thing as the detective. Mike wonders if she is not coming. Sonny says not tonight. Mike asks about Dante. Sonny hasn’t been able to get a hold of him. Sonny asks if he has any idea when he is coming back. Chase says it is time to get him downstairs. Sonny promises to bring Mike back tomorrow morning. He cannot stay in a cell all night by himself. Mike wants to go home now.

Griffin knows that Ava was so vulnerable. Now she is herself again. Griffin is just afraid he might not be enough. His drive and passion might not be enough for her. Ava wonders if he is breaking up with her.

Julian guesses he is asking him to never have a relationship with his grandchild, so he can have a family. Brad thinks that his criminal past could hurt them from being parents. They cannot risk it.

Joss does see where Carly was coming from. Nelle doesn’t. She was trying to do something generous. She was trying to honor the son she loves. Joss doesn’t want to bring up bad memories but that is when it all happened. Joss thinks that is when they were all drowning in grief over Morgan and that is when she did all that stuff with Sonny. Nelle was in a bad place. Joss knows and they are friends. Nelle asks how they are friends if she thinks about her that way. Joss doesn’t. She thinks that her and Carly are two different people. Nelle guesses that she can understand. Nelle wonders how things are with Oscar. Joss doesn’t know. She asks Oscar if they are good. Oscar wants her to tell him. Joss thinks that they are good. Joss asks if the baby will have her or Michael’s last name. Nelle guesses it will depend on where her and Michael are when the baby is born. Joss asks if there is a chance they could get back together.

Carly asks if anyone was hurt. Carly wonders where this was. Cal says it was at the pay phone. Jason asks if he was here all day. Cal is here every day all day. Jason asks if anyone else is out here. Cal says no one else comes out here. Jason gives the guy some cash. Dante is sorry this didn’t go the way she wanted. He suggests blocking the number. He is sorry that this didn’t go the way she wanted. Carly thanks him for hearing her out. Dante will see her later. Carly assumes Jason thinks she lost her mind. Jason doesn’t think that.

Mike cannot stay here. Rita is making pot roast. He can taste her pot roast. Sonny asks if this is really who Chase is throwing in lockup. He is sick. Chase doesn’t want to do this. This is protocol. Sonny screams for him to forget protocol. He needs to be a human being for once. Dante walks in wondering what is going on here. Mike remembers him as Dominic. He says he is his landlord.

Griffin thinks he is even worse than this than he thought. He is not breaking up with her. Ava asks if he thinks that she will get board and trade him in. Griffin suggests that she could realize she loves someone else. Griffin cannot make her the first priority all the time. Ava respects that. Griffin asks if she can live with it.

Nelle loves Michael. She always will. Joss wonders even if they are not together. Nelle believes once you fall for someone, the feeling never goes away. Joss assumes raising a child together must bring people together. Nelle is serious, she cannot let Carly know about this. Joss promises to say nothing about this. Nelle just thinks the universe is against her. Nelle needs to ask Joss a favor.

Julian will do whatever Lucas wants. He is here though if he ever changes his mind. Brad will tell him.

Joss will come to Nelle’s baby shower. It is her little niece or nephew in there. Carly cannot tell her who to be friends with.

Carly just couldn’t bring herself to come see the place where it happened. Jason cannot say that he blames her. Carly thinks that moment will be stuck in her mind forever. She was on the couch reading a magazine, waiting for Sonny to come home. Sonny came in and was soaking wet in the dirt. Sonny admitted to being in the river. She wondered why he was in the river. Sonny told her to sit down. He kept telling her over and over again that Morgan was dead but she didn’t think it was possible. Carly needed to hear his voice, but he never picked up the phone. Bobbie came over and she gave her a sedative. In the morning when she woke up, she confessed to herself it was all a bad dream. Carly knew he was dead and that he wasn’t coming back. Jason would give anything to go back just to have been able to stop it. Carly knows. Carly doesn’t think that Jason knows this. One of the worst parts, they thought Sonny was responsible. Tensions between Sonny and Julian were bad. He called for Julian to be offed. Carly had to be with Sonny no matter what, so thank goodness it turned out not to be true. Jason thinks that sometimes you think you know what is going to happen, then realize it is still a loss. Morgan is still gone. Carly cries into Jason’s arms that Morgan is still gone.

Dante figured something was up when he called him Dominic. Dante is sorry. Sonny thinks that it is hard to rap your head around this. Dante asks who will take care of him. Sonny knows he has a girlfriend. Things could change with his illness though. Dante is just angry that he wasn’t here. Sonny cannot leave him here. Dante will stay down there with him. He will take care of Mike. Sonny tells Mike that he has to go. He will see him in the morning. Dante says they have to kick this guy out. He will be here the whole night. Mike says ok. Sonny promises that he is in good hands. Sonny leaves. Dante wants to get the cuffs off him.

Mike tells Sonny and his doctor are wrong. He is fine. He needs to straighten him out and calls him Dominic again. Dante reminds him that Dominic was the name he used while he was under cover. Mike is just messing with him. Mike hears he has a family now. Dante shows him a picture. Mike thinks that it is Laura in the picture. Dante says that it is Lulu. He shows them his children. Mike thinks he is a lucky man. Dante wants him to come meet them. Dante thinks they can meet them tomorrow. Dante tells Mike he has to stay here tonight. Mike wonders if he will stay with him. Dante says yes. Chase sees that he has decided to not go through with procedure. Dante assumes he means the lack of handcuffs. If so, he can go straight to hell.

Ava knows that when she was at her lowest, Griffin was there. She doesn’t mind when someone else gives him attention. Griffin promises that she will get plenty of it. Ava hopes that some day Griffin will be able to say he loves her or at least someone someday. She wants him to know what it feels like. She thinks he is enough. He is all she wants. He doesn’t need to doubt that. Griffin hopes she wants the same thing.

Nelle needs to go. She has to go do something. Joss thanks her for the shoes. Nelle will see her soon. Nelle leaves. She walks outside.

Carly is glad that Sonny is home. She wonders what is wrong. Sonny explains that Mike is sick. Carly wonders how sick. Sonny explains he has Alzheimer’s. Jason is sorry. Carly wonders if there is a time table. Sonny says that he has four to eight years but that is if you catch it from the beginning. They don’t know how long this has been going on. Carly doesn’t want Sonny to blame himself. Sonny should have checked up on Mike. Sonny doesn’t know how to deal with his father losing his mind with no cure. They cannot tell him how long he will live. Sonny cannot plan anything. Carly thinks they can figure this out. She knows they will. Sonny just wishes… Carly gives him a kiss. Sonny wishes he could give him something good to hold on to. There is nothing good about this.

Griffin asks where they go from here. Ava suggests back to her place and do what they should have done on Valentine’s day. They can take the future on day at a time. Griffin thinks she is the best thing to happen to him. Ava agrees.

Chase wonders if family gets special privilege around here. Dante thinks that Chase could have done the decent thing and shown a sick man some sympathy and he didn’t. Chase claims he does have sympathy. Chase is not going to let a well known crime figure come in here and tell him what to do. Dante thinks that a son came in terrified for his father came in. The guy who used to sit in his chair would have understood. Mike says that Rita is going to worry if he doesn’t get home soon. Chase guesses he really doesn’t know where he is. Dante asks what he thinks.

Sonny thinks that now he is in jail scared out of his mind. Carly is glad he has Dante with him. Carly thinks they need to talk about the next step for Mike. Sonny is going to make some sauce. Carly wants to help. Sonny thinks that is funny. Carly can drink the wine while he cooks. Carly knows this will rip Sonny apart. He is going to need them. Jason promises they will be here.

Nelle walks over to the phone. Cal walks over and tells her there better be more in the car. Nelle says that there is another box of vodka in the car. She wonders how it went. Cal thinks he was a regular Tom Hanks. They ate up the story like it was there last meal.

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