GH Update Friday 2/16/18

General Hospital Update Friday 2/16/18


Written by Anthony

Mike asks Sonny why they have to do this. Sonny says that he was working at Kelly’s for no reason last night. Mike doesn’t need a doctor to tell him he is over tired. Sonny just wants him to get looked at quickly. Sonny thinks if the doctor tells him he is ok, then he can say he told him so. Mike guesses breakfast is on him. Mike thinks maybe not Kelly’s.

Griffin calls Ava. Ava ignores the call. Kiki tells Ava to turn the siren off. It has been going off all morning. Ava explains to her it is a normal ring tone. Kiki wonders how much she had to drink last night. Ava wonders if she doesn’t remember her picking her up from the drunk tank last night at the PCPD. She wonders if she blacked out. Kiki didn’t remember being at the PCPD. Ava admits she wasn’t, but she could have been if someone didn’t bring her home. Ava wants Kiki to eat something to soak up the alcohol. Kiki hopes she realizes that is not accurate. Ava hopes she knows she is not actually a doctor yet. Kiki asks when she got here. Kiki remembers that Griffin was here. She wonders if she ruined her big night.

Griffin tells Ava in a message that they need to talk about this, so he needs to give him a call back.

Nelle plays the recording of Morgan on her computer. She wants Carly to just wait. This is only the beginning. Monica walks in. She didn’t mean to interrupt.

Carly wonders how Jason spent Valentine’s day. Jason spent it with Danny. He wanted another sleep over and he just dropped Danny off to school. It felt pretty great.

Anna shows up at a law firm. Anna wonders where Diane is. A man tells her that she is not yet here. Anna hopes she is not long. She doesn’t want to have to deal with anything to do with Faison for long. Especially, now that she is dead. He explains that the proceedings will start once Diane and the other beneficiaries arrive. Anna wonders who else is coming. Drew and Sam show up. Anna looks confused.

David asks Sonny what brings him here today. Sonny says that Mike has had a few incidents. David would like to hear from Mike. Mike says that there is no problem. His son dragged him here for nothing. He has been a little out of sorts and it is nothing that a little rest cannot take care of. He doesn’t think that this is anything major. He just forgot his cell phone. Sonny says that he went to Kelly’s and started working there like he did in the past. The waitress didn’t know what was going on. David wonders if it is true. Mike explained he was feeling nostalgic. David guesses that it might be a rest issue. He is going to order up a full blood work on him. He will do a full battery of tests on him while he is already here. Mike thinks that this is getting ridicules. Sonny wonders if he wants to go back to Brooklyn. Sonny promises that this will be over before it starts.

Ava loves a good martini and she knows that yesterday was tough. She just cannot have Kiki drinking away the pain. Kiki is retired from drinking for the unforeseen future. Ava wonders why she called Dillon. Kiki isn’t really sure. She knows they are done but it hurts. Ava knows that Dillon is not the right man for her. She deserves someone who will put her first. Kiki realizes she will be late for work. Ava doesn’t think she can drive yet. She asks if she can get a ride from the hospital. Kiki needs to stay in David’s good graces. She will tell him her allergies are acting up. Ava wants her to take a shower and think up a better excuse.

Nelle is just startled to see her. Monica didn’t mean to catch her off guard. She was wondering if they could have an early lunch together. Nelle explains that Ava is not in yet and she might not be comfortable. Monica noticed that it looked like she was doing something rather important. Nelle doesn’t want her to tell Ava, but she was looking at stuff online for the baby. She didn’t realize just how expensive baby stuff is. Monica thinks that baby showers are great, and she will make out like a bandit. Nelle doesn’t really have friends in PC and Carly certainly wouldn’t give her one. Monica doubts that Carly would be that petty. She is going to want the best of everything for this grandchild. Nelle thinks that Carly seems fixated on making her life as miserable as possible.

Carly is not shocked. She always knew that Sam would want him to spend as much time as possible with Danny. She did think Drew would have an issue. Jason sighs. Drew thinks that he held information from him. Carly doesn’t think he is mad about that. He is mad because his wife is madly in love with him. She knew this would happen. Sam might have married him with the best of intentions, but it is the worst for everyone else. Carly goes to answer the door and Diane is here. Carly could have sent the paperwork she needed signed home with Max. Diane really was in the neighborhood. She finds Jason. She wonders why Jason has been avoiding her phone calls. Jason doesn’t think this has anything to do with him. Diane disagrees. It has everything to do with him. Carly wonders what is going on here. Diane explains that Jason has been named in Faison’s will. They have to be on there way. Jason doesn’t want anything to do with Faison.

Henry introduces himself and explains that Diane will be there in a little bit. Anna asks if they are named in Faison’s will. Sam says that Drew is. Anna wonders why. Sam hopes this goes better than Helena’s will reading because she cursed her and left her a third of a penny. Drew really hopes that Anna at least get the beach house. Anna definitely doesn’t want anything now that he is dead. Anna just wants this done with. Anna asks Henry how long this will take. Henry says that Diane is just waiting for one other person to arrive. Sam wonders who.

Diane cannot finalize the will until the Danish government is satisfied that all parties are notified. Carly wonders what could have been left for Jason. Carly wonders why he wouldn’t want to come. Jason thinks that he took five years from him and he killed him. He is good. Carly thinks that him taking five years from him is the reason to go. Whatever, Faison set up ignoring it is not going to make it go away. Carly wants him to think about it. Diane cannot believe she is saying this but Carly just made a very articulate and logical argument. Dare she hopes that any of it got through.

Carly asks Sonny on the phone what the doctor said. Sonny guesses they are doing tests. Mike says he is not happy but he thinks he is over tired. Sonny will give Carly a rain check for Valentine’s day. He loves her. Carly loves him too.

Monica knows how difficult Carly can be. She wants her to imagine living under the same roof as her. She knows she will ease up once the baby is born. Kim cautioned her about how stress is bad for the baby. Monica wonders if work is to stressful for her. Nelle doesn’t think work is what is stressing her out. Monica cannot help unless she knows what it is. Nelle admits it is Carly. She keeps making terrible accusations against her. Monica is sorry. Nelle thinks that there is only so much she can take.

Ava gives Kiki her phone. Ava needs her to get it together. She needs to keep drinking water. Ava walks over to the elevator and Griffin walks out. She should go. Griffin doesn’t want her to ignore him. They cannot pretend that nothing happened between them last night.

Sonny tells Mike that wasn’t so bad. Sonny got confirmation that Rita’s flowers were delivered. Mike wonders what flowers. Sonny explains the flowers that they ordered this morning. Mike is sure that she will love them.

Carly deletes the random number on her phone.

Monica is sure that the baby will be fine. Nelle has tried so hard to make amends with Carly. Monica doesn’t want her to beat herself up over this. Carly herself has made so many mistakes. Nelle doesn’t think you would ever know it by the way she acts. Carly has been given the benefit of second chances. She is sorry that Nelle has not been given that as well. Nelle just wants to be able to move forward for the baby’s sake. Monica wants Nelle to tell her if she ever bothers her again. Putting Carly in her place comes second nature to her. Monica suggests lunch next week. Nelle thinks this has helped her more than they will ever know.

Ava has to get to work. She thinks that Kiki is fine. She gave her a greasy breakfast which she knows is not a medical remedy, but she thinks it made her feel better. Maybe, it is psychosomatic. Griffin is worried about them. He knows he should have called her and told her what was going on. Ava thinks it is over and everyone is ok. Griffin asks why she is pushing away. He feels a growing distance between them since her surgery. Ava thinks it is complicated. David could use Griffin’s help. Ava should get going. Griffin asks what he can do for him.

Henry tells them all that Diane is on the way. Drew asks about the other person. Henry says they have been notified. He doesn’t know if they are coming though. Sam suggests Obrecht. Anna doubts it. She was devoted to him, but he never gave her a second thought. Diane walks in and says they can begin. Anna wonders about the other person. Jason walks in. Diane tells him to take a seat. Diane tells Henry she will see him back at the office. Diane thinks the sooner they start the sooner they can get on with their lives. Diane explains that Faison revokes his former wills and makes this his last will.

Monica shows up at Carly’s and wonders if she has a minute. Carly tells her to come in. Monica guesses she does have a really elegant house. Carly wonders if she has ever been here. Monica had no reason to come over before Sonny murdered her son and had no desire afterwards. Carly doesn’t think that is the whole story. Monica is here to talk about the family they share still. She knows she has every right to dislike Nelle. She will not have Carly’s hostility play a part in her pregnancy. Carly wonders what she is talking about. Monica is telling her to back off Nelle.

Ava shows up at work. Nelle prepared her schedule if she wants to look over it. Ava thinks she is chipper today. Nelle has had a very successful twenty-four hours. Ava guesses Valentine’s day worked out for her. Ava would rather not talk about her own Valentine’s day. Nelle thinks that Ava had a good night as well. Ava told her she doesn’t want to talk about it.

David brings Sonny over to Griffin. David guesses they know each other. Sonny thought they did. David assures him that Griffin is the best in the state. He needs to discuss his findings wit him. Griffin thinks if he prefers he could forward the results to Robin. Sonny just wants to know what is going on. Griffin has to ask if Mike gave the explanation as to what happened at Kelly’s or did Mike. He is trying to gage his reaction. He wonders if he had a clear idea as to why he was there. Sonny had to tell Mike. Griffin wants to administer one on one things with him.

Diane explains that Faison wants to be buried in Denmark. He declares he is unmarried and has no spouse. All debts will be paid in full. To, his daughter Brit he gives the sandbags that line his estate. She has been a weight dragging him down. It is fitting that, in death he returns the favor. Anna thinks he was spiteful to the last. To Andrew, he leaves a way to restore his memories.

Mike wonders how long it will take. Sonny thinks they will be out of here soon. Mike thinks they missed breakfast. Sonny introduces Mike to Griffin. Griffin says that he heard he was feeling confused. Mike will pass. Griffin says that he is going to have a mental examination. They just want to test his recall. Mike doesn’t think that there is nothing that cannot be fixed without rest and vitamins. Sonny is worried about Mike. He is asking him as his son if he can do this for him.

Kiki welcomes David back. David hears that she was accepted into PC med school. Kiki couldn’t do it without him. David wonders how it feels. Kiki is just as relieved and as excited and nervous. David guesses it gets real. Kiki is ready. David hopes her boyfriend is ready as well. Kiki admits she broke up with Dillon.

Nelle guesses that Kiki ruined her date. Ava guesses that Griffin came to her rescue. Ava knows that Griffin likes taking care of other people. He will always be obligated to be selfless. Ava is not sure if they can work if she doesn’t need saving. Ava has never felt this way about anyone before. Ava thinks this is silly, but she had a nightmare recently. She let Griffin and Avery see who she really was and she was left all alone. When she was waiting for Griffin last night she felt it had come true.

Carly wonders how she is supposed to back off Nelle. She asks what she has done to the poor little girl. Monica thinks that she has been gunning for her for months. Carly has been trying to protect her family. Monica needs Carly to be the bigger person. Carly will handle Nelle how she feels fit. Now that she has seen her house from the inside she can get the hell out.

Drew wonders if it is possible that Faison knew how to get his memories back all along. Diane says that detailed accounts have been sealed and locked in his safe. Once certain parameters are met the details will be given. To Jason, he leaves the alias and the last known whereabouts of his son, Henrik. The man who kept him alive for his own purposes. This information is all in his safe in Denmark. This information will only be delivered upon the death of one or the other twin.

Griffin asks what season it is. Mike says winter. Griffin asks the month and year. Mike explains February, 2018. He is going to repeat three words. Lamp, beach, nose. Mike repeats the. Griffin asks for city and state and Mike gives them. Griffin is going to have him count backwards from a hundred by 7’s. Mike is able to do it. Griffin asks what the three words he asked earlier. Mike claims light and… He sighs.

Ava is just afraid that there might be truth to the nightmare. She thinks everything will be better if she has Avery back. Nelle promises she will. She cannot be involved in anything that makes it harder to be around her daughter. Nelle thinks that Carly will be the one stuck with the bill.

Monica thinks they might dislike each other but they both love Michael. He is going to remember who honors this and who doesn’t. Monica is planning a baby shower for Nelle and expects her to a cooperate.

David is sorry that Kiki broke up with Dillon. Kiki guesses they grew a part. She doesn’t want to keep it up. David is sorry if he upset her. Kiki is doing great. She has been picking up shifts and spending time at the library. Kiki plans to be around here a lot more. David thinks that this is possible.

Anna doesn’t think this is legal. Diane admits it is. They were always designed to cause destruction. Drew guesses one of them has to die. He looks at Jason.

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