GH Update Thursday 2/15/18

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/15/18


Written by Anthony

Kiki shows up at her apartment and asks if Spinelli is coming in. Kiki thinks they are to busy to worry where she went. Spinelli thinks they would appreciate a text to make sure that she got home. Kiki thinks that everyone is having a better evening than she is right now. Spinelli wonders if she wants him to call someone for her. Kiki asks why she would do that when he is here. She starts to kiss him.

Amy asks if Griffin is finally heading out. Griffin is just about. Amy wanted to say sorry again regarding his love life. Amy learned the past few days that you have to hold on to what matters to you. Griffin thinks that Ava makes him very happy.

Ava sets up her bedroom with roses and champagne. She starts to light candles. She decides not to though thinking about her accident. She practices saying she loves Griffin.

Michael finds Sonny at the hospital. Michael wonders what he is doing there so late. Sonny is looking for Mike. He asks if he has heard from him. Michael hasn’t and asks what is going on. Sonny is just getting a little worried.

Carly gets a call and it is Morgan on the other end. She asks who it is. The line goes dead.

Nelle walks away from the payphone.

Finn tells Alexis that it is odd to find Alexis outside of a meeting. Alexis was finalizing her endorsement from the Nurses Union. Finn thinks it is a likely story. Finn thinks that the nurses run the entire place. Alexis kind of knew that already. She was trying to distract herself but cannot do it. He asks if he has had anymore interactions with Anna.

Anna goes to prison and thanks Andre for seeing her. She knows it is late. Andre has time to kill. Minimum security is basically boarding school with jumpsuits. He asks what brings her here. Anna says that Faison is dead for real. Andre doesn’t think that she would just show up in the middle of the night to tell him. If she is seeking a shrink his license has been suspended. Anna just needed to see a friend. Andre is listening. Anna explains that there is something she never told a soul about Faison. She had a baby. It was Faison’s child. She got pregnant by Faison and never told him or anyone else. He had a son, Henrik who apparently was responsible for holding Jason captive in Russia. She thought that Henrik was her son, but then Valentin admitted he knew. He knew more about what happened to her child than she did. She didn’t hold the baby or look at it. She couldn’t. According to Valentin, the midwife said it was a little girl. Anna never doubted her choice to give the child up until now. She cannot stop thinking about her. Every, second she is consumed with her. She is a mess. She doesn’t know how to act with anyone. She couldn’t possibly let anyone into her life. Andre asks who they are talking about.

Finn doesn’t think that there are any signals with him and Anna. They are no a couple. Alexis points out that Julian and her are not a couple, but it doesn’t stop their signals from being mixed. She guesses that he doesn’t need to hear her problems. Alexis inherited Laura’s campaign events which included using Julian’s bar. Alexis thinks that fate likes to bring her back to him more than she wants. There is failure to think about with her ex and a lot of booze. Finn suggests coming with her.

Spinelli is going to get Kiki some water. Kiki thinks she is losing her touch. When she used to kiss a guy he would kiss back. Spinelli wouldn’t take advantage of her because of her current state. Kiki is not drunk. She might a little tipsy. Kiki asks how many shots she had. Spinelli thinks at least five.

Griffin is out of here. Amy gets a call. It is Spinelli. He is in a delicate situation and is at Kiki’s apartment. Kiki was drinking heavily at the floating rib. He is fearing that she is suffering from alcohol poisoning. Amy asks Griffin what they should do. Griffin will be there shortly.

Carly looks at her calls and tries to call back the unknown number. No one picks up the phone though. Diane is at the door. She asks if she can come in. She wonders what has her in a fowl mood. Diane is getting weird phone calls. This is as if she… Diane asks if what.

Michael asks when was the last time he heard from Mike. Sonny says that he went to go buy flowers for Rita. That is his lady friend. He left his phone at his house and he wasn’t able to reach him. Michael suggests that Mike will turn up. Sonny thinks that he is in serious trouble.

Nelle sits down at Kelly’s and tells the baby that their brilliant plan is working. Nelle tells the waiter that she will have decaf. Mike pours it for her.

Ava tries to call Griffin but he doesn’t pick up his phone. She calls the hospital and asks Amy if Griffin left yet. Amy says that he is on his way to Kiki’s apartment. She is sorry, she assumed that Griffin would have told her. Ava hangs up her phone.

Kiki asks what Griffin is doing here. He heard that she had too much to drink. Kiki thinks the whole room is moving. She had shots. He wonders if she remembers what she ate for lunch. Kiki had a salad. Griffin can handle this. Spinelli wishes Kiki a restful night. Kiki asks if he is leaving. Spinelli thinks that by tomorrow she will be happy that he did. Kiki cannot believe he left just like how everyone does. She hopes he doesn’t plan to leave her as well. Griffin says that he is not going to leave her.

Ava tries calling Griffin again but doesn’t answer. Ava thinks that there must be a reasonable explanation.

Carly assumed that Diane had plans with Max. She can go get him and tell him she is here. Carly says that Sonny is out. Diane says that the forms are for a trust for Avery. Diane needs Michael to take her calls for his future child. Carly needs advice.

Michael knows that Mike always got into little messes. Sonny glossed over the details. Michael knows he always came out ok. Sonny thinks that when Mike is pushed to a corner he runs.

A waitress asks Mike if there is something wrong. Mike says that he is fine. He thinks they should all go run off before he changes his mind. The waitress says that only staff can serve customers. He needs to go to the other side of the counter. Mike asks who she thinks he is talking to. She is going to call the police. Mike thinks that she can.

Andre wonders who Anna plans to bring into her life. Anna doesn’t think that is the issue at hand right now. Andre wonders who she fears sharing with. Anna fears to share with Robin. Everyone. Anna is sorry. She is not being very fair. Andre knows they are friends and he has nothing but time. He cannot help her though if she doesn’t tell him what is going on. He asks who she is trying to bring into her life.

Carly knows that because of the baby, Nelle is going to be tied to Michael for the rest of their lives. She is concerned what this means for the family. She knows that Michael is guaranteed parental rights. Diane knows that she could file an injunction to keep them away from the baby and she would be able to bring certain things to light. Carly guesses that she could win. Diane assumes that she could. She has no official criminal record. Diane thought that Nelle was playing nice with Michael. She wouldn’t alienate her. Carly knows that Nelle would get rid of her in a heartbeat.

An officer asks the waitress what the issue is. The waitress says that the man will not leave behind the counter and broke their property and is now scaring customers. The officer asks Nelle if the man threatened her. Nelle just assumed he worked here. The officer asks Mike what is wrong. Mike thinks that the lady needs to explain who she is. The officer needs to see Mike’s ID. Mike runs the place. The waitress doesn’t think he works here. Nelle finds his wallet on the floor and she sees a picture of Michael and Morgan.

Sonny knows that he had to let Mike learn from his mistakes. He wanted to be a good father himself. He needed to show them how much he meant to him. He knows he will be there for his child Michael gets a call from Nelle. He asks her what is up. Nelle knows this may sound weird but she asks if he knows a man named Michael Corbin. Michael explains that is his grandfather. She tells him to get down to Kelly’s right away.

Griffin tells Kiki to take it easy. Kiki thinks that she wants to go to bed. Griffin wants her to drink some water. Kiki tries to take off her clothes but he tells he to keep them on. Ava walks in and asks what the hell is going on here.

Andre assumes she is seeing someone. Anna thought they were getting close but then the secret started to close back in on her and she had to push away. Now Faison is dead and no one has to know. Andre spent the better part of a decade running from his fears. This man deserves her truth.

Alexis is shocked that Finn wants to listen to the election results with her. A few days ago he wasn’t even registered to vote in PC. Finn imagines she could use someone in her corner. He asks what she thinks. Alexis wonders if she calls him her date or sobriety buddy. Finn could be both. Alexis thanks him. She asks if he wans to get something to eat. Finn would like that.

Kiki asks what Ava is doing here. Ava heard that Griffin was here from a chatty nurse. Ava wants her to sleep this off. Ava walks into her room. Griffin guesses that she had a few to many and someone helped her home. Griffin hopes that she is not to angry with Kiki. Ava is not angry at Kiki.

Carly wants to get proof of Nelle’s behavior and submit it in court. Diane advises against it. Family law is rooted in property law. Incarcerated felons get to see their children. She needs to stay out of it. This is Michael’s problem to solve. He will do what is right for his child. Carly guesses she is just over protective. Carly assumes because of Morgan. Diane gets a call from the international firm. Carly tells her to take her call.

Sonny thanks Nelle thinking she did the right thing. Mike wants Sonny to tell the officer who he is. Sonny explains he is his father. The waitress says that he wouldn’t get out from behind the counter. Sonny doesn’t think that they know that he used to manage this place. Mike guesses he didn’t think it through and lost his temper. He is sorry. He didn’t meant to frighten her. Michael explains that his grandmother owns the place and will vouch for them if he needs to call her. The officer doesn’t need that. Sonny promises to pay for whatever was broken. Sonny tells Mike they should go. Michael thanks Nelle for calling. He will not forget this. He thanks her.

Carly looks at the number again and tries calling. Sonny walks in with Mike though. She asks if he made it to the florist. Mike didn’t get to that. Michael explains they were closed. Carly guesses there is always tomorrow. Sonny asks Michael to take Mike upstairs. Mike knows the way. Carly asks where he was. Michael thinks Nelle did them a big favor tonight.

The waitress gives Nelle pie on the house for saving the day. Nelle tells the baby that Michael seemed grateful. She wonders if it is not needed to destroy Carly. She thinks that Carly will continue to gun for her. She has no choice to go after her.

Ava asks if it did not occur to Griffin to call her. She needed to know what was going on with her daughter. Ava doesn’t appreciate him not showing up on Valentine’s day. Ava admires Griffin for being the way he is. She just wanted her to be first for one night. Especially, when she was about to… Griffin asks what.

Alexis is paying for Finn’s BLT. She is going to be right back. Anna walks in. Anna says she is meeting someone. She will not be in his way. Finn doesn’t think she is. Anna is glad. She wanted to tell him something. Finn asks what it is. Anna wants him to know… Alexis says tomorrow night is a date.

Griffin asks what she had to say. Ava thinks they can forget it and move on. She is grateful that Kiki is ok. Griffin thinks the relationship thing is still new to him. Ava explains it doesn’t get easier. Griffin suggests they pick up where they left off. Ava is going to stay with Kiki. There is always next year.

Carly is shocked he was serving customers. Carly knows that Bobbie always said he could come back. Sonny thinks that there is something wrong with Mike.

Anna thinks it is great that they have plans tomorrow. Diane walks over to Anna. She says hi to Alexis and Finn and tells them she needs to be quick with Anna. Alexis wants Finn to go tell Anna that she was wrong about what she saw. Finn thinks that Anna doesn’t care what they do tomorrow night.

Diane is glad that Alexis moved on from Julian but she wonders when that became a thing. Diane just got a call from a Swiss bank and Anna has been named a beneficiary in Faison’s will.

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