GH Update Wednesday 2/14/18

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/14/18


Written by Anthony

Jordan reads an article about Nathan and Curtis hands Jordan flowers. She thanks him. It is really sweet of him to try and cheer her up. Curtis admits they are not the only reason he brought them. He wonders if she really doesn’t remember what today is.

Carly and Sonny kiss on their living room couch. Carly asks about Mike. Sonny tells her that he went to bed early. Carly knows that Joss is at a sleepover. Mike tells them to pretend he isn’t here.

Amy tells Griffin that he looks amazing. She wonders who the lucky lady is. She hopes someone other than Ava.

Ava finds that Nelle is still working. Nelle explains that the alternative is to go home and celebrate Valentine’s day by herself. Ava knows what that is like. Nelle will be in the apartment building that Michael is selling so he doesn’t have to deal with her. Nelle thought they had good memories there. Ava wonders what happened to the schemer that she was talking to earlier. She wonders if she has given up already.

Kiki refuses to be the third wheel on Valentine’s day. Molly tells her that the holiday is just an excuse to make money. TJ thinks that every day is Valentine’s day for him and Molly. Kiki is buying drinks. Kiki is getting shots all around. Molly does agree that every day is special for them. She loves him more and more every day. Molly thinks they are the only uncomplicated couple in all of PC.

Sam gives Drew a Valentine that Danny made her in school. Drew wonders what she got. Sam got a neckless. He thinks it is beautiful just like her. He reads the card and it is addressed to his other dad.

Jason reads his card and it is addressed as his actual father from Danny. He asks if Danny has a Valentine. Danny has three maybe four. He wonders about Jason. He asks if he has one.

Sonny thought that Mike was going to bed. Mike did go to bed. Sonny asks what he is doing out then. Mike realized when he bought the candy for Carly, he forgot to get something for Rita. Sonny thinks that Rita understands. Mike asks if Carly would be ok if Sonny forgot Valentine’s day. Carly would be upset but she would know it is not the end of the world. Mike stopped listening when she agreed with her. Mike thinks that he has to order her flowers. He can get them to her by tomorrow. Sonny thinks that is better than nothing. Mike saw a little place at the strip mall down the road. Sonny informs him that is a mile away. Carly thinks it is cold outside. He can make a nice arrangement online. Mike doesn’t do that. He won’t use his credit card and get his identity stolen. He is a cash kind of guy.

Nelle knows she has to defend herself. Ava thinks that is the spirit. She cannot take her eye of the prize. She has to imagine where she will be a year from now. She could have her child a year from now as well. If they work hard enough, all their dreams can come true.

Griffin knows that Nathan was Amy’s friend and he is going to assume that is where the not being kind towards Ava comes from. Amy doesn’t think so but he can go with that. Griffin is mourning Nathan also. He died under his care. If she is going to judge someone it should be him. Ava is human just like her. Amy never stole her daughters boyfriend and then switched out his lithium for placebos. That is all she is saying. Everyone, knows. Griffin wants her to open up her heart. People can change in surprising ways. Amy thinks he is in for a rude awakening.

Kiki runs into Spinelli at the Floating Rib. She wonders if he just ordered an orange soda. Spinelli did. He is solo and avoiding drinking. She assumes that he is going through a breakup. Spinelli explains that he is committed but she is on the opposite coast. He is here for Maxie. He assumes Maxie doesn’t want to spend the night with her ex though.

Drew thinks it means a lot that Danny still thinks of him as a father. Sam thinks that is what he has been to him. Molly wonders where their children are. Sam says that Danny is at Jason’s and Alexis has Scout. Molly wonders if Alexis is watching Scout at her house or theirs. Sam says that Alexis is at their house. She has the house to herself and can knock herself out. Molly thinks she is the best sister ever. Sam has a gift that came in the mail today. Her license says Sam Cain.

Jason doesn’t have a Valentine. Danny asks who gave him the candy heart. Jason thinks it was a friend. Danny asks if candy hurts dogs stomachs. Jason knows. Danny asks if candy can make people’s stomach’s hurt as well. Jason guesses if they eat to much of it. He asks if he ate to much chocolate at he school party. Danny doesn’t feel good and wants Sam.

Mike can walk. Carly doesn’t think he can. It is over a mile away. Mike is used to roughing it. It can tire him out. Mike knows it would give them alone time. Sonny asks if he knows the way. Mike lived here for years. Mike knows he thinks he is going to go out and gamble. Sonny believes him when he said he wasn’t gambling. Sonny tells Mike to go. Carly bundles him up. Mike doesn’t want to be treated like a child. Carly doesn’t want him to act like one. He thinks she is a pain in the ass. Carly thinks he is as well. Carly thinks that he wants to buy Rita flowers and they should choose to believe him.

Jordan didn’t even realize it was February. Curtis thinks that her expression and overall vibe, it is going to take more than flowers to make her happy. Jordan guesses so. Curtis sees what is on her mind. He knows what she is doing. She is throwing herself into work as a way to grieve. Jordan guesses. She is here with all of this in the station and all of this just reminds her of him. Curtis tells her to leave and take a break. Nathan wouldn’t be mad about that. Nathan was defined by his heart as a man and cop. The only way they can truly honor him is if they truly love each other.

Jason asks if Danny’s stomach is the only thing that hurts. He has some club soda. Danny sits down on the couch and looks at Jason’s phone.

Molly thinks it is pleasant that Alexis is not sitting at home. TJ guesses they should go home then. TJ remembers Kiki though who has yet to return with their drinks. Kiki offers Spinelli a drink. She ordered them for Molly and TJ but they will not miss them. She got shots. She wanted to shake things up but they are not really party people. Kiki has more shots for herself. Kiki asks if he really wants to know what is going on. Tonight, would have been her one year anniversary with Dillon but they clearly didn’t make it.

Drew didn’t remember anything. Kim had a disagreement with him because he taught him to throw a punch. She told him about a fight he got in, in San Diego. Sam wonders if he is afraid his old life will make him feel differently about his new one. Sam doesn’t want to change anything about their life. Danny calls her and says that he doesn’t feel so good. He wonders if she can come over.

Kiki is going to open a tab. She left her ID badge at the hospital. Spinelli thinks that the bar might not be a good place to call the hospital. Spinelli will make the call for her. Kiki gets on her phone and calls Dillon. She asks if he has a minute to talk.

Ava and Griffin walk into her gallery. Griffin thinks she looks beautiful. Ava thanks him and liked the flowers. Ava thinks he is doing good on his first Valentine’s day. He used to hold a service on the legend of Saint Valentine. Nelle asks what the legend is. Griffin heard he was the patron saint of love because he would perform marriages between Christian’s even though it was forbidden. He thought of it as romantic.

Carly missed Sonny this morning. It has been a long time since they have been back together that they were a part.

Griffin explains that Valentine had the courage to do what he thought was right. He did what he thought was right for his heart. They know that Valentine refused to give up on his beliefs.

Danny guesses that club soda works just as good as ginger ail. Someone knocks on the door and it is Sam with ginger ail. Jason didn’t know she was coming by. Sam wonders if Danny didn’t tell him she was coming by. Sam asks how he is feeling. Jason thinks that he had to much candy at the school party. Danny says he likes club soda now. Sam guesses he is fancy. Sam will pick some up on the way home. Danny wants to sleep over here. He wants to go to bed now. Sam guesses he is really tired. Sam guesses she will put him to bed. He wonders if they will both do it.

Jordan wants to know how Curtis got lake trout in PC. Curtis was thinking about when they were looking for Buzz in Baltimore. Then he thought about the spark they had. He had Stella help him cook it. Jordan is having a hard time that Stella helped woo her. Curtis was able to do all of this just to make Jordan happy.

Kiki asks if someone is there with him. She asks if it is the same woman as before. Kiki doesn’t even want to know. She is amazed that he has moved on so fast. She tells him to go to hell. TJ and Molly walk over. She is sorry about the shots. She can get them new ones. Molly says that her moms house is empty. Kiki gets it. Molly thinks they can stay. Kiki doesn’t want them to worry. She thinks that Spinelli can get her home. Spinelli walks in and Amy found her ID badge and will leave it in her locker. He asks if everything is ok. Kiki thinks so especially now that he is here.

Griffin thinks that Ava is his first Valentine and their table is waiting. Ava wonders if Nelle will be alright. Nelle is going to finish up here and then will head home. Griffin gets an alert. One of his patients is insisting on him. He has to go to the hospital. Ava understands. She wonders if he thinks he will be long. Ava tells Griffin it is ok. He leaves. Nelle hopes that didn’t ruin her night. Ava doesn’t think yet anyway. Nelle knows that Michael broke up with her but he never stopped loving him. He couldn’t have just given up those feelings. Ava has had her doubts about love and doubted she could find it. Nelle asks if her and Griffin have declared their feelings for each other. Ava hasn’t but tonight could be the perfect night to do just that.

Sam tells Danny she loves him. Danny asks if she can read him a story. Sam thought he was tired. Danny thinks he will be after the story. Jason will start reading it. He says once upon a time… Danny is asleep. Sam is going to stay here if that is ok just to make sure he is out. Jason pats Danny on the head. He leaves them alone.

Curtis thinks they need to grab every moment they have together and leave life to the fullest. He wants her to come home with him.

Amy is sorry if this hurt Griffin’s night even if it was with Ava. Amy got a card from a little boy at the hospital. She feels a little better. Griffin is sure the little boy will never forget the kind nurse that helped him feel better.

Ava asks if Nelle is ready to pick herself up and move forward. Nelle is. Ava asks what her plan is. Nelle thinks the same as Ava’s. She wants to give Michael a Valentine that he will never forget.

Drew shows up at Jason’s house and asks if everything is fine. Jason says that Sam is just watching Danny sleep. Drew asks why Danny called Sam. Jason went to get Danny something to drink and he used his phone. Drew thinks he has a hell of an act going. He knows he wants to take himself out of the equation but he never does.

Sonny knows that Mike is not back yet and he didn’t bring his phone. Sonny thinks he should go look for him. Carly tells him to go and keep her posted. Sonny will make it up to her soon.

Jordan wants to know she did something and make today count. Curtis wants her to make tonight count for something as well. Curtis thinks that there is a saying that goes like “may tonight be the best night of all and the worst of them to come” Jordan thinks that every day with him gets better than the last. Jordan promises that she is not going anywhere except home with him.

Kiki knows he has a commitment to someone on the left coast but so did she. Spinelli will get Kiki a car. Kiki wants him to forget calling it a night. He should come home with him.

Amy says that Kiki had a friend call and she is drowning her sorrows at the Floating Rib. Griffin asks if the friend has a name. Amy says Spinelli. Griffin gets a text from Ava saying to just meet her at his house.

Ava gets a text from Griffin saying that it sounds good. ‘

Sam starts to leave but Danny wakes up. He says he loves her. Sam loves him too. She asks if he feels ok. Danny thinks she can go home. It was fun when her and Daddy read to him.

Drew thinks he pretends to be a martyr and he just needs to admit that he is out for what he wants. Jason is just living his life. How he deals with it is up to him. Sam walks over. He asks if she wants to go home. Sam does. Jason closes the door.

Nelle makes a call at a payphone and Carly answers it on the other end. No one answers at first but then Morgan says he is here.

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