GH Update Tuesday 2/13/18

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/13/18


Written by Anthony

Robin wonders if Jason has time to sit. Jason says that he does. He was waiting for Michael, but he isn’t here yet. Robin was on her way to Sonny’s to say hi before she flew back home. Robin, would like to personally thank Jason for killing Faison. She assumes he never thought she would say that. Jason didn’t but he does understand it. Robin, wants him to forget about what he did to her, or even Nathan. He terrorized Anna for most of her life and Jason finally set her free.

Carly gives Sonny a hug as he returns home. She wasn’t expecting to see him until later. Sonny didn’t think she would be hanging around. Sonny wonders if she got his message. Carly was assuming the trip was uneventful. Mike walks in and hands Carly a heart box of chocolate. He thinks nothing it too good for his favorite daughter-in-law. Carly reminds him that she is his only daughter-in-law. She wonders where his bags are. Mike says they are in the car. He is going to check into a motel. Sonny already told him that he was staying here

Ava shows Franco and Elizabeth around and gives them ideas for the wedding. Ava knows this is not a traditional venue but it is fitting. It will be gifted to them for free. Franco isn’t so sure if this is a good idea. Elizabeth thinks this is where he returned to the art world. Ava wonders how it feels to leave his past behind him once and for all.

Kim opens her door and finds Drew. She was starting to think he wouldn’t show up at all. Drew just got her text. He wonders what is happening with Oscar. Kim shows him the black eye on her phone. Drew asks what happened. Kim thinks that he happened and this is his fault.

Sonny doesn’t think it makes sense not to say here. They have plenty of room. Mike wants to stay where he wants to stay. Carly wonders if they have been doing this the entire ride home. Carly tells Sonny he can stay anywhere he wants to stay. She wants him to stay here though. Mike guesses Carly wins. He cannot offend his beautiful host. Carly will get Sonny to bring his bags up to him. Carly will show him his way upstairs. Carly wonders what is going on. Sonny thinks he is in trouble and he will not go home until he finds out what it is.

Drew has seen his fair share of shiners. Kim didn’t realize he was a doctor as well now. Kim thinks he is going to fight if he is taught. Drew only taught him because he asked. Kim doesn’t think he understands how to raise a teen. Drew does understand how to teach responsibility. You have to teach your child to defend themselves. Oscar walks in and tells them both to stop. They both couldn’t be more wrong.

Ava knows a great DJ. She wonders if she can book the gallery for the reception. Elizabeth think they have to think about it. Elizabeth tells her it is hat day and they have to go see Jake in an art show. Nelle walks in as they leave. She hands Ava flowers. They were delivered for her. Ava reads the note. It says yours today, tonight, and tomorrow. It is from Griffin.

Robin thinks that Nathan’s funeral was heartbreaking. She doesn’t really know Nina but her speech was beautiful. She couldn’t hold it together. Maxie is still in shock. There were a lot of people there including Sam and Drew. Robin thought that Sam would take a step back and evaluate her feelings. Jason thinks that Sam wants a life with Drew. Robin feels that is what Sam thinks she wants. She watched Patrick go through the same thing with Sabrina. Yes, he did love her but he loved Robin more. She would bet Emma and Noah’s college funds that Sam is going through the same thing right now. Jason thinks that she is starting to sound like Carly. Robin thinks that after all these years they finally agree on something. Robin gives Jason a few conversation hearts for Valentine’s day. Jason tries eating it, but Robin wants him to read it first. It says real love. Michael shows up later, he is sorry he was late. Jason explains that Robin was here. Michael is sorry he missed her. She has always been so nice to him. He knows she loved him since he was a baby. Michael knows that Carly made things hard for him and Robin. Jason knows it was a long time ago. Michael wonders if Carly ever used him to get closer to Jason because that is what he thinks that Nelle is doing with their baby.

Ava thinks a year ago she never dreamed she would be getting roses from a wonderful man. A lot can change in a year. Nelle thought for the first time in her life, Michael made her feel like a better person then everything changed in her life. Ava thinks that your life can really turn around if you have someone who believes in them. You should believe in yourself, but it sure helps a lot to have someone look at you like you matter. Nelle is happy for her. Ava thanks her and asks her to add a little water to the flowers. Ava thinks a year from now she will have a beautiful baby and her man and flowers of her own. Nelle hopes that it will happen.

Sonny explains that Mike was a runner and he misplaced money. Carly wonders if he is gambling again. Sonny says that Rita doesn’t think so. Carly wonders who Rita is. Sonny tells her she is his lady friend and the best thing to ever happen to him. She wonders if Sonny likes her then. Sonny thinks she is good people. Carly asks about the missing money. Sonny says that he settled the debt, but they found the money in Mike’s apartment. He says he doesn’t know anything about it. He wants to find out what is going on. Carly thinks he can stay here as long as he wants. Mike comes back down stairs and someone rings the doorbell. Robin hopes that he doesn’t mind, she wanted to say hi before she left. Sonny has a surprise for her. Robin says hi to Mike. Mike gives her a hug. It is so good to see him.

Kim tells Oscar to go back to his room. He might have a day off from school, but his social studies project is still due on Friday. Drew tells Oscar that he is sorry. Oscar doesn’t think that Kim has a right to be mad at him. Drew realizes he shouldn’t have just helped him learn to fight. Kim knows she shouldn’t have blown up at him. Drew guesses they are learning as they go. He thinks that this is a good black eye. He wonders if this is in connection to the kid getting bullied. Kim thinks he can tell Drew what is going on.

Michael tells Jason that Nelle claims she knows they are not together but she never misses a chance to lean on him. She is counting on the baby to bring him back to her. He doesn’t love Nelle or really know her. She has something broken inside and she lies to the point where it is compulsive. He doesn’t have faith in her to be a good mother. He asks what the best solution is for his child. He asks what he would do. Jason wouldn’t start a family with someone he doesn’t trust. Jason knows he had a lot of love as a child. Jason thinks regardless of what Nelle does, his baby will be alright. Michael thinks that helps a lot. Michael leaves. Jason pays the bartender. Jake walks in with Elizabeth and Franco. Jake looks scared.

Ava wishes she could shine a spot light on the flowers. Nelle wonders if she has plans with Griffin tonight. Ava does. She wonders if she wants to come with her to look for an outfit. Michael walks in. She wonders how Avery is. Michael thinks she is great. Ava leaves. Nelle thinks that Ava really does miss her daughter. Nelle asks if he wants to get together and study up for the baby. Michael wants to talk about the apartment. Nelle was going to buy some stamps and send this to her in the mail. She has his rent though. Michael thinks that he should stick to his original plan. He is putting the building up for sale.

Drew knew that the kid was different, but he didn’t realize that he was this different. Oscar wonders if it would have mattered. Drew thinks that it makes him admire him even more. Oscar asks if organizing a dance open to all kids is asking for more trouble. Drew assumes so. Drew thinks they will be ready for it though. Kim guesses that she would rather he focus on finishing his social studies report before dealing with the party. Oscar wants them to work on their coping skills. Drew guesses he has a point. Drew thinks they did something incredible with making Oscar.

Mike thinks that Robin’s daughter is beautiful. He asks who the baby is. Robin explains that is her son Noah. Mike just couldn’t remember his name. He has a system for remembering names. He associate’s them with his favorite horses. He will have to come up with one for Noah. Mike tries to stand up but falls back down. He gets a little wobbly when he tries to stand up to fast. Robin wonders if he felt like that on the way up. Mike doesn’t get a certain way. She wonders when his last checkup was. Mike thinks everyone is waiting for him to screw up. Mike has kept his nose clean and was ok. Mike thinks some families do better a part. He is going to take the next bus to Brooklyn. Sonny tells him he is not going anywhere.

Elizabeth tells Jason that Jake just won first prize at the art fair at school. Jason congratulates him. Jason wants them to enjoy their celebration. Jake asks if he is coming to the wedding.

Mike asks if Sonny is going to flex his muscles or get one of his guys to do it. Robin is shocked that they are fighting this much over a dizzy spell. Carly guesses the two of them can still push each other’s buttons. Robin is sorry she got them going. She is over protective sometimes. Mike just doesn’t think there is anything wrong with him. Mike gets a call from Rita. He says they made good time. He thinks that everything is fine. He guesses it would be good for him to stay a few days but he will be back on Saturday.

Michael thought it was a good investment when he bought the building. He thinks it will be good for their child if they set boundaries. Nelle guesses the message is received. She hopes he doesn’t take a loss in his investment. Michael doesn’t want to make things harder for her especially with the baby. Nelle thinks they are all good and there is no worries. Michael is not going to sell the building to someone looking to turn it into condos. Nelle asks if he still wants to go to the childbirth classes Michael wouldn’t miss them. He leaves. Ava walks back in. She thinks it was nicely handled. Nelle guesses she still have a place to live. Ava guesses they are supposed to be happy with crumbs. Nelle is done with crumbs. This is a setback. Her goals are on track.

Kim would like to take the credit for how Oscar turned out but a lot of it goes to Oscar himself. He thinks that Oscar is perceptive. Drew appreciates Kim calling him his father. Kim knows that is who he is. It will take a little getting used to sharing him. He is here now and that is good for Oscar. Kim still thinks of him as a little baby boy sometimes. Drew thinks that it took guts to stand up for a bully. Kim thinks the willingness to jump in and confront the bully is because of Drew. It reminds her of this one night when they were together.

Jason is sorry, but he cannot make it to the wedding. Jake wonders if he said something wrong. Elizabeth doesn’t think so at all. Jason cannot make it to the wedding, but he found a new place to live. He could visit sometime. Elizabeth thinks that could happen. Jake says bye to Jake. Franco says that when he and Elizabeth are married he will be his step-father. He can hate him all he wants but he cannot put Jake in the middle. Jason thinks that Jake is to young to know what Franco is. Franco agrees. He is to young to know that he had a brain tumor. He doesn’t understand what caused his behavior. He asks if Jason has brain damage why he is a stone cold killer. Jason thinks he did what he did and he never paid but he will.

Nelle knows that Carly wants to keep her out of Michael’s life and she doesn’t put it past her to keep her to do the same thing she did to Ava. Ava is sure she is already working on that. Nelle needs to think about the long game here. Nelle thinks if Michael wants to put distance between them that is fine. She will give him space and Carly will be thrilled. Ava asks what is next. Nelle will let Michael come to her. Michael will need a friend soon. Someone, to lean on. Her shoulder is sympathetic and attached to the mother of his child.

Carly thanks Michael for picking Avery up. She guesses she was needed here more than she realized. Michael asks what is going on. Carly has him come into the living room. Robin hugs Michael. She cannot get over how tall he is. Michael says that he didn’t know that Mike was going to be coming in from Brooklyn. He asks who this other child is. He asks who she belongs to. Carly says that this is Avery, his granddaughter. Mike says hi to Avery and thinks it is nice to meet her.

Elizabeth asks Franco to take Jake to the car. Elizabeth asks what happened between him and Franco. Jason thinks that is between them. Elizabeth feels that Franco is her family. Jake is excited about the wedding. He wants to include him. Jason thinks it means a lot to him but he cannot watch her marry Franco. It is her life but if he went then it is just the same as lying to Jake. It is not ok. Elizabeth thinks that Jake loves him. Franco inspired him to be an artist. He has done so much more time and time again. Jason doesn’t think that Jake knows Franco like he does and hopefully he never will.

Kim had met plans with Drew and she showed up early and a guy was hitting on her. He wasn’t taking no for an answer and he wouldn’t pull away. Drew wants to know else happened.

Ava hopes that Nelle’s confidence is backed up by one hell of a plan. Nelle’s plan is to be more subtle. That is all she will say right now. Nelle has Ava. Carly will get a special valentine today, one she will not forget. Ava goes into the other room. Nelle finds a tape recorder in Ava’s bag.

Sonny thanks Robin for stopping by. She couldn’t not say hi to him. Sonny thinks that she was great with Mike. Robin has a past with strong willed parents. In all seriousness, He might want to get him a check up. Robin thinks that he should get one as well. Sonny thinks it was good to see her. Carly tells Avery she can give Sonny his Valentine. Sonny thinks it is the most beautiful Valentine’s day gift. He gives her a kiss.

Kim shouldn’t have mentioned it. Drew asks if he killed someone. Kim says he tore the strap on his dress and then he showed up. He gently pushed her aside and her turned into an angel. He always won

Elizabeth thinks that Franco has changed. They have all accepted this. That includes Michael and Sam who have moved on. Elizabeth wants Jason to do the same. Her family is waiting for her. Her future. She thinks he should start a future of his own. People change. She says this with love, he needs to let it all go. She wishes him a happy valentines day.

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