GH Update Monday 2/12/18

General Hospital Update Monday 2/12/18


Written by Anthony

Lulu confronts Maxie saying she is so sorry for her loss with Nathan. Maxie thinks she should be. She killed him. Lulu doesn’t understand. Maxie thinks it is pretty simple. She killed Nathan. Lulu wonders how she could say that. Lulu would never want anything to happen to Nathan. Maxie thinks she just wanted to be the next big thing. She wonders if Lulu got her story. She wonders what the going rate for her husband’s life is.

Anna asks if she can get Mac or Felicia anything. Felicia just wishes that Maxie didn’t have to go through this.

Kim shows up at Charlies. Julian wonders if she wants dinner for one. Kim explains take out for two. Julian shrugs. Kim wonders what that is about. Julian just thought he could convince her to eat with him. Kim says not tonight. Julian says that they have a bunch of specials this week for Valentines day. Kim thinks it is a little over the top for her teenage son. He would probably die if she referred to them as a couple.

Alexis thinks that Finn had some nice sharing in the meeting today. He said one revealing thing. His name. Finn asks if he agrees to get her one cup of coffee then she has to ignore all the share stuff. Alexis wants one fact about his life. Finn says fine.

Sam wonders why Drew is staring at Franco. Drew wonders why he is making him nervous. He needs to know why. Franco suggests to Elizabeth they get out of here and light a fire. Elizabeth would love that but she wants to wait until Maxie shows up to pay their respects.

Mac thinks that Maxie should be here by now. Felicia thinks she wanted a minute and you cannot rush that. Anna agrees that you cannot. Everyone, grieves in their own time.

Lulu didn’t fire the gun. Maxie knows but she is the one who put Nathan in the position to be shot. Dante thinks that it has been a long day. Maxie cannot believe that this all happened, so she could get a pat on the back from her boss. Lulu realizes that her heart is breaking, and she needs to lash out. Maxie needs her husband. She wants his voice and eyes and hands. The way he used to put one on the small of her back. She tells Lulu not to cry. Lulu loved Nathan as well. Maxie thinks that Lulu really believed that she could become an award-winning journalist based on two weeks experience. Her ego knows no bounds. Maxie means that. She exploited him. Lulu did the interview to lure Faison out. Nathan agreed to it. Maxie thinks he only did because she put the idea in his head. He made him think it was the only way but it was Lulu’s way. She did this to get an interview. Dante is not doing this right now. Maxie thinks that Nathan was a husband and father to be. Someone, who would have done anything to protect his family and Lulu took advantage of that. She had nothing to lose. She risked nothing and in turn she took everything from her.

Oscar tells Joss they have to do this fast. His mom could be home any minute. Joss wonders what happens if she hurts him. They should really get some help. Oscar wonders if she is crazy. They are in enough trouble as it is. He needs her to take care of it.

Alexis asks if Finn really wanted to take her to Charlies for coffee. Finn thought she liked this place. It is right next to her campaign headquarters. Alexis explains that Julian owns this bar. Finn is sorry. He was trying to be nice. Finn wonders if she wants to go somewhere else. Alexis says they are here, so they might as well do it. They walk in and Julian says they can sit anywhere they would life.

Franco touches his rabbit’s foot. Drew walks over and asks how he is going. Franco notes that it is a funeral, so he should offer his condolences.

Spinelli hates that he couldn’t find Faison and stop him before he hurt anyone. Anna knows it would have all played out differently. Spinelli wonders if she is still searching for the mysterious son. Anna is. He could be planning to pick up where Faison left off. Anna doesn’t think anyone can stay lost forever.

Dante tells Lulu they need to go home. Lulu needs to make Maxie understand. Maxie thinks this is classic. That is of course her response. This has to be her problem. She needs to make her see that she is right, and Maxie was wrong. Maxie thinks that the one thing that Lulu could do is admit that she played a part in this, but she will never get that from her. It is not her style. It is not in the Spencer DNA. Lulu admits when she is wrong. Maxie wonders when the last time she did that was. Maxie knows when she screwed up she felt terrible. She said sorry over and over again until she finally forgave her. She is never going to get that from Lulu because she doesn’t think it exists. She is a murderer. She is a morally superior one so there is that. Maxie knows that she doesn’t mean the things she is saying. Lulu begs her to remember that she is her best friend. Nina begs Lulu to go. She has done enough. Valentin gives them a dirty look. Nina wonders if Maxie is ok. She reminds her the reception is going on. They should get to it. Maxie doesn’t want to leave him. Nina knows. Maxie doesn’t know how to do this. She needs her to tell her how she can do this. Nina doesn’t know. They will figure it out together. Valentin takes Nina’s hand.

Franco thinks that this is a sad thing. Drew asks if Franco is avoiding him.

Julian cannot have Kim walking home alone. Kim wonders about the pub. Julian’s manager is here. Kim sees Julian staring over there every five seconds. Kim thinks it is fine, he can still walk her home and take the carry out. Finn asks if Alexis wanted to get something to eat. Alexis is not hungry.

Peter tells Nathan that it feels strange to say goodbye when they were never formally introduced. Not as brothers at least. He wishes that he could have gotten to know Nathan. He seemed like a good man. Loving and kind. Heroic. All the things their father wasn’t. Maxie it is so clear how much she loves him. He is tempted to say he was a lucky man. He is truly sorry that his luck ran out.

Mac asks if he can get Maxie something to eat. Anna thought that she had a beautiful service for Nathan. Anna knows how much Nathan loved hr. Sam walks over. She thinks that she was really great today and Nathan would be proud. Maxie needs a minute. She tells Nina that she cannot be here. Nina has this. Felicia will take her home. Maxie wants to be alone. Felicia wonders if she should go after her. Nina points out she wanted to be alone. Spinelli thinks that what Maxie says and needs are different things. Spinelli goes after her. Felicia and Mac tell him to take care of their girl.

Drew wonders how long Franco has known this Harvey guy. Franco guesses as long as he has. Since they were little kids. Drew asks if he recognized him then. Franco says that he recognized him. Drew wonders when this was. Franco says he came to his studio. He wonders what the twenty questions is about. Drew finds it odd that he didn’t mention someone from their past showing up. Franco doesn’t think there is a their with them. There is just a past. They were toddlers and they don’t remember each other. Drew wants to see the rabbits foot.

Anna is in the hallway. Valentin walks over. She wonders how Nina is. Valentin guesses as good as they can expect. Anna realizes how close she was with Nathan. Valentin really wants to help but he just cannot. Anna is helping her more than he knows. Anna is devastated for Maxie. She is still processing their conversation from yesterday. Anna wonders why he never mentioned anything before. Anna thought it would have killed her career at the WSB and her personal life. He had the means to take her down. She wonders what stopped him. Valentin guesses there is a thin line between love and hate. Valentin could never bring himself to destroy her.

Joss is putting makeup on Oscar’s face. Oscar tells her to keep going. Joss doesn’t think this is going to work. Kim opens the door. Oscar runs into the other room. She wonders what Julian is doing here. Kim wants Oscar to say hello to their guest. Oscar reveals a black eye.

Alexis noticed that Finn has been going to AA a lot more. She asks if it has to do with his relationship with Anna. Finn thinks that might have something to do with it.

Lulu tells Dante she is sorry she made them drive around. She just cannot face the children. It will not shut off. Maxie hates her.

Maxie looks at her door and shakes as she holds the keys. She opens the door and no one is inside. She closes the door behind her and sits down on the couch. Someone knocks on the door and she goes to open it. She asks what Spinelli is doing here. Spinelli doesn’t think she should be alone. Maxie says that she is though.

Elizabeth asks if everything is ok. Drew just wanted to see the rabbits foot that Franco has been carrying around. Elizabeth asks why. Drew thinks he might recognize it. He asks if he can please see it. Franco takes it out. Drew thanks him. Sam asks if he gets anything. Drew says no and hands it back to Franco.

Anna thanks Valentin. Valentin doesn’t want her to do that. Anna is grateful him. She wonders if he knows what happened to her. Valentin only knows what the midwife told him. It all went down the way she wanted. He went to a good family. Her daughter has a good life where Faison doesn’t exist. Anna knows if she found her she would have to pop the bubble. Valentin reminds her that she would have to do the same for Robin. Anna doesn’t want to do that for either of them.

Kim wants Oscar to talk to her. Oscar got into a fight. Oscar asks if she remembers the friend he told her about at school who is getting bullied. Kim assumes she means the boy who identifies as female. Oscar stood up for her. Kim tells him next time he tells the teacher. Oscar doesn’t think that there was time. Joss explains that if Oscar had not stepped in when he did. Their friend would have bee seriously hurt. Kim doesn’t care about their friend. She cares about her son.

Alexis asks if it was Anna’s idea or his to leave. Finn thought it was all Anna last time.

Dante was with Nathan every day. He was scared to death about what Faison would do to Maxie and the baby. He wanted the bastard caught. Lulu knows she pushed until he gave in. Dante thinks that there were other factors in play. Lulu wishes she could go back.

Spinelli gets Maxie tea. Maxie wonders if it was strange she didn’t want Georgie at the funeral. Spinelli thinks she is to little to know what transpired. Plus, she would have missed her school outing. She asks where they went. Spinelli says the Portland zoo. Spinelli doesn’t think that Maxie has to imagine it. Spinelli suggests that Maxie come home with him. Their guest room goes unused and Georgie would love to spend time with her mom. Maxie doesn’t think going to Portland would make her forget that her husband is dead.

Peter asks if Maxie is here. Sam says that she left. Drew asks if Peter has thought about staying on at Aurora.

Valentin thinks that Anna made a bold choice to further her career. He think that Anna needs to leave the past alone and live the life she has now. She made mistakes and can join the club. She wants to be better so she can be better. It is going to have to be enough. Valentin wants to go be wit his wife.

Julian tells Oscar to not forget his peas. Joss will tell Sonny he says hi. Julian thinks she can do that. Kim wonders if Sonny is a friend of his. Julian doesn’t think so.

Finn knows that Anna fought for them hard at one point. Only to kick him to the curb just as hard. He knows she is a woman. Alexis thanks him for noticing. Finn knows that Anna knows about these things. He wonders where he goes from here.

Maxie can just go jet off and forget about Nathan like she did before. She wasted precious time. If she doesn’t feel the loss then it is not really thee. Maxie doesn’t want him to show up. She asks if he knows what happens when she hears noise. She thinks it is Nathan. All those brief moments of hope are the hardest to come out of. She has to be here until she doesn’t need those reminders any longer. Spinelli cannot help her with that. She asks him to leave. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves.

Peter is sorry about Nathan. Nina thanks him. She thought he was the best. Valentin walks over. Nina introduces Peter. She thinks it was kind of him to come here. Valentin hopes that Peter reconsidered leaving. He has underestimated Jason looking for Faison’s son. He is going to follow up every lead. It will attract suspicion. Valentin has always looked out for Peter in the past.

Lulu has to quit her job. She loves Maxie more than being a reporter. She needs to make this right.

Alexis believes that you can love someone and not want them and do it at the same time. Alexis thinks if Anna is fighting that hard to stay away then it probably is not good.

Kim assumes that Julian thinks she is overreacting. Julian knows it is her kid so he completely understands. Kim thinks that Oscar is all she has. Julian doesn’t think that is entirely true. Julian was going to say that she has some friends.

Elizabeth wonders when Franco discovered this. Franco found it in a box. Elizabeth thinks that it has done its job and no one is luckier than them.

Sam knows that the last time Drew got the familiar feeling was with Kim and she turned out to be a big part of his life. Sam thinks it could be a missing piece of the puzzle.

Felicia asks Anna if she should be worried about her talking with Valentin. Anna has no more wars to play with him.

Nina puts two tickets from the natural history museum on Nathan’s grave. Nathan loved it when he was little. That is where they went when they had a day off from school. Nina thanks him for bringing her back. She needed one more chance to say goodbye. She is not sure if it was a good idea though. He has never been in the company as someone as brave as Nina today. Nina doesn’t feel very brave today. Valentin knows she doesn’t have to be right now.

Maxie is so sorry. She rubs her stomach. She thinks the baby would have loved her. He already did. She hopes she didn’t scare the baby or freak it out about the future. Maxie is just sad and angry. She is going to pull it together because that is what Nathan would want. He would want her to sing it songs and make it laugh. She will have to do it all for both of them. It won’t be the same but they will always miss him. If they are brave and lean on each other they will get through this and be ok. She thinks they will see.

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