GH Update Friday 2/9/18

General Hospital Update Friday 2/9/18


Written by Anthony

The officers of the Port Charles Police Department are all dressed properly wearing a black ribbon on their badges. They hold their hats at their hearts. Jordan stands in the middle of the police station with her walkee talkee. She states “attention all units. Attention all units. This is the end of watch call for Detective West. PCPD control to Detective West. Control to detective James Nathan West badge number 1134.”

Maxie sits on the floor in her apartment.

At the Floating Rib Amy and Bobbie set up the wake. Jordan in a voice over explains that Nathan answered his final call. The two hug one another as they look at photos of Nathan.

Maxie continues to sit on the floor. Jordan states that Nathan was shot while protecting a civilian and his wife from a fugitive felon. Felicia and Sam come to sit next to her. They help her up.

At the wake, Obrecht reads a sign saying they are celebrating Nathan’s life. Nina and Valentin then arrive. Jordan thanks him for his loyalty and his dedication.

Jordan and Dante put a plaque up with Nathan’s name on it as one of the officers they lost. Jordan thanks Nathan most of all for his brotherhood.

Spinelli shows up at Maxie’s apartment. He hugs Mac. Maxie walks out with Sam and Felicia. Jordan wishes for Nathan to rest in peace. This is his 10-42. This is his final watch. He has gone home for the final time.

Robin goes to sit down next to Anna at GH. She feels like she was just here with Mac and Maxie after Georgie died. She was grieving her. Anna is sure that she was a great support. Robin doesn’t think she was. Maxie was torturing herself for being a bad sister, but she kept insisting that she just keep going. Robin is not sure what to tell Maxie today. There is only so many times you can tell someone to keep going before they stop hearing it. Griffin walks over. He is sorry he is late. Robin thinks it is fine. Anna thinks that it is time they do this. Griffin is a mess right now. Anna feels that they all are. The lost a great man and a great friend. The three of them leave.

Maxie tells Felicia and Mac that she is alright. They don’t need to keep holding her up. Felicia explains that Frisco cannot get away today. Maxie thinks that is fine. He is off saving the world. Nathan would understand that. He thinks they need to get going. She doesn’t want to leave Nathan’s mom and sister hanging.

Nina thanks Bobbie for coming. Bobbie is so sorry for her loss. Nathan was a great man. Amy writes her name in the book at Nathan’s funeral. Lulu walks over to Curtis at the funeral and thanks him for driving her to the funeral the night Nathan died. Curtis reminds her that she did. He is just thankful that he could do something. Lulu thinks that he could help her again. He could sit with her because Dante will be with the other officers. Curtis thinks that sounds good.

Valentin suggests that Nina take a break. Nina needs to greet people. It is the only thing she can do for Nathan and she is going to do it right.

Obrecht holds Nathan’s program in her hand. She thinks about telling Maxie that Nathan broke his arm in the fourth grade. Her sister told her he was in the cast for months. She wishes she could have seen him and done something for him. She has never been there for her son though. Franco walks over to Obrecht and hugs her. Elizabeth watches.

Sam is going to go pick up Drew and then she will meet them at the church. Maxie thanks her for helping out. Sam is going to be here every day. She loves her. Felicia thinks that Maxie has a lot of friends that will come running for her. Maxie guesses she is really lucky. Maxie assumes that Mac is waiting for them with the car. Felicia will go and check. Spinelli is left alone. Maxie still has a few things to get and he doesn’t have to stay. Spinelli has something for her from Georgie. He gives her a hug. She wanted her to know that she loves her mommy. Maxie will be right down. Maxie sits down and takes out the bloody picture of their baby. Someone knocks on the door. She thinks about the first time she met Nathan. She opened the door thinking that it was Mac. She asked who Nathan was. Maxie wishes that Nathan would come back t her. Maxie opens the door, and nobody is there. She closes it again and sits on the floor. She asks how she goes about life without him. Georgie (her sister) sits down next to her and says anyway she can.

Obrecht thanks Franco for coming Elizabeth is sorry for Obrecht’s loss. Elizabeth goes to sit down. Franco knows that of all the people to arrest him, Nathan was the gentlest. Obrecht wishes he didn’t have to see her like this. Franco wishes that she didn’t have to feel like this.

Anna, Robin, and Griffin are about to walk in the church, but Anna needs a moment. She will be right there. She walks over to Nina. She asks if she lost something. Nina lost a light. Anna is shocked she smokes. Nina quit up until a couple of days ago. Nina hands her the cigarettes and asks her to take them and put them somewhere. Nina doesn’t want Charlotte to see her with them. She will make do. Anna knows she will. Anna is going to throw these in the hole and then throw away the hole. Anna walks into the church. Peter watches. Peter looks at his brother. He starts to think about him dying on the floor. Lulu walks over. She sees that Peter made it. Peter came to pay his respects. Lulu is sure that the family will appreciate that. Peter wonders how Maxie is doing. Lulu hasn’t spoken to her.

Maxie is so over saying goodbye. Georgie knows. Maxie realizes she was always meant to lose Nathan. He was to good for her. Georgie thinks she says that about everyone. She sets the bar for herself way to low. Maxie feels that Nathan would have cleared it a mile high. She tried not to get to close to him and that it would end badly, but Nathan wouldn’t listen to her. Now, she is here and he is gone. Georgie doesn’t think he is gone. Maxie doesn’t want to hear about how he is living on inside her and her heart. Georgie thinks that he is in their child. She is having his baby. Maxie knows without him. Georgie thinks that there is no way around him. Maxie wishes she never met him. Georgie thinks she is a liar. Georgie thinks without Maxie, Nathan would never have learned the joy of being handcuffed to someone, she never would have learned to give a good strip-tease, she never would have fallen in love or received the blessing of knowing he would be a father. Maxie thinks he would have been a good dad. Maxie feels that Georgie would have liked him. Georgie knows that he loved Maxie, so she would have loved him. Maxie thought Nathan was a her. He would save her a little bit every day. Georgie doesn’t think Maxie ever needed anyone to save her. It is time that Maxie show Nathan what she has. It is time. Maxie sits alone. She stands up. She puts her shoes on. Maxie puts the picture back in her purse ad grabs her coat. Maxie opens the door and leaves.

Jordan opens the door of the church and the PCPD officers carry Nathan’s body in with an American flag on his coffin. Everyone stands up. Maxie along with Felicia and Mac are right behind them. Nina and Obrecht behind them. Valentin watches as the all go to sit down in the front row. Nathan is laid out in the coffin. Maxie looks at him and starts to cry. Felicia holds her. Mac solutes him. Nina remembers a story of her little brother. She always knew him as a child by the sound of jingles of change in his pockets. She knew she would never lose him on their countless trips to the museum of natural history. They would go to see the whale which his favorite exhibit was. At the beginning of the day, Nathan’s pants would sag with all the change in his pockets. Nina finally asked what he would buy with the money. Nathan laughed. He was giving all the money away. He was giving his money to the guy who didn’t have a home, the musicians at the subway. He would always say that he doesn’t have any more money but tomorrow he will give them more. That is the kind of guy Nathan was. He gave himself when he was needed and when he wasn’t. Finally, in the end he gave his life. He was so many beautiful things. He touched so many people’s lives. Nina gave them her story and maybe they can give them theirs. She just wants to beg that they all give her a story about her brother if they don’t mind. He was a man of action not words. She wants to keep her brother’s soul alive in them. Nina takes some change and puts it in Nathan’s coat pocket. She goes to sit down.

At the burial, they sit as the police fire off guns in Nathan’s honor. Dante says a poem in which he tells the lord that he cannot always be a saint when you carry a badge. He had to work most Sundays and he never took a penny that wasn’t his to keep. Dante folds the flag and gives it to Maxie. Maxie takes it from Dante. A set of drums and bagpipes start to play. Everyone puts a flower on Nathan’s coffin as they lower it. They give their respects to Maxie. Lulu stands in the back as everyone passes by. Peter is the last person to lay a flower down. Sam and Drew pay their respects to Nina. Peter does as well. Valentin gives him an evil smile. Franco then walks over and gives her a slight nod. Anna walks over to Obrecht. Anna pats her on the back.

Maxie is left alone with Nathan’s coffin. She doesn’t really know what to say. She isn’t thinking straight. She loves him and always will. He saw the best in her. He made her demand more of herself. Even when it hurt. He made her want to be better. She cannot promise that she is going to succeed without him here to keep her honest. She promises that she will try. Maxie guesses that she needs to let her go now. She takes out the picture. She cannot do it without giving him that.

Nathan has been buried. Peter watches as Maxie says she will miss him so much. She asks Georgie to please take care of him. Nathan hugs her one last time in her mind.

At the wake everyone is gathered. Spinelli would like to say something in Nathan’s honor. As good as a human being as he has ever known, he guesses today words fail him. As a parent you learn to communicate in all different ways. Sometimes you find the words through son. He starts to sin o, Danny boy. Amy joins in with him. She goes to stand next to him.

Maxie continues to stand with Nathan in her mind. She turns around and he is gone. Maxie turns the other way and Georgie is taking Nathan with her. Nathan whispers goodbye. Georgie takes Nathan’s hand as they go off. Lulu walks over to Maxie. She is so sorry about Nathan and her loss. Maxie thinks she should be sorry. She killed him.

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