GH Update Thursday 2/8/18

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/8/18


Written by Anthony

Kiki asks Elizabeth where the reception is being held for her wedding with Franco. Ava realizes that Franco is unconventional, but she assumes that they are having a reception. Elizabeth thinks they want one, but they are having a hard time picking a venue. Ava suggests having it at her gallery. Elizabeth thinks that is nice of her. Ava is not just saying it. She means it. It is a beautiful space and it is big. Elizabeth thanks her. She will run it by Franco. He has a lot going on right now.

Franco pains a portrait of space and stairs.

Nelle tells Michael that she doesn’t want to jinx things, but these doctor visits have been smooth sailing so far. She thanks Michael for coming. Michael doesn’t want to miss it. Michael doesn’t think that anything will fade for him. She wants him to start calling the baby by their name unless it is a problem.

Carly asks Jason what he thinks of an apartment. Jason likes it. Carly is glad. She was afraid he would have an issue with it. He is the one who has to live with the furniture if he doesn’t like it. Jason knows he will like it. Carly wants him to see the boys room. He will love it.

Alexis wonders how things are going for Sam and Drew. Sam thinks everything is great all things considered. Faison is dead. Any answers he had about Drew’s life went with him. The only lead they have right now is that he had a son named Henrik.

Peter is leaving Aurora. He will stay on board until he finds a new person. Drew refuses to accept this resignation without an explanation. He has don a hell of a job. He cannot just walk out without telling him what is going on. He wonders if he got a better offer. Peter claims he accomplished what he came here to do.

Anna asks if Valentin ever crossed paths with Faison after he left the WSB. Valentin thinks she is funny. She is supposed to be a seasoned professional, but she is really messing things up. Valentin could play this game all afternoon, but Nina wants her gone. She should just ask him what he knows about the child that she had with Faison. Anna asks what he is talking about. Valentin thinks she is a wonderful liar. That is what made her a great spy. Anna thinks he is delusional. Valentin knows what a secret is that is to hard to keep is like. Anna doesn’t have to listen to this. Valentin guesses she can run away then. She will never get the answers she is looking for.

Michael knows that Nelle meant well, when suggesting naming the baby after Morgan, but they should come up with something else. Nelle asks why. Michael wonders if he really has to spell it out for her. It brings up a lot of painful memories. Nelle knows that Carly doesn’t want her to name the baby after Morgan. Michael doesn’t want to either.

Elizabeth walks into Franco’s office at GH. Franco tries to cover his painting. Elizabeth wishes that he wouldn’t. She likes watching him paint. It looks like his muse is back. Elizabeth thinks that this is a breakthrough. It might have something to do with him talking to Kevin. Elizabeth feels she knows exactly what this painting means.

Carly was going to get the boys bunk beds but then she wasn’t sure that the boys were going to have a sleepover on the same night. She didn’t want them to fight over who gets which bunk. Jason is shocked that kids fight about that. Carly thinks all the time. Michael and Morgan did all the time. Michael would give in and Morgan got his choice. It was the perk of being a little brother. Carly gets emotional. She promises that she is ok. Those are the moments that sneak up and punch you in the stomach. She is just happy that it is all here in her heart. Now it is Jason’s turn. This is his place. His boys are going to visit him here. Jason hopes so. She knows he can make this happen. He is the most determined person she knows. Carly thinks when he decides to do something he does it. He needs to have a relationship with his boys. Danny and Jake need him. He needs them as well.

Peter is still in shock at the shooting. He saw him and his wife begging to stay alive. He tried to stop the bleeding with his own hands and it wasn’t enough. It made him question is life. He doesn’t know if he wants to spend his life in a board room. Peter doesn’t know what he will do with his life now. Drew suggests he just take some time off. Peter knows what he needs to do. Peter knows this company has a lot of potential. Drew thinks it is hard to think of him leaving.

Valentin assumes that Anna is tired of running. Anna admits she is. She is tired of him talking in riddles though. Valentin was clear. He knows she has a child with Faison. He knows that because of a little story. It took him back to a school in London. It was like Hogwarts, but it wasn’t to train wizards. It was to train spies. At the spy school, there was a beautiful young English rose that was like a princess in a fairytale. There was a young crooked man as ugly as troll. He remembers what happened on a dark sinful night. She went to a lonely house on a lonely night where Anna gave birth with a midwife in secret. Anna cannot deal with this. Valentin assumed it could have been Alex, but it was clearly Anna who had that child in that room. Anna asks why he is doing this. Valentin assumes she wants to know what happened. Anna wonders how he could possibly know. Valentin wants her to let him finish his story without interruption.

Elizabeth thinks he is crawling out of the dark place he has been in. Franco likes her idea better than what Kevin would have to say about it. Elizabeth is proud of him for dealing with his demons. Elizabeth has good news. Ava offered her gallery for the reception. Franco thinks that is nice. Elizabeth likes the idea of the gallery. It was there that he was able to open up about his past. Franco suggests they go get food.

Nelle thought that naming the baby after Morgan would ease tensions with her and Carly. Michael reminds her that it was after Morgan died where his parents were separated, and she drugged Sonny and made him think they slept together. Nelle wants to know how long he is going to throw that in her face. Michael is just saying, naming the baby Morgan will only bring up more pain. He suggests they wait to see if it is a boy or girl and then they can decide what they will do. Michael wants to talk about every choice they make for the baby. He wants to be by her side as much as she is willing to let him. Nelle thinks that he is exasperating. One moment he is frustrating and the next minute he is incredible. Kiki overhears this.

Jason tells Carly that Danny is coming over tonight. Carly wonders if he is nervous. Jason knows that they haven’t spent much time together. Carly thinks that Danny knows he is safe with him. Kids pick up on things. She is sure that he knows how Sam feels about him. Sam knows that if she needs him for anything that she is safe with him.

Sam guesses that Jason, Sonny, and Anna all teamed up together and found out that Faison ad another child named Henrik. They thinks that he was involved in switching out Jason and Drew. Drew thinks that Jason was with holding information. Alexis thinks that Drew was right. Sam thinks that Jason wanted proof first.

Drew guesses that they will have to respect his choice but if he changes his mind it is ok. Peter doubts that he is going to change his mind.

Sam claims that the kiss between her and Jason on New Years was mutual. She was just as responsible. It is done with Jason. Sam is keeping her distance. Drew calls. He asks where she is. Drew says something came up at work. Sam guesses she could come to him. Drew wants to come to her. He will explain things when he sees her. Sam has a favor to ask Alexis.

Valentin was so in love with Anna. He convinced himself that he could win her over with a daring act of devotion. He could make her see the real him. She wanted to leapfrog above all the other recruits. She wanted to bring down the biggest baddy they had. She knew Faison and knew he was fixated on her. She saw his weakness. Anna hated him. She really wanted to destroy him. Valentin followed her away from the school. Anna thinks he stalked her. Valentin is giving her perspective. He followed and watched as she blended in. He watched her go through a door and then come out dressed as a call girl with blonde hair. He knew it was Anna. He followed her out of London. She went to a pub where Faison was. She got him very drunk before they left together. The rumor was flying around that she had gotten information out of Faison. No one knows how but he knew. He knows she got a lot more than she bargained for. Valentin thinks she will miss the best part of the story if she leaves now. Anna admits she was ambitious. She is not going to say sorry for that. She wanted the glory of bringing Faison down. He was so sick. He would pay women to impersonate her. She thought she could pretend to be one of them and accommodate his fantasy. Valentin thinks that is a dangerous game she was playing. Then there was the house in Brussels. Anna asks how he knew that. Valentin had some powerful contacts who told him where she was. When he finally got there, there was no sign of a mother or child. Anna asks how he knew it happened then. Valentin never knew for certain. She just confirmed it.

Drew tells Sam that Peter just resigned. He just came into his office and is done with whatever he came here to do. Drew wanted him to take a day to consider but he seems certain. Jim walks over. He was hoping to meet Drew. He plans to be a major advertiser once the Charles Street deal happens. He wans to buy them drinks. He insists. Franco and Elizabeth walk in and Franco thinks they should go somewhere else. Elizabeth needs comfort food and a beer. She thinks they should go and say hi. Franco thinks they can just sit down and talk themselves. Franco asks for a bar menu and it is Jim. He thinks it a small world.

Kiki wonders if there is anything wrong with the baby. Nelle says everything is fine. Kiki is worried with them being on the fourth floor. Nelle guesses they are held here sometimes. Nelle is going to head home. She asks if Michael can sign up for the two of them. Nelle says by to Kiki. Kiki guesses he is signing up classes. Kiki thinks it is nice of him to do this with Nelle. Michael doesn’t think that there is a future between them though.

Ava tells Nelle that she saw her with Michael over there. It looked promising. Nelle thinks that the baby is bringing them closer together. Ava doesn’t think that Carly will give up without a fight. Nelle plans to strike back at Carly with something she really cares about. Ava asks who the target is. Nelle says the details have not been finalized. If she is going to pull it off, then she will need Ava’s help.

Jason thinks that Sam needs him to keep his distance. Carly thinks that she is right about all of this. Alexis knocks on the door and Sam asked her to drop Danny off for a sleepover. Carly wonders if he is excited. Danny thinks this place looks cool. Carly guesses that great taste runs in the family. Danny wonders what that means. Jason explains that Carly picked everything out and she is glad he likes it. Carly just figured out his room. Alexis hopes it is ok that she brought him. Jason thinks it is fine. Danny brought Jason a present. Jason thinks it is cool that he drew a picture of him and Annabelle the second. Danny thinks she really likes the cool toys he bought her. Jason thinks by next year he will know all the cool toys to get him. Danny thinks he can always get stuff for Annabelle, but there was this cool Star Wars game that Jake and his brothers got for Christmas. Carly tells him that there is some Star Wars stuff in his bedroom. Jason and Danny go to look. Carly asks if Sam couldn’t bring Danny herself. She wonders if it is because she couldn’t handle herself around Jason.

Jim cannot stay and chat he has a business meeting that fell into his hands. Jim walks over to Drew and Sam. He thinks that they need a mayor who is pro business. He asks if they are endorsing anyone. Sam thinks it be bad to do that when she is related to Alexis and Drew is related to Ned. Jim realizes that Drew is Andrew. He assumes he is a Quartermaine. That means that him and Franco… He used to know him when he was a child. He would call him Bobby and Andy. Sam wonders if he knows much else about his past. Jim doesn’t know much. He heard that Andy had died but obviously he is alive. It is crazy he and Franco ended up in the same town. He toasts to them. Drew looks at Franco.

Valentin never knew for sure. Now he knows that she was telling the truth. She was giving birth to Faison’s child. Anna doesn’t think anyone should have that monster for a father. Valentin agrees. Which is why he never told anyone. Anna asks if he knows what happened to the child.

Kiki has to go and change. Ava is taking her out to celebrate her getting into med-school. Michael tells her that the hospital is having a party as well. He assumes she will be there. Kiki thinks that everyone she knows is bringing someone. Michael thinks she should be there. Kiki doesn’t want people asking where Dillon is. Michael suggests that she go and celebrate. She has earned it.

Nelle is going to need flexible hours at the gallery. Ava thinks that they can be as flexible as she needs.

Jason wonders if Carly wants to stay for dinner. Carly thinks it is a big night for them. She will leave alone. They can order a pizza and watch basketball. Jason asks what kind of pizza Danny likes. Danny wants whatever pizza his dad wants. Carly thinks that he is always going to be his father. He has to get used to it.

Sam thinks if Jim could shed some light on what he knows about Drew. Jim thinks that he is lucky to be alive after what Franco did to him. He asks what he did. Jim says that he tried to kill him by shoving him down the basement steps. This turns out to be a day dream. Jim tells Drew that Franco was a natural artist. He was always building something. It doesn’t shock him that Drew has a business. Jim leaves. Sam thinks that Jim was holding something back. Drew agrees.

Valentin heard from the midwife that Anna couldn’t look at the baby. He has to assume that it is because she didn’t want to get attached. He knows that Anna wanted the child to be happy and healthy and unaware of who her father was. Anna asks what he means by she. Valentin says she had a girl.

Kiki is craving barbeque. Ava thinks they are going to the Metro Court. She deserves champagne not a big. Only the best for her. Maybe, soon she might have something to celebrate herself.

Carly says bye to Danny. She wants them to have a great night. Carly gets a call from an unknown caller outside. She asks if anyone is there.

Nelle hangs up the phone from a payphone.

Franco wants to leave. Elizabeth guesses so. Drew wants to know why Franco never told him that this Jim guy knew them as children. Franco thought it was ancient history. Sam says that Franco dropped something. Drew hands it to Franco. It is the rabbit foot.

Valentin knows the story has a happy ending the child had a happy home. The daughter never knew that Faison existed. She got what she wanted. Anna says goodnight. She walks out. Anna smiles. She wanted a girl.

Peter gets a call. He answers. He thinks that he should be aware that he is leaving PC. Valentin says that would be a mistake.

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