GH Update Wednesday 2/7/18

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/7/18


Written by Anthony

Nina is torn about the arrangement. She likes it and thinks that Nathan would like it. Valentin thinks it would be good as well. Anna walks in. She says the housekeeper let her in. Nina cannot believe she is here. They are planning her brother’s funeral right now. If, she has any business with her husband it can happen later. Anna just came to speak with Obrecht. Nina tells her that she is resting. She will give her the message. Obrecht would rather hear it in person. Obrecht wonders what more she could possibly want for them.

Sam tells Drew that these flowers came for Drew. Sam hands him tickets to Thailand. Drew wonders what they could possibly have to do in Thailand. Sam says they have nothing to do there. It is a do-over for the honeymoon they didn’t get to have.

Henrik finds Lulu at Kelly’s. The office said that she would be here. Lulu tends to think better when she is no there. Peter thinks that diners are the natural habitat of writers. Lulu thinks the happy ending she was writing turned into Nathan’s obituary.

Mike walks into his house and finds Sonny sitting on the couch. Sonny set up the expresso maker that he sent him two Christmases ago. Chuck appreciates it but he is not a fancy coffee kind of guy. Sonny asks where he has been all morning. He asks if Sonny has something on his mind. Sonny throws the bag of cash at him. He wants to know if Mike can explain that. Mike picks up the money. Mike doesn’t understand. He asks what it is. Sonny wants him to tell him. Mike went out for a walk. He goes out for a walk every morning. He likes fresh air. He visits his buddies and has coffee. Then he comes home. Mike thinks that if he doesn’t know anything about the money then that makes two of them. Mike knows what happens with people who do not deliver. Sonny demands to know what the money was doing in his cigar box. Mike doesn’t know. He didn’t put it there.

Jim shows up at Julian’s pub. Jim wanted to see if Julian had any change of heart. His offer is still on the table. Julian is still in love with the place so it is not for sale. Jim thinks that the offer will remain on the table. Curtis tells Julian that the guy is clearly fake. Julian is not planning on selling anyway. He is starting over here. Curtis guesses he is not going to sell then. Julian thinks his pub is staying right where it is.

Drew wonders why she would want to go to Thailand. Sam has never been there and as far as she knows he hasn’t. It would be just the two of them. They could explore and eat the foods they are free to eat. They can have their first real adventure as Drew and Sam Cain. They would be making memories of their own. Drew thinks that the word honeymoon as a really nice ring to it. Alexis walks in asking if they have work to do.

Peter cannot imagine how devastated Lulu is. Lulu doesn’t think that her devastation matters. Maxie lost her husband. Dante lost his partner. When you are a cop, your partner is a part of you. She cannot help but think she set this into motion. Peter was thinking about Dante and Maxie might take into comfort that someone that cared about Nathan wrote his obituary. Lulu feels that would be a small comfort. Maxie is so devastated. She cannot see anyone or talk to anyone. Lulu tells him the baby is fine. It will never know what a great dad he had. Ned walks over and asks if they want to do an interview with him. Peter suggests he contact the paper directly. If he wants to request Lulu, he can do that. Ned is looking forward to that. Ned walks out. Lulu guesses that happened. Peter thinks that people are recognizing her talent. Lulu cannot do anything when her best friends husband is dead.

Anna would like to search the grounds and house with their permission to see if Faison left anything behind. Valentin tells her she can knock herself out. He wonders if there is anything else. Anna explains that there is. When she was at the morgue, the gave her Faison’s personal affects and she thought Obrecht would want them.

Sonny took time out of his life and Mike knows that is not easy. Mike reminds him hat no one asked Sonny to do so. Sonny doesn’t know what game Mike is playing but he cannot do this anymore. Mike doesn’t want his help. Sonny doesn’t either. Rita walks in. She admits that they are in trouble and need Sonny’s help.

Sam heard that things were a little intense right now. Alexis asks if either of them caught the attack ad that Ned’s campaign was running. Drew did. It was basically saying that the people of PC cannot trust her for her past choices. Alexis admits she has made some bad choices. Sam is shocked that Ned would run an ad like this. Alexis doesn’t think he was aware of it. Alexis needs Aurora’s endorsement. Drew thinks she would make a great mayor but if Aurora endorsed her then it would tank her entire campaign.

Lulu thinks that Peter has an act at catching her at vulnerable moments. Peter thinks that most journalists cannot cry, and this helps her. Lulu thinks he has been a great mentor. She finds it odd that she doesn’t know a thing about him.

Obrecht wants that away from her. Anna just thought that her or Britt or someone else might want it. Valentin wonders why she doesn’t just destroy them herself. Anna cannot do that right now. She knows that Obrecht said that Faison had a son. She means Henrik. She asks if Obrecht knows where he is and could help her find him.

Sonny would love to help Rita out but he cannot do that when he doesn’t know what is going on. Rita will tell him whatever he wants to know. Sonny just wants to know how the ten grand ended up in the cigar box. Rita doesn’t know. If she knew she would tell him. Mike doesn’t need Rita to defend him to his son. Mike told him the truth. Sonny does want to believe him. Mike is all sweaty from his walk. He is going to need to take a shower. He walks out. Rita asks if he sees that. She knows that Sonny hasn’t seen him in a long time but that is not him. She told him they would find a better way to get by. She wanted him to get another job. Sonny looks through the bag. All the money is here. It means that he is telling the truth about the gambling. Rita thinks that Mike is really proud. Sonny knows he has a lot of making up to do in his life. She thinks that Sonny can imagine how hard it is for him to make things up for him. Rita thinks if he wants to help figure things out, he needs to go easy on Mike.

Sam is afraid that Drew is right. An editorial campaign headed by her daughter with Julian is not the smartest thing. Drew doesn’t think she needs an endorsement. Alexis is open to suggestions. Drew thinks she needs an interview with the PC press. Sam could take her out to lunch if she wants. Alexis thinks that sounds fine.

Peter thinks his life is not that interesting. His family and him are not close. His mother abandoned him, and his father shipped him off to boarding school. Lulu asks if he had any brother’s or sisters. Peter had a brother, but he died before they could get to know one another. Lulu is sorry his past was so unhappy. Peter doesn’t want her to feel bad. He didn’t become this way because of his family. He decided on who he wanted to be in spite of them.

Obrecht doesn’t think that Henrik mattered. Nathan was the only one that mattered. Her bright and beautiful boy. Anna thought it was a wonderful man. Her loss must be great. She just wants to know about Henrik. Apparently, he was involved in what happened with Drew and Jason and he could be out there following in Faison’s footsteps. Nina asks where this son is. Anna is trying to find that out.

Sonny knows he should go easier on Mike but because of their history it can hard. Rita has heard about his past. Sonny already came to terms with his past a long time ago. Sonny wonders what is going on though. Rita wishes she knew. Mike has been so distracted lately. Rita was hoping that Mike had told Sonny. All she knows is that Mike’s face lights up whenever he speaks about Sonny or his children. Sonny believes his kids. Rita thinks he is so proud of Sonny. Rita knows he wanted to be someone that he could be proud of. He knows the way he did it was not the way to go about it. He loves Sonny. The last thing he needs is for Sonny to know he needs him. Mike sees that Sonny is still here. Sonny is still standing here

Ned shows up at Aurora. He thinks that the company is going well. Ned wants Drew to know they have his loyalty. This family is standing beside him. They just want him to stand beside them as well.

Alexis and Sam go to Julian’s bar. Sam guesses the place looks cool. Not that she would be coming here often. Sam thinks she can avoid this place easily. Alexis thinks it will be easy for her to avoid Julian. He has a girlfriend.

Lulu wonders if Peter ever tried to find his mother. Peter had a fantasy that his mom would come back but his father assured him that she wouldn’t. Even his father didn’t know who his mother was. Lulu asks how he said his life was not interesting. Peter thought it was boring. His father was self-absorbed and unfeeling. He thought that he was a horrible person. There was only so much hate he could take before realizing he didn’t need his father’s approval. That is when he was able to break free.

Obrecht only saw Henrik when he was a boy. Anna thinks that Henrik needs to be stopped if he is doing anything like Faison. Nina tells her that she can stop him next week. Not today. Not now. Anna says ok.

Sonny believes Mike. They will not worry how the money got here. He paid off the debt. It will take a little while for things to calm down. He suggests they take a little vacation. He wants them to come meet Avery. Mike doesn’t know. He also hasn’t met his great grandson Rocco. Mike thinks he is way to young to be a great grandfather. Sonny wants him to come home. Carly would love to see him again. Sonny wants both of them to come. Rita would love to but she has to work. Rita wants him to meet his grandkids. Mike is not going anywhere.

Jim walks over to Alexis. He wonders if she remembers him. Alexis does. He came in here and accused Laura of abusing Mary Mae Ward’s memory. Jim admits he deeply regrets it. He congratulates Alexis on being on a candidate. Alexis tells him to join them. Jim can only stay a minute. He has a meeting. Alexis explains that Jim is behind the development project. Jim wants to talk about the details. It would only be fair.

Curtis tells Julian that the mugger that went after Stella is just gone. He just skipped town. He cannot figure out why. Julian thinks that this mugger is probably being paid and was helped to skip town.

Drew asks if he is asking for his campaign. If he is asking him for an endorsement they cannot do it. They are remaining neutral. He needs to get work done. Ned sees Alan’s cufflinks. It is about a legacy being a Quartermaine. Ned wants him to enjoy the cufflinks.

Lulu wants to write Peter’s story. Peter only told her what he did for her to value her own self-worth. Lulu thinks that everyone’s story is unique. Someone might read his story and realize that he is not alone. Lulu thanks him for distracting him from Nathan for a while.

Nina wants Anna to let them grieve. Nina had to go to Maxie’s to work on funeral arrangements. Nina needs Valentin to get Anna out of the house. Anna really is sorry. She wouldn’t be here if the situation wasn’t critical. Anna has to make sure everything to do with Faison really is wrapped up for good.

Mike appreciates the offer but as much as he would love to see Carly and the grandkids, he has his routine and it keeps him steady. He needs his walks. Sonny has coffee for him back in PC. Mike doesn’t want to be away from his gal. Rita doesn’t think that it is that far away. Everything, will be here when he gets back including her. Sonny suggests he come to PC and be with his family. Mike decides to go.

Jim would love to run a few things by Sam. Sam thinks that he needs an ad agency. Jim says his lunch companion has arrived. Ned and him go to talk. Sam asks if Alexis is going to confront him about the ad.

Curtis wonders why a thug would stick around. Curtis knows that Stella has been vocal about Charles Street. If she is arrested for assault then she looks like the bad guy. Curtis doesn’t think the mugger was going to stick around.

Peter tells Drew that he wanted to thank them for their opportunities. He has to leave the company though.

Anna wonders if Valentin ever crossed paths with Valentin after leaving the WSB. Valentin laughs. He thinks she is funny. She is making a mess of this. Valentin suggests they cut to the chase. He thinks that she should ask him about what he knows about her child with Faison.

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