GH Update Tuesday 2/6/18

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/6/18


Written by Anthony

Sonny wants Mike to admit he took the money. He will take care of the situation. Sonny doesn’t want a call saying that his dad is dead in the street. Mike guesses that it never changes for him. Sonny wishes that it would. Mike knows that he is just an obligation for him. Sonny begs him to know where the money went. He needs to know how much he owes and what the grand total is.

Dante shows up at the station and notices Nathan’s desk. Jordan walks over. She thought that he was taking a few days off. Dante was but wanted to check into the details of a case. Jordan thinks that they can look into it for him. He is on break for a reason. Nathan was his partner. Dante knows, but he is fine. Jordan thinks he needs to speak with someone. Dante’s focus is Nathan’s family. Jordan reminds him that her door is open just the same.

Curtis goes to pay for their meal. Stella doesn’t think that he needs to pay for her meal every time. Curtis wants her to save her money with Ned running for mayor. Stella doubts that this will happen. Stella is not going to bed until she registers everyone on the block. She has been at it all day. Despite, all the pro-development stuff going on the neighborhood is perfectly safe. Curtis wants her to text him when she gets home. Stella thinks he is a nag.

Alexis tells Finn that they need to stop meeting like this. Finn reminds her it was a meeting. A nurse walks over coming to tell Alexis that she supports her in the race for mayor. She needs her to see something because of that. Alexis walks over to a computer screen. A political ad starts playing. It informs the voters that Alexis married Julian.

Kim finds Julian at his bar. She wonders if his kitchen is up and running now. Julian does have some avocado toast with her name on it. She admits her son has a more active social life than she does. She hasn’t met anyone she is interested in yet. Julian thinks this is the perfect place to meet someone.

Anna tries looking up Henrik on the internet. Nothing comes up. She starts hearing a baby crying. Robin walks in. She asks why she is sitting alone in the dark.

Mike promises on his mother’s grave he hasn’t gambled in seven years. Sonny asks what happened to the money that he was supposed to deliver. Mike doesn’t know. It was there. Sonny doesn’t know what to think. Sonny asks why he would be told that Mike lost ten grand when he didn’t.

Kim thinks that this is delicious. Julian is glad. He was afraid that Kim might have been scared away after yesterday. Kim asks why she would be scared away. Julian reminds her that his daughter is married to her son’s father. A bunch of reporters show up asking for a statement in terms of him being used as a tactic against Alexis.

Deanna says that she is sorry. The video is going viral around town. Alexis thanks her. Alexis has texts from Diane warning her. Finn assumes that all politicians lie. Alexis thinks it will help people vote. Finn admits he is not registered to vote here. Alexis tells him they are going to register him.

Dante is cleaning out Nathan’s desk, so Maxie doesn’t have to do it. Jordan doesn’t think that he has to do this right now. Dante reminds her that his partner was killed. So, he will be on desk duty. He wonders what else he can do. Dante remembers when Nathan got here from Manhattan he was on the fast track. He assumes that Nathan just wanted the glory with no work. Then he pulls out this mug. He guessed that at least they had that in common. They got to talking and he realized they weren’t that different after all. Dante thinks they were family to him. He comes form a big Italian family. No one gets a cop like a cop and he feel like he lost a brother.

Anna totally forgot that she was coming tonight. Robin would have reminded her if she had answered any of her text messages. She is glad that she is ok. Mac and Felicia were starting to get worried. Anna has been distracted a bit. Robin can imagine. Maxie loses her husband to Faison of all people. Anna is heartbroken for her. Robin knows that he made Maxie happy. She thinks they just have to be strong for her the next few days. At the very least Faison is out of their lives forever.

Alexis tells Finn he can take the sticker off now. Alexis never expected Ned to go this low. Finn points out that Ned might not have endorsed the add. Sometimes, fund raiser groups do these things on their own. Alexis guesses that is true, but everything said about her was correct.

The reporters ask about Alexis. Curtis walks over and tells them that Julian said no comment. They all need to get going. Kim thinks that was unexpected. Julian thanks Curtis. He wonders what that had to do with him. Curtis tells him that there is an attack ad for Alexis and he had a starring role in it. Kim asks if Alexis is running for mayor. She wonders why they would use him in the ad. Julian might tell her over dinner sometime. Julian is going to duck out. Julian wants Curtis to have dessert on the house. He asks if Kim wants to have dinner with him.

Anna is being jumpy. Anna is doing research for the WSB and it is confidential. Robin wonders if it involves them thinking Faison is not really gone. Anna knows he is definitely gone. She can confirm that. Faison will never be a threat to any of them again. Robin finally understands Obrecht. She gave up Nathan to protect her son. It was more important to be a good mother than be with Faison.

Dante thought that Nathan was great with children. That is why he knew that he would be an excellent father. Dante keeps wondering what would happen if he died and Rocco was left without a father. Jordan tells him to go home and be with his children. Tomorrow, they will honor his partner. Stella walks in being charged with assault Stella demands she be released this minute. The man she supposedly assaulted walks in. Stella thinks that he was trying to steel her purse. He thinks that he was assaulted. Stella thinks that he will think twice before he tries to steal another purse. Stella was trying to register voters when the street lights went out. Then this guy came up from behind him and tried to grab his purse. He only went up to him to see if she needs help crossing the street. Stella thinks that they struggled for ages before the police showed up. Jordan calls Curtis. Jordan needs him to come down.

Mike doesn’t know why they are claiming he didn’t make the drop. Sonny asks why he took the job as a bag man. Mike needed to take any job. Sonny wanted to give him a job. Mike doesn’t think that a son is supposed to support his father. Sonny would rather give him money than worry what he is doing with it. Sonny wants to stop the problems before they start. Sonny will offer an allowance and he will pay off the money he owes. Mike wonders if he will be sticking around a few days then. Sonny thinks he will go home once things settle down. He will make some calls and cut some checks. Mike can take care of himself. Sonny knows but he has it.

Anna admits that Obrecht came to see her right after Nathan went public. She was terrified. It is strange despite this bizarre obsession. She really understood the threat that Faison was for his son. Faison came here and she couldn’t stop him. Robin reminds her that he is gone now. No more games. Just peace. Robin is glad she didn’t have to go through this alone. It was strange that her Jason, and Sonny were an affective team. Anna thought they were helpful. Robin was actually referring to Finn.

Alexis thinks the information about her was slanted to fit an agenda. The committee was not exactly wrong though. She did make a bad choice or so. Finn would be suspicious of anyone who claimed to be a saint. Alexis thinks that if she can survive Julian then she can survive anything. Julian and Kim walk in.

Curtis knew that Stella had no business walking at night. Stella thinks that the man tried to rob her. Jordan thinks that there is an issue with their stories. Curtis has to imagine it was self-defense. Jordan agrees but because the other person has an injury they have to believe him.

Sonny tells Mike that it is all set up. The debt is taken care of. Sonny doesn’t want him doing bag work again. Mike wants to offer him a toast. The two have a drink. He asks if he wants to smoke. He has some Cubans. Sonny thinks later. Sonny asks if Rita is good to him. Mike thinks she takes care of him and keeps him out of trouble. He thinks that if he had met her ten years earlier. Mike sees he has to take care of him again when he cannot take care of himself. Mike figured he could make it on his own. Mike never wanted to be a burden on him and Courtney. Sonny assumes he means Carly. Sonny thinks that there is nothing more important than family. The two toast again and finish their drinks.

Anna is sorry. She isn’t actually with Finn. Robin wonders if they broke up. Anna says that he was part of an operation. They had to make everyone including the target think they were involved. He doesn’t know why she didn’t tell him. Anna guesses she was stalling. She did feel sort of ashamed. She didn’t know how to tell them all that it was pretend. Robin doesn’t think it was like pretend for her.

Kim thinks it is nice to see Finn out of the hospital. Kim says it is nice to meet Alexis. She has her vote. Alexis thanks her. Julian wants a word with Alexis. Kim will grab them a table. Julian saw the attack ad. Alexis thinks him and everyone else. Julian doesn’t think she deserves that. Alexis didn’t think he did either. Julian tries to make things right even if it is all because of him. He is sorry. He knows he keeps hurting her.

Jordan is sorry for the wait. The man asks why there is a wait. Jordan ran his name through the system. He is out on parole. If he is lying then she will find the answers. She asks how his parole officer would feel about him making false statements to the police. Or how about an attempted robbery charge. Jordan wants him to decline to press charges and she will not have to look into this further.

Robin saw them being authentically involved. They were being a couple. They had this familiarity about one another like a short hand. Anna thinks that Finn had an opinion on everything. Then to ignore the advice on experts. She has to say it feels better to have Finn away from her. Robin doesn’t think either of them are buying that. She thinks it is time she admits she has feelings for him.

Kim asks Finn what is going on with the two of them. Finn knows that Julian is her ex-husband. Kim was not told.

Alexis realizes that it is not his fault the ad exists. Julian is sorry that the ad exists because of him. Julian would like to do everything in his power to get her elected. She wants him to enjoy his night. Alexis tells Finn they should enjoy their evening.

Anna understands if Robin wants to go to sleep. Robin is starving. Anna has food in the fridge. Robin thinks that they should go out. She is sorry. She is not trying to get into her business, but she seemed happy with Finn and he seemed happy with her. Faison is out of her life for good. It might be the chance at a new beginning. Robin goes upstairs. Anna quickly deletes her search history.

Jordan tells Stella she is free to go. Stella thinks it is nice to see justice done. Jordan doesn’t want to do anything escalate things. Stella cannot believe that they will let the thug back on the street. Jordan has an officer go to help Stella reclaim her purse. Curtis wonders why the street lights and cameras both shut down. Jordan cannot imagine it was normal. She suggests that Curtis look into this.

Mike is going to set up the guest room. He wants him to help himself at whatever he wants from the bar. There is chili on the stove. Ruby’s recipe. Sonny walks over to the bar. He opens a box and finds a bag of money. He rubs his head.

Kim is shocked that Alexis is his ex-wife. She guesses she is the only person in town who didn’t know that. Kim thinks he is fully of surprises. Julian thinks that they took full advantage of his past in the video. He did some time. If she wants to leave he completely understands. Kim would be lying if she says her dream date is to have drinks with an ex-con but her family believe in the family of redemption. If he has paid his debt to society then she doesn’t think he has to pay for his mistakes the rest of his life. She imagines he is committed to living on the right side of the law. Kim thinks the next round is on him.

Alexis is not going to duck and run every time she sees Julian. Finn is not going anywhere either. Anna and Robin walk in. Finn thinks there is a precedence though.

Dante grabs the box and takes his coat. He looks back at the desk he takes out the mug and puts it on his desk.

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