GH Update Monday 2/5/18

General Hospital Update Monday 2/5/18


Written by Anthony

Carly knows that Jason wants to do the noble thing. He wants Sam to be happy even if he isn’t. Sam’s love for him is not just going to go away. He needs to go to Sam and fight for her. Unless, she is wrong. Unless, he really thinks that Sam will be happier with Drew. Jason doesn’t get to fight for Sam and neither does Carly. He asks Carly to just drop it.

Sam believes who Drew is, is still inside of him. He can figure out who he is on his own. Drew asks if she has any ideas how to go about that. He has tried everything, and it hasn’t worked. Outside, of that one flicker when he first saw Kim, his entire past is a blank. Sam does want Drew to be careful if they do find the flash drive she needs him to be careful on how he uses it.

Franco hands Kevin a foot of a dead rabbit. He thought that Kevin could put it next to his brain the jar. Kevin guesses the place is turning into party central. Kevin assumes that this came from his past. He wants to know where it came from. Franco was given it by a kid that said he was his best friend. Kevin asks who this boy was. Franco thought it was his brother, but he sent him flying down a flight of stairs.

Elizabeth walks over to Griffin. She heard he was Nathan’s surgeon last night. She wonders how he is holding up. Griffin has lost patients before, this one is hitting him hard. He had a bad history with Nathan. He des wonder if he could have done something more to help Nathan and he didn’t.

Ava doesn’t want Nelle to underestimate Carly. Once she paints a target on your back she doesn’t rest until she takes it out. Nelle has no choice but to take her out first. Ava thinks that sounds nice, but she has to have a plan. Ava feels if she even suspects she is out to get her she will attack. Nelle doesn’t think that she will see her coming just like last time. Ava reminds her that now Carly is waiting for her. She knows how Nelle operates now. Nelle thinks that complicated has taken on a whole new meaning.

Sonny bangs on Mike’s door. A woman opens the door. He asks if Mike lives here. She knows that Sonny is his son. She assumes that Mike is in a lot more trouble than she thought.

Franco guesses all Drew wanted to do was wish him good luck and he pushed him down the stairs. Kevin wonders if he really thought this kid was his brother. Franco explains that his mother was raising them as if they were brothers. He asks where his birth parents were. Franco says they were here in PC. Heather pawned Drew off to Betsy so that Alan couldn’t take him. Kevin knows he has no memories. Franco has a feeling if he ever does remember then he might not be so happy. Kevin asks why Betsy stopped raising him. Franco guesses that she was afraid he would hurt him again, so she put him in an orphanage. Franco screwed up this kids entire childhood. He asks what kid gets abandoned and then says he had an awesome childhood. This Faison guy might have done him a favor.

Peter looks at an article involving Faison’s death. An officer walks in. He explains they are looking for a bullet that Faison used to shoot Peter. Then they will be out of his hair.

Sam thinks this is all hypothetical until they have some leads. Drew asks what she is thinking. Sam doesn’t think he is a computer. They cannot plug a flash drive in and upload all his memories. Drew would like to be able to get his memory back. Sam doesn’t want him to hurt his memory even more.

Carly is sorry. She is not going to get through the next six months without him. She cannot believe Nelle is carrying her grandchild. He didn’t see how she took advantage of Morgan’s death. She knows that she is the one who brought her in though by getting her close to her family. She attacked them though at their most vulnerable moment. It terrifies her. She doesn’t want Michael to put up with more than he should because of Nelle. She wants Jason to talk her down now. Jason is not saying that there is no reason to worry. Carly wants him to say but now. Jason is sure that Michael will be an incredible father. He will put the baby first and they will be there to help. Carly thinks Jason is so good at this. Nelle drives her crazy. She needs him to prevent her from kicking her ass. Michael walks in. He asks if she is pissed off at Nelle or if there is another family crisis he doesn’t know about.

Sonny wonders if the woman lives with Mike. She admits they have been together for five years. He talks about Sonny all the time and shows her pictures. She thinks he has beautiful kids. Her name is Rita. She met Mike in gamblers anonymous. She thought they knew one another but then two goons showed up saying that Mike owed money. Sonny asks where Mike is. Rita doesn’t know. Sonny asks the last time she saw Mike. Rita saw him this morning. He went out to get the paper. He seemed to be his same cheerful self. He left his phone. He does it all the time though. Sonny sits down. He wonders if there was anything strange about Mike being gone. Rita thinks that Mike gets caught up talking with people. He can spend whole mornings outside of the house. He will wonder. Rita feels that this has been the most shady behavior she has seen from him since they have been together. Sonny wants to know who he borrowed from. Rita doesn’t think that it was borrowed. Mike doesn’t do that anymore. It is his bosses. It is money that he is supposed to deliver.

Carly is pissed at Nelle and she has every reason. Michael asks if it is a new reason. Carly says yes. She wasn’t looking for a confrontation. Nelle made it inevitable. Michael knows how she feels about Nelle. She has every reason to. Nelle is basically connected forever right now though and it will be ok. He doesn’t know how yet but he promises that Carly will not self-destruct. He knows that Jason will talk her down. Jason has to get going. Michael wants Carly to lay on what Nelle did.

Nelle knows that Michael is devoted to his family. She couldn’t rip him away if she tried. Ava can tell that she loves him. She assumes that he must have felt the same way about her if he was able to forgive him. Nelle thought it was them against the world for a while. Nelle thought it was always Carly that screwed things up. It wasn’t enough for her and Sonny to hate her. She needed Michael to hate her too. Until, finally he took her word over Nelle’s. Nelle thinks that they will have a beautiful baby and give it everything they always wanted. It will have a family and a home full of love.

Kevin ask what Franco felt giving Drew the push. Franco doesn’t know. He doesn’t remember. Betsy told him that it happened. Franco knows that Betsy lied a lot but it was finally told to him. Franco knows it was the truth. He pushed the kid down a flight of stairs. He assumes to hurt him.

Elizabeth thinks Griffin is one of their best doctors. Unfortunately, Nathan couldn’t be saved. Faison is the only one who is responsible.

Jason finds Peter. Peter asks what he can do for Jason. Jason heard he paid Faison a visit last night. Peter did. The man took a shot at him last night. He wanted to talk. Jason asks if there was a guard outside Faison’s door that might have heard his conversation. Peter explains the door was closed. Jason guesses aside from the staff at GH, he was the last person to see Faison alive. Peter asks what this is about.

Rita tells Sonny that Mike picks up a bag of cash for his boss and delivers it. Sonny was given a heads up and said that there might be trouble. Rita guesses that Mike likes not having to ask Sonny for money. Rita thinks that Mike has been as trustworthy as could be. Rita cannot come up with a good explanation. Mike walks in. The two say hi to one another. Mike suggests that Rita put on some coffee. His son has come for a visit.

Kevin knows that Franco doesn’t remember the stair incident at all. He has no feelings for it. Franco doesn’t. Kevin asks if he has any reason for wanting Drew to have ill will. Franco wasn’t even five. Franco was told that he didn’t even exist after Drew was gone. He didn’t fall down a flight of stairs by himself. Kevin would like to know why.

Ava wants her little girl back even more. Nelle cannot imagine what it be like to see Avery around town and not be able to touch and hold her. Nelle doesn’t think that Carly will be able to do anything to either of them anymore. Ava knows that Carly is deranged. One hundred percent unhinged.

Carly confronted Nelle about her lost year. She turned violent. She tried hitting her.

Drew wants to know how Andre got rid of the flash drive. Sam knows that Andre put the flash drive in a disco ball and gave it to Anna. Anna put the ornament in with a bunch of others and took it to the community tree and it went missing. Drew thinks that someone was looking for the flash drive. Sam assumes that Henrik might have the other flash drive.

Peter thinks this sounds like an interrogation. Jason asks why Peter was at Crimson. Peter was checking in on his company. He was dropping off a report when Faison arrived. Jason wonders why Faison would risk going to Maxie’s office when there would be witnesses like him.

Rita is glad that Mike is ok. Sonny needs a moment alone with Mike. Rita thinks that is fine. She needs to go open up the bar. She will see Mike later. She kisses him. It was really nice for her to meet Sonny. Mike thinks it is good to see him. He asks if things are good. Sonny thinks that things are considering. Mike knows he told him when they spoke but he is still so sorry about Morgan. Sonny thanks him. He was heartbroken when he heard. No parent should have to burry a child. He cannot imagine it. He had something said at mass. He just couldn’t be there. He wishes he could have been he kind of father he could turn to for support. He is sorry about all of it. Sonny asks what kind of trouble he got into.

Kevin suggests that Franco didn’t push Drew down the stairs. If he did then he was a small child and it was an accident. Kevin thinks that Franco is begging him to brand him as a lost cause to protect himself. Franco just wants to protect Elizabeth. Kevin wonders if he has ever wanted to hurt Elizabeth or her children. Franco doesn’t think so. He needs to get away from them though if there is a chance.

Elizabeth finally set a wedding date with Franco. It clearly scares Franco to be around people. He is a great man with a better heart. He just needs to get out of his own way. Elizabeth asks if he ever wonders if Ava would revert back to her old ways how it could change things. Griffin has faith.

Ava asks if this was the same look in her eye when she launched her first defense against Carly. Nelle thinks it could be. Nelle is going to hit Carly where it hurts and she knows exactly how to do it.

Michael asks how this went down. Carly thinks he is under the impression it was her fault. Carly said it was an option for Michael. Carly can only imagine how Nelle will act around a child. Carly doesn’t trust Nelle. Michael thinks that everything will work out. Carly guesses if he says so.

Drew finds it hard that Henrik just found it. Sam assumes that Henrik was spying on her. Sam knows neither of them know who Henrik is. Sam knows that Drew wants options. Drew asks if Sam wants to go on an adventure and help each other. Sam will call Anna and Jason. Drew thinks that Anna can tell them everything they need to know. They still have a company to run and he has a meeting with Peter. Sam will meet him at home. Drew will see her soon.

Jason doesn’t think Faison went to Crimson unless it was calculated. Peter suggests that Faison was following her. Peter thinks it makes sense. Peter doesn’t know how he is supposed to help him. The officer comes back in. He says that they cannot find the bullet that Faison shot him with. Peter says they will call if they find him.

Nelle shows up at Carly’s. She wanted to say she is sorry. She lost her temper. Carly assumes that is a line. Carly can play too. She guesses all is forgiven. Nelle just knows that she has caused everyone in her family so much pain. She has thought of the perfect way to make things up to her.

Sonny heard that Mike is a bag man now. Mike wishes she hadn’t said that. Sonny thinks it is a bad idea. Mike wonders how he gets a job at his age with his history. Mike asks what kind of trouble he thinks he is in. Sonny wants to know what happened to the money.

Peter assumes that Faison might have misfired. The officer leaves. Jason asks if he has any idea what happened to the missing bullet. Peter has no more time for questions today. Jason will have Sam set up another appointment. Jason leaves.

Kevin thinks they have to find out if there are any other causes to his behavior than the tumor. Franco is supposed to be married this month. Kevin thinks that it is going to be a long process. Franco asks if he told his brother the same thing that it would be a long process. Kevin says that Ryan was a victim of sexual abuse by their mother. It was the cause for his issues. He never had a chance to heal. Just the fact that Franco is here proves he could be helped. There is hope for him and he would be happy to prove it.

Sam walks out of her office and Jason is standing there. Sam is glad she ran into him. Sam says that Drew wants to look for the flash drive without Jason. Jason thinks she can ask him anything anytime. Sam doesn’t want to go behind Drew’s back. Sam understands that Jason prefers working with Sonny and Spinelli, but Drew wants to do it with her. Jason guesses that they are not going to get along. Sam knows they are Danny’s parents and it will never change. Sam doesn’t think they will be seeing one another outside of that though. Jason guesses she knows where to find him. Sam knows.

Peter tells Drew that Jason came to ask him about Faison. Drew wonders why. Peter has no idea. He never laid eyes on Faison before that night.

Franco admits to Elizabeth that he went to see Kevin. Elizabeth asks how it went. Franco thinks there might be hope for him after all.

Ava asks Griffin how he is. Griffin is hanging in there. He thinks that all he needs is Ava right now. The two kiss one another.

Sonny knows that Mike was in charge of the money. He asks where it is. Sonny can take care of the situation. He doesn’t want to hear that his father is dead on the street. Mike guesses things never change. He is just an obligation for him. Mike doesn’t have the money.

Michael doesn’t think Nelle has to do anything. Nelle came up with a good idea. Nelle has decided to name the child Morgan whether the child is a boy or a girl.

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