GH Update Friday 2/2/18

General Hospital Update Friday 2/2/18


Written by Anthony

Maxie wakes up in bed. She turns around and Nathan is in bed with her. He asks how she has slept. He asks what is wrong. It is like she has seen a ghost.

Ava goes to Kelly’s and wants to order. The waitress thinks she looks different. She asks if she did something with her hair. Ava is wearing her hair back she guesses. The waitress thinks she looks nice with her hair back. Ava thinks about Sonny and Carly telling her how terrible she is. Ava accidentally drops the coffee all over the waitress. She tells her she is so sorry. Kiki is standing behind her. Ava turns around and Avery is with her as well.

Sonny asks someone how things are in the neighborhood. He asks what kind of trouble Sonny’s father is in.

Carly always knew something was wrong with Nelle. Sharon just provided her with the aha moment. She asks how crazy one has to be to spend a year in a mental hospital. Nelle thinks what happened to her is none of her business. Nelle doesn’t think that stress is ok for the baby. Carly doesn’t think that she should be around a child. Nelle wonders if she is going to take her to court. Carly isn’t but if Michael were to think she was a danger to… Nelle tries to slap Carly across the face. Carly stops her. She tells Nelle that she shouldn’t have done that.

Drew asks why Jason has taken so long to tell them. Jason thinks that they were working on a lot of theories as to who Henrik was. Including, one with Faison who claims Drew knows more than he realizes. Drew doesn’t think he is a very trustworthy guy. Sam thinks that it might spark something once Drew does see Henrik.

Maxie wonders if Nathan is really here. Nathan wants to know where else he could be. They have the entire day together before he has to go to work. Maxie has a horrible dream. Nathan ass where this is coming from. Maxie had a dream that Faison came to the office and he saved her. She lost him in the dream. Nathan would never leave her and their baby. He promises that they are not going anywhere. He kisses her and Maxie wakes up. She starts crying. She begs for this to not be real.

Ava explains that she had a silly waitress. Ava says hi to Avery. She thinks that she is growing so fast. Ava wants to get her hot chocolate. Kiki thinks that they should just go. Kiki has to honor Sonny and Carly’s wishes. Ava just wants a moment with her daughter.

Carly thinks that Nelle has a violent streak. Nelle claims she was provoked. Carly guesses that nothing Nelle does is ever her fault. Nelle thinks she got the reaction she wanted. Carly does think he deserves to know that she tried to slap her. Nelle doesn’t think she has any right to go looking into her past. Carly reminds her she did the same to her. She wonders why she wouldn’t return the favor. Nelle was in a bad place. Carly guesses it was like her year in the mental hospital. Nelle doesn’t think this has to do with her being a mother. Carly reminds her that she said she would be her worst enemy. Turns out she is handling that job well all on her own.

Drew wonders if Henrik is the traitor. Jason thinks so. He thinks that Klein was working for Henrik. That is who he brought back to Russia. Jason tracked the client back to PC. They found Brit and she was traveling with Faison. Drew wonders if Brit admitted to a relationship with Henrik. Jason guesses she knew nothing. Faison got angry over a manuscript written under his pen name. He tried to burn it. Drew asks what it was about. Jason says it was about a man betrayed by his son. Sam asks if the son in the book was Henrik.

Nina looks at a picture of Maxie and Nathan. Maxie walks out and says that she just had the worst nightmare. Nathan was alive. She held him in her arms. She could feel him warm and alive. Just as he was about to kiss her she woke up. She knows she was dreaming and is awake. She couldn’t help think that this was the nightmare. Maxie needs Nina to say that it is real. Nina admits that Nathan is gone.

Jason figures that the traitor and PK Sinclair are the same people. Drew asks who that was. Jason says that it was Sonny and Spinelli. They went to Anna and she claimed that he didn’t have a son but then Obrecht confirmed that she did. Drew asks if he knew about this before their wedding and then chose to keep it to themselves

Carly walks into her living room. She wonders if everything is ok. Sonny explains that his father got into a little bit of trouble. He is guessing Mike is gambling again and in debt to the wrong people. Carly thinks something doesn’t seem right about this.

Ava needs this. Kiki says that Sonny and Carly have made the rules clear. Ava didn’t do this. Kiki feels she did some things she cannot take back. Ava is shocked she is ok with this. Ava feels that Avery deserves to know her mother. Ava just wants to hold her for a minute. Kiki lets her hold her for a moment. Ava hugs Avery. She sees that Avery is not even afraid of her. It makes all of this worth it. Ava had a dream before the surgery claiming that Avery would never know her. Kiki spots Michael coming in. Ava tells her to give Avery back.

Maxie asks where Felicia and Mac are. Nina thought she would come instead for the day. Maxie doesn’t need a babysitter. Nina thinks it helps to be around. Nina suggests getting her food. Nina wants her to have her vitamins as well. She needs to have one every day. Maxie sees a pamphlet for a funeral parlor.

Kiki demands Ava give her Avery. Michael finds Kiki and Avery. Michael wonders if they had a good day. The waitress gives Ava her coffee. Michael asks if everything was ok. Kiki says they didn’t know Ava was going to be here. Ava guesses she is leaving now. Michael wonders if Avery told her that she built a snowman with Joss.

Carly doesn’t think that Mike has gambled since he was put in the program seven years ago. Sonny doesn’t think he would be the first to relapse. Carly knows but he would be the first to know if he went to an underground card game. Sonny thinks it concerns him. Carly tells him he needs to take Jason then.

Drew is annoyed that he didn’t say anything about Henrik. Jason wanted to wait until he had enough proof. He had to go deal with Faison at the Metro Court before he could talk with Henrik though. Drew guesses it is possible that Henrik showed up after he left then. He could have been there and been approached by him. Jason thought he was keeping the kids safe. Jason guesses that Henrik was hiding in plane sight. He will let him know if he finds anything. Jason leaves. Drew guesses they will have to find Henrik on their own.

Ava asks Nelle who she is thinking about. Nelle explains Carly is looking into her past. Ava thinks that anything in her past that Carly can use against her she will. She will use whatever she can to prove she is an unfit mother.

Carly tells Jason that he needs to go with him to Brooklyn. Sonny claims he doesn’t. Carly thinks there is a problem. Sonny guesses that Mike is in trouble. Carly thinks that Mike wouldn’t just get involved again. Sonny assumes that it is the same old song as usual. He cannot stop using. Carly wonders if Faison could be using Mike. Sonny tells her that Faison is dead. Carly is still worried. Sonny leaves. Carly asks if Faison is really dead. Carly is glad. She knows he didn’t get the answers he needed though. Jason got the answers. The mental conditioning Faison worked on didn’t work with him so he used Drew. Faison and Helena wanted an asset they could control. Carly asks if she told Drew. Jason told Sam and Drew.

Drew guesses that they will have to go directly to Anna. Sam thinks that Anna is not going to be direct about this. Drew thinks that Anna is the one that Faison confirmed to that he has a son. Sam feels they will just be running in circles with this

Maxie looks at the pamphlet. Nina walks in. Maxie wonders what these are. Nina guesses that they needed to look at what Maxie might want to do so she is not overwhelmed. Maxie is way past that. Her entire life is turned upside down. She shouldn’t be planning her husband’s funeral. Everything, she counted on and dreamed of. Her plans for her whole life went away. Nina is so sorry. She lost her brother too. Maxie hugs Nina as she starts to cry.

Carly assumes that Jason went to tell Sam about Faison. Jason went to tell Drew but he wasn’t there until he was ready to leave. Jason told Sam why Faison switched him. He found a seal team that had a man that looked like him. It was so random and none of this would have happened. Carly thinks that the rest of them can feel like this might have been. She could see what Sam is going through.

Sam has reconsidered looking for Henrik. He doesn’t have his memories. They need Drew’s memories. Drew knows they have talked about this but he needs to know who he is.

Ava just wanted to hold Avery for a moment. Sonny and Carly will not let Kiki be around her with Avery. Nelle thinks they are using Kiki as a wedge. Ava is warning Nelle. Carly has no limits at protecting people who she considers family. Even if that means keeping someone away from a biological parent. Nelle guesses like Michael’s biological father. Ava thinks that Nelle is wise to be weary of Carly. Ava thinks it is staggering. Ava feels that Nelle needs to open her bond with Michael. Ava thinks that Sonny didn’t stop himself from getting full custody of Avery. So, he and Carly have all the power when it comes with Avery. Nelle wonders why she has to take that while lying down.

Kiki promises that she wouldn’t have come inside if she knew that Ava was here. Michael thinks it is fine. There are no worries. Kiki just wants to make it clear. She realizes Sonny and Carly’s limits. Kiki thinks it is selfish of Ava. Michael knows she is stuck in the middle. Michael knows that it is hard to feel indifferent. Michael thinks that they think nine months is hard, but he feels that he is making things up as he goes along. Kiki remembers how he was doing with Avery. Kiki knows she was wrong with the way she treated him. Michael was no shining angle himself. Kiki knows that Michael will do what is right for his own child.

Nina is grieving too. She doesn’t know why he is gone. She remembers something he did as a baby and something he said last week and what he did as a little boy. Nina is so lucky to have seen the man he became. Maxie agrees he was a spectacular man.

Sonny bangs on Mike’s door telling him it is him. He knows he is no answering his phones. He needs to open up. Sonny screams for him to open up.

Kiki is glad the studying has paid off. Kiki just needs to get a degree now. Michael knows that Kiki will finish on top of her class. Kiki has trouble sticking with anything. Kiki assumes she knows that Dillon and her broke up. Michael is sorry. Kiki knows he had mixed feelings with her and Dillon. Kiki thinks they had different goals. Michael knows they had different goals.

Ava thinks that Nelle needs to make Michael be on her side. Nelle knows that Ava can be relentless. Ava had more will to get her face back then she has wit Avery. Ava will think about getting Avery back. Nelle thinks if they play this right she could get her child back and Nelle can keep her child. Nelle has to take out Carly.

Carly feels that people say heartbroken all the time. They do. They say heartbroken their favorite team but heartbroken is exactly that. Your heart feels broken. You feel like you cannot breathe. Carly thinks it takes everything just for you to move. That was what it was like for Sam when he disappeared. Sam did ok. She built a life for herself with her heart broken. The Jason came back. Sam is not heartbroken anymore. Confused and doing the wrong thing for what she thinks is the right choice. Carly thinks that he could go to her and tell her he wants to be with her. Carly gets he wants Sam to be happy, but Sam is not going to admit it. She knows he loves Sam. He needs to go to her and fight for her.

Drew thinks his memories are gone. He has no memories of his own other than what transpired over the last three years. Sam doesn’t think that is true. He thought that Kim looked familiar. Drew thinks that was a flicker. Sam thinks the memory imprint didn’t work properly. Either way she believes that who he is, is still inside of him. He can remember who he is on his own.

Maxie looks at the pamphlets. Maxie calls for Nina. Maxie needs her to go through them with her and find out what Nathan would want. Nina can do it. Maxie is going to do this for Nathan and it would be nice if Nina could help. Nina knows they are family. Nathan’s ghost kisses Maxie and Nina on the head. They look at one another and smile.

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