GH Update Thursday 2/1/18

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/1/18


Written by Anthony

Carly watches as Nelle is at the Metro Court. She wonders what she is up to now. Joss walks over with a box. She says that the dress she ordered her for the Mad Hatters ball just arrived. Joss shows her the dress. Carly knows that this is not the dress they ordered. Joss tells her that there was a note. Carly reads it and it says that the dress was out of stock so here is something better. It is signed Brenda. Carly is so sorry. She never realized that Brenda would be associated with that brand. She only did this to spite her. Joss thinks it worked. There is no way she could possibly wear this dress. Joss will have to tell her that she cannot even go. Carly will find something.

Nelle tells Monica that it was nice to be included in this. Monica thinks it is nice to see that the two of them are actually attempting to be civil. You do not have to be best friends to get along. It is best for the child if the parents are on the same page.

Scott finds Franco at Kelly’s. He is sorry that he is late. Franco got there early to stress eat. Franco really needs Scott to come through for him with his wedding. Scott is not paying for his wedding. Franco doesn’t want him to. He would like him to consider, giving him away.

Elizabeth asks Drew why he is not on his honeymoon. Drew needs to see Faison.

Sonny tells Anna he is sorry she had to wait. He wonders if she wants some coffee. Anna has had to much caffeine as it is. Sonny asks if she slept. Anna had a lot of forms to fill out. Sonny hopes they just burry Faison six feet under skipping out on jail. Anna thinks he is in luck.

Jason shows up at Drew’s office. No one is there. He turns around and Sam walks in. He asks if Drew is around. Sam explains he is at the hospital. He wants to try and talk to Faison again. Jason thinks it is to late. Faison is dead.

Michael thanks Monica for breakfast. Monica thanks Nelle. Monica leaves. Nelle thinks she is great. She wonders if he meant everything he said. Michael honestly does think that he wants what is best for the baby.

Carly gets a call. She wants Joss to put the dress in her office. She needs to return it with a note of her own. Carly thanks Sharon for calling. Nelle is still conflicting herself with her family. She is sorry to bother her but Nelle is driving her crazy. She needed to dig up more dirt. She says that it didn’t come up in the initial PI report. She asks her to continue.

Scott wonders if Franco is serious. Franco was giving him a chance to compensate for all the T-ball games he missed out on. Franco guesses he doesn’t need his blessing. Franco assumes he thinks this wedding is not going to happen. Scott cannot keep up with him. His father used to give him this straight. The one person who doesn’t believe in himself is Franco. He needs to drop this bad seed nonsense for good.

Kevin gives a doctor paperwork. He explains it is all there. Anna is taking over on this. His interest in this case is well founded.

Sonny thinks it is good to know that Faison is dead. He wishes that it had been years ago. He wonders if Maxie knows. Anna has not spoken to her. She knows the girl is just devastated. Sonny thinks that it is a loss you cannot find your way out of. Anna knows she has the baby. Sonny realizes she has another reason to be here. Anna wants to know his intentions for Henrik.

Elizabeth explains there was no way to revive Faison last night. Drew thinks she has to be kidding. This man could have done a switch. Elizabeth tells him that the WSB had the same concerns so they ordered an autopsy. The DNA and the cause of death were confirmed. It is Faison. He is really dead. Drew guesses everything he knew about his past died with him.

Sam knows that Jason is the one who shot him. It means Jason killed him. She thinks he got what he deserved. He took Jason away from her and Danny. He took away his voice, smile, and the way he made them all feel comfortable. He took away whatever chance they had for a life together and she hates him for that. She is glad he is dead. Jason is too.

Nelle explains that Monica is taking her shopping for the baby later. She wonders if he wants to join them. Michael doesn’t want to get in the middle of her shopping spree. Nelle doesn’t think he would be in the middle at all. Carly gestures him over. Michael asks if Carly is ok. Carly didn’t have time to be scared with Jason there. She didn’t ask Faison to take her hostage. Michael is glad that Jason was there last night. Carly just wishes that Nathan wasn’t gone. Michael knows that Dante is hurting too. He called last night and wanted him to know how much he means to him. Carly thinks this is her way of telling him that she found out something about Nelle.

Franco explains that they do not know if Drew fell down the stairs or he pushed him for that matter. Franco knows that Drew was sent away because Betsy was afraid of him. Scott doesn’t think they knew that for sure. Franco asks what if they did. Franco tells him that they are doing a psychological study on people like him. He is thinking about signing up. Scott thinks that is crazy. He will not work with Kevin. He has nothing on Kevin.

Kevin watches as the doctor cuts open something on Faison’s corpse.

Sonny still wants to find out who he is. He is the one who kept Jason in prison for all these years. Anna reminds him that he was kept alive. Sonny wants to reach out to him. Sonny did try reaching out. He got a message saying that Henrik disabled his accounts. He doesn’t want to talk with them anymore.

Elizabeth suggests that Drew carve out his own life. Drew thinks that is the plan.

Scott thinks that Franco needs to forget about Kevin. He has enough to worry about with his big wedding day coming up. Scott is going to be his best man. He would have a little trouble with the father and son dance.

Sam guesses that she is indirectly responsible for bringing Faison here. Her paper wrote the article. Peter went to the hospital last night to talk with Faison and got closure. Jason also got closure. He found out why he was replaced with Drew. Faison wanted to give his skills with someone he could control. He saw a guy with his face. He took Drew and he took him and they know the rest. Sam asks if he could find any other seal team and might not have been taken. Sam thinks their lives would be completely different right now if it weren’t for Faison.

Nelle walks over to Joss. She knows it has been a while. Joss knows things have been tense between her and their family. Nelle thinks that Joss is going to be an aunt to her baby. Joss cannot believe she will be an aunt. Nelle wonders how things are with her boyfriend. Joss says that there is a lot of drama over her dress. Carly got her this red dress but it is sold out everywhere. Nelle wonders if it was in Crimson. Nelle has this exact dress. She got it when she worked for Crimson. Nelle can give it to her.

Carly explains that Nelle spent a year in a mental hospital. Michael wonders how she got this information. Carly tells him that Zack’s sister Sharon told her this. She had a nervous breakdown. Michael has known for months. He had someone look into it for him. He thought he could help her out more. He asked Nelle about it and it was a painful time in her life. She eventually broke. Michael is worried about this too but it was his choice. Carly thinks that Michael is forgiving way to easily. Michael thinks that the baby is going to have to live in whatever life that he makes for him.

Jason explains that they only have one last lead with Faison’s only other son Henrik. Sam wishes that she had taken Faison up on the offer to find Henrik. Sam could have stood over his dead body and laugh. Jason doesn’t know about Drew but he knows that Sam would never do that. Including Faison. Sam knows that he grieved because she knows he watched it, but she grieved for him and now Maxie also has to grieve. She was afraid to go to sleep. The person that she loved is gone. Everything about this is a nightmare that has to be lived all over again. Sam got the miracle that Maxie never will get. Sam knows that Maxie will never get to see Nathan again.

Elizabeth asks how things went with Scott. Franco tells her that he volunteered to be his best man. Franco wonders if she knew that Kevin had a crazy twin. Elizabeth tells him that Kevin never has tried hiding it. He has been very open about it. Elizabeth finds it a good thing. Elizabeth thinks that Scott is biased against Kevin.

Kevin holds Faison’s brain. He has what he came for.

Anna thinks that if Henrik was working for his father he could have killed Jason but he chose not to. She thinks that he owes him for that. Sonny guesses that Anna owes the people who kept Robin alive. Those people kept Robin alive not because they were nice. Anna thinks he is jumping to a lot of conclusions. Anna tells him he is done with this case. Sonny is not done.

Joss looks at the dress. She realizes it is the actual dress. Nelle wonders if she thought she was kidding. Joss just thought it was to good to be true. Carly wonders what is going on. Nelle wants the details. Joss will send pictures. Nelle just got her the dress.

Elizabeth doesn’t think Scott is a reliable source when it comes to Kevin. Franco doesn’t think he will be in the project. Elizabeth asks why he would bring up the project to Kevin in the first place. There is obviously more on his mind. Franco thought about things and he doesn’t want to be apart of this. Franco asks if he really wants to be fixed. Elizabeth feels that once Kevin found out what shaped his brother, it was to late. Franco asks what shaped Ryan.

Jason says that when he pulled Sam out of the water that night, he thought she was to out of it to realize what had happened. Sam does remember bits and pieces. She remembers being cold and coughing up water. She knew that someone was holding her and she saw him. Sam didn’t eve question it. She never thought it could be impossible. She just knew he was there and knew she would be ok. Jason is glad that she knows she can fell that way. He is there for her. Drew walks in. He asks if there is something he can do for him.

Anna tells Sonny this is WSB business. Sonny doesn’t think it is if he gets to Henrik first. Anna knows what is driving Sonny. Sonny wants answers. Anna tells him he will get them once she tracks down Henrik herself. Anna doesn’t think that this is unofficial. Sonny thinks this is a personal issue. He asks Anna why.

Franco asks what made this Ryan guy tick. Elizabeth feels that is a question for Kevin. He really helped her and Robin get through some tough times. She knows it is not easy trusting someone new. She wants Franco to be free to his past.

Jason got answers as to why Faison switched him. He switched them because he has brain damage. Drew wonders if he just went looking for the twin who didn’t have brain damage. Jason says he found him by accident. He was reaching a seal team and he found him. Drew is shocked he would talk to Jason and not him.

Anna will not let Sonny pretend to know her. Sonny always knows when someone is hiding something. He can tell there is something else going on. Anna has been terrorized by Faison since she was a child. Anna just wants to question Henrik and offer him a path to a normal life. Sonny is not going to let Henrik go after Jason again. He thinks that the two of them are friends. Anna thinks only for the moment. Anna doesn’t want to change that. He really doesn’t want to be an enemy of hers in this matter.

Kevin puts the brain on his desk while he starts eating lunch. Franco walks in and tells him there is a brain on his desk. Kevin says that is for the study. Kevin says this is not unusual. Franco asks how he gets a four star yelp review. Kevin asks how he can help.

Joss thinks the dress looks even more beautiful. Carly wants Joss to get to school. Joss thanks Nelle so much. Joss runs off. Nelle thinks they grow up so fast. Carly doesn’t think that Nelle misses a trick. She cannot believe that she would undermine her. Carly thinks that Nelle is using Joss and Monica to get into Michael’s good graces. Nelle thinks that nursing this grudge against her will only alienate her from Michael. Carly thinks that she sounds delusional which isn’t shocking. She was just informed by Sharon. She asks how crazy one has to be to spend a year in a mental institution. She wonders how crazy she still is.

Sonny has a call coming. He asks how things are in the neighborhood. He wonders what is going on with his father.

Kevin promises Franco nothing would leave this room. Franco wants to talk about the mind of a murderer. Franco was a precocious child. His first one was when he was three. Kevin gets on the phone. He tells his secretary to cancel his calls for the day.

Anna asks for a moment alone with Faison’s body. She informs him that she beat the son of a bitch. He died never knowing her secret.

Drew wonders how close Jason was to finding Henrik. Jason explains they agreed to a meeting last night but he never showed up. Sam asks if it was setup as a distraction. Jason doesn’t know. Drew wonders why Jason was waiting to tell them about Henrik.

Anna never let him know it. She had to keep him in her mind to keep going. All the years she kept him in the dark. He never could get part of her. She takes a piece of Faison’s hair. Here they both are. She is still standing. She made it. She informs him that there is a child out there. Their child. Faison jumps up and asks if it is Henrik. It was all in her head though.

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