GH Update Wednesday 1/31/18

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/31/18


Written by Anthony

Maxie asks Nathan what he is thinking. Nathan explains that he loves Maxie like there is no tomorrow. He closes his eyes and he flatlines. Maxie says his name and tries to wake him up. He continues to not say anything.

Lulu writes a story stating that Nathan is in critical condition tonight. He is fighting for his life with his wife Maxie by his side. According, to sources Nathan found himself with his father Faison only a few hours earlier.

Jordan looks at a picture of Faison and crumbles it.

Faison is moved to a room at GH where he has a police guard who looks angry.

Lulu speaks over voice over, after rendering him unconscious, Faison shot at a bystander, Peter. He took Maxie hostage. Peter shows up at Faison’s hospital room. Lulu states that Nathan was critically injured but because of Nathan she is safe.

Griffin and Amy walk into Nathan’s room. She begs to know what is going on. Griffin screams for Maxie to be removed. Amy tells Maxie they need to go into the hallway. Maxie says no. Amy needs room to work. Felicia and Mac have arrived in the hallway. Lulu explains that he was fine and then…

Griffin tells Amy t charge to two hundred. Griffin gives him the jaws of life. Lulu states that Nathan gave Maxie a thumbs up that this would not be their ending. Maxie watches from outside. She begs Nathan to wake up. Lulu states that Nathan is the true definition of a her. Griffin tells Amy that he is gone. They need to call it. Amy is sobbing. Nathan has passed away. Lulu closes her eyes as Dante looks at her. Griffin walks out. Maxie says no. Griffin is so sorry Nathan is gone. Nina starts to cry along with Obrecht.

Peter tells Drew and Sam that it looks like they are wiring Faison all up if he wants to take a crack at him. Peter warns them that they cannot trust a word the bastard says. Drew and Sam are checked by the officer before they walk in. Faison sees he got the girl. Jason’s wife. He asks if he is here to thank him.

Curtis finds Lulu at Kelly’s and wonders if he could have a seat. Lulu tells him he can. Curtis heard about Nathan and asks if there is any word on him. Lulu tells him that Dante is with him at the hospital. He hasn’t called so she is hoping no news is good news. Curtis is picking up food for Jordan. It is sure to be a long night.

Stella walks into Jordan’s office. She informs her that her landlord is at it again. No heat. She asks if she can believe it on a night like tonight. Jordan will do something once she has evidence of criminal activity. Stella suggests she arrest him.

Griffin claims they did everything they could for him. Griffin is so sorry. Maxie wants to see him. Mac will go with him. Maxie wants to go alone. She walks into the room and Amy looks at her. The other nurse leaves. Amy tells her to take as much time as she needs. Maxie touches Amy’s shoulder as she leaves. Maxie doesn’t know how to do this. She sits down. She wonders how she says goodbye to him. He helped her recognize she has the strength to save herself. She wonders if he remembers that from their wedding vows. She is trying to find the strength right now, but nothing is going to work without him. She asks if he remembers those stupid handcuffs. She would give anything to go back to that. Maxie was standing next to the greatest man she will ever know. Maxie loves Nathan. She is always going to love him. She thinks her and the baby both will. She kisses his hand.

Nina assumes that Amy has to take Nathan away soon. Amy explains that there is a procedure they have to follow but there is no rush. Nina needs someone to check on Maxie. Felicia will do it. Felicia walks in and tells her that it is time to go. Maxie doesn’t think she can leave him. Felicia can help her. She helps her leave. Amy walks in and puts his hands under the sheet. She is so sorry. She thanks him for everything. She will never forget. Dante walks in and says he can do this. Dante holds back tears. He is not going to make this a whole big thing because he knows that he would just tell him to shut up. He thinks that he is the best partner and the best friend he has ever had. He doesn’t want him to worry about Maxie or the baby. He has them. He has his word. Dante puts the sheet over Nathan’s face.

Nina tells Valentin that this is happening. This is her baby brother. Valentin is so sorry. He wishes he could do something. Nina needs him to check on Charlotte. He needs her to know that she is not going to be there to tuck her in tonight. She needs to hear good news from Charlotte. She begs him to do that. She needs him to say that she loves her. Valentin will. He kisses her. Valentin leaves. Nina sits down by Maxie. She kisses her on he head. Nina thanks her for loving her brother. She lit up his world. She loved him like he deserved to be loved. Nina storms off.

Jordan gets a call from Dante. She wonders what the update is. Dante explains that Nathan passed away. Jordan asks if the body has been taken to the morgue. Dante guesses any minute. Jordan hangs up. Jordan tells Stella one of her detectives was just killed in the line of duty.

Dante gets his phone out to call Lulu.

Curtis asks Lulu what she was working on. Lulu says an article about what happened to Nathan tonight. Curtis hopes it is a happy ending. Lulu knows it will. Dante calls. He tells her to get over to the hospital. Lulu asks if Nathan has woken up. Dante tells her to get to the hospital. Lulu wonders if he has gotten out of surgery. Lulu begs to know what happened. Dante says he didn’t make it. It happened really fast. Lulu is on her way. She hangs up. Curtis assumes he didn’t make it. Curtis is driving her.

Obrecht asks if Dante told Lulu that Nathan is dead thanks to her. Dante thinks that Maxie and Lulu are best friends. She didn’t want this. Obrecht doesn’t think Lulu had any idea what was going on. Nathan knew what he was doing. Obrecht thinks he was naïve but it was Lulu who set this in motion. She was only a reporter for five minutes. Obrecht doesn’t hear him arguing with her.

Sam guesses it amuses Faison to play with people’s lives. Faison suggests she go back to the man she loves. Drew demands to know where the flash drive is with his memories. Faison didn’t even know it existed. Sam thinks he is lying. Faison doesn’t see the point in lying. Drew asks what his plan was. He wonders what the end game was. Faison wanted to kill Jason. He didn’t want to keep him alive. Sam guesses that Henrik wanted him then. Drew asks where Henrik is then. Faison claims if he helps him out of here then he will tell him where to find him. He will tell him who Henrik is. Drew will go the rest of his life not knowing a damn thing before he helps him. He is going to spend the rest of his life in a cage. Faison thinks he still needs Henrik. Sam thinks they can find his son on their own.

Nina wonders what Peter is doing here. Peter waned to find out what was going on with Faison. Peter thinks she seems upset. Her brother is dead and that son of a bitch killed him. She asks if that is his room. Nina tries to go in. The officer says that she cannot go in. Nina states he killed her brother.

The officers all gather into Jordan’s office. She explains as they all know that Nathan suffered from a gunshot tonight. She just heard from Dante that he didn’t make it. It is always rough when they lose one of their own. She is sure that they will all be there to offer their deepest sympathy to Nathan’s family.

Lulu and Curtis find Dante. Lulu cannot believe this. This cannot be real. Dante thanks Curtis for bringing her. Dante says they just wheeled his body away.

Felicia tells Maxie she needs to eat and get some rest. Maxie tells them to wait. She walks back into the room and touches the bed. She remembers having him touch the baby right before he passed. Lulu asks if she should go in there. Dante suggests giving her space. Lulu doesn’t know what to say in a situation like this. Dante doesn’t think there is anything she can say. Lulu feels like her mind is going to shut down. She cannot handle the thought and Maxie is living it. He was his partner and basically his brother. Dante thinks her being here is enough.

Jordan shows up. She just stopped down stairs to see Nathan. She wonders how Maxie is. Curtis thinks she is as beat up as she would expect. Curtis wonders how she is doing. Jordan points out it happened on her watch. Curtis doesn’t think she is responsible. Jordan feels he is such a good man and cop. He is about to have a baby. It is not fair. Curtis agrees that it is not.

Felicia thinks it is time to get Maxie home.

Dante suggests they go to get some coffee and take a walk.

Maxie walks out of the room.

Valentin hands Nina a cup of coffee. He wishes that there was more he could do for her. Nina asks how Charlotte is doing. Valentin thinks she is doing fine. She was right, Charlotte is brushing her dolls teeth. He told her that Nina loves her and will see her in the morning. Nina used to tell Nathan that when she would go out for the night. She would not be here when he closes his eyes but he will be here when he opens them. He will never open his eyes again.

Peter asks if Faison gave Drew and Sam information. Drew guesses he wants to cut a deal and he would tell them who his son is. Peter is sure they laughed in his face. Drew guesses something like that. Peter thinks the man is a piece of work. Sam is thinking about Maxie and how lonely she must feel. All of a sudden her life has gone from light to dark and everything is different now.

Amy hugs on to a bag of Nathan’s belongings.

Peter walks into Faison’s room. He thinks he looks positively cadaverous. Peter asks how he is feeling. Faison feels like he was shot. Peter thinks he has to admit that Jason does a great job. He couldn’t have found a better place if he thought of it himself. Faison asks about the flash drive containing Drew’s memories. Peter doesn’t owe him any explanations. He doesn’t owe him anything. Their days together are over. He calls Faison father.

Maxie walks into her apartment with Mac and Felicia. She looks at her fire place. Nathan told her on Christmas that he stockings look sweet. Felicia wants to draw Maxie a bath. Someone knocks on the door. Amy wants to give them Nathan’s belongings. She thought that Maxie would want them. Amy leaves. Mac puts the bag down. Maxie wants to go through them now.

Peter asks if he knows how exhausting it was to seek Faison’s approval. Going year after year trying to be like Faison. Then a lightbulb went off. He doesn’t have to be like Faison. He is his own man. Faison thinks he was born weak and worthless. He wants to know about the flash drive. He wonders why he is not hurt. He aims to kill. Peter had a bullet proof vest. Faison thinks he is a coward. He has always been a coward. Peter thinks he always taught him to plan ahead. He could turn the perfect assassin on Faison. He just had to wait and then he could get out of the way. Let Jason take his revenge. Faison doesn’t think his perfect assassin couldn’t take him out. Peter is grateful. He gets to watch as he watches what he has done. He informs Faison that Nathan is dead. He killed the wrong son.

Maxie takes out Nathan’s watch. He was always on time. Felicia knows unlike her. Maxie would assume that would drive him crazy. He would always say she is worth waiting for.

Nina knows that Nathan didn’t like Valentin at all. He kept reminding her that Valentin broke her heart. Nathan gave his blessing though. He would rather see her happy than be right. He was the only thing good of that horrible family of hers. That penthouse in New York was hell. It was like a hall of statues. Nothing was real except Nathan. Nathan was warm and love. She thinks everything about her physically hurts right now. Valentin promises he is here for her.

Faison asks if Nathan is really gone. Peter says thanks to him. Peter guesses he is so old and frail he didn’t even recognize his own son. Peter waited a long time after all those years. All the while he was playing Faison. Peter feels amazing. He has the memories of Jason and Drew on a flash drive. He thanks Faison from the bottom of his heart. He set him up beautifully. Peter thinks living well is the best revenge. Peter is spending all Faison’s money. It isn’t enough though. The real revenge is that he killed the son he wanted while the one he hates is alive and well.

Valentin suggests they get out and go home. They can go and cherish what they have. Nina tells Valentin she loves him. Valentin loves her too.

Obrecht walks into the OR room that Nathan was in. She remembers him telling her Merry Christmas. Obrecht thanks Nathan.

Peter guesses Faison is not feeling so hot. Faison begs him to call the nurse. Peter was taught better than that. Peter walks out.

Maxie looks at Nathan’s wallet. She takes out a picture of the two of them. She finds his badge. She kisses it. She finds his wedding ring in a bag. Maxie puts it on her finger. She finds his coat. She remembers telling to take a photo of the baby to the squad room to show off. She goes into the pocket and finds Nathan’s blood all over the photo. She starts sobbing. Mac and Felicia hug her.

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