GH Update Tuesday 1/30/18

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/30/18


Written by Anthony

Sam asks Drew if Nathan is still in surgery. Drew believes so. Sam is glad they dropped the children off at the Quartermaine’s. Drew is as well. He doesn’t want them to hear them talking about this. Sam was torn about coming back at first then she got the call from Alexis. He and Jason can get Faison to tell them why he switched their lives.

Peter lights a trashcan on fire that had a bulletproof vest he was wearing.

Faison is disappointed. He thought he could manage a killing shot. Jason promises he can. Faison knows he kept him alive though. Jason needs to know why he was switched out with his brother.

Maxie asks Griffin is Nathan is ok. Griffin explains he is recovering from his surgery. Obrecht wonders when he will wake up and if he will walk again. She knows that living through a procedure like this is not easy. She wants to know if he will have a life at all. She wants to know what Griffin is not saying. Griffin explains that the bullet is lodged against the spinal cord. They were able to remove the bullet and expect him to be able to move. They just cannot be completely certain though. Griffin promises they will monitor him. Maxie wants to see her husband.

Faison wants to know what is in it for him if he answers the question. Jason promises he will get to stay alive. Faison wonders for how long. He knows that he will not kill him here. There are to many witnesses. He knows Jason is the perfect assassin. That is why he took him. Jason wonders why he took Drew then. Faison points out Jason has brain damage.

Finn wants Anna to take a breath. For the first time in forever she let her guard down a bit. Anna doesn’t know how to do that. Finn doesn’t like to put his guard down either. He will though. Finn wants to tell Anna that he is an idiot. Anna wonders why specifically. Finn knows he pushed away and he has felt bad about it every day since. Anna has a lot of regrets too.

Maxie tells Nathan that she loves Nathan. She wonders if he can hear that.

Nina used to love going into Nathan’s room and just watching him sleep. She guesses even then he was making the world safer. She needs Nathan to pull through this.

Maxie has been thinking about baby clothes. She wonders how he feels about green. It is a color you could really become yourself in. She cannot wait to see what their baby turns out like.

Lulu and Dante storm over to the OR waiting room. She just heard that Nathan is out of surgery. Nina says that he just got out. Lulu is going to go in to check to see if she needs anything. The nurse says it is immediate family only. Lulu tells her that they are his family. She explains it is hospital policy. Lulu tells her that the woman in there is her best friend. Obrecht informs her she is not immediate family. Lulu is going to go and get some coffee. She thinks Dante can stay because he is still welcome here. Obrecht thinks that the nurse was speaking to both of them. Nina doesn’t want to do this. She doesn’t want Maxie to hear the arguing. Lulu wans Dante to contact her if anything changes. She needs Maxie to know she loves her so much. Dante promises he will. Lulu walks off.

Griffin thinks that Nathan is stable and no sign of infection. Maxie knows her husband is a fighter. Maxie promises that she will be right here waiting.

Peter informs Sam and Drew that Nina just texted that Nathan is recovering in the ICU. Drew asks about Faison. Peter guesses he is still alive as well. Sam wonders if Maxie is ok. Peter guesses she is physically fine. She rode to the hospital with Nathan. Sam thinks that they will be heading their soon. Drew has some questions for Faison. Peter thinks they need to have a business conversation. They agreed to keep their personal lives separate from Aurora. The shooting at Crimson just ended that. He is afraid that him and Jason are part of why it just happened. Now reporters are going to come searching for answers. Drew will tell them no comment. Peter warns them that if they do that then people will assume it is a cover-up.

Faison says his frontal lobe was damaged, so his mind control technique was useless. Jason guesses he was unable to force him to do what he wanted. Faison found an alternative. Andre developed a procedure that would give him someone he could control. He found Andrew while viewing Seal information. It was easy to contact him. He had to run a DNA test to make sure they were twins. He then sent them off to Andre. Jason knows he was in PC impersonating Duke. Faison was trying to trust his son Henrik. That was a near fatal choice.

Anna points out that Finn has been hurt twice in her home. She cannot have that happening again. He is a target to anyone who hates her. Her caring for him could get him killed. She cannot risk that. He was smart to walk away. He really was. If he won’t though… Finn isn’t. Anna walks off.

Obrecht sits down next to Nathan. She calls him a bunch of things in German. He was her deepest darkest secret. Then she was able to have him in his life. She was able to call herself his mother. If she could go back in time she would give it all up. She wishes she never had told him, then his evil father would never have shown up. Maxie promises that Nathan will not leave them and will make a full recovery. They need time to rest. Obrecht admits that she used to think Maxie was a shallow piece of fluff. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Obrecht leaves. Maxie hates when people say love and light. It sounds corny but now she gets it. He was the love of her life since he showed up at her apartment on New Years day to sublet her apartment. She thought he was so hot and so nice. That smile. He was her prince charming. She just didn’t know it yet. It took a pair of handcuffs to wise up. Then he kissed her. She realized that her heart at chosen him. So, she finally chose him. Maxie tells Nathan that he is her happiness.

Peter feels the only way they can control this story is if they own it. They need to make a statement and lead with the truth. Sam thinks they will consider it. Sam thinks this is a lot to think about. She is glad that Faison was stopped, and he wasn’t hurt today. Peter will keep them updated on anything that comes up. Peter leaves. Drew guesses he is right. They have to lead with the truth. He needs to find out who he really is, which means that he needs to confront Faison.

Obrecht storms near Faison’s door. Anna stops her. Obrecht demands she stand aside. It is time that Faison be brought to justice. Anna will not let her kill him. She cannot do it. Anna is protecting her son from him. She needs her to be with her son. Obrecht begs Anna to kill Faison if she will not let her do it.

Faison says that once the procedure was complete and Drew became Jason, he was sent off to Helena Cassadine. Wonderful lady. She knew his technique. He was supposed to die but then Henrik betrayed him. Jason wonders why. Faison doesn’t know. He was consumed with jealousy.

Nina sits down next to Nathan. She holds Maxie’s hand. Maxie starts to cry. Nina tells Nathan it is her. She is so proud of him. He is so amazing. So incredible. She knows where he comes from. The most incredible penthouse apartment on the upper east side. All the things a child could want but love. He went to school with the upper crust and despite that he turns out great. Nathan was an upstanding citizen. He was so little when all this stuff happened to her. It was so crazy to wake up and see this good man there. She woke up and her baby brother became her big brother. He is a true North. He is a reminder of everything good in the world. He made her good. Nina thinks that even when he was tiny he was watching over her. He made her better. He thinks that he has that affect on people. Nina kisses Nathan. He deserves all the happiness in the world. He pulled through this.

Maxie tells Nathan that there all sorts of mobiles and themes. They could go with the solar system or maybe dinosaurs. There are some traditionally more girly things, but they should avoid traditionally girly things. She knows they will have to child proof the apartment. She is wondering if there are baby balls. Like hamster balls but for babies. She kisses Nathan.

Maxie walks out of the room and asks if Dante minds sitting with Nathan for a second. Dante says absolutely. She doesn’t want him to leave his side. He will be here. Maxie promises she will be right back. She is leaving him with the safest hands.

Finn sees that Anna is still here. Anna is sorry if she upset him. Finn is not upset. He just wants her to know that he does get it. She is complicated, and she leads a dangerous life. That is not fair to the people she cares about. Finn thinks that the two of them care about each other. She doesn’t get a choice though. He doesn’t want to feel this way about her. If he could shut this off he would. It doesn’t matter how much he tries to talk his way out of it. He wants to be with her. Anna claims she doesn’t want to be with him. Finn knows she is lying. This could be a terrible mistake, but he has spent years looking death in the face and it is tired of her. Finn suggests they see where this goes.

Jason asks where Henrik is right now. Faison is sure he is hiding in plain sight using an alias. He thinks that Jason could find him for a price.

Peter finds Lulu at Kelly’s. He wonders if she is alright. Lulu honestly doesn’t know. She never wanted to marry a copy but Dante… She is always terrified when he steps out the front door. She knows she could lose him at any moment and now with Maxie. Lulu thinks that there is a dirty little secret to being a cop. The one thing they want more than anything is for them to be safe. When a cop goes down, when the cop is your best friends husband. There is a part of you. A shameful part. There is a part that is grateful that the fallen cop is not the one that you married.

Dante never told Nathan how much he appreciates what he did for him and Lulu. If he hadn’t down what he did then they might not be together today. In a way he kind of saved his life. He has seen him tackle some tough things but nothing as bad as what was in the courtroom.

Maxie goes into the bathroom and balls her eyes out.

Nathan explains about him being the godfather. He might take one look at uncle Dante and start screaming his face off. He knows they do no want that so he will make him a deal. They will wait until they meet the kid and see what happens. Maxie walks back in and wonders how her guy is.

Anna feels that things would have to be different. She might be able to pursue whatever this is. She knows she doesn’t have that luxury. She knows that you cannot just turn off feelings but she really things that they should try it. Anna thinks this is for the best. Finn doesn’t want this. He knows what she wants.

Obrecht tries to call Brit from jail.

Faison needs Jason to meet his terms. Jason says no. Faison is in pain. He thinks that he is a horrible negotiator. He could suck him for all the information he could get. He could lie. Jason doesn’t think he is worth lying to. Faison feels if he wants to know about Henrik, he has to go and talk with his brother.

Anna has given a billion good reasons. Finn needs clarity. Anna doesn’t think hey fit. That is why she doesn’t want him in her life.

Lulu thought she could handle this but then this happened to Nathan. Peter doesn’t think that Lulu forced Nathan to do the interview. If it meant keeping his wife and child safe he would do it. Lulu didn’t have to help him. He thinks that Lulu needs to write the happy ending.

Faison feels that Drew knows so much more than he realizes. Finn walks in. He doesn’t care if Faison lives or dies but he is not going to be complicate. Jason explains when he dies it will not be because of anything that happened here. Jason walks out. Anna asks if he got what he needed. Jason guesses it had to do with the fact that he had brain damage. So, whatever Faison does to control people, it wouldn’t work on him. Henrik is apparently hiding in plain sight. Sam and Drew walk in. Anna explains that Faison is in a trauma room. Drew wonders if he spoke to him. Jason did. Faison was in PC when they were taken to Andre. His son was in charge of the job. They found out he has another son. When the job was done, Drew was handed over to Helena and Henrik was supposed to kill him. Jason says that Drew supposedly knows Henrik.

Maxie thinks they should get a house. Something with a big back yard. She wants a swing set like at the park so they can swing next to their child. Nathan wakes up. Maxie has been waiting for him. Nathan smiles. Maxie touches his hand. He asks if she is ok and the baby. Maxie promises they are fine. He saved them. Maxie says he was shot. She wants Nathan to rest and get better. Nathan says alright. Maxie wants him to sit and listen while she reads books on babies. He really scared her. Nathan is sorry. Maxie wants him to spend the rest of his life making it up to her. Nathan can live with that. Maxie just felt the baby. She puts his hand on her stomach. Nathan smiles.

Finn explains that Faison is being moved to a room. Anna will update Jordan. Finn guesses she can do that.

Drew has no idea what Faison is talking about. Sam wonders if Faison said anything else. Jason guesses Drew knows more than he realizes.

Lulu sits at Kelly’s writing an article stating that Nathan is in critical condition with Maxie by his side.

Maxie hopes that the baby gets Nathan’s eyes. Nathan thinks either way the baby is getting baby blues. Maxie doesn’t mean the color. She thinks her eyes say she has gone far enough. His are like a hug. Nathan hopes the baby gets her smile. Nathan loves Maxie like there is no tomorrow. Nathan closes his eyes and he flatlines. Maxie says Nathan’s name…

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